Seedlings Show #71 on 2009-10-08

Seedlings interviewed Joy Zabala and Cynthia Curry. They told us about and all the work they are doing across the country. What a great show. If you are wondering how to get accessible materials into your classroom, check out this podcast. The resources are great. The show was great and the chat room came alive!

Join us as we discuss accessibility, Universal Design for Learning, Assistive Technology, and how the publishing industry, especially in the education sector needs to step to the plate and provide mulitple sources of accessibility for a variety of readers and disabilities.

Joy Zabala and Cynthia Curry take us on the journey of AIM and helping us understand how we can provide for our students. The recommendations in the chat will prove helpful.  Check out  and the

2009-10-01 Seedlings with Wes and Sarah Fryer

You have to check out the SEEDLINGS show this week with guest Wes Fryer. He talks about family, K12online, his upcoming trip to Maine. But, the best is mid-way into the show his daughter Sarah steals the show. Check it out. Sarah will be presenting with her father Wes Fryer at  , for more information.

Join the SEEDLINGS as we interview Wes Fryer and his daughter Sarah. Towards the middle of the show, Sarah steals the show and turns the tables on us and the entire chat room. This girl is going to change, transform all educators who are withing listening distance.

Geek of the Week

SEEDLings 2009-9-24 Quest Atlantis


Thanks to Bronwyn for joining us from Australia.

Geek of the Week links

Chat log:

bobsprankle ->   Hi Bron!

 alicebarr ->   Hi technatude

 bobsprankle ->   hi all!

 technatude ->   Hi!

 alicebarr ->   Technatude where are you from?

" technatude ->   Hi Alice, it's Stacy Alvarez from Westbrook!"

 alicebarr ->   Oh hi Stacy! Great to have you here!

SEEDLINGS 2009-09-10

This show was a great kick off to a new SEEDLINGS year! Join us as Beth Holmes discusses her letters to the President.


We had a great show with Beth Holmes as our kick off to the new school year. We have included the chat and Beth's resources.


The Chat:

Seedling 2009-9-3 Ben n Ben

Show #1 for the 2009-2010 school year opened with two students from Alice's high school. Unfortunately, Alice forgot to start archiving until about 15 minutes in to the show. Skype was acting up as well, so there are a few hang ups. All in all a great job by the 2 Bens and we look forward to having them on again.


 atromobne -> Hello
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hey all, looking forward to a great show.
 bmcnaboe -> Hi Cheryl
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Ben, break a leg or a vocal cord, you will do fine.
 bmcnaboe -> haha
 bmcnaboe -> thanks
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> right now I can only chat, I am listening to my class online right now.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> multi tasking, can you say that????
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Ben M
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> who is Benn1? hello
 BenN1 -> Hi, sorry, BenN was taken
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Carolteach4, welcome back to our first show!!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> How has your first week been Carolteach4
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Welcome Alice
 Alicebarr -> Can you hear us?
 BenM -> do we have sound?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I am listening to my class I can not tell yet.
 carolteach4 -> Hi, Cheryl and Alice -first few days were good but I was frustrated this afternoon. Stayed after school to tune into a webinar by Howard DiBlasi and couldn't connect.It was frustrating.
 Alicebarr -> Carol. can you hear us?
 carolteach4 -> Yes, I can hear you fine.
 carolteach4 -> I am looking for an entertaining show. I need a good laugh. I just got home from school.
 PeggyG -> Hi everyone--sounds like you're getting underway :-) Great to see you back!
 carolteach4 -> Hi, Peggy
 PeggyG -> Are you streaming tonight Alice?? :-)
 Alicebarr -> Yes
 PeggyG -> Welcome Ben and Ben
 Alicebarr -> Can you hear us
 PeggyG -> Great job Alice! I can hear just fine!!
 PeggyG -> how exciting for us! Your first time on EdTechTalk!!
 carolteach4 -> Welcome, Ben and Ben. How exciting to hear your voices.
 BenN1 -> New Voices!
 PeggyG -> very impressive!! an agenda :-)
 BenM -> thanks for the welcome everyone!
 PeggyG -> did either of the Bens get to go to NECC this year?
 Alicebarr -> @Peggy G No they didn't go to NECC
 PeggyG -> what a busy summer Alice!
 PeggyG -> they would have loved it!!
 carolteach4 -> That is amazing - the PLN- you really feel connected to these folks in education-they really become friends
 PeggyG -> definitely!!
 PeggyG -> woohoo!! brand new Mac books!!
 carolteach4 -> Did the Wicked Good Band play at the Yarmouth Clam Festival?
 Cathy E -> Getting the perfect image - for years I have tried
 carolteach4 -> I heard they had to use frozen clams because of the red tide.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> OMG, I am in the mountains on dialup sorry for the lapses!
 Alicebarr -> So fun to meet up with the PLN
 carolteach4 -> I love those guys in the Wicked Good Band.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Alice, I hear your summer summary.
 BenM -> @carol yes we did...flash frozen for freshness
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hey DebB
 PeggyG -> what an interesting contrast in summer experience for the Bens!
 carolteach4 -> Hey, guys. I grew up in Gorham, Maine. I spent many a summer day swimming at Sebago Lake. This brings back memories.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> PeggyG you are my hero you are so supportive.
 ConorGriff -> Sign onto twitter and what do i find? BenNBen Tech Talk.....SAWHEEET
 BenM -> Hi Conor!
 carolteach4 -> How did you manage the mosquitos and black flies?
 BenN1 -> Conor, hey man!
 loonyhiker -> hi y'all! sorry i'm late
 PeggyG -> ugh! I lost my connection. Trying again
 carolteach4 -> I love technology, but I think it is great that you were so involved in real-life activities.
 Alicebarr -> Hi conor Grif
 ConorGriff -> figured i'd come see what this was all about
 debbarrows -> Hey Sarah!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> PeggyG I am rebuffering but I am in the mtns. on dial up.
 Sarah S -> Hey there! Sorry I'm late - had issues with Firefox quitting out
 loonyhiker -> i ended our camping trip a day early cuz i was so excited about this!
 Alicebarr -> Hi sarah
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> BenN, I want to try the Kennebec camp outs.
 debbarrows -> Ben - that is so cool that you get computers!
 carolteach4 -> What a terrific resource you have, Alice. You are so lucky.
 PeggyG -> it's great that you can even tune in from the mtns. Cheryl1!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Looney, Sarah, Carol, Deb, CathyE, ConorGriff, Bauwarter, Alice, PeggyG.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh, Hi Lesley E.
 Sarah S -> There is no going back after going 1:1
 Alicebarr -> Hi Cheryl
 carolteach4 -> MLTI - wow! Maine really supports education.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> It is so great you are supporting our students and our next digital generagtion.
 PeggyG -> there were so many places on my vacation this summer that I had no internet or cell phone access--mountains in Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park and the Tetons
 loonyhiker -> we loved maine when we were visiting in Aug.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I mean generation. Please excuse I am on dialup
 BenN1 -> woops, lost connection
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, isn't it amazing when on vacation no access, I really enjoyed Prince Edward Island and minimal access.
 PeggyG -> Yes-I lost the audio again but you're back now.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Loony, Aug. was the best.
 Lesley E -> Hi Cheryl.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Lesley E. where are you from?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Alice you are still broadcasting.
 PeggyG -> that would be exciting if the students could connect with some other high schools using 1:1--some really neat things happening with that!
 Alicebarr -> Can you hear us
 Sarah S -> Still testing!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hang in group this is a glitchy skype
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We are hearing you now.
 Sarah S -> If our experiences can make it smoother for others, then GREAT!
 Sarah S -> Effective PD is definitely a key.
 PeggyG -> I got to meet some teachers and students in a 1:1 high school in AZ this past spring and they were doing some fantastic things
 PeggyG -> Empire High School in Vail Arizona
 carolteach4 -> They were having a lot of trouble with Skype on Teachers Teaching Teachers last night. Wondered if it was because some corp. bought Skype.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Sarah, I thought of you while I was in Boston at Tufts with our son, at Tufts. we took the train and T's. So proud to navigate without you.
 PeggyG -> some days are like that :-)
 Alicebarr -> What was one new discovery from this summer
 carolteach4 -> @Sara S -is that Sara Sutter??????
 PeggyG -> I'd really like to hear about the experience with the Assisted Living group
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Carolteach4who bought skype????
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> we are hearing you loud and clear
 carolteach4 -> I don't know. It was just mentioned in passing.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> archive is automatic on worldbridges
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> You are awesome!!!!
 carolteach4 -> It's wonderful.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I love tokbox!!!!!!
 PeggyG -> the caregivers are so important in assisted living!! Both of my parents died with Alzheimers!
 ConorGriff -> i did the same thing!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> welcome kcaise, the kickoff SEEDLINGS with our student compardaire
 PeggyG -> that is a big switch from camper to counselor!! great learning experience!
 kcaise -> hi cheryl
 ConorGriff -> Ben N I just wrote a english paper on that
 kcaise -> hi everyone
 PeggyG -> Hi Kim
 kcaise -> hi Peggy
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh, Peggy, that is what my mother  looks at daily, her father died of old age and Alzheimers.
 debbarrows -> HAHA
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> My Mom is 81 and doing great! I think the fact she is a news junkie keeps her going.
 PeggyG -> it's good to have big plans Alice!!
 ConorGriff -> I had to see it twice :(
 PeggyG -> how awesome!! Fermi Lab!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> BEn , I have been in bed asleep at 9:30 pm 3each nigth.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> night.
 debbarrows -> But, we don't teach that in most schools.
 debbarrows -> bye Cheryl
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I like your style BenM
 debbarrows -> Me too.
 PeggyG -> that's a wonderful observation about the importance of learning how we learn!
 Alicebarr -> Conor What did you learn this summer
 carolteach4 -> @cheryloakes - good for you - I'm back to fewer than six hours a sleep a night - so much to learn -not enough sleep, however, and it's telling.
 Lesley E -> I played with posterous this summer
 ConorGriff -> Basically the same as Ben
 Cathy E -> I learned to love Google Docs more than I did before
 kcaise -> that is a huge key to success to discovering how we learn
 Lesley E -> Great way to post to blogs, twitter etc.
 PeggyG -> so scientists don't just follow the standard "scientific approach"? :-)
 ConorGriff -> i had the same responsibilty just as a full counselor role
 Alicebarr -> Nice Cathy E
 ConorGriff -> BEST THING EVER!!!!!
 PeggyG -> I learned how to stream on Mogulus/Livestream this summer and am working on learning how to stream and webcast on :-)
 ConorGriff -> THANK YOU MRS. BARR!!!
 kcaise -> how exciting, a 1 to 1 initiative!
 ConorGriff -> best news of the year
 Alicebarr -> You're Welcome! :)
 ConorGriff -> it's true
 kcaise -> do they get to keep these laptops?
 carolteach4 -> I learned that it's very hard work to pick wild blueberries-there was such satisfaction in giving that pound of organic blueberries to my mom-in-law (90) in Camden, ME
 ConorGriff -> i saw 20 videos in 10 minutes
 PeggyG -> the high school I visited in Vail AZ is also using Macbooks campus-wide :-)
 debbarrows -> Mrs. Barr is so cool!!!! We need to spread thw word....
 ConorGriff -> we get to keep them until the end of the year
 ConorGriff -> then turn them in again
 carolteach4 -> Do you guys at the high school have everything (like youtube) wide open, or do you have to deal with blocked sites?
 Cathy E -> @debbarrow we agree that Mrs. Barr is VERY cool
 kcaise -> that is awesome Peggy that you learned to stream on livestream!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I concur, Alicebarr is awesome.
 debbarrows -> Mr. A is great too.
 Sarah S -> Me too! Maine is lucky to have her in the local PLN :)
 debbarrows -> And Wiscasset is very lucky to have you in the town and in the State!
 kcaise -> what a great compliment to the sessions for parents!
 Sarah S -> Thanks Deb.
 ConorGriff -> I do have to admit Mrs. Barr i have uploaded a bunch of quote"illegal" programs this afternoon i gotta show you
 debbarrows -> Sure, Sarah, you deserve it and I mean it!
 ConorGriff -> Ben you gotta check out the new Quizlet
 ConorGriff -> Both Bens
 carolteach4 -> @Sarah I met two of your students at Treat's in Wiscasset this summer, and the workd to describe you from both of them was "Awesome teacher".
 carolteach4 -> words
 PeggyG -> I think Quizlet is such an amazing app!!
 debbarrows -> HAHAH that's cool Carol.
 Sarah S -> Thanks Carol - those particular kids are also great.
 PeggyG -> don't know if you call it an app because it's all online but it is fantastic!
 ConorGriff -> 25
 carolteach4 -> @Sarah - did you see Eden's video on Youth Voices ?
 Sarah S -> I haven't yet.
 kcaise -> peggy learned to stream on livestream
 carolteach4 -> @Sarah- scroll down in the "what's new" section.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Sarah and Carolteach4 , isnt' that a small world our kids know us and we haven't met~
 ConorGriff -> they're not THAT bad
 lnitsche -> Hey everyone!
 loonyhiker -> i visited the new england states (I'm in SC)
 PeggyG -> Mogulus changed it's name to Livestream
 debbarrows -> Hey Loonyhiker - Did you get to Maine?
 carolteach4 -> Rockport, Maine - two days when they opened up the fields on Beech Hill for the public to pick for free.
 PeggyG -> It's a great, free online tool for live video streaming :-)
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Loonyhiker, I wished we had met when y ou came through.
 loonyhiker -> @carolteach4 yes, went up the coast all the way to acadia np, and then went to millinocket
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, I have not heard of that one? Livestream?
 loonyhiker -> @cheryloakes maybe next time
 kcaise -> used to be moguluar cheryl
 kcaise -> mogulus
 PeggyG -> yes--they used it in Philly at educon 21
 lnitsche -> I learned geocaching
 Sarah S -> You're kidding! That's awesome to have kids with the override - did I hear that right?
 kcaise -> that's great linda
 PeggyG -> and Steve Dembo uses it--used it 2 years ago at NECC
 Sarah S -> We just got our new wireless put in last week.
 carolteach4 -> I can't believe we have YouTube unblocked in our district. I hope the kids respect the priviledge and don't mess around so it has to be blocked.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh, thanks Kim and Peggy and Loony for the livestream
 Sarah S -> Youtube is unblocked for us.
 loonyhiker -> is livestream like ustream? is one better than another?
 Sarah S -> We only have 215 kids in the hs too, so we have lots of bandwidth per kid
 lnitsche -> We are working to have our teachers unfilted by October- whoohoo
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> lnitsche I am going to get geocaching for a present and for my neice and nephew while we ski
 Sarah S -> First thing the kids did with their laptops today was a Speedtest.
 carolteach4 -> You Tube has such great resources - how to's on anything
 PeggyG -> yes livestream is like ustream but I've heard it requires less bandwidth
 loonyhiker -> i just started to geocache and not doing too well yet
 lnitsche -> It is so much fun- I got a set of four with an ed foundation grant to play with
 loonyhiker -> couldn't find 2 of the caches but won't give up
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> wireless in each school will only work as much as the state bandwidth will work, what do you think of that?
 Sarah S -> We've had it unblocked for two years, I think. No large issues so far. I use the tutorials all the time.
 lnitsche -> Hunting is so much fun
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> should the state have free wireless in each town??
 Alicebarr -> Sarah  wasyour rollout today?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> we opened youtube at our schools last year also.
 loonyhiker -> @cheryl i think they should!
 Sarah S -> Yep, we got the cases yesterday at 2:30, today we did the paperwork. Kids could use them, but won't be able to take them home until next week.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> ilove that you are typiong madly
 lnitsche -> that is so exciting Sarah
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> typing.
 Sarah S -> Love the flickr upload button in the new iPhoto.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> everyone is talking about the Maine 1-1 in EdTech News and other international articles.
 PeggyG -> great to meet the Bens! Awesome job Alice in spite of Skype issues! Sorry I have to go to catch the Manny Hernandez interview (Ning for Dummies) :-) Thanks all!!
 BenN1 -> Awesome, Maine, leading the way!
 kcaise -> take care all
 BenN1 -> Nice to Meet you Peggy!
 Alicebarr -> By Peggy Thanks for joining us
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> BenNBen I love that you are typing madly.
 kcaise -> bye ben and ben
 loonyhiker -> after spending time in millinocket, i believe Maine needs 1:1! it seemed pretty remote
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Please explaine face recognition to folks in the audience
 carolteach4 -> I had Sketch Up installed on on our lab computers, and we just got a new TechEd teacher who wants to use the program to do some CAD with his kids. I am so psyched. I knew it would be worth while having loaded it someday.
 BenN1 -> yes, i'm sure millinocket will do great things with their laptops!
 lnitsche -> I so want to get better at using Sketch Up
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Loonyhiker, it is amazing that you can drive for such a distance and see nothing but trees.
 lnitsche -> I think i will have to offer an afterschool club so the kids can teach me!
 loonyhiker -> @cheryl but we have to come back cuz after 3 days of searching, we never could find a moose! :(
 Cathy E -> My new favorite app is Gee Whiz to Do
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Perfect idea! for an afterschool club.
 debbarrows -> Initsche- Great idea!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Looneyhiker, come back Oct. 15 and 16th for our conference. Alice Sarah, Kern and I are going to do a whole day of Google!
 BenN1 -> We've tried that at Yarmouth
 carolteach4 -> Google is so great. I love Google shared docs and sites. I'm getting more and more of my teachers to use it with their classes. I hope Google get the email glitches straightened out. They say they have.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> CathyE what is GeeWhiz?
 BenN1 -> it's fun, the teachers get to be the students!
 loonyhiker -> @cheryl wish we could but i think it is too cold up there for me lol
 debbarrows -> BenN1 - I bet it is fun!!
 Cathy E -> use your finger to write your to do list
 Cathy E -> write on the screen
 Sarah S -> I got us up and running with Google Apps for the High School. Hooray!
 Alicebarr ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Loonyhiker, in October we can have 80 degree days, and then snow.
 loonyhiker -> @cheryl that is what i'm afraid of
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Sarah, I am proud of you!!! Google Ed Domain
 lnitsche -> I've been using with my kids for a collaborative doc
 Sarah S -> You bet. Kern suggested I get it started - and I did. Now we're set to go.
 carolteach4 -> I am helping several teachers to set up Google sites to use with their classes. They are so psyched about how easy it is to use.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Loonyhike you can not be afraid of the 80 degrees, must be the snow:0(
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Alice don't you love how you get your information.
 carolteach4 -> Google Sites has added so many more layouts.
 Alicebarr ->
 carolteach4 -> I just tried using the "insert draw object" in google docs. What fun!
 loonyhiker -> @cheryl it was all i could do was to get my hubby thru the traffic of NY :) thought he would have a nervous breakdown both ways
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Remember that this will be a podcast tomorrow. YOU will be able to listen to these amazing students again!
 lnitsche -> @Ben Your enthusiasm is contagious!
 Sarah S -> We also have 15 classes with 6 teachers in our Moodle too.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Loonyhiker, SC and ME driving are much more laid back than NYC.
 Sarah S -> We can collaborate anytime!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Sarah, that is great with the MOODLE, did you connect to the Google domain?
 Sarah S -> No, I sort of did them independently.
 Sarah S -> I did make the logins the same so maybe I can go back and do that later?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Benn that is what happens when you are ccamping.
 Sarah S -> One step at a time.
 Sarah S -> I vote for Reader and iGoogle too!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> sarah, it is a plugin on  your moodle site. You are doing great!!!
 Sarah S -> calendar, sites, docs, video, chat, contacts
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> It will be great to add in.
 Cathy E -> I have needs for both
 Sarah S -> We turned the gmail off . . . we have firstclass and we're using that for email
 carolteach4 -> @Sara - I need your help. I need to find out how to use Google Apps for schools with Moodle
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Cathye do you have a Moodle
 Alicebarr ->
 carolteach4 -> @Ben - Google Sites is Google's answer to the wiki.
 Sarah S -> @carol we should figure it out together on a skype call or something.
 Cathy E -> we have a moodle we use with high school students
 Sarah S -> @carol - I did find Eden's video just now. Nice. Thanks for sharing that!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> So CathyE are you looking at google domains
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->  I say google docs!!!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I have to say that Alice, Ben and Ben your show is outstanding!
 Sarah S -> I like docs, but the multimedia components of wikis is high on my list.
 Sarah S -> But you could do that in Sites if you get creative with it.
 Alicebarr ->
 ConorGriff -> i'm loving this thing but i'm gonna peace
 carolteach4 -> @Sarah - I was so excited to meet a student who had had you. I got started on Ed Tech Talk listening to you and Susan and that lawyer for copywright talking about your projects on Youth Voices
 loonyhiker -> @alice love that chart - going to share this tomorrow
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I love google since it is one user name and one password for teachers. I used to teach Web 2.0 classes and by the end of the week those folks would have 20 sites, user names and passwords. Google is all one site.One user name, One password.
 Sarah S -> Funny! The ripples of online activity just keep going.
 ConorGriff -> My mom uses it
 BenN1 ->
 carolteach4 -> I found my way to the blueberry fields on Beech Hill in Rockport, ME using the maps feature in my iPhone
 BenN1 ->
 ConorGriff -> you can do totals and individual routes
 BenM ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> This show is awesome you are all my heros!
 Alicebarr -> Thanks Cheryl
 Alicebarr -> Appreciate it!
 carolteach4 -> What a great site - I would love to track my walking route just around the neighborhood.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> BennBen you two are great!
 Alicebarr -> Conor you want to come in
 carolteach4 -> Thanks for such great resources, guys!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I thought peaceout was great!
 loonyhiker -> this is such a rich conversation! i'm loving this!
 Sarah S -> Sites does a lot with iFrames which you can manipulate a little.
 carolteach4 -> Thanks for broadcasting, Alice. I feel so much better than when I got home from school. It's good to be with an enthusiastic group.
 carolteach4 -> @Sarah S - oh, that's new to me. What is iFrames?
 Sarah S -> iFrames are a gadget you can use in Sites that lets you embed another website in your site.
 carolteach4 -> Learn how you learn. Dp
 Alicebarr -> So glad you joined us!
 Sarah S -> Because Google limits code in the site, it's a way to combine things without embedding.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We want you back you are refreshing!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> The dogs.
 Sarah S -> Thanks Ben & Ben! Get in touch if Wiscasset & Yarmouth want to collaborate on anything.
 carolteach4 -> Don't keep how a kid learns as a secret from the kid.
 lnitsche -> Hehe The dogs barking are making my dog back:D
 Cathy E -> Great job - gang
 lnitsche -> bark
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Linda, there must b e a connection.
 lnitsche -> Dogs connecting on edtechtalk
 carolteach4 -> What's the topic, Ben?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Next month topic.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Stay tuned for Beth Holmes next WEEK on WEE
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> SEEDLINGS
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Loved the show!!
 carolteach4 -> How about doing a Voice Thread to get your feedback?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I know you will be interesting.
 lnitsche -> Night ALL!
 loonyhiker -> nite! thx y'all!
 BenN1 -> Good Night and Good Luck
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks for a great show, you all did a wonderful job.
 Alicebarr -> Thank you all for coming!
 Sarah S -> Thanks guys! Great show.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Have a great week at school!!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I love the BENNBEN show
 carolteach4 -> @sarah s - nice to meet you at last
 Sarah S -> @carol Likewise!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> night all, great show.
 BenM -> Thanks everyone for all the support!!!
 carolteach4 -> I've been communicationg with Susan Ettenheim all summer
 BenM -> can't wait for next month!
 carolteach4 -> Night -
 Sarah S -> @carol, I've been chatting now and again, but not much. Busy summer!
 Sarah S -> Night all.

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Show #1 for the 2009-2010 school year opened with two students from Alice's high school. Unfortunately, Alice forgot to start archiving until about 15 minutes in to the show. Skype was acting up as well, so there are a few hang ups. All in all a great job by the 2 Bens and we look forward to having them on again.

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