2009-04-30 Seedlings with Michael Wesch!

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Seedlings have the best job in the world. We get to collaborate with some of the finest digital thinkers in the world. This week we were able to invite Michael Wesch into our world for an interview. Did you know Michael Wesch has only been a professor for 5 years? Listen in as we ask how he manages to engage and teach 400 students at once. The interview is great, the chat room was rocking so much it is going to take me a couple of reads to get all the great links and reflective conversations that were going on. Enjoy the podcast and if you are interested continue the conversation at our Seedlings Ning! Next week we invite Mary Madden from the Pew Internet Trust to give us a glimpse into their world of data collection. Do you have an idea of some kind of data  the Pew Internet Trust can collect? Stop by.


“Geek of the Week” Links for 2009-04-30


Links from the show:

19:16:20 Roberto Borda : hi bob
19:17:34 tcooper66 : hi everyone
19:17:46 Roberto Borda : Hi tcooper
19:17:49 bobsprankle : hi all!
19:18:05 tcooper66 : where are you Robert?  I'm in ATL.
19:18:22 Roberto Borda : I am in Yarmouth, ME
19:19:33 tcooper66 : Oh, I guess you are with Alice.
19:19:52 Roberto Borda : You got it! Alice is my dear friend!
19:20:10 tcooper66 : She's awesome.  We met in NYC at GTA.
19:20:15 Roberto Borda : Hi Carol
19:21:33 Roberto Borda : @tcooper What do you teach in ATL?
19:22:02 Roberto Borda : Talking about Alice! Hi Alice
19:22:12 tcooper66 : Environmental Science, Computer Science, and Outdoor Culture and Technology
19:22:20 tcooper66 : What do you teach in ME?
19:22:20 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Hi everyone!
19:22:37 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Hi Michael
19:22:38 Roberto Borda : I teach secondary math education
19:22:48 tcooper66 : i'm not hearing any audio.  
19:22:52 mwesch : Hello
19:22:55 TerrySmith : Hello Prof Wesch
19:23:05 hurumble : hello everyone
19:23:09 JL : I don't think they're streaming yet
19:23:19 Roberto Borda : Hi all
19:23:22 tcooper66 : ok
19:23:34 bobsprankle : Hello Michael!
19:23:44 bobsprankle : hello all!
19:23:56 alicebarr (Seedlings) : We're setting up be right there
19:24:03 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello to all we are setting up
19:25:12 mwesch : Hi terry
19:25:28 TerrySmith : hi Michael
19:25:31 cheryloakes~seedlings : you sho uld be hearing zaudio in a moment
19:26:49 TerrySmith : do we need to select a media client?
19:27:13 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @TerrySmith You need to select media in the upper right corner
19:27:14 JL : You can choose any of the media player icons below 'EdTechTalk A'
19:27:23 alicebarr (Seedlings) : We use EdtechTalk A
19:27:25 cheryloakes~seedlings : you will need to click to one of the audio choices, itunes and media player and real player
19:27:29 Cathy E : Cooking and listening - audio is great
19:27:32 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks JL
19:30:22 tcooper66 : i'm excited about hearing this presentation.  my degree is in cultural anthropology from George Washington Univ.
19:30:29 cheryloakes~seedlings : Welcome Terry, teacherjim, carolteach4 and lindseyb16, great to have you here, hi shelia
19:30:42 SheilaA : Hello All!
19:30:50 cheryloakes~seedlings : welcome tcooper66
19:31:02 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Here we go!
19:31:06 TerrySmith : good to be here Cheryl
19:31:28 tcooper66 : hello
19:32:18 bobsprankle : we're "wesch-heads"!
19:34:52 bobsprankle : hi kcaise! hi peggy!
19:34:57 kcaise : hi bob!
19:35:01 kcaise : hi peggy!
19:35:03 kcaise : hi everyone!
19:35:29 PeggyG : Hi everyone
19:35:36 carolteach4 : Oh, now I remember. I heard Mr. Wesch speak at the Digital Literacy Conference at UConn last spring. It's so exciting to hear him again and have my memory refreshed. Thanks for setting this up, Bob and all.
19:35:37 Roberto Borda : hi Peggy
19:36:02 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi peggy, kim and maureen, roberto and anne
19:36:04 PeggyG : This is a very exciting conversation!!
19:36:11 shoemap : I think he is brilliant! Saw a presentation on his website just last week.
19:36:13 lindseyb16 : good question!
19:36:14 Roberto Borda : Hi Cheryl
19:36:16 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi cathye!what is for dinner?
19:36:20 TerrySmith : good question
19:36:26 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks terry
19:36:39 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi jackiegerstein
19:36:47 kcaise : hi cheryl!
19:37:08 AnneFraser : So glad to be here
19:37:12 jackiegerstein : Hi - Cheryl - happy to come here Mike - Love the way he runs his college classes
19:37:22 Maureen : Hi Cheryl and everyone
19:37:22 jackiegerstein : *hear
19:37:26 kcaise : hi jackie
19:37:26 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks jackie!
19:37:31 carolteach4 : Hi, Bob. I was here last week, but you weren't. Thanks again for meeting with me at your school during my April vacation.
19:37:33 jackiegerstein : Hi Kim
19:37:35 alicebarr (Seedlings) : HI Jackie
19:37:41 PeggyG : I have watched his presentations many times and shared them with many colleagues. So powerful!!
19:37:43 bobsprankle : Hi Carol!!!
19:37:52 jackiegerstein : Hi Alice - just retweeeted this
19:37:59 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Thank you
19:38:11 PeggyG : This is his YouTube channel if you haven't seen it. http://www.youtube.com/user/mwesch
19:38:19 tcooper66 : no, great approach!
19:38:26 cheryloakes~seedlings : peggy thanks for putting the link.
19:38:35 PeggyG : it's all about relationships!! such a valuable point!
19:38:37 Roberto Borda : Nothing cheesy about loving your students and caring about their learning!
19:38:48 TerrySmith : good feelings create your working matrix
19:38:52 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi jamie
19:38:58 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi derrallg
19:39:06 jamie : hi all!
19:39:08 derrallg : hi Cheryl
19:39:13 hurumble : oh my
19:39:15 lindseyb16 : wow
19:39:22 jamie : 400!
19:39:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : can you imagine 400?
19:39:31 PeggyG : I can't even imagine that kind of interactive lecture in a class of 400!!
19:39:31 tcooper66 : how do you handle that many students?  but what a reseach workforce!
19:39:33 TerrySmith : 386 more than I have
19:39:45 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Inspiring 400 at once!
19:39:47 carolteach4 : I can't image taking attendance for 400. or grading!
19:39:52 tcooper66 : think of all the breakout rooms if he used Elluminate.
19:40:00 TerrySmith : storyteller mode?
19:40:03 jackiegerstein : I sent his netvibes research page to my department chairs at Kaplan as a good model http://www.netvibes.com/wesch#Digital_Ethnography
19:40:08 bobsprankle : inspiration
19:40:13 hurumble : there must be lots of ta's
19:40:27 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @Jackie Looking at it for HS too
19:41:04 shoemap : I bet his students never "blow off" class!
19:41:07 carolteach4 : I watched on of his student's second draft of a story she was working on media and its effect on her.
19:41:24 PeggyG : I never really understood what a cultural anthropologist did until I listened to his presentations.
19:41:26 Roberto Borda : 400 inspired people==Critical Learning Mass
19:41:27 teacherjim : Inspiring high school students is a real chore
19:41:33 hurumble : what are the names of the classes you teach?
19:41:58 carolteach4 : They are college students, aren't they?
19:42:08 alicebarr (Seedlings) : yes college students
19:42:20 PeggyG : that is a great example for all of us--turn it into an advantage rather than viewing it as a disadvantage!
19:42:41 cheryloakes~seedlings : absolutely Peggy, this is such great information to reflect on.
19:42:42 Roberto Borda : @Peggy I agree with you
19:42:56 PeggyG : I love that question Bob!!
19:42:58 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Hey Steph!
19:42:59 cheryloakes~seedlings : hey scheney! welcome
19:43:08 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi Kevin, welcome
19:43:12 kjarrett : Hi!
19:43:13 Roberto Borda : Virtual physical space maybe
19:43:20 teacherjim : Good question Bob
19:43:22 kjarrett : I was here at 7
19:43:25 kjarrett : when did this start?
19:43:32 alicebarr (Seedlings) : 7:30
19:43:34 cheryloakes~seedlings : it starts at 7:30, but we
19:43:36 kjarrett : oy
19:43:37 cheryloakes~seedlings : have a podcast
19:43:38 bobsprankle : hey kevin!
19:43:41 kjarrett : Hi Bob!
19:43:59 jackiegerstein : In his interview with NMC last week, one student said, "I did even look at my grades until this way because we are doing something important here."
19:44:17 jackiegerstein : *week - too many typos!
19:44:25 mwesch : netvibes.com/wesch
19:44:29 jamie : "It's about inspiring one another." nice
19:44:49 jackiegerstein : http://www.netvibes.com/wesch
19:44:59 PeggyG : you mean you can teach without a powerpoint and projector?? (she says with a big grin)!!
19:45:02 Roberto Borda : TY for the link
19:45:39 Roberto Borda : Great point Alice!
19:45:45 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi Jeannine, welcome
19:46:00 PeggyG : what kinds of access does Michael give to his students outside of class (twitter, facebook, etc.?)
19:46:09 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello vinnie, welcome
19:46:26 PeggyG : Michael Weshfest--love it!!!
19:46:29 jamie : WeschFest. funny
19:46:34 jeannine : Hi Cheryl et al
19:46:39 PeggyG : I really can spell--just can't type!
19:47:02 cheryloakes~seedlings : peggy it is fine!!
19:47:27 teacherjim : Good teaching is good teaching
19:47:47 PeggyG : another fantastic point--pick the medium that works for you!!
19:47:51 jackiegerstein : http://hosted.mediasite.com/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=edd5f8a1a0ad4e2fbacee... another talk by Mike
19:48:05 tcooper66 : it is.  i have that book. on the reading list for the summer
19:48:06 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello Robert, welcome
19:48:24 Robert Squires : Hi Cheryl
19:48:31 hurumble : what's the name of the book again?
19:48:41 jackiegerstein : http://www.amazon.com/Coming-Age-Second-Life-Anthropologist/dp/0691135282
19:48:43 mwesch : Coming of Age in Second Life
19:48:49 hurumble : thanks
19:48:50 teacherjim : Teaching drive the tools, we just have more toolds now
19:48:57 PeggyG : what is open-ended ethnographic research?
19:49:16 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello aforgrave, welcome
19:49:20 TerrySmith : interesting tools comment - seems that participation in learning is looming larger than the available tools
19:49:24 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Jackie thanks for the links
19:49:25 carolteach4 : One twitter link took me to a video taped in Second Life featuring Vicki Davis and her fellow teacher Julie ______. It was fascinating. Together in Second Life yet geographically separated.
19:49:51 jamie : Julie Lindsey, I think
19:49:52 PeggyG : yes carolteach4--that was a great video--Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis :-)
19:50:13 kjarrett : @peggyg @arolteach4 Glad you liked that video...
19:50:15 carolteach4 : Yes, Julie Lindsay - I couldn't remember her last name.
19:50:19 kjarrett : I was the host.... :)
19:50:27 PeggyG : I think the used the "green screen" technology to do that. It is amazing!
19:50:32 carolteach4 : WoW! How exciting.
19:50:32 jackiegerstein : KJ - you rocked it!
19:50:48 Robert Squires : Do we have audio as well?
19:50:49 kjarrett : It was sooooo easy working with them.
19:50:54 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Oh I missed it KJ :(
19:51:06 PeggyG : Yes Robert-click on ETT-A for the audio stream
19:51:16 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Thanks Peggy
19:51:30 kjarrett : @alice here is the archive of the show with Vicki and Julie:
19:51:31 kjarrett : http://www.iste-eduverse.org/blog/iste-eduverse-talks-episode-5.html
19:51:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello donleyd, welcome
19:51:42 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Thank you
19:51:47 hurumble : so exciting to be getting into education with all this happening
19:52:27 cheryloakes~seedlings : yes hurumble, you are in a fortunate position! go get  them!
19:52:30 PeggyG : Just today on 21st Century Learning they talked about possibilities for providing virtual alternatives for students who can't attend school because of swine flu closures. Very exciting thoughts
19:52:33 Robert Squires : Ahh, sound--that's better. Thanks Peggy
19:52:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi kaferico, welcome
19:52:43 kaferico : hi
19:52:57 tcooper66 : are we in danger of becoming "arm chair" researchers with the Internet?
19:52:58 scheney : we're thinking about that too PeggyG
19:53:03 teacherjim : the computer as the $1000 pencil
19:53:24 PeggyG : it would be wonderful if these virtual opportunities could be provided so the school year doesn't have to be extended
19:53:37 tcooper66 : we still need to get out and talk to people in context, where they live and the objects that interact with.
19:53:43 Roberto Borda : CAN SOFTWARE!!!
19:54:11 PeggyG : love that point about computer programs/software thinking like textbooks--we don't need more of those
19:54:12 lindseyb16 : Events like this
19:54:15 jackiegerstein : Like many Blackboard/WebCt courses I have seen - horrible use of the platform
19:54:26 cheryloakes~seedlings : yeah, better story tellers, project based learning,
19:54:29 hurumble : haha
19:54:31 hurumble : god
19:54:36 hurumble : it really is
19:54:43 TerrySmith : pbl yay
19:54:43 carolteach4 : @cheryl - been following what you were saying about the gated Ning - mentioned it a our districe meeting this afternoon and found out one of our high school teachers has been using it for her bridges team (kids who help 8th graders transition to high school) She'd had a Facebook group, but it wasn't working, and the Ning was perfect for her.
19:54:43 derrallg : my students seem so passive compared with active learning because of text book learning
19:54:47 Roberto Borda : Outstanding point!
19:54:51 tcooper66 : had the same issue last year revieving and environmental science book.
19:55:08 shoemap : Yes! PBL
19:55:10 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks carolteach4,
19:55:13 PeggyG : @jackiegerstein--definitely!! too many of the learning management systems are used as canned programs without interaction among participants/learners
19:55:23 TerrySmith : exactly
19:55:39 TerrySmith : kids remember projects
19:55:41 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi lisa and happy birthday!
19:55:43 hurumble : that was amazingly put
19:55:48 kcaise : happy birthday lisa
19:55:58 cheryloakes~seedlings : happy birthday lisa!
19:56:05 PeggyG : Yes!! the birthday girl is here!!
19:56:11 LParisi : Thank you Cheryl
19:56:13 jamie : project based learning is the key, but it's not much in evidence in the high stakes testing state that I live in--Texas--at least not in my experience. :(
19:56:24 shoemap : HB Lisa
19:56:29 cheryloakes~seedlings : sorry jamie, don't give up
19:56:33 jackiegerstein : My best and most memorable learning experiences as a child was camp not school
19:56:38 Roberto Borda : Happy Birthday Lisa!!:D
19:56:43 hurumble : where did you go to college?
19:57:01 TerrySmith : participation
19:57:03 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi JK, welcome
19:57:24 jamie : Not giving up, just lamenting. Nice to have a community to interact with that "get it" about PBL
19:57:31 carolteach4 : In reference to an earlier post by Peggy about alternate learning opportunities (flu), we discussed that at the district tech meeting in talking of ramping up Moodle and our Google apps, so kids and teachers can connect from home is schools are closed.
19:57:35 PeggyG : @jamie--that's what they talked about last Sunday in Conversations--that PBL can be organized to address all of the standards teachers are required to teach for state testing
19:57:43 tcooper66 : developing a project on the book The Whale Rider which encompasses anthropology, biology, ecology, linguistics and technology (Google Earth) - http://whaleriderprojects.wikispaces.com.
19:58:01 tcooper66 : Its a great PBL book if you've never read it.
19:58:03 TerrySmith : but most of the state standards are not needed
19:58:21 tcooper66 : sorry, http://whaleriderproject.wikispaces.com  ...no s
19:58:33 cheryloakes~seedlings : hi cmorrow, welcome
19:58:48 Roberto Borda : TY tcooper
19:58:49 carolteach4 : @Bob - as David Warlick says, "my brain hurts."
19:58:49 jamie : How to break the cycle of worksheets in the format of the test--it's a huge part of our kids' curriculum, sadly
19:59:23 LParisi : Who is speaking now?
19:59:29 TerrySmith : a little chaos helps
19:59:34 kcaise : the dog
19:59:34 TerrySmith : room to think
19:59:35 tcooper66 : i find it so in my classroom, but no formative research.
19:59:38 cheryloakes~seedlings : lisa it was michael, now bob
19:59:43 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @Lisa Bob Sprankle,
19:59:49 LParisi : Bob I recognize.
19:59:56 PeggyG : I think we do go to our preferred learning styles if allowed. I'm always frustrated in sessions where I'm told to put down my pen and not take notes. That's not my style.
19:59:59 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Micahel Wesch
20:00:06 jamie : @lisa
20:00:11 LParisi : Thank you Alice...sorry to come so late.
20:00:13 bobsprankle : hi lisa!
20:00:19 LParisi : HI Bob.
20:00:26 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @Lisa No Prob glad you are joining us
20:00:29 jamie : Love the Apple store idea!
20:00:33 kjarrett : Hi Lisa!
20:00:39 TerrySmith : with a guided effort by a competent teacher
20:00:46 LParisi : Peggy, do you really think that it true?  Don't you think you get used to other styles simply because it is what you do all the time in school?
20:01:01 aforgrave : What might a "redesigned" classroom look like?  Still a rectangular room?
20:01:04 carolteach4 : I guess I'm going to have to visit an Apple store. I'm not sure what Bob means.
20:01:05 LParisi : Hi Kevin.
20:01:36 jamie : genius bar=peer teaching
20:01:37 derrallg : @LParisi that's what I was wondering too as my best students seem so trained
20:01:37 LParisi : @aforgrave I would love to get rid of my rectangle...give me alcoves and a loft
20:01:59 alicebarr (Seedlings) : A genius bar is at the Apple store. You make an appointment and then can ask the genius questions or help
20:02:01 teacherjim : learning is measured by changed behavior not by how much you remember
20:02:05 PeggyG : There was a really valuable session this week on stimulus funding where one of the Supts. said she tells her teachers not to teach to the test but to teach to the standards. She strongly recommended the use of performances based assessments and not accountability assessments.
20:02:06 aforgrave : I would love a breakout room -- windows for supervision, but sound-removed from the main space
20:02:08 LParisi : It takes us months to untrain kids, Derrall.
20:02:10 TerrySmith : and some text input stimulates the brain and produces related content
20:02:32 LParisi : @aforgrave We have a breakout room...spec ed teacher has one..we call it the breakout room
20:02:37 hurumble : amazing points
20:02:40 kcaise : that sounds wonderful @forgrave
20:02:46 hurumble : ahhh this is great
20:02:57 hurumble : who was just talking?
20:03:14 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Hi Kern!
20:03:19 bobsprankle : howdy kern!
20:03:22 cheryloakes~seedlings : Can you believe Michael has only been a professor for 5 years? He is my hero
20:03:24 PeggyG : @LisaP-I really do think we try to use our preferred learning styles for our own learning. We don't often give students that opportunity. YOU DO in your PBL learning environment.
20:03:27 cheryloakes~seedlings :  HI Kern, welcome
20:03:30 aforgrave : Redesigned Room: alternative seating arrangements (Apple Store has those cool ball chairs ..)
20:03:32 Kern : Hi All, made it ;)
20:03:36 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @hrumble there is a 30 sec delay
20:03:52 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Males = Bob Sprankle and Michael Wesch
20:04:04 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Females = Cheryl Oakes and Alice barr
20:04:13 kjarrett : Hi Kern!
20:04:13 hurumble : thanks Alice
20:04:19 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @Kern yea!!!
20:04:22 LParisi : @aforgrave I want the new desks that rise up easily if you want to stand instead of sit.
20:04:27 Kern : Hey Kevin, how's it going
20:04:31 PeggyG : @aforgrave--did you see those desks that can be raised/lowered by students for a choice of sitting/standing?
20:04:33 bobsprankle : dogs=midnight and lily
20:04:38 TerrySmith : students looking for the pertinent compartments
20:04:42 alicebarr (Seedlings) : :) LOL
20:04:45 jamie : those desks sound wonderful!
20:04:47 tcooper66 : doesn't everyone need a base to be "a productive member of society" ???
20:05:37 carolteach4 : Middle School Students - gotta love 'em! Otherwise, you won't survive!
20:05:39 aforgrave : @PeggyG @ LParisi  adjustible height seating would interfere with sight lines to the main teacher space -- might be hard to get those funded ...
20:06:02 LParisi : @aforgrave If there is no main teacher space than it is not an issue.
20:06:07 PeggyG : @aforgrave--not if the teacher is circulating around the room :-)
20:06:18 LParisi : Peggy, great minds...
20:06:25 aforgrave : RIGHT!  Getting that realised would be the trick to getting support for the funding ...
20:06:41 Robert Squires : Nice point, Michael. Thanks
20:06:47 LParisi : In a PBL classroom, there is no teacher space.
20:06:52 PeggyG : yes Lisa!! :-)
20:07:12 Kern : Bob - a true geek at heart, ;)
20:07:14 TerrySmith : right Lisa
20:07:28 aforgrave : @PeggyG @LParisi It would be interesting to re-think the role of the teacher from the lens of the different "specialist" job descriptions at the Apple Store ..
20:07:59 LParisi : I really have to get myself to an Apple Store so I can better understand Bob's analogy.
20:08:16 PeggyG : we might need a few more adults in the classroom :-)
20:08:28 cheryloakes~seedlings : Lisa, you need to , it really is a workshop atmosphere
20:08:31 LParisi : I have three...sometimes four.  That's enought
20:08:40 carolteach4 : Will Vegas edit hi-def video - have a Vado hi-def recorder
20:08:42 bobsprankle : @lparisi: genius bar, computers at standing tables
20:08:45 bobsprankle : lots of room
20:08:47 SheilaA : @tcooper66 - I've been checking out your wiki. I like the Trace the trash project!
20:08:54 PeggyG : maybe we need to think about the kids as the "specialists" :-)
20:09:11 bobsprankle : exactly, peggy!
20:09:15 lindseyb16 : I like that PeggyG
20:09:32 PeggyG : brilliant!! why don't those things come to me in 2 minutes in the shower??
20:09:35 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @Peggy yes, we haven't leveraged their expertises before
20:09:38 Roberto Borda : @Peggy how about thinking of our students as collaborators
20:09:46 aforgrave : Apple Store Virtual Tour http://www.apple.com/retail/vr/
20:09:47 LParisi : Peggy, I have a student who will be teaching the principal tomorrow how to edit in movie maker.  She wanted me to teach her.  I said I could send one or two kids to do it.
20:10:03 carolteach4 : @Peggy - absolutely. Gave kids choice of technology they wanted to use for a project for medieval times - some videos they made went far beyond what I know how to do
20:10:06 jamie : @lisa I LOVE that!
20:10:11 Roberto Borda : Great question
20:10:15 PeggyG : @Roberto Bordo--definitely collaborators! Sadly many teachers aren't willing to relinquish their control for this
20:10:17 hurumble : this method of teaching is just so much different than what most people are doing... does everyone have support from their schools in all this? one thing i've gotten while student teaching is that at some schools you really have no freedom to teach how you want to
20:10:26 lindseyb16 : Lisa, you have given me a great idea, student tech mentors for teacher
20:10:40 TerrySmith : Hurumble - that exactly what studetn teachers tell me
20:11:06 jamie : student mentors for teachers/administrators is a powerful model, I think
20:11:06 Roberto Borda : @Peggy I guess is time to start shaking the tree
20:11:16 hurumble : well is it true?
20:11:25 PeggyG : love that idea Roberto--shake the trees :-)
20:11:45 LParisi : Glad to help, Lindsey.
20:11:58 TerrySmith : my studetns walk into classrooms to do edtech then their master teachers usually halt it
20:12:01 Roberto Borda : and think of the "sages on the stage" as rotten apples
20:12:02 PeggyG : it is true that there are many classrooms where this type of environment does not exist--but there are classrooms where it does
20:12:17 hurumble : yeah
20:12:23 jackiegerstein : I think the biggest form of ethical midconduct in the schools are what Mike is talking about related to soul murders of children
20:12:36 bobsprankle : yes, jackie
20:13:03 PeggyG : as a program director for student teachers (formerly) I had a hard time finding mentor teachers who modeled this kind of learning environment
20:13:04 TerrySmith : yes Michael - and it takes reteaching them as they enter a pbl classroom
20:13:05 bobsprankle : using students for test scores to be published in the local newspaper
20:13:13 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Question Everything!
20:13:27 jamie : David Warlick tweeted this week that Chris Lehman had talked about how he fears that education will kill his kids' love of learning.
20:13:32 aforgrave : Question for Michael:  Are your students listening to you (as you described) becasue they have so been conditioned to listen to the prof/teacher through years of schooling?
20:13:43 carolteach4 : Let's be realistic, however. The kids do have to listen sometimes so directions can be given and expectations made known.
20:13:52 Roberto Borda : Yes, question everything and learn from all sources
20:13:59 PeggyG : "radical relativists" :-)
20:14:05 jackiegerstein : @bob - I have considered the reporting of kids' test schools as using them as commodities for funding and forgetting that they are children
20:14:05 LParisi : @Peggy  My student teacher was just taken out of my room today.  Want to know why?  The supervisor wanted her in a classroom with just one teacher so she can learn how to teach whole class lessons!
20:14:26 PeggyG : so sad LParisi!!!! what a loss for your student teacher!
20:14:30 LParisi : Hi Linda!
20:14:33 LindaN : @ LParisi You must be kidding!
20:14:44 LindaN : Hi Lisa Happy Birthday!
20:14:45 LParisi : She fought it, Peggy, but they didn't care.
20:14:51 LParisi : Thanks Linda.
20:14:53 hurumble : ugh
20:15:01 cheryloakes~seedlings : Hi LindaN, good to see you.
20:15:02 scheney : michael, how do your colleagues react to your methods/beliefs about education?
20:15:04 Nedra : @LParisi That's terrible!
20:15:07 TerrySmith : kids come into my class nonprocedural mode - have to exercise their ability to reach out mentally and collaborate
20:15:22 LParisi : Yes, it is, Nedra.  That's what the university is pushing.
20:15:23 LindaN : Hi CherylOakes! Happy to be here!
20:15:24 PeggyG : don't you wish you could be a student in Michael's classes?? I sure do!!
20:15:41 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @Peggy I sure do
20:15:56 lindseyb16 : @peggyG with 400 what's 1 more?
20:15:56 Roberto Borda : @Peggy sign me in
20:16:26 PeggyG : very funny and true lindseyb16!!
20:16:29 TerrySmith : so is it spreading quicker or we just know it more quickly
20:16:31 LindaN : Interesting, I had a meeting this afternoon where a HS teacher said she couldn't engage students in the way they learn outside of school because she needs to prepare them for college and college isn't like that.
20:16:52 carolteach4 : I heard a NPR radio story on Twitter and how the Center for Disease control thinks Twitter is a good platform for getting news out -interesting how you say people are making fun-
20:17:07 PeggyG : wikipedia is a gift for schools--definitely a quote I plan to use :-)
20:17:31 TerrySmith : I wish our admins would see wikipedia as a gift
20:17:37 lindseyb16 : When the college question comes up in high school, it is good to mention that college is changing rapidly too, so we mustn't try to prepare them for a rapidly moving target
20:17:47 PeggyG : teach the kids to think--what a great "takeaway"
20:18:02 aforgrave : @LindaN -- have been directed at various times to "teach" middle school students so that they will be better prepared to "learn" in the secondary school mode
20:18:30 TerrySmith : @peggyg exactly - if they fool with projects enough it happens like magic
20:18:38 carolteach4 : We use Wikipedia to help make kids aware of how they need to evaluate websites
20:18:47 LindaN : @aforgrace Frustrating misconception isn't it? Teach them to think and learn and the rest will take care of itself.
20:18:47 PeggyG : aren't you just so inspired by this??!!
20:18:59 cheryloakes~seedlings : start with question, connect with the students and teach storytelling
20:19:12 Roberto Borda : Michael is a great inspiration to us all!!
20:19:13 PeggyG : so many good "takeaways"!!
20:19:13 TerrySmith : Affinity spaces
20:19:50 PeggyG : "just" a PhD in anthropology :-)
20:20:02 Roberto Borda : Maybe that is why he is such a great teacher
20:20:09 TerrySmith : the turning loose is a good lesson
20:20:15 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello ernie!!!
20:20:18 jackiegerstein : Many college teachers have never taken a pedagogy or methods class
20:20:22 LindaN : What an interesting point Michael. So how did you figure it out?
20:20:26 teacherjim : Understand that we are going through the stage of questioning everything
20:20:42 SheilaA : THank you Seedlings!
20:20:45 ErnieEaster : Hi Cheryl
20:20:51 lindseyb16 : That's your story right Michael
20:21:22 Roberto Borda : Great teachers are great story tellers
20:21:29 TerrySmith : making memberships, formal and informal
20:21:29 tcooper66 : field work in anthropology is the best part of the program.
20:21:33 lindseyb16 : Live in a different culture
20:22:10 jackiegerstein : Great teachers facilitate their students telling great stories
20:22:47 carolteach4 : Do you have to grade all of those 400 students?
20:22:58 Roberto Borda : @ Jackie great point
20:23:09 shoemap : I wonder if he had a teacher that inspired him and taught in "nonconventional" methods.
20:23:47 TerrySmith : right - hard to fight the politicians sometimes
20:24:12 kjarrett : http://www.amazon.com/Art-Loving-Erich-Fromm/dp/0060915943
20:24:16 TerrySmith : also The Art of Possibility by Zander
20:24:22 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks Kevin! for helping
20:24:33 kjarrett : :)
20:24:54 cheryloakes~seedlings : http://vark.com  from alice
20:25:32 derrallg : thanks Seedlings and Michael Wesch
20:25:37 bobsprankle : hey forgot! we'll have it up as a podcast in about an hour at :bobsprankle.com/bitbybit
20:25:43 PeggyG : welcome @forgot to tune in :-) you have missed in incredible conversation! be sure to listen to the recording
20:26:04 cheryloakes~seedlings : speakup   www.tomorrow.org and read their report, look in the show notes for the pdf        
20:26:13 alicebarr (Seedlings) : Hi forgot to tune in :) You're here now!
20:26:23 Roberto Borda : ty alice
20:26:27 forgot to tune in : Thanks, Bob, for helping us "Johnny come lately's"
20:26:30 cheryloakes~seedlings : www.blogtalkradio.com
20:27:19 cheryloakes~seedlings : hello Karl, welcome!!
20:27:32 PeggyG : yes!! blogtalkradio is fantastic! Liz Kolb does a regular show there on cell phones in learning :-)
20:27:36 cheryloakes~seedlings : we are nearly done, but this will be a podcast tomorrow.
20:27:42 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks Peggy
20:27:54 Karl Fisch : OK, thanks cheryl. Not getting sound anyway.
20:27:57 cheryloakes~seedlings : learncentral.org
20:28:10 mwesch : Alan Watts - My Geek of the Week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERbvKrH-GC4
20:28:19 alicebarr (Seedlings) : @Karl upper right corner for sound
20:28:23 cheryloakes~seedlings : Karl the sound is any itunes or real player
20:28:30 PeggyG : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elikeren  Liz Kolb's radio show (bi-weekly)
20:28:38 Karl Fisch : Got it, thanks.
20:28:43 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks peggy
20:29:16 Roberto Borda : TY all for the links!
20:29:29 PeggyG : what a fantastic conversation!! Thank you Michael and Seedlings!!!
20:29:31 TerrySmith : A riveting show!
20:29:50 tcooper66 : Thanks Michael
20:29:56 hurumble : yes. this was great
20:29:57 jeannine : It is so easy to learn from such a great communicator. Thanks to all.
20:29:58 shoemap : clap clap
20:30:07 PeggyG : Pew has some outstanding research on teens and internet use
20:30:08 teacherjim : Keep teaching us all Michael!!!
20:30:08 lindseyb16 : time flew, thank you all, great convo!!
20:30:13 TerrySmith : will heed your advice, Michael
20:30:20 cheryloakes~seedlings : Thanks for coming to the show, it iwll be a podcast in the morning and you will see the chat and all the links!
20:30:22 Roberto Borda : Thank you Michael!
20:30:40 teacherjim : Alan Watts is a hero of mine also
20:30:54 PeggyG : http://pewresearch.org/ some advance reading for next week's show :-)
20:30:55 carolteach4 : Thanks to everyone at Seedlings -great inspiration.
20:30:59 TerrySmith : if anyone wants to share pbl, come see us at www.smithclass.org
20:31:13 AnneFraser : thank you so much
20:31:21 LParisi : Thank you so much.
20:31:27 kjarrett : Thanks this was terrific!
20:31:30 jamie : Thanks Seedlings and Edtechtalk!
20:31:33 Robert Squires : enthralling is the right word
20:31:52 TerrySmith : great thoughts on how to participate
20:31:54 Robert Squires : Thakn you all.
20:31:57 jackiegerstein : Thanks all!
20:32:01 bobsprankle : Thanks all!
20:32:06 aforgrave : Thanks! Wonderful!
20:32:18 TerrySmith : Thanks to the hosts!
20:32:27 hurumble : thanks all
20:32:30 LindaN : Thank you all so much!
20:32:31 carolteach4 : Happy May Day tomorrow! May Baskets anyone?
20:32:35 Roberto Borda : Thank you to the hosts!
20:32:43 Roberto Borda : Bye all!
20:32:45 cheryloakes~seedlings : thanks for being here. see you next week.
20:32:49 TerrySmith : goodnight to Kansas
20:33:02 Roberto Borda : Wow! Alice, this was great!
20:33:15 PeggyG : @terry thanks for your 4th grade link-saw your podcast on Tony Vincent's site-great job!!
20:33:29 TerrySmith : welcome
20:34:00 TerrySmith : will try Vegas
20:34:03 carolteach4 : Hate to go, but promised the dog I'd make her peanut butter dog biscuits tonight!
20:34:43 Roberto Borda : Michael, thank you for your time and presentation. You are an inspiration of what a great teacher can be!
20:35:24 TerrySmith : Michael- when I couldn;t get you for an interview, I snagged Howard Rheingold
20:35:29 TerrySmith : :-)
20:37:01 carolteach4 : Thanks, Michael. I remember those slides you showed us of New Guinea. You were concerned about their way of life being changed by outside influences. I wonder if that's happened.