2010-11-18 Seedlings Show 99 with Larry Ferlazzo

Post-Show description: 

My hero, Larry Ferlazzo, joined us at Seedlings, Thursday night. I have admired Larry since early 2006, when I became a Webhead. Larry's name was always mentioned as someone who found the best of the best Web 2.0 tools in order to help  English Language Learners. As it turns out my expectations were surpassed. Larry is very thoughtful and reflective and certainly made all of us think during our show! I know you will enjoy this one. No Seedlings show next Thursday, we will all be sitting around the Thanksgiving Dinner table. However, we return Dec. 2, 2010, with Wes Fryer and his daughter Rachel for our 100th Seedlings Show. We are thankful to Worldbridges and EdTechTalk for their continued support, and most of all our listeners!

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we chat with Larry Ferlazzo. All his wonderful links are included in Geek of the Week! Thanks to the chat room, there is plenty of information to support Larry's chat, and all that is happening in the world of our PLN. Have a great Thanksgiving for all who celebrate. We will be back with show 100, Wes and Rachel Fryer, Dec. 2, 2010!

For now, the teaser is the audio placeholder. I will re-post the audio soon.

The Geek of the Week:


 19:16:04  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Welcome!

 19:17:15  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Welcome all we are just getting set up

 19:17:18  sratrimmer  Hola Hello

 19:23:21  bobsprankle  hi all!

 19:23:25  bobsprankle  just getting set up

 19:24:07  cheryloakes~seedlings  Getting ready

 19:25:04  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Beth, Alisha and Cristina

 19:25:14  Beth Holmes  Hello!

 19:25:18  Alisha  Hi

 19:25:31  cristinamccoach  Hello everyone.

 19:25:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, hello lalpaugh

 19:26:34  Alisha  Sorry I'm new to this. Is there an audio part to this conversation or is it just a chat?

 19:27:38  bobsprankle  audio coming :)

 19:27:45  Alisha  okay thanks :)

 19:28:40  bobsprankle  hi beth

 19:28:46  cheryloakes~seedlings  do you ahve sound

 19:29:00  bobsprankle  hi loony!

 19:29:04  bobsprankle  can you hear us?

 19:29:09  Alisha  no

 19:29:14  Beth Holmes  Hi, Bob! I don't have sound. 

 19:29:15  cristinamccoach  Nope

 19:29:16  loonyhiker  hi there! nosound

 19:29:36  loonyhiker  i clicked on ETTA and hear u now

 19:29:43  bobsprankle  working on sound

 19:30:06  cheryloakes~seedlings  coming back again

 19:30:30  cheryloakes~seedlings  sound???

 19:30:32  bobsprankle  can you hear us?

 19:30:36  loonyhiker  i hear u on ETTA

 19:30:47  Beth Holmes  No sound.

 19:30:57  cheryloakes~seedlings  Please click on etta

 19:31:10  cheryloakes~seedlings  do you hear alice and bob and larry?

 19:31:17  cristinamccoach  I hear you now!

 19:31:20  loonyhiker  yes, i hear all yr wonderful voices :)

 19:31:57  Alisha  where is the ETTA?

 19:32:06  cristinamccoach  ed tech talk A

 19:32:11  Beth Holmes  I hear you now! 

 19:32:20  cheryloakes~seedlings  EttA i s on the top right of your page.

 19:32:30  Alisha  okay got it

 19:32:41  connect2jamie  Good evening all!

 19:33:02  Alisha  I got it thanks

 19:33:32  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello all,

 19:34:14  loonyhiker  wow! y'all are so popular lol

 19:35:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  this is very interesting 

 19:35:56  cheryloakes~seedlings  we are back

 19:36:10  loonyhiker  i love hearing how y'all work out technical difficulties - great modeling behavior 

 19:37:03  cheryloakes~seedlings  Sue Ettenheim is my mentor,she taught me all this how to juggle

 19:37:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Whew!

 19:37:27  loonyhiker  hi Maine from South Carolina :)

 19:37:43  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Yea Hi Loony hiker!

 19:38:45  connect2jamie  Good evening my Maine friends--from Houston

 19:38:53  cheryloakes~seedlings  We are so excited about our guest Larry Ferlazzo

 19:38:58  bobsprankle  hi connect2

 19:39:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hello connect2Jamie

 19:39:21  JackDs01  How do I go to the Larry Fer SEEDLINGS show?

 19:39:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  JackDs01, you are here.

 19:39:46  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @jackDs01 you are here

 19:39:47  connect2jamie  I soooo often go to Larry Ferlazzo's blog for links and ideas! Larry ROCKS!

 19:39:48  cheryloakes~seedlings  please click on etta for sound

 19:39:57  bobsprankle  same here, jamie!

 19:40:14  JackDs01  What is etta?

 19:40:23  connect2jamie  Ed Tech Talk A

 19:40:27  cheryloakes~seedlings  that is where you will find sound

 19:40:49  connect2jamie  Top right--see the little speaker icon?

 19:41:00  JackDs01  THANK YOU!

 19:41:14  connect2jamie  :) 

 19:43:16  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://webheadsinaction.org/

 19:45:14  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://tappedin.org/tappedin/

 19:47:26  bobsprankle  hi laurie

 19:47:28  connect2jamie  Oh dang! My real life calls! Gotta go, but I'll try to come back. I want to hear more of what Larry has to share!

 19:47:37  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://engagingparentsinschool.edublogs.org/

 19:49:09  lauriehowarth  Hi, I can't access the live broadcast..

 19:49:33  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hi Laurie: Click on the Edtech A button for sound

 19:49:45  lauriehowarth  ok will try thanks

 19:50:12  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/

 19:51:44  lauriehowarth  I am getting an echo and everything is being repeated. is this normal?

 19:51:51  bobsprankle  http://engagingparentsinschool.edublogs.org/

 19:51:59  Beth Holmes  So glad to hear Larry tonight. Connecting parents to schooling at any age is critically important. 

 19:52:28  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://www.pthvp.org/about.html

 19:54:52  Beth Holmes  Yes! From the middle school up, the culture often suggests that parents should disengage. There is a subtle hint that parents should "let go."

 19:55:21  JackDs01  even 9th to 12th has a HUGE difference in parents showing up to conferences

 19:55:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  beth you are so right, that is the wrong message for middle and HS

 19:58:34  Beth Holmes  Finland's Minister of Education credits parent involvement/engagement as one of the key factors contributing to student success. 

 20:00:23  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://www.postrank.com/

 20:00:47  Larry Ferlazzo  Beth, if you have a link to Finland info, I'd love to get it

 20:01:44  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://www.postrank.com/postrank#how

 20:01:49  sratrimmer  Thanks for introducing me to Webheadsinaction. I'm going to connect with colleagues :)

 20:02:29  cheryloakes~seedlings  sratrimmer, Webheads changed my life! 

 20:04:55  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello Lorna, welcome

 20:05:07  Lorna  Hi everyone

 20:05:17  sratrimmer  what site was that? TEDsomething??

 20:05:31  cheryloakes~seedlings  TedX

 20:05:46  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2010/01/30/excerpt-from-my-upcoming-bo...

 20:06:10  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://www.ted.com/talks TED Talks

 20:06:19  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks alice for the links

 20:06:28  Lorna  building good working relationships is critical

 20:06:48  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes lorna, we so forget that!

 20:07:28  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  List of TED talks by curriculum subject http://www.historyteachersattic.com/2009/06/ted-talks-demystified-for-te...

 20:08:21  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pjGlYH-8AK8ffDa6o2bYlXg and another TED list

 20:09:02  Beth Holmes  Article: Why do Finland's schools get the best results? Good article/videos. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/world_news_america/8601207.stm

 20:10:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  Love that, School is where young people to to see Old people work! Larry Ferlazzo!

 20:11:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  go to see Old people work!

 20:16:01  cheryloakes~seedlings  Have you heard of the marshmallow study?

 20:16:13  Lorna  yes 

 20:16:26  Lorna  very tempting to eat the marshmallow :)

 20:21:59  Beth Holmes  Larry, have you read MIND IN THE MAKING by Ellen Galinsky? She goes into detail about FOCUS and SELF-CONTROL, one of 7 Essential Life Skills. She discusses helping children learn to delay gratification - using the marshmallow exercise.

 20:22:18  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks beth!

 20:22:28  cheryloakes~seedlings  I will ask him.

 20:22:34  Lorna  @beth that is an excellent resource

 20:24:15  Beth Holmes  Galinsky's work focuses on the young child - but it is fascinating to see how the essential skills for the 21st C can be developed in very, very young children.

 20:24:55  Larry Ferlazzo  Yes, I'm familiar with Galinsky's book and like it alot

 20:25:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks for the links everyone!

 20:26:32  Alisha  is there a link to this marshmallow study?

 20:26:35  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2010/11/18/the-best-the-best-lists-on-...

 20:27:34  Alisha  okay thanks :)

 20:27:41  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello cmantin, welcome

 20:27:53  cmantin  Hello all

 20:28:10  connect2jamie  Hi @cmantin

 20:29:56  Beth Holmes  Larry, I just found your post Great New Video on ‚ÄúMarshmallow‚Äù Test! I have not seen this video. I am so glad to have this! THANK YOU!

 20:29:59  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://beta.middlespot.com/index.php#

 20:31:03  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://simplebooklet.com/index.php

 20:34:34  connect2jamie  GREAT links! Thanks so much Larry!

 20:34:39  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/18/tiktok-and-lunatik-ipod-nano-watch-ki...

 20:35:25  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://oldnorth.com/tories/

 20:37:21  bobsprankle  http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/11/what-google-knows-about-...

 20:37:42  Beth Holmes  Alice! TikTok and LunaTik....definitely geeky.

 20:37:52  connect2jamie  Perfect link for my Am History tchrs! Great timing for me too! Thanks Alice!

 20:38:20  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Your welcome. Let me throw another in too US Hostory for Google earth Hang on

 20:38:27  bobsprankle  https://sites.google.com/site/middleschoolpoetry/home

 20:38:33  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  http://www.wwnorton.com/college/history/america8/full/historytours.aspx

 20:38:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  https://sites.google.com/site/middleschoolpoetry/home    http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/zQvg8NPQe4

 20:39:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/zQvg8NPQe4

 20:39:16  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @connect2Jamie See link http://www.wwnorton.com/college/history/america8/full/historytours.aspx

 20:40:53  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Everyone go out and buy your holiday Geek gifts!

 20:40:55  connect2jamie  Another great one @alice Thanks!

 20:41:02  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Welcome!

 20:41:14  Alisha  thanks so much Larry!

 20:41:34  connect2jamie  Great evening as always!

 20:42:04  connect2jamie  WooHoo! 100 shows! Congrats!

 20:42:18  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks to all in the chat! We love you!!! Thanks to Larry for all his inspiration.

 20:42:50  Beth Holmes  I love Seedlings! It is so relaxing - and I always learn a lot. Larry, I learned from you tonight! Loved the "geeky" tips! Thanks to all. Have a great Thanksgiving!

 20:43:01  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Thanks Beth!

 20:43:09  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Thank you to Larry!!!

 20:43:13  bobsprankle  thanks all!

 20:43:15  connect2jamie  Love your snow days! :)

 20:43:28  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  :)

 20:43:32  cheryloakes~seedlings  night!

 20:43:43  bobsprankle  goodnight all

 20:43:45  connect2jamie  Thanks Larry! It was GREAT!

 20:43:49  Beth Holmes  Bye!

 20:43:52  connect2jamie  Happy Turkey Day!