Seedlings 2010-12-02 Show 100

What gremlins will try to do to keep Seedlings off the air! At 6:44, edtechtalk was down. I put out an SOS to the Skype network of ETT Hosts. By 6:52, we were live and ready to go, thanks to John Schinker and Dave Cormier! Seedlings went on with Show 100 and our guests Maria Knee and Wes Fryer.Thanks to all who have been part of our 100 Shows.

Show # 100!!! Way back on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2006, Seedlings began a podcast, which soon became a webcast. The show tonight is a look back and a fuzzy look into the future. Without edtechtalk and worldbridges we wouldn't be here.Join us as we have a conversation with Maria Knee and Wes Fryer and walk down a virtual memory lane.

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