2009-04-16- SEEDLINGS Google Fest Show

Post-Show description: 

What a great Google show! If you thought you knew Google, join us and hear about our predictions for the future of Google!

Join Alice and Cheryl as we interview Kern Kelley, Sarah Sutter, all from Maine in our Google Fest Show. Bob is out at his daughters show for the evening. Part way through the show we brought in Melanie Holtsman, from Jacksonville, FL, who was on the show last week. We met Melanie at the NYC GTA 08 meet up.

The chat will be added tomorrow and it is full of amazing links.

As you will hear, the interest generated by a Google discussion is huge. We had fun, we hope you do too.

Delicious Links: Geek of the Week 2009-04-16

The Chat, The Chat, The Chat

19:24:35 AnneFraser - Hi Kern
19:24:42 Kern - Hi Anne
19:25:06 AnneFraser - Is this bitbybit
19:26:03 alicebarr (seedlings) - HI Peggy and Sheila
19:26:04 cheryloakes~seedlings. - just getting the sound on.
19:26:06 alicebarr (seedlings) - Hi Anne
19:26:19 AnneFraser - Great being here
19:26:23 Sheila - Hi there!
19:27:12 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Hello, we are just starting
19:27:34 alicebarr (seedlings) - Hello Sujokat! Welcome!
19:27:42 cheryloakes~seedlings. - peggy, how is the sound"
19:27:49 PeggyG - Hi everyone-just getting to the sound now
19:27:58 alicebarr (seedlings) - Hey Borda
19:28:03 Sheila - Sounds good.
19:28:12 PeggyG - sound is great for me on ETTA
19:28:15 Roberto Borda - Hi Alice
19:28:18 cheryloakes~seedlings. - thanks
19:29:06 PeggyG - sounds like some sick people online--so sorry!
19:29:21 alicebarr (seedlings) - Do I sound that bad?
19:29:31 PeggyG - everyone sounds like they have a cold!!
19:29:39 Sarah Sutter - Hey there everyone@
19:29:40 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Hello to all
19:29:42 Kern - Hi everyone!
19:29:42 PeggyG - the show last night was awesome!!
19:29:49 PeggyG - Hi Kern
19:29:54 Kern - Hi Peggy
19:30:07 cheryloakes~seedlings. -  Good evening to all. We are all going on vacation in maine after tomorrow.
19:30:15 Roberto Borda - Hi everyone
19:30:23 one earbud working - It's me, Beth Lloyd... and yes I am using broken earbuds!
19:30:36 Sarah Sutter - Yeah Google!
19:30:43 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Oh Beth, time for a new headset or buds
19:30:46 hurumble - Hello all
19:30:56 Sarah Sutter - Hey there Beth!
19:31:11 one earbud working - I grab whatever is in the drawer...Hi Cheryl
19:31:16 PeggyG - Ho fun! a Googlefest!!
19:32:02 one earbud working - Hi Sarah...hope you recovered from your cold way back in January
19:32:10 Sarah Sutter - Finally!
19:32:12 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Good morning Sujokat!! How is tomorrow?
19:32:15 PeggyG - Our AzTEA keynote is Howie DiBlasi and his keynote is 29 ways to use google apps :-)
19:32:36 Kern - Hi Sue
19:33:10 PeggyG - so great to see Sue here!!!
19:33:13 Sujokat - Hi Cheryl
19:33:22 alicebarr (seedlings) - Everyone have sound OK?
19:33:30 PeggyG - yes sound is great for me
19:33:40 hurumble - yep
19:34:42 PeggyG - I heard Janni's ISTE webinars awhile back and they were fantastic!!
19:34:45 one earbud working - Hi Sujokat, fellow 365er...
19:34:45 Sujokat - what about for people in Australia?
19:34:47 cheryloakes~seedlings. - good evening to all, we are talking Google tonight!
19:34:54 alicebarr (seedlings) - Welcome everyone!
19:35:49 Sarah Sutter - Great to have the team to work with on sharing about Google.
19:36:11 PeggyG - so excited to be part of your project :-)
19:36:21 hurumble - we're famous now
19:36:44 cheryloakes~seedlings. - We are glad you all are here as well. We will give you the history of how we got to certified with Google.
19:36:45 PeggyG - you were famous before :-)
19:36:59 cheryloakes~seedlings. - so funny PeggyG
19:37:00 Janni Black - Thank you Peggy -  you are vey kind. :)
19:37:08 Janni Black - oops - veryy
19:37:49 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hurumble, where did you see taylor?
19:38:00 hurumble - lesley university
19:38:06 hurumble - in cambridge, ma
19:38:10 hurumble - where i go
19:38:12 PeggyG - I would love to be a part of a Google Academy! Makes me wish I weren't reqired!
19:38:18 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Oh, great. I love that his stuff is on youtube, I start workshops with him.
19:38:50 hurumble - yeah... he's an extremely likable guy, too
19:39:03 PeggyG - retired not reqired! gee whiz!! wish I could type!
19:39:12 cheryloakes~seedlings. - I wondered Peggy!
19:39:13 one earbud working - now with the flip, video can be second nature....too many options with regular cideo camera + editting software
19:39:21 Sarah Sutter - It's about succinct meaningful communication, that's for sure.
19:39:35 PeggyG - I think it's very hard to create a 1-minute video! What a challenge!
19:39:36 Janni Black - You've noticed I can't type either tonight
19:39:55 one earbud working - agree, Alice...what a great skill for students
19:40:04 PeggyG - Twitter is helping all of us learn to be succinct!
19:40:15 alicebarr (seedlings) - @PeggyG I'll say!
19:40:24 Sarah Sutter - Twitter - did you see the post about thick and thin posts in Twitter Peggy?
19:40:28 Sarah Sutter - Great post.
19:40:32 carolteach4 - I didn't even attempt applying for Google Academy, but our system did make the leap to Google Apps, got our own domain name, and we're experimenting with getting our kids collaborating using Google docs and Google sites.
19:40:40 Sarah Sutter - I'll see if I can find the link. . .
19:40:40 PeggyG - no I missed that-today? I'll check!
19:40:53 PeggyG - Great Sarah! Thanks!
19:41:29 PeggyG - I'll bet your Webcast Academy work and all of your webcasting helped a lot in the Google Academy.
19:42:09 one earbud working - nice to work with eager learners
19:42:40 PeggyG - I'll bet parents would love to take your Google workshop too! It sounds fantastic!
19:42:41 carolteach4 - Hi, Cheryl. Thanks so much for the link to the Moodle tutorials. My media specialist is going to order the book you recommended. Moodle is supposedly going to mesh with Google Apps.
19:43:34 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Hello to Anne, Carolteach4,hurumble, janni, kcaise, lhs1 one ear bud, PeggyG, Roberto, Shelia, Sue, Tom, !
19:43:43 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Evening Miguel.
19:43:44 kcaise - hi cheryl
19:43:51 AnneFraser - Yo Cheryl
19:43:54 hurumble - hello
19:43:54 kcaise - hey miguel!
19:43:56 PeggyG - Hi Miguel! Always great to see you!
19:43:58 cheryloakes~seedlings. - good evening Matt
19:43:59 alicebarr (seedlings) - Hi Miguel
19:44:10 kcaise - hey peggy!
19:44:12 PeggyG - Hi Matt--you've had a busy day!
19:44:14 matt montagne - hey y'all
19:44:16 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Hello joelz
19:44:23 PeggyG - Hi Kim-I miss you!
19:44:28 matt montagne - @peggy...I'm on vacation!!
19:44:34 kcaise - i know, i have been swamped
19:44:47 PeggyG - Amazing what educators do on their vacations!
19:44:53 MGuhlin.org - Howdy! Working on getting audio to play 8->
19:44:57 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Yeah to all those educators on break, vacation or about to go on vacation in a week, (NH)
19:45:04 Sarah Sutter - http://silverinsf.blogspot.com/2009/02/difference-between-thin-and-thick...
19:45:07 matt montagne - I've been relaxing quite a bit actually
19:45:18 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Audio is in itunes, real player or windowsmedia
19:45:25 Sarah Sutter - That's the blog post about thick and thin posts (for @Peggy)
19:45:27 PeggyG - Thanks for the link Sarah
19:45:28 matt montagne - Miguel...click speaker icon abobove "Stream Status" and below Edtechtalk A
19:45:41 matt montagne - audio will launch in your media player of choice
19:45:44 MGuhlin.org - Got it....thanks...took iTunes some time. <grin>
19:45:52 PeggyG - Thomas Cooper is doing some great work with Google Earth!
19:46:06 PeggyG - His expedition lit trips are fantastic!
19:46:26 Janni Black - mapping the Crusades -- very interesting idea
19:46:35 PeggyG - http://expeditionlittrips.wikispaces.com/
19:47:01 matt montagne - Thomas is participating in Earthcast09 which is cool
19:47:08 cheryloakes~seedlings. - http://groups.google.com/group/google-for-educators?pli=1
19:47:11 PeggyG - excellent Matt!
19:47:15 cheryloakes~seedlings. - google for educators
19:47:44 carolteach4 - Google Apps for school seems to be great. We had had an 8th grade teacher start using Google Sites with his 100 8th graders, and it was very laborious getting all the kids signed up individually. Once we signed up for Google apps for schools, it was so easy to upload 100 kids all at once, and we had more control over their username and passwords.
19:47:52 matt montagne - we just made the decision to dump firstclass in favor of Google Mail...we're making the transition this June! w00t!!!
19:47:57 PeggyG - it is so exciting to hear all of you talking about your Google experiences!
19:48:31 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Thanks Peggy, it was so fun.
19:48:36 PeggyG - I can't imagine life without Google! I use it every day for many things!
19:48:39 alicebarr (seedlings) - @matt We are wrestling with the same. Going to wait one more year to dump FC
19:48:39 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Hello Cathyjo, welcome!
19:48:55 kyteacher - Woo hoo! Finally got the audio!
19:48:59 Sarah Sutter - @mattmontagne - wisk we coul dmake the switch - GMail is still blocked . . .
19:49:02 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Matt, that is great going to gmail.
19:49:03 Cathyjo - hi cheryle sorry im late
19:49:05 PeggyG - congrats kyteacher!
19:49:06 carolteach4 - Once we got the domain, we uploaded our entire green team 7th grade, and they worked class by class on a website on weather in lieu of their teacher exposing them to the topics in the traditional way.
19:49:13 Sheila - is google apps going to be free in the fall?
19:49:33 PeggyG - @carolteach4--don't you love all of the ways students can collaborate on Google?
19:49:41 cheryloakes~seedlings. - cathyjo you get a pass on being late:_)
19:49:54 joelz - sigh... my district seems to be resistant to GApps for Ed
19:49:58 Cathyjo - listen to podcast usually
19:50:00 Kern - http://bit.ly/googleeducationfaq
19:50:04 cheryloakes~seedlings. - http://groups.google.com/group/google-for-educators?pli=1
19:50:08 matt montagne - alice, link to our proposal that we gave to our school community on the rationale behind moving away from Firstclass to Google:  http://middleschoolblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/google-mail-transition-prop...
19:50:16 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Hello, Dan, evening.
19:50:33 alicebarr (seedlings) - Thomas Cooper's Site https://consortium.wikispaces.com/Thomas+Cooper+-+The+Walkers+School
19:50:35 PeggyG - hadn't see that Google in Ed FAQ--excellent! Thanks
19:50:40 Dan-WickedDecent - h'llo there -- I don't get on here Thursday evenings so much, so I thought I'd swing by
19:50:44 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Google-apps for education Free, the domain is 10.00 through goDaddy
19:50:45 hurumble - Hey Dan. Love Wicked Decent Learning. Love love love love love love it. You really need to know that.
19:50:45 alicebarr (seedlings) - @matt thanks!
19:51:00 Sarah Sutter - Hey Dan! Good to see you here.
19:51:05 matt montagne - @Sarah...we're transitioning to Google Apps/Mail for EDU. That shouldn't be blocked tho
19:51:24 cheryloakes~seedlings. - I forgot to choose my color until now.
19:51:24 Dan-WickedDecent - aww shucks.. thanks hurumble
19:51:32 matt montagne - recommendation for schools doing this...setup a pilot domain first...reserve your school domain for future mail migration
19:51:38 Dan-WickedDecent - color me ignorant, but should I be hearing something right now?
19:51:42 alicebarr (seedlings) - ME too
19:51:57 PeggyG - yes Dan-click on the ETT-A icon for sound
19:52:00 cheryloakes~seedlings. - yes dan ont he start page, click on the speakers.
19:52:05 alicebarr (seedlings) - Great tip Matt
19:52:15 matt montagne - we have a "pilot.castilleja.org" domain and a "castilleja.org" domain. We made the mistake of using our real domain this year...
19:52:26 cheryloakes~seedlings. - good tip Kern, get a different domain name for your google domain
19:52:33 carolteach4 - @Peggy. The kids loved it when they got comments on their webpages from other students and teachers. The only caveat - the science teacher experimenting for the first time with these collaborative tools was uncomfortable with the comments and kept deleting them.
19:52:42 kyteacher - Working w/ our Bd of Ed...hoping that I will be able to set up Google accounts for students next year.
19:52:54 PeggyG - very interesting @carolteach4
19:53:01 Kern - www.sebasticook.info vs www.sebasticook.net
19:53:13 MGuhlin.org - What if we registered a domain and the person serving as admin left?
19:53:20 cheryloakes~seedlings. - what tools are in the education domain?
19:53:26 Dan-WickedDecent - Ahhh..there we go!  I thought I was missing out on something -- danke!
19:53:34 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Hello Mary FRan
19:53:44 matt montagne - @miguel...distribute the passwords to others on the team...follow any other network best practicies
19:53:48 alicebarr (seedlings) - @Miguel Are you going somewhere?
19:53:57 PeggyG - congrats Dan! you were missing out  :-)
19:54:14 Sheila - Chat is moving so quickly!  :) Glad it's archived!
19:54:20 MGuhlin.org - @alicebarr Uh, no. Just resting after a long day, hoping learning will grow. ;->
19:54:24 matt montagne - Teh video sharing component is pretty cool...kinda like an internal YouTube for your school/district
19:54:28 cheryloakes~seedlings. - ABsolutely Shelia, it is a busy place.
19:54:29 alicebarr (seedlings) - @Sheila, I can never keep up
19:54:50 MGuhlin.org - @matt montagne too late for that. Suggestions for dealing with the issue?
19:54:57 Sarah Sutter - The more we do with video, the more we'll need a place to share the videos as a community. Google Apps seems like a great way to do that.
19:54:59 joelz - The state of AZ set up GApps accounts for all K-12 public teachers.
19:55:03 alicebarr (seedlings) - @MGuhlin Ah OK! I get it!
19:55:06 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hello mrkampmann, evening
19:55:07 matt montagne - Moodle Google integration is pretty solid right now and we're pushing the envelope with this on our pilot network
19:55:19 cheryloakes~seedlings. - joelz that is a smart thing statewide!
19:55:30 matt montagne - http://middleschoolblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/moodle-google-integration-m... Moodle Google SSO integration
19:55:46 matt montagne - Miguel...you should be able to contact Google to get that domain reset
19:55:51 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Oh, I want the moodle google, we willstart that over the summer
19:55:52 PeggyG - @joelz-I was going to share the same thing about AZ :-) the IDEAL portal for the state makes it easy for teachers to use google apps
19:55:56 matt montagne - but I could be wrong
19:56:01 Janni Black - @Matt Montagne Can you speak a little more to the Google Moodle integration
19:56:03 Roberto Borda - @Matt Moodle Google sounds interesting would love to hear more about it
19:56:17 PeggyG - MooGoogle :-) very clever!
19:56:29 joelz - @peggyg I wish we could get student accounts, but I'm happy with baby steps for now.
19:56:33 carolteach4 - When I get back to school, I will upload all the Blue Team 7th graders. They use the same logon and password as what they use to log into the network, so we won't have the problems we had when we had the kids signing up for Google accounts individually.
19:56:46 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Google spreadsheets where you can gather information and google forms makes the information come in through a survey
19:57:01 alicebarr (seedlings) - I LOVE Google forms
19:57:11 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hello angela maiers! and Melanie H.
19:57:12 Sarah Sutter - I've been using the forms as a final assessment with students, aligning them to our state learning standards.
19:57:15 alicebarr (seedlings) - Great to get student feedback
19:57:28 carolteach4 - I don't know how to use Google forms. Are there any good tutorials?
19:57:31 Roberto Borda - @Alice you are the queen of Google docs! Lol
19:57:33 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Great Idea SArah, I have an 8th grade assessment in google forms.
19:57:36 matt montagne - @Janni...we're very early in this process, but what it essentially does is allow you to manage your user accounts via moodle (and you can manage moodle accounts fvia LDAP/active or open directory)...a user logs in to moodle and then sees a Google block on the right that they can click to get to their mail, calendars, sites, etc
19:57:37 PeggyG - I love that I can access all of my Google apps on my iPhone!!
19:57:49 cheryloakes~seedlings. - yes, peggy that is awesome.
19:57:51 joelz - I use forms frequently for student surveys and staff surveys.
19:58:06 one earbud working - got to use more of google forms - love the idea of inputing with ipod touch
19:58:18 kyteacher - This is definitely going on my summer project list.
19:58:19 PeggyG - @cheryl-can you share your 8th grade assessment on Google forms?
19:58:20 matt montagne - @PeggyG...24/7 access across a variety of devices that a user can choose was a big reason for our migration away from first class to google mail
19:58:21 MGuhlin.org - @angelamaiers howdy! all went well with your ideas.
19:58:32 joelz - We're all such Google fanboys/girls... Are we going to talk about GApps drawbacks, workarounds?
19:58:35 Melanie Holtsman - Not sure why I can't hear.
19:58:41 carolteach4 - I've used survey monkey. Google forms -is that similar?
19:58:46 PeggyG - @Matt--that was a powerful reason to move to google mail :-)
19:58:51 MGuhlin.org - How do you get support for GoogleApps for Education if it's needed? Is there someone to talk to?
19:58:54 alicebarr (seedlings) -  http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pOIU3K0OwRVKPaOBFzAJsXQ&hl=en Here's a peer feedback form for freshman science
19:59:02 Dan-WickedDecent - Jeff and I have been using Google Apps to make our improv crew work more efficiently
19:59:04 PeggyG - surveymonkey is fantastic and has more features but it costs money
19:59:14 angelamaiers - Hey @MGuhlin! That is so good to hear! You are a Moodle Rockstar!
19:59:21 Dan-WickedDecent - sure, it ain't education, but I'm thinking about using it with my high school improv crew next
19:59:27 one earbud working - I'll be looking for that,Cheryl - totally missed those
19:59:31 matt montagne - also, google will provide you with  Transition Account Management services for FREE...our rep has been incredibly helpful in planning for the transition and our eventual email cut date in June
19:59:56 PeggyG - @Alice-no permission to access your spreadsheet :-(
20:00:04 MaryFran - Prince George's County Board of Ed is in the middle of a big Google Apps implementation. Wes Fryer broadcast a CoSN presentation
20:00:11 PeggyG - Yes Miguel is definitely a Moodle Rockstar!
20:00:12 joelz - GApps drawback: no RSS in Google Sites.
20:00:16 Kern - http://groups.google.com/group/glearn
20:00:19 one earbud working - Hey google brains...can we easily put images in the body of gmail messages...my biggest disappointment (otherwise I love it)
20:00:56 Kern - http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pDxY5YmXDWNQczyYLng1cPg&hl=en&new...
20:00:59 matt montagne - @joelz...the only downside that I can see about google mail is that they might charge EDU institutions in the future
20:01:06 alicebarr (seedlings) - http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=cE9JVTNLME93UlZLUG.....
20:01:22 joelz - @one earbud I think there's a Gmail lab feature that allows in line images in emails
20:01:23 carolteach4 - One problem we had with Google sites was the inability to duplicate a site and then modify it.
20:01:26 PeggyG - won't let me in even with Kern's link
20:01:46 Roberto Borda - The spreadsheet is fine now Alice
20:01:57 MGuhlin.org - Matt is the expert I know. I don't know anything
20:02:00 kcaise - i am using google forms for my needs assessment for capstone project in my master's program
20:02:02 PeggyG - Tomaz Lasic in Australia is also an incredible Moodle person!
20:02:02 matt montagne - there are myths about privacy and who owns the data...they say clearly in their terms of use that the institution owns the data
20:02:14 one earbud working - thanks for pointing that out @joelz...I will check that out.  I am a visual person, so that will make me happy.
20:02:16 angelamaiers - Thanks Peggy!
20:02:19 MaryFran - That is new you need to access Images from Labs
20:02:46 MGuhlin.org - Is there a list anywhere of people doing Moodgle integration? ;->
20:02:48 angelamaiers - It is out-
20:02:57 matt montagne - I don't think so Miguel...I steal from all the excellent sharing you do on your blog on a regular basis (your moodle posts from weeks back were SO helpful...I've really liked OU Blogs)
20:03:02 one earbud working - I can escape text and go back to visuals now!
20:03:07 cheryloakes~seedlings. - I don't know Miguel, how about Laurie Korte?
20:03:14 joelz - @mattmontagne Is there anything on the horizon about paid services? What is the GApps for Ed business model?
20:03:21 MaryFran - Images in gmail needs to be selected in gmail Labs
20:03:28 angelamaiers - http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/new-in-labs-inserting-images.html
20:03:31 Sheila - @lhs1 - you're back!
20:03:34 cheryloakes~seedlings. - thanks MaryFran!
20:03:36 matt montagne - Google Voice is going to be a biggie...
20:03:40 alicebarr (seedlings) - Thanks angela
20:04:05 MGuhlin.org - I don't know Laurie Korte...blog address?
20:04:08 PeggyG - so sorry I have to leave this exciting conversation! I'll catch the rest on the recording! Thanks everyone!!!!
20:04:09 Dan-WickedDecent - Matt, what you just said about privacy is really helpful because that myth has been circulating our building hardcore style
20:04:18 cheryloakes~seedlings. - bye PeggyG, see you again.
20:04:19 alicebarr (seedlings) - Bye Peggy
20:04:22 one earbud working - Thanks MaryFran and angela
20:04:22 Dan-WickedDecent - bye PeggyG
20:04:24 Melanie Holtsman - We're getting ready to move to apps at our school and I saw a conversation thread today that said all my docs accounts will revert to the apps account.  Ways to avoid that ?
20:04:35 matt montagne - @joelz...no, nothing on the horizon, BUT in their EDU TOS they state clearly that they could begin charging for their services at any time...and they might do this. Just be prepared for it...I can't see it being any more than $5/user annually, which is still WAY lower than in house email
20:04:44 Roberto Borda - Always changing and keeping us on our toes that is the beauty of technology
20:04:59 cheryloakes~seedlings. - http://moodlemeet.ning.com/
20:05:07 MGuhlin.org - Great question! "Is your Web 2.0 recession proof?"
20:05:08 matt montagne - @Dan...I'll see if I can dig up the link to the pages that dispell privacy and data ownership myth
20:05:10 Sarah Sutter - I love the constant pace of change - but it's not everyone's favorite part of the new way of doing things.
20:05:18 matt montagne - google is like air and water :-)
20:05:21 joelz - GApps drawback #3: endless beta status. Gmail is 5 years old and still in beta.
20:05:25 Dan-WickedDecent - @Matt that would be great -- thanks
20:05:26 cheryloakes~seedlings. - MIguel    http://moodlemeet.ning.com/
20:05:47 MGuhlin.org - @cheryloakes~seedlings. thanks!
20:05:48 carolteach4 - A representative assured me that Google apps for school will always be free. We'll see.
20:05:53 angelamaiers - Great point!
20:06:00 MaryFran - I think Google keeps things in beta so they don't need to make a big roll out when they add things like insert image
20:06:02 Roberto Borda - @Cheryl TY for link
20:06:06 Kern - http://thetechcurve.blogspot.com/2008/12/is-your-web-20-recession-proof....
20:06:06 matt montagne - @Melanaie...can you clarify?? If I'm reading it correctly, that isn't true
20:07:07 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hello hopey! welcome
20:07:09 MaryFran - Google is very sensitive to knowing how quickly users will look for somewhere else
20:07:15 Melanie Holtsman - @Matt I read about the problem in a google group.  Someone new to apps had the problem.  
20:07:29 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Yes MaryFran, they are very accomodating and love FEEDBACK.
20:07:33 matt montagne - The thing I can say about google is they are transparent...they have made mistakes, but they are transparent about it
20:08:22 MaryFran - The folks at Prince Georges County said that they would be happy to answer questions and help them along with an Apps implementation
20:08:25 carolteach4 - Yes, indeed. That one login is soooo very important. I find myself forgetting to check all the different web 2.0 tools I've signed up for, and I'm a teckkie.
20:08:47 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hello larsona, welcome
20:09:00 Melanie Holtsman - Hi Alice
20:09:20 alicebarr (seedlings) - Hi Melanie! Thanks for coming!
20:09:24 larsona - Hi, everyone! Melanie, I got your tweet. So I'm here. :)
20:09:31 Dan-WickedDecent - I've started a little thing that helps me with the Web 2.0 stuff I use for school -- I always use the same user name for classroom-oriented stuff -- Flight307 -- and that way I never forget and kids can browse for the tags
20:09:32 Kern - Hi Melanie :)
20:09:44 cheryloakes~seedlings. - melanie thanks for having our back and tweeting it again
20:09:46 Roberto Borda - Hi Larsona
20:09:57 Melanie Holtsman - @alicebarr Glad to be here!  Gotta support my Google peeps!
20:10:09 angelamaiers - If only Google could do laundry! Otherwise it pretty much takes care of everything- Amazing!
20:10:13 alicebarr (seedlings) - Yea!!! Google Peeps!!!
20:10:26 alicebarr (seedlings) - I LOVE that! Google laundry!
20:10:33 joelz - I think beta status allows Google to avoid making commitments.
20:10:40 larsona - Oh boy, you guys are wild in here!
20:10:45 alicebarr (seedlings) - LOL!
20:10:49 sroseman - How did you choose the name "FLIGHT307", Dan
20:10:55 Janni Black - someone in our district made a google spreadsheet and we all collaborated by sharing our web 2.0 skills on it-- was a fantastic way to see who could share what around the district
20:10:56 angelamaiers - @alice- Maybe iphone will create an app for that?
20:10:57 MaryFran - If you worked in MtView at the Googleplex, there is free laundry
20:11:12 kyteacher - @Janni Black Great idea!
20:11:20 alicebarr (seedlings) - @angela that would be nice :)
20:11:28 carolteach4 - Google also discontinued "notebook" for new users. Thank goodness it grandfathered it for previous users. That is how I've been tracking my research for over a year now. I have taken the precaution of exporting my notebooks to Google docs.
20:11:35 alicebarr (seedlings) - @Janni Black great idea
20:11:50 Janni Black - It ended up being great - we gave our names, emails, phone #s and specialties we could share with other schools
20:11:59 MaryFran - I was very sad when they stopped supporting notebook
20:12:04 larsona - Angela, which Alice? I can't believe I just asked that. There are NEVER two Alice's.
20:12:07 MaryFran - Have you tried Google Bookmarks
20:12:23 Dan-WickedDecent - @sroseman That's my classroom #
20:12:29 joelz - @carolteach4 I moved to Evernote after the GNotebook announcement
20:12:39 Dan-WickedDecent - and I think I did it for the first time during the first season of Lost
20:12:39 one earbud working - Sarah, just what I need to ignite at my school...shared docs and spreadsheets
20:12:51 carolteach4 - I will have to investigate Evernote. Thanks.
20:12:57 Sarah Sutter - @joelz I moved to Evernote too . . bummed about the GNotebook ending.
20:13:03 matt montagne - Google Privacy Info: http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=60762&src=top5&lev=...
20:13:13 MaryFran - Which tools besides gmail do they not have access to?
20:13:17 hurumble - In 2 months every conceivable username will be taken on google
20:13:26 Roberto Borda - Welcome Melonie
20:13:35 matt montagne - WHO Owns the Data?? http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=106876
20:13:44 cheryloakes~seedlings. - thanks to melanie
20:13:49 joelz - I like Evernote better. Is that blasephy in this chat room?
20:14:08 alicebarr (seedlings) - @joelz I like it too
20:14:11 cheryloakes~seedlings. - no joelz, we always look for the best tool for our purpose!
20:14:14 alicebarr (seedlings) - You're fine :)
20:14:15 matt montagne - Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Google Apps/Mail for EDU: http://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/edu/sell.html
20:14:18 MaryFran - Not if Google doesn't support Notebook
20:14:23 Sarah Sutter - It's always about the best tool. :)
20:14:27 Dan-WickedDecent - @hurumble oh, I can think of a few that won't be -- but I don't think anyone would want them -- I'll keep from lowering the bar of conversation here and refrain from sharing my thoughts on that
20:14:33 alicebarr (seedlings) - MAtt! Amazing links!
20:14:34 Kern - @joelz whatever works, I liked Zoho notebook better than Google's anyway :)
20:14:40 Sheila - @Matt  thanks for the links
20:14:46 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hellochollingsworth, evening.
20:14:51 angelamaiers - @Matt- you are rockin tonight
20:15:02 hurumble - @Dan haha
20:15:06 angelamaiers - Google notebook has a great plugin for Firefox
20:15:17 chollingsworth - hello, saw the msg on twitter, thought I'd see what this was about! :-)
20:15:17 alicebarr (seedlings) - @angela I loved that
20:15:20 hurumble - hey Dan did you ever have Michelle Scribner as a student
20:15:25 matt montagne - 10 years ago if you told me we'd have access to a powerful communication platform like google apps for EDU AND if was free, I would've said you were joking
20:15:38 sroseman - I see Dan!! Cool!
20:15:40 Dan-WickedDecent - @hurumble Sure did!
20:15:47 hurumble - I go to school with her
20:15:49 cheryloakes~seedlings. - predictions for Google's future! anyone?
20:15:56 larsona - world domination
20:16:07 matt montagne - @Angela! Ha! I just went through 3 months of working hard within our commujity to transition from First Class to Google Apps...this resonates with me!
20:16:08 Dan-WickedDecent - @matt thanks for posting that! much obliged -- do you know if that applies to individual users as well or only to instiutions?
20:16:14 Melanie Holtsman - Thanks for letting me chime in.  I think that Google is so receptive to ideas and requests from teachers they will try to meet our needs however they can.
20:16:44 cheryloakes~seedlings. - If you have a request of google, add it to the chat! What do you need google to do!
20:16:52 Roberto Borda - @Melanie ty for your chime lol
20:17:01 kyteacher - Great conversation.  I'm learning so much.
20:17:10 joelz - Google will draw up a constitution for their own nation with their own anthem and bill of rights (beta)
20:17:16 Sarah Sutter - Great to have you join the call, Melanie!
20:17:17 matt montagne - Again, do your due diligence and ask all the hard questions, but there isn't much of a downside to outsourcing a commodity app like email so your IT folks can be freed up to truly collaborate
20:17:19 carolteach4 - Our green team resisted a team webpage in it had to be created in DreamWeaver or Frontpage. Now, not only are the kids collaborating on projects, the Green team teachers are thrilled to have such an easy way to post info on the team webpage.
20:17:21 larsona - @joelz - NICE!
20:17:21 cheryloakes~seedlings. - thanks kyteacher, and welcome to the show.
20:17:22 Cathyjo - @cheryl I have a spreadsheet on google to manage passwords (im so bold.)
20:17:23 Melanie Holtsman - @Roberto Borda Thanks :)  
20:17:27 Roberto Borda - How about a 3-d virtual google? Second Life and Google
20:17:34 cheryloakes~seedlings. - you are so bold!!! cathyjo
20:17:49 cheryloakes~seedlings. - good idea Roberto!
20:17:50 Cathyjo - its too hard to keep up with so many passwords
20:17:50 chollingsworth - That was Lively, that they discontinued, right?
20:17:59 cheryloakes~seedlings. -  hello sdreyer! welcome
20:18:01 matt montagne - Bandwidth, Bandwidth, Bandwidth...
20:18:03 joelz - @Roberto I think Google tried 3D and killed it recently et chollingsworth
20:18:12 Cathyjo - my district is so heavy in the bed with DELL and MS they wont even consider it ---sad
20:18:16 matt montagne - More bandwidth, less LAN storage
20:18:18 Melanie Holtsman - I'd like to see more Google trainings available in SL.  Maybe in our GCT space?  We need Peggy Sheehy in on this!  :)
20:18:22 MGuhlin.org - link to the video?
20:18:32 sdreyer - Hi everyone.
20:18:55 chollingsworth - Does Google update their teacher newsletter very often?  Am I thinking of the right thing?
20:18:58 matt montagne - @cathyJO...that is sad...it is important for people in IT to be company agnostic
20:19:03 carolteach4 - We will have to work on rewriting our Acceptable Use Policy to incorporate the Web 2.0 tools.
20:19:08 Melanie Holtsman - @CAthyjo My district won't either but I was able to convince them to let me pilot it only at my school.
20:19:18 sdreyer - Is anyone attending  the CUE Lead Learning workshop this Jukly?
20:19:24 Dan-WickedDecent - @Matt the big concern in Maine is some very stringent state laws regarding student privacy that cause a lot of headaches and anxieties
20:19:30 joelz - @carolteach4 we just updated ours.
20:19:33 Cathyjo - dell is our vendor for computers, laptops, projectors, and printers. Yeah they are getting a kickback somewhre
20:19:35 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hello maureen, welcome
20:19:42 MGuhlin.org - Yes to picasa slide show
20:19:46 MaryFran - Yes you can
20:19:49 carolteach4 - @joelz - Can I see a copy?
20:19:50 sroseman - they have web albums
20:19:54 Kern - @mguhlin http://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/edu/cust_videos.html#arizona
20:19:56 Cathyjo - i asked for a dell netbook
20:19:57 MGuhlin.org - I prefer Picasa to Flickr
20:20:00 Cathyjo - hey it is a DELL
20:20:00 MGuhlin.org - Thanks @Kern
20:20:08 Melanie Holtsman - Wow, I need to try that with Picasa
20:20:10 matt montagne - @Dan...who is to say data stored on a school server is less secure/more secure than data stored on a google server?? I'll hedge my bets on google there ;-)
20:20:17 MaryFran - Picassa is now available for Mac, to
20:20:19 chollingsworth - Both Picasa and Flickr are blocked at our office.  But I use Picasa at home as well
20:20:20 joelz - It's not approved yet, but when it goes through, I'll send it are you on Twitter?
20:20:28 matt montagne - @Miguel ...I'm becoming a picassa fan too
20:20:30 cheryloakes~seedlings. - thanks Miguel for the Picasa hint
20:20:35 angelamaiers - Thanks for the video link!
20:20:44 carolteach4 - So much to learn. I don't have a clue about BubbleShare or Picassa slide show
20:20:47 sdreyer - When using Google Sites, Picassa easily allows users to embed albums.
20:20:55 angelamaiers - Soo true!
20:21:00 matt montagne - I wish sites had RSS
20:21:08 angelamaiers - Any predictions about Google and Twitter?
20:21:08 matt montagne - sites will evolve tho
20:21:13 sroseman - embed Picasa albums
20:21:13 Cathyjo - @matt oh yeah
20:21:18 MaryFran - There are more Googlers than there are of us
20:21:22 joelz - @matt montagne I second that!
20:21:23 sroseman - http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/2007/04/picasa-slideshow.html
20:21:28 Dan-WickedDecent - @Matt that argument holds no water with our IT dept
20:21:46 matt montagne - @Dan...of course not...it is threatening to their jobs
20:21:49 larsona - Speaking of Picasa...recently, I edited some pics in Picasa and then tried to post to FB. Edits weren't there. Any ideas what might've happened?
20:21:56 cheryloakes~seedlings. - we want google sites more friendly like wikispaces!
20:21:57 carolteach4 - @joel - yes, just recently. I didn't like Twitter, but now I am seeing its usefulness. my twitter name is cstanley
20:22:17 Dan-WickedDecent - @Matt their argument is that they control the security -- if it gets circumvented it was on their watch and their liability -- they don't have the added worry of saying they shirked their liability off on to Google
20:22:25 matt montagne - @Dan...it they were smart, they would redefine their roles in the age of Google just like everyone else has to do
20:22:36 Dan-WickedDecent - @Matt that said, I think they are looking seriously at a Google Apps set up
20:22:43 MGuhlin.org - Check out this Picasa 101 - http://tinyurl.com/dy6b2c
20:22:53 carolteach4 - I would like to be able to upload a movie to Google sites directly from my computer and not have to upload it to YouTube first.
20:22:54 Dan-WickedDecent - @Matt they just want everything controlled from within
20:22:57 cheryloakes~seedlings. - thanks Miguel this is great
20:23:11 matt montagne - @Dan...no, I was a bit harsh there...I hear 'ya
20:23:14 hurumble - man... google really has everything doesn't it
20:23:19 larsona - @MGuhlin, thanks for the link!
20:23:23 carolteach4 - Also, why can't we upload a plain old audio file in blogger as you can in edublogs?
20:23:29 joelz - Podcasting with GApps is a beast.
20:23:30 Melanie Holtsman - Can't wait to check that out!
20:23:34 Roberto Borda - Mine is to twitter Alice lol
20:23:58 matt montagne - Microsoft has a web based apps /email service as well...many colleges are using it...not sure if anyone here has looked at it
20:23:58 Cathyjo - lol
20:24:11 carolteach4 - So sad - my spring vacation is almost over.
20:24:12 Dan-WickedDecent - I think IT depts. are very much stuck between rocks and hard places right now in this climate -- so much new tech -- new ways of doing business -- but having end users that don't completely get it -- having finances run by people who don't completely get it -- and having the landscape change faster than it takes to catch everyone up to speed
20:24:26 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Oh carolteach4, we hope it was a good one.
20:24:27 larsona - So true, Dan
20:24:33 joelz - Google doesn't want to buy another no-business-model property like YouTube.
20:24:40 matt montagne - @Dan...trudat...well said
20:24:42 Kern - @Dan-WickedDecent well put
20:24:47 sdreyer - Google Apps education gives you 10 GIGs of storage and 30 hours of streaming video.
20:24:48 MGuhlin.org - "We're a Microsoft shop!" is a poor answer....
20:24:59 Cathyjo - nice what is that search?
20:25:02 carolteach4 - It was! I got to meet Bob Sprankle on my way home to CT from a visit in Camden, Maine. Where is he tonight?
20:25:09 Roberto Borda - Google Apps, Pandora, Twitter, Ning, all in one Wow
20:25:18 Dan-WickedDecent - I'm good for one lucid comment per week, so ignore my comments when WDL Ep 65 comes out
20:25:24 Cathyjo - woof
20:25:28 MGuhlin.org - The dog is cute
20:25:34 MGuhlin.org - ;->
20:25:48 matt montagne - @Miguell...I heard that one for years at my previous school..."we're a Microsoft/dell shop...we can't do that"
20:26:15 larsona - Hubby home. Must stop working now. ;) Thanks for the great first-time experience! Good evening!
20:26:23 carolteach4 - I just got started on the seedlings ning. I think that will be exciting.
20:26:35 Sarah Sutter - @carol - Bob is at his daughter's play this evening.
20:26:38 MGuhlin.org - @matt montagne does that mean you left them behind?
20:26:54 carolteach4 - Common Sense Media is fabulous - so many resources for teaching medial literacy to middle school kids
20:27:09 alicebarr (seedlings) - http://www.commonsensemedia.org/about-us/our-mission
20:27:13 cheryloakes~seedlings. - http://www.ck12.org/news.html
20:27:48 matt montagne - Just posted more google related links for our EDU rep conversation several weeks back... http://castillejatech.wikispaces.com/Google+Info
20:28:03 matt montagne - @Miguel...yup
20:28:11 alicebarr (seedlings) - http://www.edutopia.org/textbook-publishing-controversy#
20:28:34 Melanie Holtsman - http://issuu.com/   Example here:  http://ccegeeks.blogspot.com/
20:28:39 Roberto Borda - Way cool idea
20:28:44 matt montagne - one of my students interned with the CK12 open source textbook project last summer
20:28:46 hurumble - WOW that sounds awesome
20:28:56 Kern - I lovvvvve issuu
20:29:00 MGuhlin.org - @matt sigh.
20:29:05 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Matt have you used this ck-12?
20:29:06 Kern - tinyurl.com/thegooglesuite
20:29:29 cheryloakes~seedlings. - hello wickeddecent and mhtalbut
20:29:50 chollingsworth - I looked at CK12 last week.  Noticed it was limited to the sciences
20:29:52 matt montagne - @Cheryl...no, we have not...but our parents are getting a little tired of $500/year in books, so I think things may change
20:29:55 carolteach4 - @Sarah - Oh, yes. I forgot. He mentioned that in the ning. It was so great meeting him in person yesterday.
20:30:02 mhtalbut - hello, thanks kyteacher for the notice
20:30:03 Sarah Sutter - http://cogdogblog.com/2009/02/07/cooliris-presentation/    AND    http://cogdogblog.com/stuff/techtools09/  AND  http://cooliris.com
20:30:04 Wickeddecent - Hey all I'm late
20:30:22 Kern - hey wickeddecent - Jeff?
20:30:26 Wickeddecent - Yep
20:30:30 Wickeddecent - Is Dan here too?
20:30:32 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Just a reminder that this will be a podcast tomorrow, including the great chat and links.
20:30:33 Kern - Howdy!
20:30:33 Maureen - I just started using myebooks- like issuu, but you can add video, and audio.
20:30:40 Wickeddecent - Hey Kern
20:31:04 hurumble - awesome
20:31:11 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Thanks for joining us for the evening. Have a great vacation, finishing up, soon to be and we will see you in 2 weeks. Lisa Parisi's on next Teachers talking.
20:31:13 carolteach4 - I find the podcast and the saved chat so very helpful. It's hard for me to absorb it all in real time.
20:31:18 matt montagne - I saw a presntation a few weeks ago where the presenter used tabs in the browser as slides...that was really interesting
20:31:19 alicebarr (seedlings) - FAcebook class:http://blog.mikearsenault.net
20:31:20 Sarah Sutter - Hey there Jeff!
20:31:33 Wickeddecent - Hey Sarah!
20:31:34 Melanie Holtsman - Can't  wait to read back through the chat, I can't keep up it's so fast tonight! :)
20:31:36 Cathyjo - nice
20:31:37 cheryloakes~seedlings. - carolteach4, i feel the same this chat is so valuable!
20:31:38 Dan-WickedDecent - Pay no attention to the WickedDecent imposter!  It's not Jeff! It's a doppleganger from a parallel dimension!  He likes proprietary software and thinks Microsoft Explorer is the best browser EVER!
20:31:49 Wickeddecent - Ha Ha
20:31:51 Sarah Sutter - The Cool Iris as presentation lets you do images AND video that plays right in the cooliris format. Great stuff.
20:31:53 kyteacher - @chollingsworth I noticed the same thing about CK12
20:31:53 Melanie Holtsman - Love flowgram!
20:31:55 cheryloakes~seedlings. - Oh Dan....
20:32:02 Kern - http://www.flowgram.com
20:32:02 alicebarr (seedlings) - @Melanie: chat is rockin' tonight!
20:32:07 Kern - http://www.studenshowcase.org
20:32:16 Kern - http://www.studentshowcase.org
20:32:33 Wickeddecent - Richard Byrne is the Godfather of Ed Tech!
20:32:42 Maureen - @sarah were the directions to use cooliris for presentation hard to follow- just glanced at them briefly
20:32:42 one earbud working - I hope I can remember all these ideas
20:32:46 Roberto Borda - Wow! Great links
20:32:54 sroseman - searchme can also be used as a presentation tool as well
20:32:58 one earbud working - my head is bursting
20:33:02 sroseman - http://www.searchme.com/#/&stack=57195
20:33:05 Sarah Sutter - Takes a little bit to do it, but the directions are pretty clear. :)
20:33:19 sroseman - searchme uses the concepts of stacks
20:33:21 Dan-WickedDecent - I often feel like I should go to Richard Byrne and get his blessings before persuing other Web 2.0 apps -- I'm worried about finding a moose's head next to me in bed if I don't
20:33:22 Melanie Holtsman - Thanks for having me! I enjoyed it.  
20:33:29 Cathyjo - thanks folks
20:33:48 matt montagne - thanks y'all...that was good stuff!!!
20:33:51 carolteach4 - Thanks so much to Cheryl and Alice and Bob and all for such a wonderful resource.
20:33:55 Roberto Borda - Here is another tool for presentations: http://prezi.com/
20:33:57 Dan-WickedDecent - thank you all for a great show
20:34:04 Melanie Holtsman - Googlerific!
20:34:24 Cathyjo - susepense
20:34:38 Cathyjo - googlefest suspense 4 sure
20:34:51 Sheila - Reminder - Earth Day webcast - April 22 all day - earthbridges.net
20:34:56 matt montagne - wow, a google lovefest :-)
20:35:07 carolteach4 - I am dying to hook up one of my middle school classes with a class in Maine. Any ideas?
20:35:09 Roberto Borda - TY for a great session!
20:35:10 Cathyjo - heading out thanks
20:35:16 AnneFraser - Great conversations!
20:35:24 alicebarr (seedlings) - @carol try Kern
20:35:25 sroseman - goodnight thanks
20:35:27 Sheila - This was amazing! Thanks so much!
20:35:30 kyteacher - Thanks.  This was great!
20:35:36 matt montagne - @sheila...yep, don't forget about Earthcast09 this Wednesday, April 22nd for 24 Hours (GMT Day)
20:35:38 Roberto Borda - Bye all!
20:35:41 Dan-WickedDecent - @carolteach4 with another middle school class?
20:35:42 hurumble - i had no idea maine was so awesome when i was actually going to school there 5 years ago
20:35:43 one earbud working - Thank you everyone...next time I will show up with two earbuds working.
20:35:44 Kern - Yeah Carol, I'm all ears :)
20:35:49 alicebarr (seedlings) - Or my Mike arsenault
20:35:50 chollingsworth - thanks so much!
20:35:55 carolteach4 - Yes Dan
20:35:56 Roberto Borda - Good night everybody! Lol
20:36:02 matt montagne - ciao
20:36:06 kyteacher - Good night!
20:36:19 carolteach4 - Dan, I'm now on the seedlings ning - can you contact me there?
20:36:29 Dan-WickedDecent - fire me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll sling you some names at our middle school that might be keen to it
20:36:45 hurumble - who is kern on twitter
20:36:51 Dan-WickedDecent - my PC is having multitasking issues so I'm owrried to stray from the path here
20:36:54 cheryloakes~seedlings. - kernkelley
20:37:16 carolteach4 - thanks, Dan - I will
20:37:37 hurumble - wicked
20:37:56 Wickeddecent - Hey Hurumble!
20:38:01 hurumble - hi@
20:38:05 hurumble - !*
20:38:27 carolteach4 - By the by, I have a CD from the Wicked Good Band or something like that.. They are a hoot. I love your email address.
20:38:48 Wickeddecent - @hurumble Thanks for listening to us
20:39:01 Dan-WickedDecent - it's the e-mail address for our podcast of the same name
20:39:15 Dan-WickedDecent - *blatant self promotion*
20:39:25 carolteach4 - @Dan   - so many resources - so little time.
20:39:43 Tom J - @Alice Hope you can visit Elmwood Franklin next Monday
20:39:49 carolteach4 - @Dan -looking forward to chatting with you via email.
20:39:54 Dan-WickedDecent - likewise
20:40:33 alicebarr (seedlings) - Oh Hi tom!
20:40:39 alicebarr (seedlings) - Yes I am coming on Monday
20:40:52 hurumble - no no. thank YOU for being amazing. in 3 weeks i've gone from lowly student teacher who falls asleep while riding the T to school to listening to wicked decent learning to all of a sudden being part of this massive twitter network of teachers and feeling like I'm already a step ahead of so many teachers without actually having a job yet
20:41:35 Tom J - Great!
20:41:36 carolteach4 - @Alice- maybe someday I'll get to sit in on one of your summer courses at USM
20:41:44 Wickeddecent - @hurumble Well, we are glad to include you.  Drop us some feedback on a topic idea sometime
20:41:56 alicebarr (seedlings) - @carolteach4 I would love to have you
20:42:08 Wickeddecent - Got to go all.  Correcting still awaits
20:42:59 carolteach4 - @hurumble - hope you get the position of your dreams; my son just finished student teaching in CT in a second-grade classroom. I hope the same for him.
20:43:38 hurumble - awesome
20:43:40 hurumble - yes
20:43:44 hurumble - where in CT?
20:43:55 Dan-WickedDecent - @hurumble it would be awesome to have you calling in from an Anna's Taqueria while we record
20:44:27 carolteach4 - He taught at an elementary school in Derby, Ct
20:44:29 hurumble - haha... i'm surrounded by them
20:45:25 hurumble - hmm
20:45:55 hurumble - when do you guys usually record?
20:46:18 Dan-WickedDecent - sling us a line through our gmail and we can yammer about it more
20:46:34 Wickeddecent - @hurumble want to contact me on twitter? (wickeddecent) we can continue there
20:46:52 Dan-WickedDecent - I'm gonna go correct so I have only a monumental pile over vacation and not a gargantuan
20:46:57 hurumble - alright, i'll do thatt
20:47:13 Dan-WickedDecent - nite all
20:47:41 carolteach4 - I'm on vacation this week which is why I've finally had time to participate in these Ed Tech Talk sessions. It is a real rush. Now I'm beginning to understand our digital natives - always connected except when they have to power down at school. Hopefully, that will be changing. I do worry about being connected tooooo much.