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My students (seventh-graders) and I (an English teacher) are using this year.

This online tool gives each of my students a personal web-space where they can post assignments, collaborate on projects, and communicate through email. It also allows me to increase the frequency and depth of feedback, both from peers and from the teacher (myself).


hi everyone,

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EdTechWeekly's Cream of the Crop Show Contributions

On Sept. 23, the EdTechWeekly gang will be hosting a 'Cream of the Crop Show' discussing the finest tools and resources in the world of edtech. 

No categories - this is a free-for-all.  Please tell us all about your edtech faves.

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Help me save ELGG at a public high school!

I am the History Department chair at a public high school in New Jersey
who needs some assistance in regards to policy
considerations when an academic institution runs ELGG. If I can't find an answer soon we will lose our new ELGG.

Our administration is concerned that students can create communities
and exchange materials privately, away from the scrutiny of even the
network administrator. We are not up against a team of entrenched
stone-age recalcitrants, but rather a fear of being in court trying to


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