2010-02-11 SEEDlings with Christian Long

Show notes: (Alice Project)

Geek of the WeeK


bobsprankle -> Room 1: Ah you're here!
 Sheila -> Room 1: Hi all!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: here!
 Sheila -> Room 1: Hey Cheryl! Tracy said she met you at the wedding. :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes, and we fought about whose friend you were!!! It was great
 Sheila -> Room 1:  lol
 alicebarr -> Room 1: HI Sheila
 alicebarr -> Room 1: WElcome
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Hello to all, just getting ready.
 Sheila -> Room 1: Hi Alice - sexy voice!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Isnt' that awesome
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Hi Loonyhiker
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: hi there! which do i click to get sound?
 Sheila -> Room 1: ETTA
 alicebarr -> Room 1: Edtech Talk A
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: thanks!
 alicebarr -> Room 1: Can you hear us?
 bobsprankle -> Room 1: hi all!
 Sheila -> Room 1: Wow Olympics!
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: yes i can hear u!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes, the Olympics are on my horizon!
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i was in vancouver after a cruise in Alaska and it was beautiful
 christianlong -> Room 1: Teaser, indeed!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Oh, such great vibes for going to the olympics
 Sheila -> Room 1: DS is from Vancouver.
 Sheila -> Room 1: I'm jealous - would like the snow here.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes, I hope to get closer to Doug
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i hunted for moose in Maine last august but never did get to see one :(
 christianlong -> Room 1: Can a "loonyhiker" hunt moose morally?
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: lol i think they were hiding from me!
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i just wanted a picture
 christianlong -> Room 1: @loonyhiker:  ah...that's decent/honorable.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1:
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: we were near Baxter SP and the "golden road" and after 3 days of going out at 5am, we gave up
 Sheila -> Room 1: We'll looking for 1st hand info!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: This is a link to Julia Clukey the Luger that we are going to cheer on!
 alicebarr -> Room 1: Welcome everyone
 alicebarr -> Room 1: Christian Long is in the house
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Hello all, we are talking with Christian Long from snowy Texas tonight.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Hi Jasonmkern, Lee-AnneHK
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: hello
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Jason where are you from?
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: Texas
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: OH, is it snowing in your part of Texas or cold?
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: snowing
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: send it our way or to the Olympics!
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: yeah its deinitely not like Texas
 Lee-AnneHK -> Room 1: Good morning everyone - Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy Chinese New Year)!
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: this is making me want to go read Alice!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Oh, Lee-Anne, Happy New Year! What year is it?
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: same to u Lee-Anne!
 alicebarr -> Room 1: Hello Lee-Ann Happy Chinese new Year. We had a dragon at school today!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Nice, Alice. What was your lunch today?
 alicebarr -> Room 1: Chinese Class made dumplings among other things
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Oh, yum.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Christian, this sounds like you are a global thinker!
 Sheila -> Room 1: Just got the automatic update! will be back in a bit.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: ask Christian how wonderful his tech director had to be
 alicebarr -> Room 1: @jason we will :)
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: welcome jenksbyjenks
 jenksbyjenks -> Room 1: thanks!
 alicebarr -> Room 1: Hi Paul
 Paul Allison -> Room 1: Hi.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: evening Paul
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Christian is talking about this project.
 Lee-AnneHK -> Room 1: Back again - people keep popping into my office. Year of the Tiger next year.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Oh, great lee-anne
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: welcome cbrown
 cbrown -> Room 1: Hi there. Thanks.
 Lee-AnneHK -> Room 1: Gotta go - needed in Learning support this morning. Hope you have a great weekend and are not snowed in. Will catch the podcast over the weekend.
 cbrown -> Room 1: I've been listening to "Seedlings" for about a year now, but this is my first time listening live.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Thanks Lee-Anne, have a great weekend
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: cbrown, thanks for the feedback! Glad you could join live!
 cbrown -> Room 1: thanks.  I really enjoy what you guys do.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Where are you from? Are you part of the ning?
 cbrown -> Room 1: I'm from Maine, but now I work as a HS science teacher in Mass.
 cbrown -> Room 1: I am not part of the ning.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1:   Here is the ning where we continue or start conversations.
 cbrown -> Room 1: ok.  excellent.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Hope you enjoy the live show and chat!
 cbrown -> Room 1: thanks again.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: This is Christian Long talking about his project with his 10th graders.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1:
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i hate i missed this when it was happening but i can't wait to check out the website and read about the whole project
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes Loonyhiker, I know I was out straight and couldn't participate.
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: Just the idea of how engaged these students got into this is exciting!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes, exactly this is such a great project, a joint project.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: welcome PeggyG
 Paul Allison -> Room 1: I wonder if we could use BookGlutton to read this together?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: We have Christian Long on tonight talking about his Alice project
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi! so sorry I'm late!! sounds like a great conversation!
 Paul Allison -> Room 1: Great documentation of the learning by students and teachers on the site.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: yes, it is good stuff
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i love that "stay messy" :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes, stay messy.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Hello Gail P.!
 Gail P -> Room 1: hello all
 PeggyG -> Room 1: is Christian in the UK right now?
 cbrown -> Room 1: I never thought about "publicizing" my students work online..
 Paul Allison -> Room 1: A student recently used Alice as a metaphor:
 christianlong -> Room 1: @PeggyG: My email is UK-based...but I live in TX.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: cbrown, take a chance and do it, there is such a great network out here. Leave a message on the ning also.
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i love when ppl tweet/plurk asking for comments
 PeggyG -> Room 1: oh that's good to know Christian :-)
 cbrown -> Room 1: I'm thinking it would be great in the context of science.
 Paul Allison -> Room 1: I love when Bob gets passionate, and thinks he is talking too much.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes loonyhiker, it is great to be involved in projects.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: yes, it is great isn't it Paul!!
 bobsprankle -> Room 1: lol, paul <blush>
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: by asking ppl to comment, u r inviting them to become a part of the project and it is quite welcoming (to me at least)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Paul, I saw that post and several others about Ayiti--would love to hear more about that game and the experience of your students playing it. Would you be willing to do a webcast with a couple of students on Women of Web?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: yes loonyhiker, it is all about making connections and those kids will remember this forever
 Gail P -> Room 1: back again, sorry for the interruption.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: is it more important to have a portfolio for their *best* work or is it better to show all their work that chronicles their progress and process?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: no problem Gail, glad you got back here.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: great question jason!
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: @cheryl and it is a great way to get ideas for future possible projects that can be adapted for my own class
 Gail P -> Room 1: And then there's the question of whether or not students want all their work on line
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: jasonmkern, I like the portfolio that demonstrates growth
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i think growth is more important than just the best
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Gail P, I bet there are some who would prefer privacy, but most like stuff hung on a bulletin board, so maybe.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: so do we create two pieces for students? one polished version of the *best of* and a second that gives the whole process? A lot to ask anyone to read everything without some context
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: jasonmkern, great question about work over time.
 Gail P -> Room 1: I have students who don't do their best and posting their work would be an embarrassment
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: Failure is simply a indication of taking a risk often times.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: I think a student can choose to post drafts and also final projects. Let the student reflect, that is the most important.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: Teach kids to be willing to fail because they reached for something great
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: @jason my students' portfolios are broken up in different topics so that the final documentation can be the "best" for that topic
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Gail and Jason, maybe those students should find their voice, photography, media, music, maybe not the blog.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: @loony but in the end do they present a 'resume' of their best work
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Risk should never be a failure. Great discussion!
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: @jason i think so - when we apply for a job, we bring a resume filled with the "best" about us, not really about our growth
 cbrown -> Room 1: I like the idea of using document sharing to share kids work with parents directly.
 Gail P -> Room 1: what global archive will you use?
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: if you are transparent in your learing for an extended period of time. asking anyone to read that much would be daunting but having it available if anyone wated to see it and to reflect yourself would be valuable
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: yes, cbrown, it is powerful.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: @gail does the tool really matter?
 Gail P -> Room 1: I think the tool matters because who is going to hold the work for 10 or 20 years? I'm not.
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: teaching students too reflect at their own growth and being able to actually see how much they have grown is so important too
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I have seen some class blogs where the teachers actually state that the student work is work in progress and not polished, final products
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: is ok then to go back and edit that mispelling although the learning may no longer be 'transparent'?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: I think it is important that kids own the work and want to go back and refine.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: @gail no. that's why it goes on the web where it can be available
 alicebarr -> Room 1: remember Zach saying you have to "learn how you learn"
 Gail P -> Room 1: Don't you come across websites where the link no longer work?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: keeper of the website, quote from Bob.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I like that thinking!! and agree!
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: yes but how will you ever be able to stop that? we are always responsible for archiving our work no matter where we put it
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Learn how to learn, is what we want our students to travel.
 Gail P -> Room 1: I pass the work samples on to the next grade teacher and hold nothing on paper. My blog os student learning has a limit and I do not create a new blog each year. I build upon the same one.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: It is about tech at some level or we wouldn't be having this discussion. I agree that what the students learned was not about tech but the sharing and the importance of the audience certainly is
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: @gail how do you pass the work along
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Gail P, I like that you build year to year cumulatively. That is longitudinal growth.
 Gail P -> Room 1: Paper work samples which the receiving teacher reviews and the rest is assessment data
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: @gail do you think digitizing that paper at some level would allow for easier archival as well as multiple copies that could be passed along as well as kept?
 Gail P -> Room 1: I have used a number of tech tools like VoiceThread and have these available for anyone to browse but what if VoiceThread fails and disappears.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Gail, a quick snapshot of those digital items is all I keep, just in case they disappear. Like GCast doesn't take more audio uploads I hear.
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: @gail then it disappears but if you don't doesn't it disappear anyways
 Gail P -> Room 1: I am not sold on the idea of archiving all work. Personally I wouldn't want all my work on display for the world to see.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I so wish we didn't have to think about "grades" for these kinds of things!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Yes Peggy!
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: @gail I can certainly see that but things like google docs can be private
 Gail P -> Room 1: cheryloakes~seedlings Why do you keep the digital work?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: what a fabulous conversation!!! get this recording posted fast so I can hear the whole thing!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: My own digital work as my portfolio, is what I keep.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: PeggyG it will be posted tomorrw at 6 AM
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: we all learn when we all share
 PeggyG -> Room 1: you're the best Cheryl!! you always post recordings so quickly!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Bob is the best!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Alice and I take care of edtechtalk post
 cbrown -> Room 1: HI.
 Sheila -> Room 1: I wasn't in the chat but I really liked the conversation! Definitely want to listen to the archive!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I knew Jason knew a whole lot about this!!!! :-)
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: anything that went wrong was my fault
 Sheila -> Room 1: :)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: How exciting to have both of you sharing with us!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: no way jasonmker!
 alicebarr -> Room 1:
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: @jason lol don't throw yrself in front of the train
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: :)
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: visibletweets rocks
 cbrown -> Room 1: haven't tried it.
 alicebarr -> Room 1:
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: really cool wallpaper type thing
 PeggyG -> Room 1: try posting educon in visibletweets :-)
 alicebarr -> Room 1:
 Gail P -> Room 1: I like being able to click on a link and it opens in a new tab for browsing later :)
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: i like plurk for that reason - the whole conversation is in one place
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1:
 PeggyG -> Room 1: how do you sign it online?
 bobsprankle -> Room 1:
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1:  it is a webbrowser that you share
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Haven't tried it but teachers love it
 PeggyG -> Room 1: can you download the pdf with the signature?
 Gail P -> Room 1: @cheryl Thanks for that one; always seem to be looking for that
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Hi carolteach4, just finishing up
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: peggy, i will give it a try tonight.
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: just got home from conferences
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: Thanks to all in the chat, great show tonight. It will be posted tomorrow.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'll try it too Cheryl. Sounds fantastic!
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: this hr. went by so fast! thanks everyone for a great conversation!
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: can you drop in that address again - just got here
 Sheila -> Room 1: Edtech Brainstorm later tonight and Earthcast planning.
 christianlong -> Room 1: Can't wait to read the transcript now...great parallel convo going on!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: I will mention
 cbrown -> Room 1: Thanks everyone. Really enjoyed it!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes Sheila!! we need lots of voices in Earthcast planning :-)
 Sheila -> Room 1: Great show! Thanks all!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: thanks
 jasonmkern -> Room 1: thanks
 Sheila -> Room 1: O-lym-pics!
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: we'll be off, too - we are coming to Maine-
 PeggyG -> Room 1: are you all going off-line during your break?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Room 1: this hour was fast. goodnight all
 Gail P -> Room 1: thanks - glad to have caught the conversations
 bobsprankle -> Room 1: thanks all!
 christianlong -> Room 1: Thanks again!
 cbrown -> Room 1: thanks.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: good night all! Thanks!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: hey sheila and tom
 ds -> Room 1: hey gang
 Sheila -> Room 1: Hi there!
 Sheila -> Room 1: yeah DS is back!
 ds -> Room 1: thx Sheila, great to be back
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi everyone
 PeggyG -> Room 1:
 PeggyG -> Room 1: great to connect up with Doug!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes #3 :-)
 Sheila -> Room 1: Is someone taking notes?
 maryZ -> Room 1: yes
 maryZ -> Room 1: hi
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Sheila-you do such a great job with the notes!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: love your voicethread Mary!
 Sheila -> Room 1: YOu and me Matt! We had some fun together!
 maryZ -> Room 1: thank you peggy. the text was borrowed from matt's
 PeggyG -> Room 1:
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I think the wallwisher is such a great idea
 Sheila -> Room 1: Thanks for taking notes DS!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: had to find the mute on the ustream :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi Cathy!!
 Cathy E -> Room 1: Hello All
 PeggyG -> Room 1:
 Sheila -> Room 1:  from Mary
 PeggyG -> Room 1: that's the form we are using to get people to sign up to participate in planning and helping with earthcast
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it's not the signup form for scheduling slots during earthcast10
 PeggyG -> Room 1:  This is our planning wiki with notes from previous meetings (also recording links)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi Carolyn! great to have you join us!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: In case you missed this link--it's our planning wiki
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Hi, Matt and all. We didn't get to participate live in the Earthcast last year, but we did get to comment on the VoiceThread. I hope you'll host one of those again.
 maryZ -> Room 1:
 maryZ -> Room 1: Carol there is a voicethread again
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I really hope we'll get some of Matt's grads back!! They were awesome last year!
 maryZ -> Room 1:
 maryZ -> Room 1: one way to get canned content would be to set up some interview questions maybe
 PeggyG -> Room 1: do we want to start posting on the wallwisher now?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes I would love to see Youth Voices involved!!
 maryZ -> Room 1: is an example of a software that lets the teacher interview and thte students answer in interactive  audio recordings.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi Sheila
 PeggyG -> Room 1: we're mostly reviewing things Sheila--waiting for you :-)
 Sheila -> Room 1: Yeah, right!  Ha Ha!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'm not sure if there is a way to remove posts on wallwisher--does anyone know? maybe just the creator of the wallwisher has that option?
 matt montagne -> Room 1: so this post kind of gives the 411 on Earthcast 2010:
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Our principal is excited about Skype conferencing - between our school and a sister school in China. Perhaps I can get some students involved on EarthDay 2010. I'll need some help.
 matt montagne -> Room 1: interactivity is something we should really, really aim for
 matt montagne -> Room 1: how can we increase the brainwaves in our listeners who are in a group situation??
 matt montagne -> Room 1: big question, doesn't have easy answers...
 PeggyG -> Room 1: the quiz was really fun!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: the quiz was fun and adds that level of interactivity
 PeggyG -> Room 1: we're thinking about some shorter time slots this year--30 mins--but people could sign up for 2 if they need more time
 PeggyG -> Room 1: the echoes were great and we should definitely keep them going--get more participants :-)
 matt montagne -> Room 1: should be an interesting earth day this year...especially given all the push back that the science of climate change is being called into question once again
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I can edit and/or delete my own post to the wallwisher, but not other people's posts.
 maryz -> Room 1: I like the idea of shorter blocks
 PeggyG -> Room 1: so do I Mary
 PeggyG -> Room 1: easier to provide filler for 30 min slot :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: great point Doug re daylight savings time
 maryz -> Room 1: Peggy I will look if it ispossible to invite you and the others as moderators of the wallwisher
 PeggyG -> Room 1: good Mary
 maryz -> Room 1: is anyone familiar with ?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I added the recording links to the wiki because it helped me to find them :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: no Mary-I'm not familiar with it--will explore it soon
 maryz -> Room 1:
 PeggyG -> Room 1: that sounds really interesting! the webheads come up with such fantastic resources!!
 maryz -> Room 1: voxopop
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes! we need to be able to provide access to people still on dialup
 PeggyG -> Room 1: you can subscribe to voicethreads and have them appear in your voicethread page
 maryz -> Room 1: one of my colleagues in Brazil will have her class contribute to the voicethread
 PeggyG -> Room 1: can we start spreading the word about the preliminary participation form?
 maryz -> Room 1: hi Carolyn
 PeggyG -> Room 1: we can definitely tweet/plurk to our PLNs with the link to the form
 maryz -> Room 1: I was wondering if it would be considered spamming to announce it in webheads?
 maryz -> Room 1: and wikieducator?
 matt montagne -> Room 1: hi carolyn
 maryz -> Room 1: very good
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I don't think the webheads would mind Mary. They like to know about opportunities like this
 maryz -> Room 1: ok Peggy
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: I heard the announcement on Seedlings. It's getting late for us here on the east coast. I got home from school after 8:00pm - conferences tonight. Many of us on east coast are fading - time for bed.
 Cathy E -> Room 1: Have to run - I am going to try and get some of my teachers to sign up :)
 Sheila -> Room 1: bye CathyE
 PeggyG -> Room 1: thanks for coming Carolyn and Cathy
 Sheila -> Room 1: Bye Carolyn!
 carolteach4 -> Room 1:  Congratulations, Matt! How exciting.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: if you do a search for earthbridges on voicethread only last year's voicethread comes up-- has this year's voicethread been made public?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: if you search for earthcast on voicethread this year's comes up Yeah!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: dress rehearsal :-) love it!
 maryz -> Room 1: good, Peggy
 PeggyG -> Room 1: one of the options in our preliminary signup form asks for people to volunteer to help with technical things--maybe we could get help with the dress rehearsal this way
 ds -> Room 1: ooops
 Sheila -> Room 1: Time for music?
 maryz -> Room 1: lost sound?
 ds -> Room 1: lost skype call, it seems--please stand by--don't adjust your sets
 Sheila -> Room 1: :)
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: standing by - going to go and get a cup of coffee
 PeggyG -> Room 1: whew!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: sing Sheila!!
 Sheila -> Room 1: Ok - I"m not streaming so it's safe.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: my browser keeps spinning so I thought it was just me :-)
 maryz -> Room 1: anyone have  good sites for researching environmental issues?
 Sheila -> Room 1: Guess I got the hook.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Diigo :-)
 maryz -> Room 1: Maybe we could ask carolyn to share some of her  recommendations
 maryz -> Room 1: thanks for diigo
 ds -> Room 1: seems as tho Matt's machine has crashed--hoping he'll be back soon
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I like Diigo because I can get recommendations from trusted colleagues
 ds -> Room 1:
 matt montagne -> Room 1: sorry about that folks
 matt montagne -> Room 1: thanks DS
 ds -> Room 1: brb
 ds -> Room 1: back
 maryz -> Room 1: I'm around
 maryz -> Room 1: march 4th
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Who did the logo for the Voice Thread 2010
 maryz -> Room 1: I made the logo
 maryz -> Room 1: I used cliart from phillip martins 9the friends, and photos from widimedia (globe) adm the stars were from nasa
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: I like the inclusion of the kids in wheelchairs - nice
 maryz -> Room 1: Phillip martins is so inclusive of all groups in his art
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: I was the first one to leave a comment on Matt's voicethread last year. Should I claim that spot this year?
 maryz -> Room 1: the  link to what?
 maryz -> Room 1: what link did you need posted to the wall wisher?
 maryz -> Room 1: either voice thread or a blog where you can embedd all teh videos
 maryz -> Room 1: great idea  response videos
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: I think the YouTube, TeacherTube sounds cool.
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Can you do a brief tutorial, Matt, on YouTube on how to do a broadcast. Or maybe you already have something out there.
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Will, do, Matt! You got me started. We are right now in the process of connecting our two middle schools in Orange and Bethany using Voice Thread
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: It is fine - carol - carolyn - love being acknowledged. Thank you all!
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: @Peggy - your Saturday shows are so fabulous! Thanks so much for providing them. I love the one with CivilWarSallie.
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: lost audio again - sounds like bubbles
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: I got involved in artsnacks from the civilwarsallie show.
 Sheila -> Room 1: With Kevin Honeycutt?
 Sheila -> Room 1: Artsnacks
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Yes, that's my Skype name. My son was just talking to me so I missed a bit of what your were saying.
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Hey, Sheila - heading up north on Saturday or Sunday and will probably stop over night in Exeter or Portsmouth.
 Sheila -> Room 1: I'll be around! :)
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Thanks - this was worth staying awake for!
 ds -> Room 1: thanks all--take care and enjoy the rest of your week
 Sheila -> Room 1: Thanks for the time slot DS!
 ds -> Room 1: thx again Matt for hosting--much appreciated
 ds -> Room 1: a pleasure Sheila
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: I have a FABULOUS song from Anne Dodson - about "big green trees". Maybe with her permission, she'll let us use it.
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: This is a great song!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: it is a fun song...we interviewed him on Earthcast last year
 matt montagne -> Room 1: he is a nice guy
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Who is this again?
 matt montagne -> Room 1: he is from Peggy's neck of the woods
 Sheila -> Room 1: Didn't realize how much I missed my music fix on thursday nights!
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: @Sheila - are you familiar with Anne Dodson?
 Sheila -> Room 1: No.
 Sheila -> Room 1: I'll look her up.
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Thanks - gonna go leave a message on the Voice Thread
 Sheila -> Room 1: :)
 carolteach4 -> Room 1: Sheila, I'll have to introduce you to her music. She is a fabulous artist - comes from Maine - brother resides in Camden

2010-02-05 Seedlings on the Horizon Report

If you have been waiting to read the Horizon Report 2010, listen up to this SEEDLINGS conversation. Alice, Bob and Cheryl take a stab at the highlights of the report. This report drives what is happening in post secondary education and it drives what the K-12 educators should be promoting for our students. Enjoy!


Alice , Bob and Cheryl had our favorite conversation, the Horizon Report 2010! This is such a good report to provide the vision and checks and balances for our practice. The chat room was rocking too. Thanks for joining us. Let us know what your take is on the Horizon Report.


“Geek of the Week” Links for 2010-02-04

2010-01-28 ben N ben Show #5

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

ben n ben talk with Matt Montagne and his student Natalie about Gator Radio. Thanks to Matt for streaming, this show rocks!

the ben N ben website

SEEDLINGS 2010-01-21 Strategies for Parent Teacher Conferences

There is an elephant in the room! Teachers are all expected to participate in Parent Teacher Conferences, but are never given an opportunity to practice that or reflect on their practice. Well, SEEDLINGS took an email from an audience member, Bill Rakosnik, from Georgia, and put some questions on the NING and we had a tremendous thoughtful show for you all. Enjoy the podcast and the information.

Join SEEDLINGS as we speak with our guests Karen Abbott from Maine and Bill Rakosnik from Georgia, two veteran teachers who share with us how they prepare for parent teacher conferences, tips to make everyone feel comfortable, ideas on what to do when the conference goes south. The questions from the chat room and the suggestions are must haves for any teacher new to the field and veteran teachers looking to reflect on their practice.

Geek of the Week:

SEEDlings 2010-01-14 Richard Byrne

Richard's Site: Free Technology for Teachers

“Geek of the Week” Links 

Chat Log:

 richardbyrne ->  Hello

 alicebarr ->  Hello marragem

 sarahsutter ->  Hi there! Just got in.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hi Sarah!

 alicebarr ->  Hi Sarah

 hshawjr ->  hi everyone

 alicebarr ->  Just starting!

 alicebarr ->  Hello hshawr

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hi marragem, hshawjr, welcome, and all

 bobsprankle ->  hi all!

 sarahsutter ->  Fabulous. Love the image of a webkin holding a mic.

 bobsprankle ->  hi sarah!

 sarahsutter ->  Hey there Richard!

 richardbyrne ->  Hi Sarah

 marragem ->  Hi everyone...sorry was distracted for a bit

 richardbyrne ->  Hi Harold

 sarahsutter ->  Bob- what photo tool do you use with your iphone to do all those cool effects? 

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Oh, PeggyG hello

 sroseman ->  Hi Cheryl and company

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hi Connie S, welcome

 PeggyG ->  Hi! great to see you -- just getting my audio started

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Oh, Sroseman

 alicebarr ->  Hi sroseman

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hi Ajblanco, welcome

 sroseman ->  yep that's me

 alicebarr ->  Hello ajblanco

 Connie Sitterley ->  Good evening everyone

 ajblanco ->  hello all

 bobsprankle ->

 PeggyG ->  audio is great!

 sarahsutter ->  You make it look so seamless when you post - they are great shots.

 sarahsutter ->  Thanks for the link.

 PeggyG ->  I was lucky--got a bunch of iTunes cards for Christmas gifts so I can keep adding iphone apps :-)

 bobsprankle ->  thanks sarah :)

 hshawjr ->  Hi Rich how have you been

 PeggyG ->  I've been following your photos on Flickr, Cheryl!! Some great photos!!!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Thanks 365 photos is very fun!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  hi teachtech!!

 teachntech ->  Hi

 PeggyG ->  I couldn't keep up with 365 photos myself but loved it!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Welcome to the chat room, thanks for joining us tonight.

 hshawjr ->  How to I get audio with the Mac?  :)

 teachntech ->  thx, just seeing what this is about...

 PeggyG ->  @hshawjr--click on the first icon under EdTechTalkA and it will open in itunes

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Richard Byrne, Free Tech 4 Teachers,  Oxford Hills Comprehensive HS, Oxford, ME. Has been blogging for 28 months 

 PeggyG ->  Exciting to be hearing from Richard!!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hello Maureen

 Maureen ->  Hi Cheryl

 hshawjr ->  @peggyG the Stream Status link? or the sound icon?

 PeggyG ->  sound icon

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Please click to listen on ETTA itunes or real player

 hshawjr ->  thanks :)

 PeggyG ->  I'm on a Mac and the itunes sound icon works best for me

 Maureen ->  Silly Firefox is cranky tonight- crashed again just as I was logging in. Back to chrome again

 sarahsutter ->  Saw your post about the video app - good post. Nice comparison among a few different types of applications that worked.

 PeggyG ->  @Maureen-I've been having a lot of crashes recently with FF too! maybe because I have toooooo many tabs open!!

 sarahsutter ->  Nothing ventured, nothing gained . . . 

 PeggyG ->  we have some awesome Google educators in our chat today!!!

 sarahsutter ->  They want to know if you are brave enough to try it!

 Maureen ->  @PeggyG I know I have(had) too many tabs open, but lately it's been extra cranky. Guess I have to check and see if a recent add on is causing a problem.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Yes Peggy, they have stopped by! to share.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hi carolteach4 welcome

 PeggyG ->  I was thinking about applying for the Google Admin Academy but I'm retired so I'm not sure I'm eligible

 carolteach4 ->  hey!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hey tim, welcome!

 Maureen ->  I'm jealous- would love to go, haven't been selected (yet). But happy to be able to learn thru all the gct who share their learning

 Tim Levesque ->  Hi!

 alicebarr ->  Hi Tim Welcome!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Maureen, keep trying!

 PeggyG ->  how exciting Richard!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hello pdryden

 sarahsutter ->  I've seen video applications for jobs come over twitter too - it's part of contemporary society.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hello Shelia!

 sheila ->  Hi everyone!

 Tim Levesque ->  Is Richard going to explain to us how he finds time to keep that blog of his running between his Celtics games?:)

 PeggyG ->  it's great to be able to view all of those videos as examples :-)

 pdryden ->  Hi Cheryl

 PeggyG ->  I think it's harder to create a 2 min video than an hour presentation!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hi tasteach welcome this evening

 Tim Levesque ->  oops

 PeggyG ->  one minute is even harder!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  A project! 1 min. video coming to the SEEDLINGS ning!

 marragem ->  sounds good

 Maureen ->  I make my 8th graders do a 30 sec to 1 min movie trailer- amazed at what they can do

 carolteach4 ->  Ever tried writing a 50 word or less description of a project to submit for a contest entry? Really hard.

 marragem ->  That's what I plan to do with my little ones to start the school year

 PeggyG ->  the Digital Nation videos are all about a minute long and they are great to view! Cheryl is on there from NECC :-) So is Sharon Peters!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Right Peggy, the Digital Nation videos!

 Maureen ->  I saw that in an email from them today

 sheila ->  Hi Marragem! Must still be vacation for you! :)

 PeggyG ->  the premier showing of Digital Nation is coming very soon! Can't wait to see it! Feb. 2

 kyteacher ->  I often give students a word limit when they have to summarize key events, etc. Forces them to really think about what's important.

 PeggyG ->  I'm helping to compile videos for the AZ Digital Nation part of the project

 sheila ->  more limitations = more creativity

 marragem ->  Yes Sheila. The last Friday of my holidays :(

 sheila ->  Oh, well all good things . . .

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Peggy, that is great. You are so funny, when you say you are retired,NOT, you are so busy. We are glad you share all your knowledge.

 Maureen ->  It takes my 8th graders weeks to make a their trailers. Partly because I am a "mean" teacher and make them use licensed music.

 carolteach4 ->  Speaking of Google Apps, did you see that they have greatly increased the file size of Word documents that can be uploaded? It used to be 578kb, but now it's more than 2mb - can't remember the upper limits, but it's much more generous.

 sheila ->  We used Google Wave as  a backchannel for our last state edtech meeting. 

 cheryloakes50~ ->  good for you Maureen, help them learn

 PeggyG ->  if I weren't retired I wouldn't have time to participate in all of these fabulous things!!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Great Shelia, was it good to keep track of everything?

 kyteacher ->  Used it as a backchannel in class one day.  Loved the potential, but it didn't play well with our network.

 Maureen ->  I haven't played yet- too much to learn and so little time

 ajblanco ->  i got several invites, but don't know what to do with them!

 PeggyG ->  I'd love to hear more about how that worked for you Sheila--google wave for backchannel

 carolteach4 ->  On Teachers Teaching Teachers last evening one of the participants said he had 10 invites to give out.

 carolteach4 ->  I didn't request one; I'm overwhelmed.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hello mmorley and wlwildcat welcome

 Tim Levesque ->  there are wave extensions for chrome

 sheila ->  It was the first time, so it was more of a new tool but I think it can be helpful for links, threaded discussions. I think there's potential.

 Maureen ->  It seems to me that if I have to "learn" it that it isn't for me- least not yet

 Tim Levesque ->  ...on pc

 sroseman ->  Chrome on the desktop you recommend 

 tasteach ->  Sue Waters and I have used it for chatting about the student blogging challenge for 2010. Getting ideas from teachers on how to improve etc

 carolteach4 ->  My husband had to deinstall Chrome; it wouldn't allow him to use Adobe Photoelements.

 sroseman ->  sorry Chrome on the mac with Leopard you recommend

 PeggyG ->  Chrome has a lot of limitations but what it does, it does very well

 Tim Levesque ->  Chrome is an excellent browser but it still has its hitches

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Sue, do you mean using Chrome locally and saved to desktop./??? I on ly use it as browser.

 carolteach4 ->  Having Google Apps for Schools makes widespread adoption of the tool much easier.

 sroseman ->  Chrome as a browser

 sarahsutter ->  Our Google Rockstars are perhaps not the same as what the students would consider famous or worthy of note. 

 Maureen ->  We use google apps for faculty and staff- hope to buy a domain and have it for the kids next year. Does anyone know if you can use it for under 13- if it is your own google apps domain- and you get parent permission? 

 carolteach4 ->  Most of our students (7th and 8th) had never used a shared document or presentation until they were introduced to it in school.

 PeggyG ->  good question Maureen!

 kyteacher ->  I'm so envious...

 Tim Levesque ->  richard's blog = amazing

 Tim Levesque ->  i <3 richard's blog

 ajblanco ->  me too Tim!

 Maureen ->  Great blog- use it every day

 bobsprankle ->  hi colleen!

 Tim Levesque ->  :)

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Hi colleenk, welcome!!

 colleenk ->  Hi Bob! Hi Everyone!

 carolteach4 ->  Can you drop the link in the chat?

 marragem ->  awesome blog!

 cheryloakes50~ ->

 tasteach ->  one of the first blogs I got feed for along with Larry Ferlazzo

 PeggyG ->  Richard is a fast learner!!! so impressive!

 sroseman ->  Cheryl, I want to use it as a browser with Leopard 10.5

 carolteach4 ->  Oh, yes, now I remember. What a great resource. So many folks mention it in their blogs, that it's no wonder he gets lots of traffice. Also, twitter.

 Maureen ->  I like the way you have some main ideas and always have the related links, which are so useful

 marragem ->  first blog I check each day in my reader

 PeggyG ->  I'm using Chrome as a browser with Leopard 10.5--works great but I don't use it often

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Sroseman, I am using Chrome on my snowleopard, imac and fine. I also use on the school macbook.

 marragem ->  we are & we love it!

 carolteach4 ->  I'm happy if two or three a week look at my blog. 

 Maureen ->  No cable - no cell for me. We just got broadband this fall- had a yucky satellite/dial up for years

 PeggyG ->  great story Alice!

 Tim Levesque ->  The state just allocated more money to expand broadband to rural areas of the state..hopefully dial-up will be a thing of the past.

 Maureen ->  My students can't believe that I only get 1 TV station- DTV did in all my fuzzy ones

 carolteach4 ->  I just heard that MacDonald's is going to offer free wireless.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Tim, that can't come soon enough.

 Tim Levesque ->  yeah..dialup is big up here in the county

 Maureen ->  I'd like cell phone access here. I won't buy one unless it works where I live- probably never

 carolteach4 ->  Talk about retweeting; I reblog.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  good thing Carolteach4, that is good to share!

 carolteach4 ->  Wow! Five things a day! Gosh! You are dedicated.

 tasteach ->  how do you find all these great resources?

 PeggyG ->  I can't imagine blogging every day!! Wow!

 Tim Levesque ->  I want to know how you find all of the web apps and tools..PLN's? RSS Feeds? Email? Telephone? 

 kyteacher ->  Good to set limits...never more than 7 per day.  Would love to get 2-3 per week.

 Maureen ->  OK- what's your teaching load? I can't imagine how you can find the time

 cheryloakes50~ ->  good point kyteacher!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  welcome monika!

 Tim Levesque ->  I would explode from information overload..

 monika ->  thank you

 PeggyG ->  this is great to hear! so many places to get new resources!

 tasteach ->  yeah twitter has great resources

 cheryloakes50~ ->  yes Peggy, new places to search

 kyteacher ->  My "for later" seems to be sometime in the year 2020.

 PeggyG ->  I often add my thoughts/comments in my own Diigo bookmarks just to remind me why I thought it was valuable to bookmark.

 carolteach4 ->  I keep a Google Doc open and drop links and annotations into that when I'm searching or participating in a webcast.

 Maureen ->  I send the history/social studies teachers at my school diigo bookmarks from your stuff on almost a nightly basis

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Yes, Peggyg, that helps me too. Kyteacher, later= never for me!

 sheila ->  Oh, that's too organized for me @carolteach4  ;)

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Carolteach4, I also email myself !

 PeggyG ->  I sometimes use Evernote too for saving ideas/URLs for later thinking

 carolteach4 ->  I like using the Google Doc because it's available to me anywhere, and everytime I add to it, it jumps to the top of my list of docs.

 alicebarr ->  Sound still ok?

 sheila ->  sounds good!

 PeggyG ->  good point @carolteach4

 alicebarr ->  Blipped for a sec

 PeggyG ->  sound is great for me

 Maureen ->  I use "read it later" in FF... but I never read it later. It's like another flat surface to pile things on- every other one in my house is covered with piles of "stuff" that I will maybe get to

 monika ->  no sound for me - is it my vista

 kyteacher ->  @PeggyG Starting to play around with Evernote.  I think I'm going to like it.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Monika, look on the page, ETTA and click on itunes or real player

 ajblanco ->  Totally understand Maureen!  I have a "comebackto" in my delicious account and I never go back to it!

 PeggyG ->  @monika-did you click on one of the sound icons? maybe realplayer would work?

 Tim Levesque ->  what made you decide to dedicate so much time to blogging?  I mean..we all REALLY appreciate it..but what keeps you motivated?

 PeggyG ->  I'm really liking Evernote for taking notes during virtual conferences and webinars. Saved tons of great things from the Discovery Ed Scicon conference!

 monika ->  got it - thanks guys

 carolteach4 ->  I ran into that with Twitter; I'd not logged in for most of Christmas vacation, and when I did check in, it took me over an hour to go through. I only follow about 23 tope educators.

 Maureen ->  I was teaching RSS to my 7th graders the other day- I cleared my reader- to avoid embarrassment, but there was a ton of stuff by mid day when I taught the class

 carolteach4 ->  top educators

 PeggyG ->  I will never be at zero!!

 alicebarr ->  Me neither

 ajblanco ->  me either!

 carolteach4 ->  Despite Kathy Schrock's advice, I think I have over a 1,000 emails in my inbox.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  I will never be at zero and proud of it!

 PeggyG ->  me too Cheryl!

 alicebarr ->  let's start a no zero movement :)

 cheryloakes50~ ->  yes alice!

 marragem ->  I like the sound of that Alice!

 sheila ->  I think no zero is similar to 20+ tabs in browser!  :)

 sheila ->  and a full read-it-later.

 alicebarr ->  ooooo Sheila, I am WAY over 20 tabs!

 PeggyG ->  to me it's like people asking me if I'm all caught up now--I just laugh!! That is not in my vocabulary!

 sheila ->  Love it Alice!

 mjgormans ->  Do you have a favorite post that stands out in your memory?

 PeggyG ->  would you believe 90 tabs in my browser?

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Peggy that is a record!

 carolteach4 ->  I get so excited when someone leaves a comment on my blog. It's nice to know I've touched someone else.

 alicebarr ->  My students tease me about my tabs all the time

 PeggyG ->  that happens to me almost daily!

 Tim Levesque ->  thanks!

 Maureen ->  I know we, as teachers, are always saying- we do it for the kids... it's worth it. Are we your kids? 

 carolteach4 ->  Richard, do you try to respond to folks who comment on your blog? I think that is really neat, but it must take a lot of time for someone with as much traffic as you get.

 tasteach ->  it takes soooo looong for some teachers to get the idea of a PLN andhow it can improve your teaching and save time

 Maureen ->  Do you have a local PLN at your school or district? Is that a priority for you? Or is the international PLN your audience?

 cheryloakes50~ ->  tasteach good point

 mjgormans ->  Did they give you an instant raise?

 PeggyG ->  these are such great examples of the power of a PLN!!

 PeggyG ->  Beth is starting a new campaign to take a newbie to NECC (ISTE 2010) :-) such a great idea!!!!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  It is such a great idea the power of the community.

 kyteacher ->  :) 

 carolteach4 ->  I understand that the Red Cross has already raised over $2,000,000 in the past couple of days for Haiti due to the power of the net.

 PeggyG ->

 PeggyG ->  these stories are great!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Yes, Carolteach4, this has been remarkable with the RedCross.

 Tim Levesque ->  I couldn't do my job without my PLN..

 PeggyG ->

 Tim Levesque ->  well..i probably could...but I'd get a lot less done!

 alicebarr ->  @Tim that is a great comment

 Tim Levesque ->  it's always nice to know that if I'm stuck that I can quickly shoot out my problem to either the ACTEM listserv or Twitter and have an answer in minutes...

 carolteach4 ->  I hate that new lock-step movement - maybe not so bad for math, but what happens to the teachable moments in English and social studies if you feel constrained to be in the exact same place as other ss teachers in your grade.

 PeggyG ->  I'm so glad it's my turn to do the ETT newsletter this week! I want to feature this session!! So exciting!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Yes Tim, I agree, I love the instant feedback from ACTEM and Twitter.

 Tim Levesque ->  being a tech coordinator with a sometimes impatient's priceless

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Thanks Peggy! this is so great.

 Tim Levesque ->  haha

 PeggyG ->  did you ever realize that fast, accurate typing skills would come in so handy on the web?

 carolteach4 ->  Where does Richard teach in Maine?

 Tim Levesque ->  matthew broderick is in glory isn't he?

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Richard teaches in Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School

 alicebarr ->  @carolteach4 South Paris

 tasteach ->  you can also see if other kids already know the answers to their peers questions, not only up to teacher to give answers

 carolteach4 ->  My cousin went to school there many, many years ago.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  tasteach, that is a great way to put it.

 carolteach4 ->  Google Forms is really, really easy if you have Google Apps for Schools, Richard.

 carolteach4 ->  It collects all their names if you wish.

 tasteach ->  I use google forms to collect registrations for the student blogging challenge

 carolteach4 ->  I am dying to have my teachers start using Voice Thread.

 Maureen ->  Is it a 1:1 school?

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Maureen, it is 1-1 netbooks

 Tim Levesque ->  i believe he said they're 1:1 with netbooks

 Tim Levesque ->  yup..there ya go:)

 PeggyG ->  I love this distinction about "teaching technology"--such a great model to be using technology to teach/experience the content!

 cheryloakes50~ ->  thanks tim

 Tim Levesque ->  np

 carolteach4 ->  @Cheryl -he's not teaching the tools, but by having the kids use the technology, he IS teaching technology - just not directly. It's really the best way to teach.

 mjgormans ->  Right idea, use technology to facilitate history standards!

 Maureen ->  It took my 7th graders almost a full class period to sign up for a google account and set up their igoogle page. Painful

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Maureen, it will be worth it in the long run

 PeggyG ->  funny Maureen!! it took my university students about the same amount of time as your 7th graders :-)

 carolteach4 ->  Again - @Maureen - that's why getting your own domain from Google Apps for schools is so great.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  yes carolteach

 Tim Levesque ->  my district's biggest hurdle is the fear of giving kids too much freedom. There would be opposition to having a backchannel during a movie...for example.  

 carolteach4 ->  I am the administrator for our Google Apps, and I can easily reset passwords for our students.

 Maureen ->  @carolteach4- this year google apps for fac/staff - next year all the kids. I have the 7th-9th sign up for google accts so we can use the tools, but I had to get parent permission for my <13 yr olds

 carolteach4 ->  We are moving away from having students have to use specific technology tools to giving then choice as long as they get the project done.

 PeggyG ->  it's not just learning how to use the tool but having it "work" when you need it! that's often a deterrent to teachers

 PeggyG ->  that should be a drumroll!! :-)

 PeggyG ->  oh oh--more tabs coming!!

 Maureen ->  I "taught" a bunch of presentation tools to 6th graders- now they are using their choice to do a collaborative project on the olympics

 tim ->  hi. my struggle is getting my school admin to even "get" a PLN.

 tasteach ->  In Tasmania, teachers are expected to integrate technology into their normal subjects and we have a checklist of what students need to be able to accomplish by the endo of year 10

 tim ->  or any of the tools mentioned here.

 carolteach4 ->  My biggest frustration is that all the different video cameras capture video in files that are not Window Movies Maker friendly. I am struggling to find a good converter for free.

 PeggyG ->  @carolteach4--have you tried media-convert?

 Maureen ->  @carolteach4- I use format factory- free

 marragem ->  same too in Queensland, tasteach

 carolteach4 ->  Can you send me the links for those?

 mjgormans ->  Carol try "Any Video Converter" it is free and workd great. I use flip as hard drive and by-pass the flip software

 carolteach4 ->  I'll search for those; thanks.

 Tim Levesque ->  anything google does is ambigous

 carolteach4 ->  The two I tried today were useless.

 PeggyG ->

 carolteach4 ->  I have a geek of the week. Want it?

 Tim Levesque ->  sure do!

 alicebarr ->  Bob:

 Maureen ->  I just signed up for that this week- I don't know what amplify does.. but now it sends me emails

 sroseman ->  one question .. do some of the google lab apps come and go quickly ,,i know rgey are experimental

 tasteach ->  here is a great website for lots of eTools

 cheryloakes50~ ->

 Tim Levesque ->  My geek of the week is a Google Wave extension for Firefox

 mjgormans ->  I have been told zamzar also converts Flip, best of all does it in the background and then emails it to you

 alicebarr ->  @carolteach4 Sure!

 monika ->  gotta go...thanks guys..glad i happened in.

 carolteach4 ->  From Rushrton Hurley's latest newsletter:

 PeggyG ->  this is a great resource for finding conversion tools

 Maureen ->

 alicebarr ->

 carolteach4 ->  @Peggy - thanks

 PeggyG ->  love that term!! googley :-)

 Tim Levesque ->  would make a good tshirt

 Tim Levesque ->  "I feel Googley today"

 cheryloakes50~ ->  A great tee shirt!

 Maureen ->  @alice- is it like Tom barrett's stuff with math maps?

 tasteach ->  was using proportions and ratio etc I think

 PeggyG ->  Thomas Cooper has done some fantastic things with his Expedition Lit Trips on Google Earth

 sarahsutter ->  Great show everyone. Richard - love your "rambling" - lots of good info there.

 cheryloakes50~ ->  Remember, this will be a podcast tomorrow. The links will be in the Chat and Geek of the Week, 

 Tim Levesque ->  Thank TWC

 Tim Levesque ->  for finally fixing his net

 PeggyG ->

 PeggyG ->  fantastic show again!!! thanks Richard and everyone!!

 sheila ->  This was great! Thanks everyone!

 bobsprankle ->  night all!

 sroseman ->  thanks super show

 Tim Levesque ->  good night all

 cheryloakes50~ ->  super show and good night all.

 PeggyG ->  bye everyone! I'm definitely having a googley day!

 tasteach ->  thank you everyone, was great to hear Richard in person

 carolteach4 ->  Thanks, all. This was a really great session.

 marragem ->  thanks everyone! Great show. Wonderful to be able to listen 'live'

 sheila ->  Think there will be a brainstorm tonight?

 carolteach4 ->  Oh, thanks for the help with the video conversion suggestions.



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