Seedlings 2009-05-14 with Thomas Cooper

What a blast! Alice and I had a great time quizzing Thomas about how he is involved with his collaborative projects, how he pushes the projects out to others and how his students are engaged and pushing the envelope. The consensus was that we must have Thomas come back. That is a great thing. Thomas will be starting a show in the next school year in Elluminate focusing on different Google topics and special populations. Follow Seedlings for more information.Next week, be sure to stop by and listen to Lisa Parisi and Teachers Talking.

Seedlings, collaborative projects, Thomas Cooper and how to get down!

If you have been wondering how to get started in a collaborative project using some of the google tools, this show is for you. Alice and Cheryl quiz Thomas on how he gets started using a particular tool, how he decides what to publish, research and how he engages many students in hands on learning and decision making.

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Seedlings 2009-05-07 Mary Madden

Our conversation with Mary Madden from Pew Internet about data and research

Geek of the Week
Pew Internet
Tech Soup
Doug SIlver

CHAT from edtechtalk
19:22:34 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello, we are getting ready with audio, not quite ready
19:22:48 sheila : ETTA or ustream?
19:23:07 cheryloakes~seedlings : etta, Shelia, we are so Old School
19:24:00 sheila : Thanks! Not old school! (I think ustream is easier on the mac that's why I like it.)
19:24:48 AnneFraser : how do I get audio
19:24:55 Shane Morin : hello folks
19:25:21 sheila : Audio just came on.
19:25:38 sheila : sounds good.
19:26:03 alicebarr (seedlings) : Thanks sheila
19:26:18 sheila : @AnneFraser - click the icon under EdTechTalk A
19:26:40 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello, how is the sound! This is Mary Madden PEW INTERNET Trust, we will be introduing soon.
19:26:55 sheila : All good1
19:26:57 sheila : !
19:27:50 cheryloakes~seedlings : Getting ready!
19:30:43 Shane Morin : very live
19:31:16 alicebarr (seedlings) : HI all
19:32:31 cheryloakes~seedlings : Welcome Mary, American life project
19:32:50 cheryloakes~seedlings : senior research analyst
19:34:33 Shane Morin : sounds like a pretty awesome job if you ask me
19:34:45 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello all, welcome and glad you are here with us
19:34:51 alicebarr (seedlings) : Welcome Leeanne_HK
19:34:57 alicebarr (seedlings) : Hi kim
19:36:04 Leeanne_HK : morning all from Hong Kong
19:36:18 cheryloakes~seedlings : morning Leeanne glad you are with us!
19:37:11 alicebarr (seedlings) :
19:39:11 alicebarr (seedlings) : Cutting edge! :)
19:40:25 alicebarr (seedlings) : How many of you have used the Pew Report s in your work?
19:40:58 alicebarr (seedlings) : Welcome aforgrave
19:41:57 kcaise : hi alice
19:41:59 alicebarr (seedlings) :
19:42:11 alicebarr (seedlings) : Hi Kim
19:42:57 Leeanne_HK : Interesting about dates - traditionally research 5 years old isn't old -- unless you're in technology!
19:43:06 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi lou, welcome
19:43:27 alicebarr (seedlings) : True Leeanne
19:43:57 cheryloakes~seedlings : absolutely leeanne, certainly this is very new for many educators
19:44:10 alicebarr (seedlings) : How many people have ditched their land line here?
19:44:27 cheryloakes~seedlings : we are thinking about it alice
19:44:29 Shane Morin : 5 years ago most of us probably had never heard of facebook
19:44:37 Shane Morin : it was only 4 years ago it started becoming big
19:44:39 cheryloakes~seedlings : true shane,
19:45:17 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Shane true wonderwhat's next?
19:45:42 Leeanne_HK : many friends in HK only have mobiles - even though landline calls are free and rent for line is cheap
19:46:23 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Leeanne Interesting. Not quite ready to give mine up yet
19:46:29 cheryloakes~seedlings : isn't that interesting Leeanne, do they do more than call, like internet search?
19:47:08 Leeanne_HK : me neither - mainly a cost thing - would like the convenience of only having 1 no to contact me
19:47:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello davidcosand
19:47:35 Leeanne_HK : @cheryl - internet access is through different provider - not phone company
19:47:55 davidcosand : Hello cheryloakes
19:47:56 cheryloakes~seedlings : wow, that is interesting about phone just phone
19:49:19 LParisi : Hi David
19:49:29 LParisi : Ready for tomorrow?
19:50:00 davidcosand : Absolutely! We changed the classroom around to get set for our group performance. VERY excited.
19:50:21 LParisi : We are not quite ready to perform well but we will give it a shot.
19:50:42 alicebarr (seedlings) :
19:50:49 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks alice
19:51:11 davidcosand : Well, what we lack in precision, we will make up for with enthusiasm.
19:51:44 alicebarr (seedlings) : What are you presenting Lisa and David?
19:52:09 LParisi : We skype together over our poetry collaboration, Alice.  
19:52:22 LParisi : Getting ready for poetry reads with parents and practicing on each other.
19:52:24 cheryloakes~seedlings : do you have a twitter name you would like to share? I will follow.
19:52:28 cheryloakes~seedlings : cheryloakes50
19:52:34 alicebarr (seedlings) : Very cool!
19:52:48 alicebarr (seedlings) : alicebarr
19:52:53 LParisi : lparisi - Want to follow me Cheryl? ;)
19:53:00 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes I do Lisa!
19:53:13 alicebarr (seedlings) : Me too Lisa!
19:53:37 LParisi : David, share your twitter name.  These are great people to follow.
19:53:55 LParisi : David is a very enthusiastic fifth grade teacher.
19:54:08 Shane Morin : my twitter name - hurumble
19:54:17 alicebarr (seedlings) : Great David! Well welcome!
19:54:27 Shane Morin : Lisa are we following each other
19:54:34 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks for sharing Shane, you have a lot to contribute I like reading your updates.
19:54:44 cheryloakes~seedlings : Shane, what did you think of Henry Jenkins?
19:54:50 LParisi : Shane I am not sure.
19:54:52 alicebarr (seedlings) : And follow Shane He is a starting teaching!
19:55:14 Shane Morin : i thought he was incredible. and unlike probably mostly everyone there... i had never heard of him before
19:55:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : I had read him, but he was an excellent speaker
19:55:37 Shane Morin : he really was
19:56:21 davidcosand : Sorry...I walked away for a few minutes. My Twitter name is davidcosand
19:56:51 alicebarr (seedlings) : @shane I was blown away. So many loose ends tied up for me
19:57:08 Shane Morin : have they put his speech online yet?
19:57:17 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks David, for twitter,
19:57:36 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes Shane, I have asked about that on the ning
19:58:08 LParisi : Alice is low
19:58:19 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks Lisa
19:58:23 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi Cathy E
19:58:42 sheila : Hi CathyE
19:58:47 LParisi : HI Cathy
19:58:56 Cathy E : hello all
19:58:58 Shane Morin : hi Cathy
19:59:14 sheila : @cheryl and Alice - lots of thunder here that may be coming your way soon.
19:59:43 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks Shelia, alice had mentioned that, let's hope it is moving less than 30 miles an hour.
20:00:07 Shane Morin : i can definitely see that where i'm student teaching right now... kids don't even have computers at home so it's just unfair to expect any type of work being done online outside of the classroom
20:00:22 Shane Morin : and they just fall furhter behind
20:00:25 alicebarr (seedlings) : Super dark on horizon :( Thanks Sheila
20:00:33 cheryloakes~seedlings : shane do they have cell phones where they could do some online work?
20:01:04 Shane Morin : they have cell phones, i dont know the degree of accessibility they have to the internet with them
20:01:09 cheryloakes~seedlings : Have any of you heard of Techsoup?
20:01:20 Shane Morin : i havent
20:01:23 LParisi : Have to head out.  Will catch the rest on the podcast.  Thanks for the learning.
20:01:40 alicebarr (seedlings) : Bye Lisa
20:01:42 cheryloakes~seedlings : That may be one way they can connect with their cell phone Liz Kolb has much work on that possibility
20:01:48 cheryloakes~seedlings : bye lisa
20:01:49 Cathy E : Some of the families at my school have cancelled Internet access due to current finances
20:02:06 cheryloakes~seedlings : sure CathyE, I think we will see that soon.
20:02:13 alicebarr (seedlings) : Oh Wow Cathy E
20:02:36 Shane Morin : i'm definitely amazed at some of these kids who have iphones but no computer at home
20:03:58 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Shane computer in their pocket
20:04:32 Shane Morin : unfortunately i'm not too familiar with phones
20:04:38 Leeanne_HK : gotta go put daughter on school bus -- back soon
20:04:44 cheryloakes~seedlings : check out Liz Kolb for her ideas
20:04:50 Shane Morin : alright
20:04:56 cheryloakes~seedlings : ok leeanne
20:05:46 Cathy E : Twitter is a life line for my learning
20:06:02 cheryloakes~seedlings :   is Mary's Geek site she is discussion now
20:06:07 cheryloakes~seedlings : discussing
20:06:32 alicebarr (seedlings) : I'm with you Cathy
20:06:45 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes cathye, so true.
20:06:53 Shane Morin : i love that site
20:07:37 cheryloakes~seedlings : shelia, thought you had thunder problems
20:07:51 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello coughingbutnottheflu, welcome
20:07:54 sheila : shook the house . .
20:08:01 sheila : FF crashed though
20:08:02 cheryloakes~seedlings : oh, my, be safe
20:09:25 sheila : What was the techsoup link?
20:10:03 alicebarr (seedlings) :
20:10:28 sheila : Thanks! Downpouring now!!! Wow!
20:10:31 Cathy E : I set up my school facebook page :)
20:10:47 cheryloakes~seedlings : yeah cathye, how many friends?
20:11:02 alicebarr (seedlings) : Uh oh @ SHeila
20:11:18 alicebarr (seedlings) : Poor tulips :(
20:11:28 Cathy E : only 5 - but have not advertised yet
20:11:53 cheryloakes~seedlings : that is similar to what Melanie Holtsman said about her school facebook
20:12:06 alicebarr (seedlings) : Here comes thunder
20:12:24 cheryloakes~seedlings : oh, alice let me know I can grab the stream
20:12:37 alicebarr (seedlings) : Ok for now
20:12:51 coughingbutnottheflu : I agree that people still like to keep their networks separate.
20:13:33 Shane Morin : do people here have their students as friends on facebook?
20:14:01 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Shane People are all over the map on that
20:14:07 Shane Morin : oh my god
20:14:22 Shane Morin : my Uncle Bob just friended me on facebook like a week ago... not even a joke
20:14:38 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Shane FUNNY!
20:15:15 sheila : Ohhh! SEEDlings! I get it!
20:15:24 alicebarr (seedlings) : :)
20:16:23 Shane Morin : i dont think i've joined the seedlings ning yet
20:17:09 sheila : Chat room is always helpful!
20:17:58 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Shane Please do! Http://
20:18:13 alicebarr (seedlings) : seedlings
20:18:13 Shane Morin : way ahead of you! just did!
20:18:17 davidcosand : Alice and Cheryl, I've got to tell you that so much of what I have done in the past 4 years in my classroom as far as integation of technology is a direct result of listening to Bob's Bit By Bit podcast and your work together.
20:18:20 cheryloakes~seedlings : alice you are so fast!
20:18:39 cheryloakes~seedlings : Thanks David, we appreciate hearing that, we will tell Bob.
20:18:57 alicebarr (seedlings) : @david Thanks we really appreicate that!
20:19:03 alicebarr (seedlings) : Not fast now
20:19:19 Leeanne_HK : Agree with you David - finding Seedlings was one of the best things I've done
20:19:31 cheryloakes~seedlings : Thanks for your support!
20:20:21 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Leanne Thank you so much!
20:20:45 Cathy E : Ohh I would love that class
20:20:52 alicebarr (seedlings) : silverinsf
20:21:11 sroseman : fabulous project
20:21:17 alicebarr (seedlings) : How cool More more!
20:21:18 sroseman : I am a foodie
20:21:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : doesn't that sound great
20:21:48 alicebarr (seedlings) : My foodie husband would go nuts
20:21:49 cheryloakes~seedlings : welcome back bauwarter
20:22:33 Leeanne_HK : Where can we find the research to go with this project?
20:23:13 cheryloakes~seedlings : eating san fransisco
20:23:19 alicebarr (seedlings) :
20:23:23 sroseman : ditto Alice.. I am a foodie because my husband is a foodie
20:23:23 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks alice
20:23:44 sroseman : Chez Panisse!!!
20:24:35 Shane Morin : looking at his blog is making me hungry
20:24:47 alicebarr (seedlings) : Me too
20:24:55 alicebarr (seedlings) : Yea for foodies!
20:25:11 cheryloakes~seedlings : that is what a lot of twitter is about food
20:27:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : Here is Mary's Geek of the Week again,    ours will be coming up,   Bob's Geek of the week is
20:28:19 Shane Morin : wow this hour went by fast
20:28:29 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes shane!!!
20:29:28 alicebarr (seedlings) : Alice: New GTA
20:29:45 cheryloakes~seedlings : here comes Geek of the Week
20:30:11 cheryloakes~seedlings : Furture of the Internet report at PEW
20:30:48 alicebarr (seedlings) :
20:30:53 Leeanne_HK : But when is GTA coming overseas??
20:31:17 alicebarr (seedlings) : World Digital Library
20:31:30 cheryloakes~seedlings :
20:31:36 Cathy E : I think the new GTA is in Colorado
20:31:40 Leeanne_HK : will PEW be looking at the e-readiness of teachers or teachers internet behaviours
20:32:22 alicebarr (seedlings) : @Cathy yes
20:32:48 cheryloakes~seedlings : good question Leeanne, not sure
20:33:09 sroseman : sorry could you post that wordle type site
20:33:16 alicebarr (seedlings) : My geeks are in chat room GTA and World Digital Library
20:33:26 sroseman : and the arcademic one please
20:33:29 cheryloakes~seedlings :    and
20:33:31 sroseman : crashed!!
20:33:41 alicebarr (seedlings) : @sroseman chartle,net
20:33:46 cheryloakes~seedlings :
20:34:10 alicebarr (seedlings) : Links will be in our Delicious
20:34:19 sroseman : got it
20:34:27 Shane Morin : that's something i really wondeer about.. how many of the teachers involved in 1 to 1 settings in Maine are making the most of their fortunate situation
20:34:29 sroseman : Thanks..I must revisit the seedlings
20:34:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : to all in the chat room thanks for being here tonight. This will be a podcast tomorrow and the chat and the links will be available!
20:35:01 cheryloakes~seedlings : Shane I would say about 50% over all.
20:35:08 alicebarr (seedlings) : Thank you all for coming
20:35:37 Shane Morin : 50% is better than i expected, actually
20:36:35 sheila : NECC time!
20:36:52 sheila : That would be very interesting to stop by!
20:37:25 Shane Morin : my mom's birthday too
20:37:26 sroseman : Happy Birthday
20:37:40 alicebarr (seedlings) : Yea!!! Happy bday Mom
20:37:49 Shane Morin : bye all
20:37:50 alicebarr (seedlings) : Bye
20:37:51 sheila : Thanks so much!
20:37:56 Leeanne_HK : bye

Our conversation with Mary Madden from Pew Internet about data and research

2009-04-30 Seedlings with Michael Wesch!

Seedlings have the best job in the world. We get to collaborate with some of the finest digital thinkers in the world. This week we were able to invite Michael Wesch into our world for an interview.Enjoy the podcast and if you are interested continue the conversation at our Seedlings Ning! Next week we invite Mary Madden from the Pew Internet Trust to give us a glimpse into their world of data collection. Do you have an idea of some kind of data  the Pew Internet Trust can collect? Stop by.

Seedlings have the best job in the world. We get to collaborate with some of the finest digital thinkers in the world. This week we were able to invite Michael Wesch into our world for an interview. Did you know Michael Wesch has only been a professor for 5 years? Listen in as we ask how he manages to engage and teach 400 students at once. The interview is great, the chat room was rocking so much it is going to take me a couple of reads to get all the great links and reflective conversations that were going on.

2009-04-16- SEEDLINGS Google Fest Show

What a great Google show! If you thought you knew Google, join us and hear about our predictions for the future of Google!

Join Alice and Cheryl as we interview Kern Kelley, Sarah Sutter, all from Maine in our Google Fest Show. Bob is out at his daughters show for the evening. Part way through the show we brought in Melanie Holtsman, from Jacksonville, FL, who was on the show last week. We met Melanie at the NYC GTA 08 meet up.

The chat will be added tomorrow and it is full of amazing links.

As you will hear, the interest generated by a Google discussion is huge. We had fun, we hope you do too.

2009-04-09 Seedlings with Susan Phillips and Melanie Holtsman

Happy Holiday Weekend, Passover and Easter! We kicked off the weekend with our Seedlings show, ON THE ROAD! Susan Phillips and Melanie Holtsman from Chets Creek Elementary School in Jacksonville, FL. Both Susan and Melanie joined us even though they were already on vacation. Talk about dedicated educators.Plus, you never would have known Susan was in a car with her family and two dogs! We enjoyed the show, hope you do to!

Alice, Bob and Cheryl are joined by Susan Phillips, lead adventurer from Chets Creek Elementary School from Jacksonville with her technology integration teacher, Melanie Holtsman. It is our first on the road show, where Susan is traveling and coming to us via cell phone. They have great service in Georgia because we only lost her one time! This show is about how a principal as the instructional/technology leader in the building, can take the whole school community on an educational journey and have her school with 96% of the students who are performing at and above standard.


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