Seedlings 2009-05-14 with Thomas Cooper

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Seedlings, collaborative projects, Thomas Cooper and how to get down!

If you have been wondering how to get started in a collaborative project using some of the google tools, this show is for you. Alice and Cheryl quiz Thomas on how he gets started using a particular tool, how he decides what to publish, research and how he engages many students in hands on learning and decision making.

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30:55 [Message] tcooper66 hi everyone

31:00 [Message] alicebarr No problem Peggy... Meet Thomas

31:08 [Message] alicebarr He is our guest tonight

31:25 [Message] tcooper66 I know Peggy.

31:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings welcome Peggy

31:34 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Hello Terry

31:46 [Message] tkaminski Hello Cheryl

31:51 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings sound check Peggy or Terry

31:54 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Hi Shelia

32:01 [Message] tkaminski I cannot hear anything

32:14 [Message] Sheila Hi all!

32:16 [Message] PeggyG no audio for me yet

32:32 [Message] alicebarr Hold on a sec ":)

32:34 [Message] PeggyG Hi everyone-all ready for another exciting Seedlings show :-)

32:51 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings is there audio yet?

33:00 [Message] PeggyG not for me

33:36 [Message] alicebarr Chat in the chat room :)

34:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings restarting

34:35 [Message] tkaminski Well, here in Cold Lake, Alberta it is snowing!!!  This is unusual for us at this time of year

34:50 [Message] Sheila Wow! How much?

34:51 [Message] tcooper66 must be pretty.

35:03 [Message] PeggyG wow! can't believe you have snow! It's about 102 degrees here in Phoenix AZ

35:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings should be coming to you soon!

35:25 [Message] Sheila I remember 7 years ago it snowed on the 12 here in NH. Not much, a dusting.

35:28 [Message] tkaminski We do not have a lot of snow but the cold weather is kind of depressing

35:47 [Message] PeggyG hearing the audio now. Just heard the tail end of 21st Century Learning :-)

36:08 [Message] Sheila sounds good!

36:14 [Message] PeggyG it's funny how that always happens--you get the end of the last streamed show when a new show starts up :-)

36:19 [Message] tcooper66 Atlanta

36:31 [Message] PeggyG great audio

36:36 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings YEAH, we are finally here.

36:48 [Message] Sheila Hi Bob!

37:00 [Message] Sheila Recover soon!

37:02 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings I had changed my server last week to just record as back up.So, back broadcasting again.

37:05 [Message] PeggyG Hi Thomas! Great to see you!

37:10 [Message] tcooper66 Hi Peggy

37:17 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Yes, shout out to Bob, hope you feel better soon!!!

37:19 [Message] tkaminski Welcome Thomas

37:40 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Terry, just as I was getting into the gardening, you have snow!

38:00 [Message] tkaminski I usually am planting the bedding plants by now

38:[Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Oh, your poor plants.

38:21 [Message] PeggyG that would be a great intro!

39:13 [Message] tkaminski Elluminate is awesome!!! 

39:18 [Message] PeggyG what a great idea--Google Certified Teacher Talk Show!!

39:44 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Isn't that great, all kinds of apps

40:14 [Message] PeggyG will you do something on Trails and Google Earth/maps for iphone/itouch users?

40:24 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings oh, Peggy great idea.

40:25 [Message] tkaminski This is great.  PD on Google tools.  Please let us all when the show is and where we go to participate

40:40 [Message] PeggyG That is such a powerful app for schools!

40:40 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings We will be advertising this big time.

40:50 [Message] Sheila Very interesting idea!

40:52 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Yes Peggy, it is powerful and collaborative.

41:31 [Message] tkaminski Going to be using Google Apps in or 1 to 1 implementation starting Sept.09

41:43 [Message] alicebarr Very cool Terry!

42:25 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Terry, what is your hardware platform for the 1-1.

42:36 [Message] tkaminski Apple Macbooks

42:37 [Message] PeggyG we had our keynote speaker for AzTEA (Howie DiBlasi) focus on Google apps in his keynote and it was very exciting to introduce them to the participants!

42:43 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings We are looking at netbooks for our carts, not 1-1.

42:55 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Macbooks are what our state is looking at.

43:08 [Message] tkaminski Concerned how long a netbook will be functional

43:23 [Message] Sheila oh vernal pools!

43:28 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

43:36 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings This is my favorite science topic.

43:44 [Message] PeggyG Howie gave us a great handout on Google tools after his session

44:05 [Message] Sheila My former bio teacher is well known in MA for vernal pools.

44:15 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings   and another

44:21 [Message] PeggyG where in MA Sheila?

44:30 [Message] Sheila Reading, MA

44:36 [Message] Sheila Leo Kenney

44:51 [Message] PeggyG fantastic! I lived in Amherst, MA for about 15 years

46:14 [Message] Sheila What time frame did you do this?

46:32 [Message] Sheila Our seasons are a bit different.

46:48 [Message] PeggyG were you conducting water research during that project?

46:50 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings yes, Shelia, I think he is out of school nearly.

47:17 [Message] tkaminski I am sharing this vernal pods site with my Biology teachers who do a pond study every semester

47:45 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings absolutely.

48:32 [Message] PeggyG there was a group of HS students in AZ that took on conducting water quality research on local water streams/creeks a couple of years ago and it was such a valuable service for the area

49:21 [Message] PeggyG what an awesome project Thomas!

49:49 [Message] alicebarr Love this real research

50:03 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings this is just a great model of science research

50:[Message] PeggyG isn't it??!!

50:27 [Message] tkaminski 15 years ago our biology students studied the water quality in a river near an oilsands plant.  Turns out the oilsands plant was contaminating the river.  Students data helped get the oilsands plant to clean up the river.

50:44 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings students working on real projects

50:54 [Message] PeggyG now that's authentic learning @tkaminski!!!

53:02 [Message] PeggyG it will be really interesting for your students to do it again next year to compare the data with this year

53:40 [Message] PeggyG excellent idea for expanding the project next year with data from other areas

54:31 [Message] tkaminski Great integration of technology to study real world data

54:44 [Message] PeggyG that kind of collaboration on collecting data on a google doc is so exciting!

55:04 [Message] PeggyG

55:14 [Message] Sheila brb

55:19 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings ok shelia

55:26 [Message] PeggyG that was where I found the lab report template

55:52 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings thanks Peggy, this is such a comprehensive project I need a tour guide!

56:12 [Message] PeggyG me too--first I have to decode all of the science information!!

57:35 [Message] tkaminski Google docs allows these students to work collaboratively on this project any day or time

57:46 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

57:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings This is Thomas' 5th grade project

58:22 [Message] PeggyG so sorry I have to leave you--need to join the Mark Treadwell Future of Education session. I'll have to catch the rest on the recording. Thanks for a great conversation!!

58:32 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings thanks Peggy! see ya,

02:18 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Here here, technology integration

02:33 [Message] Sheila Sorry, need to go. Will have to catch the podcast! :(

02:43 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings thanks shelia, see you soon.

02:44 [Message] Sheila Very interesting though1

05:49 [Message] alicebarr

05:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

06:17 [Message] alicebarr

06:28 [Message] alicebarr

07:25 [Message] alicebarr Hello carolteach

07:54 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings welcome back carolteach4

08:07 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings how has your week been?

08:38 [Message] carolteach4 Hi, Alice - just got home from school - experimenting with new OCR software - glad to catch a few minutes of the show

08:54 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings how did it work with the OC?

08:59 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings OCT?

09:04 [Message] tkaminski Wish my biology teachers were participating tonight

09:08 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings OCR I'll get it.

09:23 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings me too terry! I will be sending this.

09:45 [Message] alicebarr @terry me too :)

10:02 [Message] carolteach4 pretty good - not perfect, but OmniPage is much better than what we had -costly-$150 -surprised they got it for me

10:11 [Message] tkaminski Yeak I forgot this will be archived.  Definitely sending it to them

10:24 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings well when you have good reasons, they will support most things

12:15 [Message] tkaminski I agree that only a few share

12:47 [Message] carolteach4 I think that's the case in most schools, but gradually more and more teachers are coming aboard.

12:48 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings welcome Jamie

12:54 [Message] alicebarr Hi Jamie

12:57 [Message] jamie Hi all!

13:[Message] tkaminski I really appreciate that some of you are willing to share with the rest of us.  ALL students are better off becasue of your sharing

13:32 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings isn't that the truth

13:50 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings evening Deb Barrows

13:52 [Message] alicebarr @Tkaminski That's what it's about

13:57 [Message] alicebarr Hi Deb!

14:06 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings collaborative projects! with Thomas Cooper

14:19 [Message] carolteach4 I love being part of the Seedlings Ning and have participated in the NCTE Ning, but I'm a little afraid to set one up myself. I like the speaker am afraid that not too many will participate.

14:25 [Message] Deb Barrows Hi - I love collaborative projects!

15:04 [Message] carolteach4 Oh, that's interesting - make it mandantory to use the NING. I'm not sure how that would go over.

15:21 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings good idea, mandatory ning use.

15:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings you don't have to convince the kids

15:30 [Message] alicebarr @CarolTeach for Teachers or students?

15:42 [Message] alicebarr Kids need no convincing

15:43 [Message] tkaminski Some people need to be forced to particapate before they realize what the benefits are

15:57 [Message] carolteach4 Our superintendent is keen on getting more teachers in our system to embrace Moodle. Since he sent out that notification, lots more teachers are expressing interest in learning how to use it.

16:00 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings I agree Terry, most need a push.

16:23 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings good for your supt. carolteach4

16:30 [Message] tkaminski Hoorah for your superintendent Carol

16:37 [Message] jamie People can't see the need until they've used the tool themselves. Hard to convince some.

16:39 [Message] carolteach4 @alice - to start, I'd like to set one up for teachers and then branch out - or have the teachers set up one for their students.

17:08 [Message] alicebarr I highly recommend teacehrs setting up for kidds. Cheryl can attest to how engaging

17:33 [Message] alicebarr HS Art at my school is using one and having huge success

17:35 [Message] carolteach4 I've seen Cheryl's comments on her NING, and it has whetted my appetite.

17:41 [Message] tkaminski @carolteach4 I would suggest starting with teachers.  Once they use a NING and realize how great a tool it is then they will use it with their students

17:51 [Message] tcooper66

18:03 [Message] carolteach4 @tkaminski - that's what I thought

18:16 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Nings are great and you can ask for them to be with out ads if you promise that kids are over 13.

18:39 [Message] alicebarr

18:40 [Message] tkaminski Time flies when great ideas are being shared

18:44 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

18:52 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Thanks Terry

18:58 [Message] carolteach4 Please have the speaker put up the link he referenced previously.

11 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

23:00 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Find your passion as a teacher!

23:18 [Message] carolteach4 Oh, those two links are so rich - so many opportunities

23:24 [Message] tkaminski I would like to have Thomas back again on Seedlings

23:48 [Message] alicebarr Thomas is amazing! We are going to start a show on Elluminate soon...

23:55 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings I thought it was quiet, people are checking links. Sure Terry we will have him back next fall. Plus, he will have his own show coming up in August.

24:21 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings Student choice and buyin!

24:21 [Message] tkaminski When will the Elluminate session be?

24:24 [Message] jamie @cheryloakes That's great!

24:35 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings I think Mondays starting late August.

24:46 [Message] carolteach4 Students picking their own interests - so important -so hard to achieve in a school where predetermined and packed curriculum rules

24:49 [Message] tkaminski I cannot wait @cheryloakes

25:33 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings me too! Terry.

25:37 [Message] carolteach4 Can we contact Thomas through those links with questions and for advice?

25:49 [Message] tkaminski One project per show would help us get other teachers online for that

25:57 [Message] tcooper66 [email protected]

26:07 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings good idea terry. one project one show.

26:29 [Message] carolteach4 That's exactly what our 8th grade teams are trying to do - collaborative integrated project - for last few weeks of school.

26:52 [Message] tcooper66 This is been so much fun.

27:14 [Message] alicebarr

27:29 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings hello bauwarter

28:15 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

28:16 [Message] bauwarter Hi.  I love being here live instead of weeks late in my car with my ipod.

28:58 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

29:03 [Message] Deb Barrows @bauwarter - I was just thinking the same thing!

29:08 [Message] tkaminski Thanks for the Youtube help Alice

29:09 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

29:40 [Message] tcooper66 we are doing a scratch project with our new project Fueling America on Google Sites

29:55 [Message] tcooper66 It's a great program, students love it.

30:16 [Message] tkaminski Can you post Bob's Holocaust in Second life link?

30:28 [Message] carolteach4 I am dying to have the time to learn Scratch

30:30 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings

30:59 [Message] alicebarr @carolteach me too :) Learning it at NECC

34:02 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings thanks to all of you in the chat.

34:06 [Message] alicebarr Thank you to our wonderful chat room!

34:08 [Message] tkaminski 2 weeks without Seedlings!!  I am going to have withdrawal

34:23 [Message] carolteach4 Thanks, everyone.

34:24 [Message] alicebarr We'll miss you guys too!

34:26 [Message] jamie Thanks Seedlings!!

34:27 [Message] tkaminski Good night all

34:38 [Message] bauwarter Thanks for the Geek of the

34:44 [Message] bauwarter week

35:32 [Message] carolteach4 @Alice - hope I get to meet you this summer - maybe I can stop in at my alma marta(sp?) while you are teaching