EdTechWeekly is currently on hiatus, but when active is a live, interactive webcast discussion of the latest topics of interest to the educational technology community.

The show is hosted by Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier, Jennifer Maddrell, and John Schinker. Guest hosts are also common. The live webcast takes place on Sundays at 4pmPDT / 7pmEDT / 2300 GMT (global times). To listen live, click on the Participate Live link.

After each show, the audio and/or video  recording, chat log,  and list of links will be published on EdTechTalk.com.

For a while back in 2010-2011, we used Wikispaces to keep track of guests and show notes. With the demise of Wikispaces, we exported those pages and have attached them here. Not that they'll be useful to anyone, but at least they still exist.




I'm having trouble finding the links which you referred to in your last podcast. For example, I did locate the link to the Ten Top Mac Apps but still have not found the music site in the Del.icio.us list. Is there a way to tag the links as being "Show Links" so they are easier to find or am I just not doing this right?

Thanks for your help. Love the podcast.

I went to the Podsafe Music site, but it was a little hard to navitgate ( PodSafe Audio - Podsafe Music under the Creative Commons license for Podcasting ) I had more luck with http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/index.php which I got to off the Creative Commons website.

Hey, fantastic podcast, I get something new from it every week! Is it possible to have the links in the chat logs be a different color than the rest of the text so they would stand out more? It would be easier to pull out a link when scanning through the chat text if they were dark blue or something. Thanks!