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Technology Workshop

We are having a week-long tech institute at our school - the opeing day will provide  frame wiht a focus on Web 2.0 - the importance of students having opportunites to use 21st skills for learning - because of the extrodinary value of the skills themselves. I am looking for a perfect web 2.0 opening - to hook and energize the teachers attending and to give them a sense of what Web 2.0 means - I need ideas !!!!!!

Your Web 2.0 Toolkit

Although i know many of you are irritated by the term 'web 2.0', like podcasting, it's what we've got. So, what's in your toolbag? That's the question for tonights edtechtalk, and that's the question we're looking for people to work on in the forums this week!
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Has anyone used "Wink" before?

I just downloaded the 2.0 verseion, but have not had a chance to play with it.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Software and Sites for Younger Learners

Hey, ya'll. What do you use for the little ones? I'm a big fan of the site (Boowa and Kwala in particular!--their free "200 activities in 50" lessons is free for schools simply upon email request) and as many freeware solutions as I can get my hands on. DrawingForChildren for art, MoSoft's Tangrams (no longer free but acquired free years ago) and StackerBlocks for visual manipulation, and our "webliographer" for an interactive links database that serves as the start page for my kids in the lab and at home.

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The Blue Frog!

I have been receiving lots of spam messages in my Yahoo! Mail account, lately. In addition, the spam filter by Yahoo! hasn't been functioning well, directing emails from old familiar senders to my Bulk folder. I have stopped my Norton AntiSpam in order to avoid any kind of conflict with that of Yahoo, however, the problem continued. Last week, I arrived at one of Yahoo pages where I found and then downloaded the new Anti-spam program, Blue Frog, which should work with Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail Mails. Then, I found a message in my Bulk folder from a freind complaining about a similar problem of unknow senders spamming him, and has promised to work on some stuff that should solve the problem for all of us exepriencing this kind of trouble. Well, I can see that spammers have left my Inbox folder alone, eventually; however, I'm not sure whether it was James's solution or that little Blue Frog!

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