2010-01-28 ben N ben Show #5

ben n ben talk with Matt Montagne and his student Natalie about Gator Radio. Thanks to Matt for streaming, this show rocks!

the ben N ben website

 robert -> Room 1: Can you hear us Marlene?
 marlene.zentz -> Room 1: No, I'm not hearing you. Let me check my audio settings.
 marlene.zentz -> Room 1: My audio settings are all the same as they were last week.
 robert -> Room 1: Have you clicked on the audio icon in the top right
 robert -> Room 1: Stream A
 Danielle.wozniak -> Room 1: hi marlene.
 marlene.zentz -> Room 1: Hi, Danielle.
 robert -> Room 1: Are you having any luck?
 marlene.zentz -> Room 1: I clicked on the i\
 Cardenal08 -> Room 1: Hello Ben M
 BenM -> Room 1: Hello!
 Cardenal08 -> Room 1: what is the topic tonight?
 BenNHost -> Room 1: Hello Cardenal!
 Cardenal08 -> Room 1: hey
 BenM -> Room 1: we're talking to some kids from a program simmilar to ours called Gator Radio
 BenM -> Room 1: very excited for tonight!!
 BenNHost -> Room 1: they're from way out west in colorado
 BenNHost -> Room 1: california** sorry
 Cardenal08 -> Room 1: should I be hearing sound?
 BenNHost -> Room 1: Not yet
 BenNHost -> Room 1: soon
 BenNHost -> Room 1: Loonyhiker, welcome!
 BenNHost -> Room 1: to listen in, go up to EdTechTalk A and click on the black microphone
 BenNHost -> Room 1: Sam, hey
 SamJColeman -> Room 1: Hey
 BenM -> Room 1: Hi Sam!
 BenNHost -> Room 1: to listen in, go up to the EdTechTalk A box in the upper right
 BenNHost -> Room 1: and click on the black microphone
 BenNHost -> Room 1: it'll open up a stream in itunes
 SamJColeman -> Room 1: should I here anything right now
 BenNHost -> Room 1: nope
 BenNHost -> Room 1: we'll be starting here in a second
 SamJColeman -> Room 1: sorry hear
 SamJColeman -> Room 1: ok
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi all! where are you streaming today?
 BenNHost -> Room 1: We featuring GatorRadio host Matt Montagne!
 BenNHost -> Room 1: Here's there blog
 PeggyG -> Room 1: hooray!!! how exciting!
 BenM -> Room 1: can you guys hear us?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I know right where to find their blog!
 BenNHost -> Room 1: http://gatorradio.blogspot.com/
 Cardenal08 -> Room 1: no
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'm not hearing anything yet. Where are you streaming? ETTA or ustream?
 BenM -> Room 1: trying to fix....standby
 BenM -> Room 1: can you hear us now?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: ok
 PeggyG -> Room 1: coming through now
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: brb, gotta reboot my computer
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Welcome Gator Radio students!!! Love your shows!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: how exciting to have east coast and west coast joining up!!
 BenM -> Room 1: very cool gatorradio.blogspot.com
 PeggyG -> Room 1: and music and movie reviews :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: she finds some great bands to feature and I often end up buying their music :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: that's a great question about finding guests!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: their interviews that came live from the Obama events were fascinating (inauguration and election)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: the bush fire interview was fantastic
 PeggyG -> Room 1: they also did some great interviews/webcasts as part of Earthcast
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I loved the interview they did with the "green house" in CA
 PeggyG -> Room 1: welcome Natalie!
 BenNHost -> Room 1: Peggy, are you listening to this the same way we normally do?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: and then mute ustream :-)
 BenNHost -> Room 1: Through the EdTechTalk A
 BenNHost -> Room 1: microphone in the upper left
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'm listening to you through the usream on edtechtalk
 PeggyG -> Room 1: ustream
 matt montagne -> Room 1: is ustream working??
 PeggyG -> Room 1: a current events approach gives lots of possibilities
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes my ustream is working great-10 viewers
 matt montagne -> Room 1: cool...
 BenM -> Room 1: tinyurl.com/bennben
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I love the blog posts that summarize the show and post the recording link. I always check it
 BenNHost -> Room 1: SamJCole
 BenNHost -> Room 1: to listen in, click on the EdTEchTalkUStream video
 BenNHost -> Room 1: that will allow to listen in
 PeggyG -> Room 1: no stress, Natalie??? :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I liked it when GatorRadio posted the events on a calendar that we could subscribe to :-)
 matt montagne -> Room 1: @peggy...it has fizzled of late...too much going on and we got fractured...but we're hoping for a come back
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I can understand!! you're maintaining a lot of things and have a very comprehensive approach to it! I've loved seeing the basketball videos
 matt montagne -> Room 1: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gator-radio-experience
 matt montagne -> Room 1: you can see one of our filmed games there...
 matt montagne -> Room 1: actually, it is just one game
 matt montagne -> Room 1: hey loonyhiker
 matt montagne -> Room 1: we actually try not to be too school centric
 PeggyG -> Room 1: right-saw that one :-) also the visiting instructor from China
 loonyhiker -> Room 1: hi! computer froze and had to reboot
 PeggyG -> Room 1: the show with the alums was really good too!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: glad you could make it back in loonyhiker! this is a great conversation!!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: connecting coast to coast!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I love this east-west connection!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes!! peace dot!!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: http://peace.stanford.edu
 matt montagne -> Room 1: check out http://peace.facebook.com
 matt montagne -> Room 1: be sure to check out facebook's "Peace Dot" page...it is awesome
 matt montagne -> Room 1: http://peace.castilleja.org
 matt montagne -> Room 1: that last link is our school's peace dot page
 PeggyG -> Room 1: ask them about the webcasts they did for Earthcast 09--Mr Montagne might need to answer that :-)
 matt montagne -> Room 1: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2438084
 matt montagne -> Room 1: that is the link to the peace dot event recording
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I voted for you too!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: thanks Peggy!!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I watched the Peac Dot Launch and was so inspired!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: we didn't win, but it was fun to be included with the other nominees
 PeggyG -> Room 1: love that!! leap of faith :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: team rather than a club--on their own time from their own homes
 PeggyG -> Room 1: the movie and music reviews are always so interesting--love to hear their choices and what they think of them
 matt montagne -> Room 1: hi Lorna!
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: hey
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: had a phone call back now
 matt montagne -> Room 1: so sorry I missed the digi parent meeting...
 PeggyG -> Room 1: can't believe they're talking to us from the gym!! how fun!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: we just moved and it has been crazy
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: and  you have LOTS to think about now
 PeggyG -> Room 1: they inspired me to start following some of the bands on Facebook
 matt montagne -> Room 1: :0
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: is sam - or classroom 20 live guest?
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: our
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes!! broadcast concerts, games, plays, etc.
 matt montagne -> Room 1: different sam...I couldn't get her tonight
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: who is streaming?
 matt montagne -> Room 1: I'm streamiong
 PeggyG -> Room 1: the spirit days are also fun to hear about :-)
 matt montagne -> Room 1: is the stream OK??
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: yes
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes
 matt montagne -> Room 1: great
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1:  just wondering if the students were learning how to stream
 PeggyG -> Room 1: how fun!!!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: Hilarious!!!!
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: I love their excitement
 matt montagne -> Room 1: this is so great
 PeggyG -> Room 1: what a small world!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: you should do a joint show once a month :-)
 matt montagne -> Room 1: i agree peggy...there is great synergy here
 BenM -> Room 1: quizlet.com
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I remember the Andrew Sutherland show!! he's amazing
 PeggyG -> Room 1: there are thousands of subscribers to his quizlet site
 matt montagne -> Room 1: hey there cdon
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yeah!! the earthcast shows!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: those were amazing interviews!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: the 3rd grade student who was starting her own go green website :-)
 matt montagne -> Room 1: the 3rd graders were fun!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: time zones can be a real challenge for special guests!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes that would be awesome!! collaborate on Earthcast 2010!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I really enjoyed hearing about the New Orleans conference and your experiences there
 PeggyG -> Room 1: that sounds great!! broadcast your show from the Maine conference!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: earthcast is 24 hour marathon!! lots of great webcasts!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: that would be a great show topic to have a conversation comparing 1:1 school experiences with lab experiences
 PeggyG -> Room 1: how resourceful--google chatting with a teacher :-)
 matt montagne -> Room 1: I like google apps because it empowers our community members
 PeggyG -> Room 1: don't Castilleja students also use Yammer?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: a meet-up of Macs!! what fun!!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: we were usng yammer, but it died due to a lack of critical mass
 matt montagne -> Room 1: we are using linux/ubuntu as well...
 PeggyG -> Room 1: sorry to hear that Matt but sounds like you've replaced it with google apps
 matt montagne -> Room 1: yeah, it was a good try...even tho it didn't quite work out, is was worth the effort
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Natalie, you have done an awesome job explaining what you do!!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it would be fantastic to have a regular co-show!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: maybe you could have a joint wiki where you brainstorm possible topics and special guests :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: what a great show BenNBen!!! super job!
 matt montagne -> Room 1: agreed peggy!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: we can all watch the stream from the conference Mrs. Barr is participating in! Educon 2.2! everything is being streamed :-)
 BenM -> Room 1: http://tinyurl.com/bennben
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://www.educon22.org/
 PeggyG -> Room 1: bye everyone! really jazzed up about this show!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Mrs. Barr will be so proud of you!!!!
 Lorna Costantini -> Room 1: sorry have to catch the recording -
 matt montagne -> Room 1: thanks, all!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi-are we having an Earthcast planning session now? Saw Sheila's tweet
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: it's a crowd..
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: Hey... what's up?
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: Hi peggy...
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: not sure.. Matt got stream going after all.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: HI this is my second try--wasn't sure this was really happening :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Sheila is coming
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: are you in the earthbridges skype chat?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: oops clicked on exit and meant to pop up
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'm in the ETT live chat
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: there is also one for earthbridges.. we used for Earthcast 08 and 09
 PeggyG -> Room 1: sheila tweeted to come here
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I do what sheila tells me :-)
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: looks like a crowd
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: and Matt is getting dinner
 PeggyG -> Room 1: crowd is beginning to grow :-)
 rorowe -> Room 1: Hello all!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Matt just finished a show in the last hour
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi rorowe!
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: I see..
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it was a fabulous show with Ben N Ben in Maine meeting up with Natalie from Gator Radio in CA!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: they talked about how to run a student radio show!
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: looking forward to podcast..
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: to share with English HS.. in Spain.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it is one of the best I've heard in awhile!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Sheila is trying to join us--computer is "wonky" right now
 sheila -> Room 1: Anyone streaming?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yeah Sheila!!! welcome!!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: no one is streaming yet
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Matt is getting dinner :-)
 sheila -> Room 1: Ok I'll set up.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: that would be great!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: welcome rmfranck--we're working on getting the stream started
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Jose where is the latest info re Earthcast 2010?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.net/node/1  is it here?
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: good question.. I think today is a brainstorm session regarding format
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.net/
 PeggyG -> Room 1: we talked about earthcast 09 in the student broadcast last hour! it was a great trip down memory lane!
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: Yeah.. agree. It's a pretty cool experience..
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Natalie from GatorRadio shared some of the interviews they held last year and was very enthusiastic about the experience
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: was a bit dissapointed that earthbridges.. didn't do anything for http://350.org though
 PeggyG -> Room 1: but "who" is earthbridges?
 rorowe -> Room 1: 350.org felt very last minute to me. I would have liked more time to get something together.
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: was thinking of the site..
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: was meant to be a sister site to ETT .. under the worldbridges umbrella
 PeggyG -> Room 1: @rorowe--definitely need some prep time for something like that
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it's hard to know which room to enter when they are called 1,2,3. I'd like them to go back to the names of the rooms
 sheila -> Room 1: don't know if I can stream . . .
 PeggyG -> Room 1: welcome back sheila
 sheila -> Room 1: will try again - computer froze.
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: oopsie
 PeggyG -> Room 1: ok-worth waiting for! I'm waiting for Jose's training session :-)
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: *)
 sheila -> Room 1: Who is starting the call?  :)
 sheila -> Room 1: Who is in on the call?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I don't know if anyone started a call
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'm not on the call
 sheila -> Room 1: Can someone start it?
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: I nominate peggy
 rmfranck -> Room 1: This is my 1st chat line so I'm just observing
 PeggyG -> Room 1: sure I can but I need everyone's skype names
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: coordinatortwo
 sheila -> Room 1: kmno4s
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'll be right there
 sheila -> Room 1: Can't stream. Someone else is?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: can't get you into the call either Sheila
 sheila -> Room 1: Looks like someone else is streaming.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: we're making progress
 PeggyG -> Room 1: skype call has gone through and sheila is starting the stream
 PeggyG -> Room 1: can anyone hear the stream?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: on ustream
 rmfranck -> Room 1: I don't have a skype name, I'm listening to the edtechtalk's voice comments
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.net/
 PeggyG -> Room 1: no problem rmfranck!! we're so glad you're here
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthcastecho.wikispaces.com/
 PeggyG -> Room 1: this is the wiki Sheila has started for 2010
 sheila -> Room 1: Let's keep notes here on this chat.
 sheila -> Room 1: Looking at a keynote speaker to kick it off.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.net/taxonomy/term/4
 sheila -> Room 1: Work off of both sites, Earthcast and Puentes al Mundo (sp?)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: scroll down that page to see the archives from last year for ideas
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.net/earthcast09-hour1 This was the keynote from 2009-Jason Czarnezki
 PeggyG -> Room 1: he was fantastic!
 ds -> Room 1: hi gang
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi ds! great to see you!
 ds -> Room 1: thx Peggy
 PeggyG -> Room 1: want to join the skype call?
 ds -> Room 1: cell phone only @ present, but sure if host skype-outable
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I can call out on skype
 sheila -> Room 1: Hi MaryZ!
 ds -> Room 1: no prob if it doesn't work re call out
 ds -> Room 1: don't upset the conf on my account
 PeggyG -> Room 1: got your voicemail doug
 rorowe -> Room 1: I can't chat, but "rorowe" is my Skype screenname. (Busy getting ready for EduCon tomorrow!)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: #earthcast10
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: #transmitierra10
 PeggyG -> Room 1: thanks rorowe
 ds -> Room 1: must be skype voicemail, phone didn't ring, will change that next time on skype--thx for trying
 maryz -> Room 1: hi everyone
 PeggyG -> Room 1: no problem
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi maryz
 maryz -> Room 1: I have been trying to get audio
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it's on ustream maryz-click on play
 maryz -> Room 1: thanks. it works
 PeggyG -> Room 1: great!
 sheila -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.wikispaces.com/Planning+-+Earthcast+10
 ds -> Room 1: looking fwd to earthcast 2010, and being re-connected in general
 PeggyG -> Room 1: thanks for joining us Doug!
 ds -> Room 1: now that JL is in Korea, 24 may be more feasible
 ds -> Room 1: like the notion of prompting coverage of different times based on needs of communities
 ds -> Room 1: canned audio has been valuable in past as well
 ds -> Room 1: to fill in spots that aren't to be "live"
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I agree DS!!
 ds -> Room 1: love the notion of youth participation
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: Hey DS... great to have you here.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I definitely would like us to have a video trailer/promo too like last year
 ds -> Room 1: 2 yrs ago students "saved the day" in terms of taking up slack
 ds -> Room 1: thx JR, great to be here
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it was fun having the trivia quizzes with the students
 PeggyG -> Room 1: there have been a lot of student created "green" videos online--wonder if we could use any of those as transitions/fillers?
 ds -> Room 1: too true, always comes back to the socail
 ds -> Room 1: social
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Sheila is starting a "to do" list on the wiki for us to recruit volunteer helpers for the event
 sheila -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.wikispaces.com/Planning+-+Earthcast+10
 sheila -> Room 1: I'm out of it if someone else wants to edit.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.net/taxonomy/term/4
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: http://puentesalmundo.net/transmitierra09
 ds -> Room 1: great to connect, albeit briefly, must run. Looking fwd to seeing all again very soon--take care all
 PeggyG -> Room 1: thanks DS!!
 sheila -> Room 1: Bye DS!
 sheila -> Room 1: See you next time!
 maryz -> Room 1: jose what is that link about?  http://puentesalmundo.net/transmitierra09
 maryz -> Room 1: good idea
 maryz -> Room 1: thanks for the explanation
 matt montagne -> Room 1: hey all
 maryz -> Room 1: hi matt
 matt montagne -> Room 1: looking forward to Earthcast 2010
 sheila -> Room 1: Hi Matt!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Hi Matt! how was dinner?
 matt montagne -> Room 1: glad to see you getting this meeting going
 sheila -> Room 1: http://earthbridges.wikispaces.com/Planning+-+Earthcast+10
 matt montagne -> Room 1: dinner was OK, peggy! We just moved and we don't really have food so it was "every man for himself/herself" around her
 PeggyG -> Room 1: food is food!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: where is the earthbridges chat? don't know about that
 PeggyG -> Room 1: that's very exciting!! hooray for Carolyn Foote!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: and Bob!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://www.vermontlaw.edu/Our_Faculty/Faculty_Directory/Jason_J_Czarnezk... says he's a Fulbright Scholar for the year teaching environmental and natural resources law at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthsaversclubforkids.com/
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthsaversclubforkids.com/Blog.aspx they have some great articles posted on their blog :-)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://earthsaversclubforkids.com/EarthSaversPledge.aspx
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://twitter.com/earthbridges can we revive this twitter account? it's still active
 PeggyG -> Room 1: it has a link to earthbridges.net :-)
 maryz -> Room 1: like a poserpoint jeopardy game?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes maryz--don't you think that would be fun?
 maryz -> Room 1: powerpoint* sorry for my typo
 maryz -> Room 1: very
 PeggyG -> Room 1: if we could stream the game board with the questions I think that would be a way to involve entire classes
 PeggyG -> Room 1: definitely continue the voicethread
 maryz -> Room 1: and students could contribute some ofnthe questions, maybe
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes!!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: http://gomerichill.blogspot.com/2009/03/what-is-your-school-planning-for... this was very interesting last year :-)
 sheila -> Room 1: I like that idea Jose!
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I would love that!! students interviewing people on the street about environmental things on a live cam stream :-)
 rorowe -> Room 1: Just followed. I don't know how I missed it last year.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: same here! I missed it last year too
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: http://chribit.com
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: http://chirbit.com
 sheila -> Room 1: Some random notes are here. http://earthbridges.wikispaces.com/Planning+-+Earthcast+10
 PeggyG -> Room 1: I'll work on a new google contact form
 maryz -> Room 1: I can start the voice thread, unless it is already spoken for
 maryz -> Room 1: cool
 maryz -> Room 1: thanks
 maryz -> Room 1: ok
 PeggyG -> Room 1: thank you Mary!! :-)
 maryz -> Room 1: [email protected] if you want to add me
 maryz -> Room 1: to the google spreadsheet
 rorowe -> Room 1: Could we use "EarthHour" as another day to build awareness for EarthCast?
 maryz -> Room 1: what will happen april 3rd?
 rorowe -> Room 1: Rob, yup
 maryz -> Room 1: march 27th for what event?
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: Classroom 2.0live
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: live
 rorowe -> Room 1: March 27th, 8:30pm is EarthHour.
 PeggyG -> Room 1: March 27, 2010-Classroom 2.0 LIVE show featuring Earthcast10-12noon EST
 sheila -> Room 1: Our school will have music
 maryz -> Room 1: thanks
 sheila -> Room 1: Music teacher has already been planning it.
 maryz -> Room 1: what do you do at earth hour?
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: turn off the lights
 rorowe -> Room 1: https://www.myearthhour.org/home You're supposed to shut off lights and all unnecessary electric for an hour (8:30pm your local time).
 maryz -> Room 1: thanks
 sheila -> Room 1: @rorowe Are you going to EduCon?
 rorowe -> Room 1: Yup! I'll be there tomorrow.
 sheila -> Room 1: Can you mention it there/
 sheila -> Room 1: ?
 rorowe -> Room 1: Sure!
 maryz -> Room 1: blog link, please?
 maryz -> Room 1: feb 11th next meeting?
 maryz -> Room 1: is that 9 pm again?
 maryz -> Room 1: feb 4th tutorial with jose
 maryz -> Room 1: I can meet on the 11th
 maryz -> Room 1: sorry what time on the 11th, 9pm EST?
 maryz -> Room 1: what time on sunday?
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: Will try to make it.. no promises:?
 JoseRodriguez -> Room 1: ;)
 PeggyG -> Room 1: Feb. 7, 12:30pm EST
 maryz -> Room 1: sorry what time is the meeting on the 11th, 9pm EST?
 PeggyG -> Room 1: yes 9:00pm EST on the 11th!
 maryz -> Room 1: I would like to know what time on the 11th
 maryz -> Room 1: thanks
 rorowe -> Room 1: Thank you! *waves*
 maryz -> Room 1: see you all then
 maryz -> Room 1: bye
 PeggyG -> Room 1: bye all!! thanks a lot!! very exciting start!

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