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New polling widget from ProProfs

Hello, My name is James, and I work for an online knowledge base called ProProfs. We've recently launched a free, fully-featured new polling app which I thought some of the folks on this board might find interesting - am I allowed to bring it up here, or is there a special part of boards for people to introduce their own products? Thanks, James Lyon

Less Money - More Needs

What are some affordable resources? Any and all that provides results. Thanks!
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5 Ways to Create Online Quiz

Online quiz becomes more and more prevalent in the web 2.0 era. For bloggers or webmasters, quiz is an outstanding way for engaging readers and growing blog or Web site traffic. For trainers, online quiz is a good e-assessment authoring tool. For business men, an online quiz can also be used as a sales tool. Here are 5 ways to create quiz for online use.

Lock down your secret documents

Snoopers can't find or access the files you hide using Folder Lock, even in DOS or under other operating systems. This application also erases your Recent Documents history, so intruders don't know what to search for. The attractive lock-like interface presents the program functions simply. You can click on the Browse link to locate and lock folders anywhere on your computer, or you can simply secure them via a right-click.
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