EdTechWeekly is currently on hiatus, but when active is a live, interactive webcast discussion of the latest topics of interest to the educational technology community.

The show is hosted by Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier, Jennifer Maddrell, and John Schinker. Guest hosts are also common. The live webcast takes place on Sundays at 4pmPDT / 7pmEDT / 2300 GMT (global times). To listen live, click on the Participate Live link.

After each show, the audio and/or video  recording, chat log,  and list of links will be published on EdTechTalk.com.

For a while back in 2010-2011, we used Wikispaces to keep track of guests and show notes. With the demise of Wikispaces, we exported those pages and have attached them here. Not that they'll be useful to anyone, but at least they still exist.

EdTechWeekly #164

EdTechWeekly #164

May 16, 2010


In which John and Dave eschew the normal show format and spend an hour talking about whether it's really about the technology, and if technology really has had a substantial impact on technology.


Chat Log Below

EdTechWeekly #145

It's just John and Dave on the show this week, as we leisurely discuss the role of the backchannel in presentations, Wikipedia, and personal response systems. The fast-paced format returns next week when more of the regular crew returns.

EdTechWeekly #145
November 29, 2009

Chat Log Below

[19:12] <JenW> thinking -- do I want to stay??   :) 
[19:12] <JenW> can we throw out TOPICS??
[19:12] <GaryM> Dave should talk about the Grey Cup


First time host / long time contributor, John Rundag joins John, Jeff, and Jen to discuss the latest news and resources in education and technology.

EdTechWeekly#108 - Year End Episode

Dave, John, Jeff, and Jen wind down the year with a few new links, a reflection of what was in 2008, and what may come in 2009 and beyond.

December 21, 2008


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