Seedlings 2009-05-14 with Thomas Cooper

What a blast! Alice and I had a great time quizzing Thomas about how he is involved with his collaborative projects, how he pushes the projects out to others and how his students are engaged and pushing the envelope. The consensus was that we must have Thomas come back. That is a great thing. Thomas will be starting a show in the next school year in Elluminate focusing on different Google topics and special populations. Follow Seedlings for more information.Next week, be sure to stop by and listen to Lisa Parisi and Teachers Talking.

Seedlings, collaborative projects, Thomas Cooper and how to get down!

If you have been wondering how to get started in a collaborative project using some of the google tools, this show is for you. Alice and Cheryl quiz Thomas on how he gets started using a particular tool, how he decides what to publish, research and how he engages many students in hands on learning and decision making.

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