SEEDLINGS 2009-09-10

Post-Show description: 

This show was a great kick off to a new SEEDLINGS year! Join us as Beth Holmes discusses her letters to the President.


We had a great show with Beth Holmes as our kick off to the new school year. We have included the chat and Beth's resources.


The Chat:

2009-09-10 19:18:53 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Hello all
2009-09-10 19:18:57 bobsprankle olive
2009-09-10 19:20:37 bethholmes Hi, Cheryl and Bob!
2009-09-10 19:21:16 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Howdy. and welcome
2009-09-10 19:26:35 bobsprankle hello all!
2009-09-10 19:27:21 Alice Barr (seedlings) Hi everyone!
2009-09-10 19:27:37 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS we are here
2009-09-10 19:28:31 PeggyG Hi everyone-audio is coming through great :-)
2009-09-10 19:28:51 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Thanks PeggyG
2009-09-10 19:29:31 PeggyG We all feel the same way Beth! :-)
2009-09-10 19:31:03 PeggyG that is such an interesting thought!! I have a feeling our brains can accommodate way more than we think :-)
2009-09-10 19:31:15 Cathy E sound is great
2009-09-10 19:31:35 PeggyG I always marvel at my teachers who could remember students from every year they taught for over 30 years :-)
2009-09-10 19:32:16 PeggyG it definitely feels like more than 2 years since many of us started with Bob on Bit by Bit :-)
2009-09-10 19:32:26 PeggyG Hi Kim
2009-09-10 19:32:31 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Peggy, it does.
2009-09-10 19:32:33 kcaise hi peggy
2009-09-10 19:32:43 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Hi Kim, Welcome CathyE , hi annie
2009-09-10 19:33:09 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS we are delighted to haveBeth Holmes here this evening
2009-09-10 19:33:27 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS
2009-09-10 19:33:37 kcaise hi cheryl
2009-09-10 19:33:39 kcaise hi all
2009-09-10 19:34:11 annie k hi
2009-09-10 19:34:18 PeggyG thanks for the link Cheryl!
2009-09-10 19:34:26 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS you bet
2009-09-10 19:34:34 Alice Barr (seedlings) Hi annie K welcome
2009-09-10 19:34:36 PeggyG that's how we all got our start Beth!!
2009-09-10 19:35:43 PeggyG I started my teaching career in Georgia--a LONG time ago!
2009-09-10 19:35:51 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS that is so visionary
2009-09-10 19:36:06 Alice Barr (seedlings) I had no idea! How amazing!
2009-09-10 19:36:39 Alice Barr (seedlings) @Peggy G Did you work with Beth?
2009-09-10 19:36:59 PeggyG that was very visionary of the state!! what a great model!
2009-09-10 19:37:14 PeggyG no she probably wasn't even born when I was teaching there :-)
2009-09-10 19:37:31 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Peggy :-)
2009-09-10 19:37:38 Alice Barr (seedlings) Then you arethe visionay!
2009-09-10 19:37:44 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS welcome Susanvg
2009-09-10 19:37:48 Alice Barr (seedlings) visionary
2009-09-10 19:37:58 Alice Barr (seedlings) Hi Susan!
2009-09-10 19:38:16 susanvg Hi Cheryl and Alice
2009-09-10 19:38:22 PeggyG this is such an important point--the big difference between talking about things and actually doing things to make them happen!!
2009-09-10 19:39:23 PeggyG that was an awesome blog post!!
2009-09-10 19:39:24 annie k Peggy - what a true statement. There seems to always be a lot of talk but action seems so slow to follow.
2009-09-10 19:39:26 Leeanne_HK Good morning from Hong Kong
2009-09-10 19:39:33 Alice Barr (seedlings) Hi Leeanne Welcome back!
2009-09-10 19:39:42 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS
2009-09-10 19:39:46 Leeanne_HK thanks - still a little sleepy
2009-09-10 19:39:54 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Hi Leeanne, welcome to our first show
2009-09-10 19:40:19 PeggyG
2009-09-10 19:40:56 Alice Barr (seedlings) Hi Carolyn
2009-09-10 19:40:57 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS hello carolteach4
2009-09-10 19:41:30 carolteach4 Hi, Alice and Cheryl - looking forward to the show -
2009-09-10 19:41:58 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Hello Maureen!
2009-09-10 19:42:13 Alice Barr (seedlings) Hi Maureen
2009-09-10 19:42:29 Maureen Hi Cheryl and everyone. Sorry to be so late- java had issues... all better now
2009-09-10 19:42:30 PeggyG Beth is such a great role model for us to speak with passion and sincerity to the leaders who have the power to make changes
2009-09-10 19:42:53 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Maureen, it is a podcast you can catch the beginning.
2009-09-10 19:43:15 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Yes Peggy, we need to speak up and speak up
2009-09-10 19:43:29 PeggyG exactly!
2009-09-10 19:43:37 carolteach4 also the most eloquent and intelligent
2009-09-10 19:44:10 PeggyG knowing it and doing it are two different things
2009-09-10 19:45:11 Maureen I tried and failed to stream it. Hoped it work, but of course not.
2009-09-10 19:45:26 PeggyG parents will definitely be very strong advocates for us
2009-09-10 19:45:37 Alice Barr (seedlings) Expectations?
2009-09-10 19:45:40 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS yes , parents and student
2009-09-10 19:45:41 carolteach4 Our school used the tv feed for the most part, but I tried streaming it in my classroom. First, I had to download the newest Flash player before the stream would work, and then the volume was so low that even feeding it through my overhead speakers, I could not hear it.
2009-09-10 19:46:07 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Oh, carolteach4, that is what we are talking about, the hurdles.
2009-09-10 19:46:09 demacisaac it's very frustrating   well said
2009-09-10 19:46:20 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS hello demacisaac
2009-09-10 19:46:32 carolteach4 I am not really sure the tech folks in Washinton were aware of the infrastructure problems
2009-09-10 19:46:33 Maureen Our infrastructure is so bad that I couldn't even have kids watch it the next day on youtube. I downloaded it and brought it on a flash drive
2009-09-10 19:46:51 demacisaac hi
2009-09-10 19:46:58 Alice Barr (seedlings) uh oh no skype for a monute
2009-09-10 19:47:09 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS hello soliver
2009-09-10 19:47:17 soliver Hi Folks
2009-09-10 19:47:22 Leeanne_HK infrastructure is not just an issue for US schools - infrastructure is the problem we all encounter when we try to do something new... my network is struggling under students bringing laptops into school this year
2009-09-10 19:47:29 annie k me also...tried to stream but it stopped - the tv was quickly turned on.
2009-09-10 19:47:32 carolteach4 I have been to technology conferences where there have been problems with the techology not working.
2009-09-10 19:48:19 PeggyG we had a similar experience trying to stream it through Elluminate that day--the flash video wouldn't play in the platform so we needed to watch it in our browsers and participate in the chat in Elluminate
2009-09-10 19:48:21 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS yes carolteach4, the conferences have had to boost up
2009-09-10 19:49:16 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Glad you are all here tonight. This will be a podcast later tomorrow@
2009-09-10 19:49:30 soliver Wonderful!
2009-09-10 19:49:51 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS and at
2009-09-10 19:50:19 PeggyG it's not just schools who have issues with infrastructure and internet access--have you ever tried to get cell phone/internet coverage in the mountains?
2009-09-10 19:50:35 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS classroots reform, sounds great!
2009-09-10 19:50:41 Maureen @peggyg- no cell coverage here...
2009-09-10 19:50:50 PeggyG exactly!!
2009-09-10 19:50:53 Alice Barr (seedlings) Yes same issue here in the north @Peggy G
2009-09-10 19:50:54 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Maureen where are you?
2009-09-10 19:51:06 carolteach4 I have pretty decent computers in my lab, but even though the district replaced some of the dinosaur computers that the teachers had, many teachers still have computers that are very slow. They are expected to integrate technology, use Discovery streaming, etc.but with old, pokey machines, it's tough.
2009-09-10 19:51:07 annie k We have the same issue where I live in PA
2009-09-10 19:51:10 Maureen western Mass- hilltowns
2009-09-10 19:51:12 PeggyG I love that concept--classroots reform/grassroots reform!! :-) outstanding!
2009-09-10 19:51:17 Leeanne_HK classroots reform -- unfortunately we have limited funding to do stuff
2009-09-10 19:51:20 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS oh, bdtech!
2009-09-10 19:51:24 demacisaac But what about the technology paradigm shift....some of this can happen without technology...not trying to be devil's advocate...just wondering
2009-09-10 19:51:28 soliver anyone in charter schools?
2009-09-10 19:51:35 Maureen Yup, it's me Cheryl
2009-09-10 19:51:35 Leeanne_HK nice to hear the dogs again ;-))
2009-09-10 19:51:56 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS public school here
2009-09-10 19:52:26 annie k The teachers in my school also get frustrated....they are told to use it, go to use it and it either does not work or is working so slow that they get frustrated and eventually give up.
2009-09-10 19:52:27 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Leeanne, we have limited funding big time
2009-09-10 19:52:30 soliver what paradigm shift are you talking about?
2009-09-10 19:53:09 Maureen A local HS is offering a one day workshop for language teachers- they can bring their tech support person for free.  I can't go- I teach 6 classes that day and it's too early to leave them working on a project with a sub.
2009-09-10 19:53:09 PeggyG have you read the book "Sense of Urgency" by John Kotter? It's excellent!
2009-09-10 19:53:11 demacisaac costructing knowledge, collaborative learning, less transmission
2009-09-10 19:53:37 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS oh, maureen at least someone recognizes it
2009-09-10 19:53:45 Leeanne_HK @Maureen - what a shame.... sounds like a wonderful opportunity
2009-09-10 19:54:16 Cathy E Are you using a collaborative place for teacher's and support people to build pacing guides?
2009-09-10 19:54:21 carolteach4 I am happy to say that my district has included a technology literacy component as a large part of our literacy initiative, and we really are moving forward. Many teachers are using Moodle due to the efforts of a forward-thinking social studies teacher who started using it and has brought the rest of her team along.
2009-09-10 19:54:27 Maureen @cheryl- I was so excited to get invited... but really can't lose all those classes. The French teacher will go and I promised to help her with anything she brings back
2009-09-10 19:54:34 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS CAthyE, how do you mean collaborative place?
2009-09-10 19:54:48 carolteach4 We also have a google apps domain for our school and are using it more and more.
2009-09-10 19:54:48 Cathy E like Google Docs or a wiki?
2009-09-10 19:55:09 soliver we use google apps
2009-09-10 19:55:29 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS cathye, yes, we have tried to get it started so teachers report back their findings from conferences, hasn't taken off
2009-09-10 19:55:40 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS hello ladyone, welcom
2009-09-10 19:56:01 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS google apps make it transparent
2009-09-10 19:56:02 Maureen We just started with edublogs campus this year and teachers cannot consistently get online at the moment. Working on it!
2009-09-10 19:56:12 Leeanne_HK we have to report back as part of our agreement to go on training courses/conferences. min is to report back to faculty/team meetings
2009-09-10 19:56:25 Cathy E I am a Tech Facilitator, my vision is to help teachers cultivate their daily lessons with technology included. 
2009-09-10 19:56:37 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS leeanne, try blogging or making it global
2009-09-10 19:56:42 carolteach4 @Cathy E - me, too.
2009-09-10 19:56:45 Leeanne_HK hey Cathy E I'm with you on that. do you also teach your own classes?
2009-09-10 19:56:45 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS yes CathyE
2009-09-10 19:57:15 Cathy E But I have not found a "place" that works to house all the ideas, lessons, pacing guides
2009-09-10 19:57:26 Leeanne_HK will do - presenting at 21C Hong Kong next week. will have wiki for stuff that I present/come across
2009-09-10 19:57:59 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS leeanne, do you want to share that with us.
2009-09-10 19:58:02 demacisaac yes
2009-09-10 19:58:12 annie k @ Leeanne_HK - would like to see that wiki
2009-09-10 19:58:29 annie k @Leeanne_HK - if you are willing to share
2009-09-10 19:58:42 carolteach4 I was working with the life arts team today helping them understand how to log into their Google team website and manage their own pages. When they see how easy it is for them to use, hopefully they'll use sites with their students.
2009-09-10 19:59:10 Leeanne_HK ok - at the moment there is a ning for the conference Wes Fryer is keynote
2009-09-10 19:59:13 PeggyG  this is a link to Kotter's book "Sense of Urgency"--it's a great read!
2009-09-10 19:59:26 demacisaac I found this too... we live by affirmation don't we
2009-09-10 19:59:39 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Great chat tonight,
2009-09-10 19:59:58 bobsprankle awesome chat... and this is PUBLISHING too!
2009-09-10 20:00:04 Cathy E I would love suggestions:
2009-09-10 20:00:09 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS carolteach4, that is perfect to get to students!!
2009-09-10 20:00:35 Leeanne_HK Bob - thanks for the BLC podcasts - they are great - listening to them for 2nd time now
2009-09-10 20:00:44 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Leeanne, say hi to Wes, he is our keynote in October 16th in Maine
2009-09-10 20:00:48 bobsprankle I'm glad, leeanne!
2009-09-10 20:00:55 Cathy E Yes, our teachers have common planning, and one day of planning to meet with me.
2009-09-10 20:01:03 PeggyG I sometimes feel the time for collaboration is going backwards with so much emphasis on preparing for tests
2009-09-10 20:01:14 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS our teachers have common grade level planning
2009-09-10 20:01:18 annie k The question I have though is that high schools seems to be making the switch in the writing process, yet colleges have not. How do we prepare students to be successful in college when the methods are so different?
2009-09-10 20:01:32 demacisaac yes just started this year. And it is during the day instead of after school. always curriculum driven conversation
2009-09-10 20:01:33 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS hey marsenault!
2009-09-10 20:01:45 Maureen Yes, we have mandatory meetings on Wed- 3-5:30, rotating betwn dept, grade level, etc... Not really a culture change at this point, only into week one.
2009-09-10 20:01:56 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS anniek, our students should be working online in HS so they can in college.
2009-09-10 20:02:03 PeggyG when I was a principal we always had grade level planning times but they aren't doing it any more :-(
2009-09-10 20:02:11 Leeanne_HK thankfully our assessment focus has moved to Assessment For Learning in the past 2 years - much better than assessment of learning
2009-09-10 20:02:17 marsenault Hi Cheryl..
2009-09-10 20:02:20 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS maureen do you have a delayed start? are youpublic?
2009-09-10 20:02:20 carolteach4 Yes, we have gone to an eighth period day so teams can meet once every day. The media specialist, the reading consultant, and the technology integration specialist(me) arrange to meet with the teams as needed. My only problem is that my lab gets so booked that sometimes I don't get to team meetings as often as I should.
2009-09-10 20:02:26 demacisaac Also have a PD committee that meets with whole staff once a month
2009-09-10 20:02:46 marsenault shhhhh.... Lilly ;-)
2009-09-10 20:03:01 Maureen @Cheryl, no private- we started school on the 2nd- but have only had one week with Wed meetings
2009-09-10 20:03:04 Cathy E I so agree,
2009-09-10 20:03:26 PeggyG that's another important point--it isn't just finding the time but how we use the time for collaboration
2009-09-10 20:03:31 annie k Yes - but I have students who worked online in high school, went to college and struggled because the college method of instruction was the "old school way"
2009-09-10 20:04:09 Alice Barr (seedlings)
2009-09-10 20:04:28 carolteach4 @annie K - I am shocked when I interview new teachers and interns coming out of colleges at how little technology integration they've had. It is changing, however.
2009-09-10 20:04:37 Maureen We have added some scheduling this year for the kids- not teachers. It's advisory group time. Not sure if it's a good thing or not- can't get used to constant time changes for the dif periods.
2009-09-10 20:04:39 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS
2009-09-10 20:04:39 Alice Barr (seedlings)
2009-09-10 20:04:49 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS thanks alice still trying to get the links
2009-09-10 20:04:56 PeggyG I totally agree with action research--that is so powerful for improving teaching/learning!
2009-09-10 20:05:00 Alice Barr (seedlings)
2009-09-10 20:05:32 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS The links will be part of the podcast resources at and
2009-09-10 20:05:47 Maureen @Alice is what you are doing based on Sheryl NB work?
2009-09-10 20:06:31 DaveC We've been working on PLC for the past few years, and finally feeling like it is school-wide now.  It is a different mindset and takes a while for teachers to wrap their heads around.
2009-09-10 20:06:46 Alice Barr (seedlings) Mostly Dufour, Marzano and Wellman
2009-09-10 20:06:48 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Hi DaveC, welcome, what a great show.
2009-09-10 20:06:58 DaveC I was late as usual :-(
2009-09-10 20:07:13 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS you can catch the podcast beginning
2009-09-10 20:07:15 PeggyG I'm so sorry I have to leave your conversation. Thank you so much Beth! You are such an inspiration!!
2009-09-10 20:07:20 carolteach4 @Alice - YES! Fortunately, most of my teachers are pretty open to collaboration on integrating technology.
2009-09-10 20:07:21 DaveC I do a lot of the PLC workshops within the school and do quite a bit with common assessments.
2009-09-10 20:07:22 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS nite peggy
2009-09-10 20:07:28 demacisaac Sorry I don't know the lingo here. What is PLC
2009-09-10 20:07:39 DaveC Using the solutiontree/Dufour work.
2009-09-10 20:07:41 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Personal Learning community
2009-09-10 20:07:51 DaveC PLC = Professional Learning Community.
2009-09-10 20:07:56 demacisaac Thanks
2009-09-10 20:08:02 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS you are in our personal learning community now, thanks!
2009-09-10 20:08:08 DaveC :-)
2009-09-10 20:08:17 Alice Barr (seedlings) @Dave C WELCOME!
2009-09-10 20:09:04 Maureen @Alice- not familar with Wellman...first name?
2009-09-10 20:09:15 carolteach4 @demacisaac - thanks for the heads-up on Seedlings in your Twitter direct message-I was aware of the show, but I appreciate your reminder. How are you?????
2009-09-10 20:09:20 demacisaac Dave,  professional rather than personal? spliting hairs right
2009-09-10 20:10:03 DaveC Based onthe DuFour's work, PLC is Professional Learning Community.  PLN = Personal Learning Network. 
2009-09-10 20:10:04 Cathy E Rebecca
2009-09-10 20:10:09 DaveC Richard
2009-09-10 20:10:11 Maureen Thx Alice- I got dufours
2009-09-10 20:10:17 DaveC Yes
2009-09-10 20:10:35 demacisaac Carol great didn't know you were here,,, different name..BTW thanks for writing on my blog
2009-09-10 20:10:44 DaveC
2009-09-10 20:11:12 carolteach4 @demacisaac - yes, I'm cstanley on Twitter
2009-09-10 20:11:43 bobsprankle hi carol!!!
2009-09-10 20:11:49 Cathy E How do we follow Beth on Twitter
2009-09-10 20:11:50 DaveC PLC was pretty much brought into education by Richard and Rebecca Dufour and Robert "Bob" Eaker
2009-09-10 20:11:55 annie k Rebecca and Richard Dufour
2009-09-10 20:12:05 carolteach4 I@demacisaac- your blog really resonates with me- a lot of the ideas you put into writing reflect how I've been feeling.
2009-09-10 20:12:24 susanvg great links - thanks
2009-09-10 20:12:45 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS demacisaac, please post your blogsite again, i missed it?
2009-09-10 20:12:47 carolteach4 Hi, Bob! Yes, when do you find time to sleep???
2009-09-10 20:13:31 demacisaac wow, it's not that amazing. I'm fairly new
2009-09-10 20:13:44 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS thanks for sharing!
2009-09-10 20:13:59 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS we are all teachers and all new at this;_0
2009-09-10 20:14:48 carolteach4 @cheryloakes - her blog is very honest, and she shares with us as she experiments and works things out - exactly what I do, only she's more eloquent and philosophical in her blog.
2009-09-10 20:15:34 demacisaac *)
2009-09-10 20:15:39 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Bob is talking snow days already!
2009-09-10 20:16:14 bobsprankle LOL... cuz all our showtimes are already booked! lol
2009-09-10 20:16:28 carolteach4 I need to go to Beth's page on the Seedlings Ning to continue the conversation. So should all of us.
2009-09-10 20:16:56 susanvg They can learn this way - teachers are using back channels
2009-09-10 20:17:07 carolteach4 Ben and Ben were such fun last week.
2009-09-10 20:17:48 carolteach4 @Bob - tried the with a crew of 7th graders, and they loved it.
2009-09-10 20:18:18 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS   Beth's Geek of the Week
2009-09-10 20:18:30 bobsprankle STUDENTS: you do the Geek of the Weeks! genius!!!
2009-09-10 20:19:02 Alice Barr (seedlings) @Beth, you are such an inspiration!
2009-09-10 20:19:11 Alice Barr (seedlings)
2009-09-10 20:19:39 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS  Beth's second Geek
2009-09-10 20:19:55 carolteach4 Wow! Beth, that site looks great. It sounds as if educators and students are allowed to use these without copyright fear?
2009-09-10 20:20:10 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS I bet carol!
2009-09-10 20:20:39 Leeanne_HK back again after infrastructure problems this end kicked me off!
2009-09-10 20:21:12 carolteach4 Here is mine: scary - very accurate: You are quite willing to accept certain risks and to make a strong commitment in exchange for interesting and varied work. Routine, in contrast, tends to have a paralyzing effect on you.  What you like most is to be able to play an active role in events. In doing so, your initiative is highly pronounced.
2009-09-10 20:21:17 Cathy E I thrive on change - imagine that!
2009-09-10 20:21:43 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS did you try the personality quiz?
2009-09-10 20:22:06 marsenault alice is way too concrete sequential for that ;-)
2009-09-10 20:22:22 Alice Barr (seedlings) @marsenault HAH!
2009-09-10 20:22:29 carolteach4 What fun! I am going to use that with my computer club.
2009-09-10 20:22:30 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Beth wins the geek of the week!
2009-09-10 20:22:44 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS volunteer o matic
2009-09-10 20:22:59 susanvg Skype finally available in Canada on my iPhone
2009-09-10 20:23:10 carolteach4 I love having PBS stream on my iPhone.
2009-09-10 20:23:14 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS yeah susanvg
2009-09-10 20:23:20 DaveC But I can't use an iphone, no service :-(   Winmobile thought :-)
2009-09-10 20:23:25 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS carol, i did not know that yet, thanks
2009-09-10 20:23:40 susanvg iPhone didn't work at all in Newfoundland
2009-09-10 20:23:49 susanvg except St. John's
2009-09-10 20:23:54 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS barely works in northern maine susanvg
2009-09-10 20:24:07 carolteach4 @Bob - I couldn't keep us with  that - enough to cope with in Google Apps for education
2009-09-10 20:24:15 carolteach4 up
2009-09-10 20:24:24 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS
2009-09-10 20:24:26 annie k iPhone service not reliable in my part of PA.
2009-09-10 20:24:32 Maureen I send parents to commonsense media when they ask me re games- since I am not a gamer at all.
2009-09-10 20:24:54 carolteach4 Commensense media is a great site - lots of resources for teaching internet safety
2009-09-10 20:25:31 Alice Barr (seedlings)
2009-09-10 20:26:47 annie k great - thanks for sharing this Alice....
2009-09-10 20:26:53 demacisaac   Can I share?this was my giggle this week ad every science teacher's dream. Running on oobleck.  and making oobleck
2009-09-10 20:27:01 Maureen Kind of young for some of my older kids- I now teach 4-9, but great to have for free resource
2009-09-10 20:27:02 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS
2009-09-10 20:27:50 Alice Barr (seedlings) Welcome :) @annie K you're welcome
2009-09-10 20:28:13 carolteach4 Did anyone get the survey from Classroom2.0 on where you were when the events of 9/11 were being covered? I'll see if I can find the link to the database with all the responses collected. It is an amazing collection of folk's rememberances of 9/11
2009-09-10 20:28:33 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS You know you are a geek if you have to try these links!
2009-09-10 20:28:36 demacisaac sounds like yacpac
2009-09-10 20:28:45 Maureen @carolteach4- that's Jen Wagner- wonderful compilation
2009-09-10 20:28:48 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS yes demaciszzc
2009-09-10 20:29:28 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS Thanks for being here.
2009-09-10 20:29:49 DaveC That would be a cool segment:  You know when you're an ed-tech geek when...
2009-09-10 20:29:55 carolteach4 I, for one, have got to discipline myself and get more sleep! 6 hours and less just isn't enough -
2009-09-10 20:30:10 annie k Thank you  - everyone have a great evening
2009-09-10 20:30:14 carolteach4 Thanks, Beth - what a great resource this chat log will be.
2009-09-10 20:30:21 bobsprankle carol... how do you have PBS streaming on iphone
2009-09-10 20:30:48 Leeanne_HK thanks for the cheers
2009-09-10 20:31:00 Leeanne_HK see you all next week - hopefully
2009-09-10 20:31:06 bobsprankle thanks to all!!!
2009-09-10 20:31:08 Leeanne_HK off to teach friday's lessons
2009-09-10 20:31:13 carolteach4 Got ot, and there is a link to the iPhone app. You can download it to iTunes and then sync it to your phone.
2009-09-10 20:31:37 carolteach4 I am still befuddled by Second Life.
2009-09-10 20:31:45 cheryloakes~SEEDLINGS good night
2009-09-10 20:31:55 Leeanne_HK bye
2009-09-10 20:31:56 susanvg good night
2009-09-10 20:31:59 carolteach4 good night
2009-09-10 20:32:00 demacisaac thanks bye
2009-09-10 20:32:09 DaveC nite
2009-09-10 20:59:47 sheila Hello JL!
2009-09-10 20:59:57 JL available to call in?
2009-09-10 21:00:08 sheila in a minute. . .
2009-09-10 21:02:33 JL call in Susan (worldbridges)
2009-09-10 21:03:39 susanvg need to get my headset
2009-09-10 21:05:47 susanvg Do you have to bring me in?
2009-09-10 21:13:32 sendkathy in a sec
2009-09-10 21:14:29 sendkathy hello so strange to be back, what's going on?
2009-09-10 21:15:12 sendkathy a break
2009-09-10 21:16:10 susanvg Did Jeff lose power too?
2009-09-10 21:20:16 susanvg Is it just me who was dropped?
2009-09-10 21:20:26 sendkathy yes
2009-09-10 21:20:29 sendkathy I think so
2009-09-10 21:23:06 DavidKoch hi
2009-09-10 21:23:10 sendkathy hi
2009-09-10 21:23:18 JL skype 'worldbridges' to join in
2009-09-10 21:23:21 sendkathy where are you from
2009-09-10 21:23:21 DavidKoch thanks
2009-09-10 21:23:52 susanvg try again, David
2009-09-10 21:24:08 DavidKoch montreal, canada
2009-09-10 21:24:17 susanvg I'm also in Montreal
2009-09-10 21:31:16 JL
2009-09-10 21:49:09 JL
2009-09-10 21:49:17 JL
2009-09-10 21:51:57 sendkathy hello carol
2009-09-10 21:52:30 carolteach4 Hi, I tuned in a little late - was busy following all the links from Seedlings earlier
2009-09-10 21:52:43 carolteach4 talk about information overload
2009-09-10 21:52:59 sendkathy well we've been jumping around
2009-09-10 21:55:12 carolteach4 @David - audio is breaking up - are you talking about student response systems such as Senteo
2009-09-10 21:56:22 carolteach4 Moodle?
2009-09-10 21:56:43 carolteach4 A lot of our teachers are using Moodle in our district.
2009-09-10 21:57:14 DavidKoch plz send any info to [email protected]
2009-09-10 21:57:44 DavidKoch i'm not familiar w/senteo
2009-09-10 21:59:45 carolteach4 I may have spelled it incorrectly, but it is a clicker response system that works with a PowerPoint like application.
2009-09-10 21:59:49 DavidKoch but generally any info on student response syetms and 'learning management systems' is interesting
2009-09-10 22:00:20 carolteach4 We are also using Google apps for schools
2009-09-10 22:01:13 carolteach4 Who is that with the 30 year old son? My oldest will be 31 in December.

Beth's Resources:


1.      Make Time for Collaboration -  Best Practices/Dr. Tom W. Many, Ed.D. Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association May/June 2009

2.      Scheduling Time for Teacher Learning is Key for Both Educators and Families-  Hayes Mizell, NSDC’s Distinguished Senior Fellow National Staff Development Council April 2009 l The Learning System

3.      Finding Time for Training and Collaboration - Participants in the Iowa Professional Development Model Orientation Session on September 16, 2003 generated this list of ideas for finding time for collaboration and training.