Making Your Own Math Quiz Is So Easy published an article about making math quiz with QuizCreator recently, which catches most educators' eyeballs.

As mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, etc, every math and science instructor will teach algebra and geometry with a lot of symbols, Greek letters and formulas. To improve the math knowledge and ability, students must have more practices as in the real world situations. Therefore, a math-based test is an excellent way to examine how much math knowledge learners have grasped.

Following the author's ideas, I try to google "math quiz maker" for more quiz makers that mathematic symbols supported besides QuizCreator. But I only get which is an online tool to make math quiz for educational use, QuizCreator sounds the first yet powerful desktop flash math quiz maker.

As the author said, QuizCreator is a robust Flash quiz maker that enables educators to easily create Flash-based quizzes with images, sounds, narrations and offers flexible free results tracking and score reporting. However, there is not much information about how to use mathematic symbols in making math quiz. Now, I will display related more information about using mathematic symbols to educators, hoping this could give some help for the QuizCreator users or people who are seeking a math quiz tool.

The built-in equation editor for QuizCreator lets educators and students enter texts, symbols and equations for math flash quiz in minutes without all the usual hurdles. It supports the following 7 major equations:
- Simple Equation, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equal, etc;
- Arithmetic, as same as above;
- Powers and Roots, such as square, cube, fraction and radical, etc;
- Scientific Notation, as same as above;
- Algebra, such as parentheses, brackets and braces, etc;
- Greek Letters and Formulae, such as alpha, beta, sigma and pi, etc;
- Matrix, such as blank 3*3 templates with fraction.

Users can choose and add from a wide range of equation types, including scientific notation and Greek letters. Furthermore, the output in Flash format integrates all special characters and symbols with quizzes seamlessly. By adding the support of math symbols, QuizCreator offers an essential part as rapid e-learning solution for high-level learning content authoring.

Here is a quick guide to show you how to using the equation editor to create equations for math quiz. A quick way to access the equation editor, if you want to incorporate equations into a question, is to click on an answer choice field in a question and then select Edit (See Fig). When the equation editor opens, you can begin creating the equation. Generally, the equation editor comprises two components: the equation pad and the menu.

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- Step1:

- Step2:

Enter Text & Symbol
When you click on the blank area in the equation pad, you can enter text at various insertion points as required. If you want to type a math symbol, place your mouse cursor into an equation box (), choose a symbol type on the menu and then select the symbol you require. To accomplish this process by using the keyboard, use the left and right cursor keys to move the cursor and the down and up keys to select the desired equation box and enter your symbol.

Enter Template
Once you have inserted an equation template, you will need to check the equation box in this template where the cursor is flashing and then proceed to enter the information (Symbol, text and new template, etc) that should be entered into those locations. You may move to different locations by using the Tab and direction cursor keys.

- Step3:

If you want to learn more information about QuizCreator, go to its official website for details.


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