2009-04-09 Seedlings with Susan Phillips and Melanie Holtsman

Happy Holiday Weekend, Passover and Easter! We kicked off the weekend with our Seedlings show, ON THE ROAD! Susan Phillips and Melanie Holtsman from Chets Creek Elementary School in Jacksonville, FL. Both Susan and Melanie joined us even though they were already on vacation. Talk about dedicated educators.Plus, you never would have known Susan was in a car with her family and two dogs! We enjoyed the show, hope you do to!

Alice, Bob and Cheryl are joined by Susan Phillips, lead adventurer from Chets Creek Elementary School from Jacksonville with her technology integration teacher, Melanie Holtsman. It is our first on the road show, where Susan is traveling and coming to us via cell phone. They have great service in Georgia because we only lost her one time! This show is about how a principal as the instructional/technology leader in the building, can take the whole school community on an educational journey and have her school with 96% of the students who are performing at and above standard.

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