Seedlings 2010-12-02 Show 100

What gremlins will try to do to keep Seedlings off the air! At 6:44, edtechtalk was down. I put out an SOS to the Skype network of ETT Hosts. By 6:52, we were live and ready to go, thanks to John Schinker and Dave Cormier! Seedlings went on with Show 100 and our guests Maria Knee and Wes Fryer.Thanks to all who have been part of our 100 Shows.

Show # 100!!! Way back on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2006, Seedlings began a podcast, which soon became a webcast. The show tonight is a look back and a fuzzy look into the future. Without edtechtalk and worldbridges we wouldn't be here.Join us as we have a conversation with Maria Knee and Wes Fryer and walk down a virtual memory lane.

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2010-11-18 Seedlings Show 99 with Larry Ferlazzo

My hero, Larry Ferlazzo, joined us at Seedlings, Thursday night. I have admired Larry since early 2006, when I became a Webhead. Larry's name was always mentioned as someone who found the best of the best Web 2.0 tools in order to help  English Language Learners. As it turns out my expectations were surpassed. Larry is very thoughtful and reflective and certainly made all of us think during our show! I know you will enjoy this one. No Seedlings show next Thursday, we will all be sitting around the Thanksgiving Dinner table. However, we return Dec. 2, 2010, with Wes Fryer and his daughter Rachel for our 100th Seedlings Show. We are thankful to Worldbridges and EdTechTalk for their continued support, and most of all our listeners!

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we chat with Larry Ferlazzo. All his wonderful links are included in Geek of the Week! Thanks to the chat room, there is plenty of information to support Larry's chat, and all that is happening in the world of our PLN. Have a great Thanksgiving for all who celebrate. We will be back with show 100, Wes and Rachel Fryer, Dec. 2, 2010!

For now, the teaser is the audio placeholder. I will re-post the audio soon.

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Seedlings Show 98 -2010-11-11

We all decided that this was part one of more! Kelly Tenkley is an incredible voice for students, parents, teachers, the education community. You must give her a read through her blogs and a listen here at Seedlings!

Hello to show 98 with Kelly Tenkley from Colorado, talking with us about how she stays connected with her students now that she is out of the classroom!

Alice, Bob and Cheryl are all involved in the conversations with Kelly. You will be impressed. Oh, the chat room was on fire with some new folks here checking us out.

Seedlings Show # 97 with Stephanie Cheney

Join SEEDLINGS as we chat with Stephanie Cheney, Instructional Design, leader for ThatCamp_NewEngland, formerly at Wentworth Institute and moving to UNH! Welcome.

Join Alice, Bob, Cheryl as we interview Stephanie Cheney! Stephanie is currently involved at UNH with their online elearning initiative! Join us as we talk education 12+ grade level, the University. Also, Stephanie is a leader for ThatCamp, New England. Find out what it is all about.

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Ben N Ben Season 2 Show 1


Ben M is live from the sound booth of his high school while Ben M mans the chat room. They talk about their K12 Online Session and upcoming plans for some new shows. 


K12 Online Session: Student Strand


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