SEEDLINGS 2010-09-16 Show # 91

Season 3, SEEDLINGS are back! Listen in and see what Alice, Bob and Cheryl have been up to.We talk about Facebook Seedlings, the ACTEM Leader and Educator of the Year, TEDX Redmond-run by students! Wow, we fit a lot in our show.

Next week we have KarenJan, Karen Janowski joining us to talk about her block, her toolkit and her mission to share UDL with the world.


Seedlings returns for season 3!!! Show 91. We are delighted to be back. Our show tonight is a catch up show! Catchup and see what we have been up to and what we have planned for the near future!

 The Links:

SEEDLINGS Teaser for the 2010-11 Season

Seedlings stumbled together Saturday morning for a teaser! We will see you Thursday evening, September 16, 2010,  7:30 pm EST, 19:30 GMT for our season premiere with Audora Svitak, Ben and Ben, Alice, Bob and Cheryl and our most important part of our show, all of you!

Seedlings stumbled together Saturday morning for a teaser! We will see you Thursday evening, 7:30 pm EST, 19:30 GMT for our season premiere  with Audora Svitak, Ben and Ben, Alice, Bob and Cheryl and our most important part of our show, all of you!

Seedlings 2010-06-03 Show #90 with Cherrie MacInnes

 Do you have the end of the year blues? Not after listening to Seedlings, as we interview Cherrie MacInnes.Cherrie is a 3rd grade teacher who began a journey with her class and visited, by Skpye, every state throughout the year.She had no idea how to begin the journey, however, she invented a way for this project to begin, figured out the steps and with the help of her IT department, she has left the breadcrumbs for all of us to follow. Thanks Cherrie.

A huge shout out to Dave Cormier for saving our show when at the last minute our settings did not work. Also Happy Birthday to Edtechtalk, 5 years old on Saturday!

The links for the show:

Cherrie's Classblog:

 The Chat:

 02:27:04  chingo -> Room 3: hi

 14:21:48  Lilik  and?

 19:26:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello to all 

 19:26:36  alicebarr  Hi andrea can you hear us?

2010-5-27 Ben N Ben Live from the MLTI Student Tech Conference

ben N ben broadcast live from the 7th Annual MLTI Student Conference. Their guests are Former Maine Governor Angus King, Ronald Ho from Google in New York, and Matt Montagne, from Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA.

Chat room:

 mrsdurff ->   wee have liftoff Houston
 mrsdurff ->   hi andreas
 Andreas ->   Hi Mrs Durff!
 mrsdurff ->   they are on ETT A
 Andreas ->   OK!
 mrsdurff ->   hi sharon
 mrsdurff ->   they are on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   i scared her away
 Andreas ->   I don't believe! :-)
 mrsdurff ->   yes you do
 mrsdurff ->   that guy speaking is in Tel Aviv
 Andreas ->   Ah ok! It was me scaring her! ;-)
 mrsdurff ->   no, it was me
 mrsdurff ->   I am scary
 Andreas ->   Listen to her perfectly!
 mrsdurff ->   I need more coffee-momentele
 Andreas ->   Hi Sharon!
 sharonbetts ->   Hi - Alice was loud and clear. 
 Andreas ->   She is still loud and clear! ;-)
 sharonbetts ->   I need to keep working - but will be listening, you may not see much typing....
 Andreas ->   :-) Just took a conditioned look to my skype window! ;-)
 Andreas ->   But it was on the stream :-)
 mrsdurff ->   I should be working too, but some things are just more engaging
 mrsdurff ->   tweet like crazy people
 sharonbetts ->   These guys are just great!
 Andreas ->   Jeahhh! Matt go mat go! ;-)
 mrsdurff ->   Indeed!
 mrsdurff ->   And why is he home?
 mrsdurff ->   NOT FAIR!
 mrsdurff ->   hi jackie
 jackiegerstein ->   thanks for the tweets -
 mrsdurff ->   they are on ETT A
 Andreas ->   Hi!
 jackiegerstein ->   They said there is a live feed - is there a video stream somewhere?
 mrsdurff ->   no
 mrsdurff ->   I don't think for us
 mrsdurff ->   just at the conference
 jackiegerstein ->   k
 mrsdurff ->   but the audio is live
 mrsdurff ->   I didn't even have Oregon Trail
 jackiegerstein ->   Just heard about Oregon Trial at a virtual gaming brainstorm Sunday - they have an app for that
 Andreas ->   Is there a hashtag (twitter?)
 mrsdurff ->   virtual? sure wasn't when I began teaching
 mrsdurff ->   it was so Game 1.0
 mrsdurff ->   I haven't seen a hashtag - make one up Andreas
 Andreas ->   #21ctskillslive
 mrsdurff ->   :)
 jackiegerstein ->   more like #MLTI10 ?
 Andreas ->   Hi Suzanne- They are on channel A
 mrsdurff ->   hi suzanne
 mrsdurff ->   ok, you scared this one away
 jackiegerstein ->   I am MT - what a great way to eat my breakfast this morning.  Saw Matt's update on Facebook - saw Durff's and Sharon's tweets immediately after!
 mrsdurff ->   :)
 mrsdurff ->   Enjoy your breakfast
 jackiegerstein ->   Cereal and MLTI - how can I loose?
 mrsdurff ->   indeed
 Andreas ->   Nice! I am in Koblenz - germany and got immediatly alerted through the ETT - Skype channel!
 mrsdurff ->   I was spamming
 Andreas ->   No! Informing! ;-) Thanx for this!
 jackiegerstein ->   I don't think you know how to spam Durff - psuedo-spamming maybe
 mrsdurff ->   I do try
 mrsdurff ->   hi suzanne
 mrsdurff ->   Sound on ETT A
 Suzanne ->   hi!
 Andreas ->   Hi Suzanne!
 Andreas ->   They are in channel A
 Suzanne ->   i'm listening
 Suzanne ->   great to hear Angus!
 mrsdurff ->   :)
 jackiegerstein ->   Multi-media on - Google for Doodle winner on the Today show  - good for her!
 mrsdurff ->   that world traveller
 sharonbetts ->   I enjoy hearing Angus discuss his technology visions. 
 jackiegerstein ->   Education SHOULD be different now - not so in many schools
 mrsdurff ->   hi alice!
 Suzanne ->   loved his comment -- the laptop initiative isn't a hardware program
 Andreas ->   Hi Alice!
 alicebarr ->   Hi everyone
 mrsdurff ->   did you all see my 7th grade class, posing here for a class photo,
 Suzanne ->   hi
 alicebarr ->   Sorry we have alot going on
 alicebarr ->   Will be in and out
 mrsdurff ->   I noticed alice
 Andreas ->   No Prob! Everything sounds awesome!
 alicebarr ->   Current Guest is Ronald Ho of Google
 mrsdurff ->   shouldn't the 1:1 laptop initiative be a differentiation program?
 jackiegerstein ->   Hi Ben
 BenM ->   Hi all!
 mrsdurff ->   hi Ben!
 BenM ->   thanks for coming
 mrsdurff ->   wouldn't miss it
 mrsdurff ->   hi marsenault
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   hi Connor
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 Connor F. ->   Hello.
 Edward G ->   Hello
 mrsdurff ->   hi Edward and Tish
 ColbyK ->   Hello
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   hey colby and Jake
 Jake S ->   Hello
 alicebarr ->   Some students will be coming in may ask questions
 TishK ->   hello
 Edward G ->   Hi everyone
 mrsdurff ->   i think we are being overrun by students - GO FOR IT!!
 mrsdurff ->   hi Carlene
 Carlene S ->   hello
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   hi Rebecca
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 Rebecca R ->   hello
 alicebarr ->   Students: You may want to ask some of these teachers some questions
 alicebarr ->   For example teachers, where are you from?
 mrsdurff ->   not me, i know nothing
 jackiegerstein ->   Great to have students here
 mrsdurff ->   ask Andreas
 Edward G ->   where are all you teachers?
 mrsdurff ->   Andreas is in Germany
 jackiegerstein ->   Boise, ID
 mrsdurff ->   hi Caroline
 Suzanne ->   Yarmouth HS
 mrsdurff ->   sound is on ETT A
 TishK ->   Germany! Thats s cool. What grade do you teach?
 mrsdurff ->   Hi Dan
 Daniel K ->   hello
 Rebecca R ->   what do you teach to the German students?
 mrsdurff ->   Andreas teaches college
 TishK ->   Thats cool.
 Edward G ->   what subject?
 Caroline M ->   Do you speak German?
 Meggie C ->   hello
 mrsdurff ->   we follow Matt, now speaking, into Earthbridges
 mrsdurff ->   hi sophia and meggie and nicole and chris
 mrsdurff ->   phew
 ColbyK ->   Nicole! haha
 Edward G ->   What subject does Andreas teach?
 Caroline M ->   What's Earthbridges?
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 TishK ->   hi meggie!
 Edward G ->   what?
 Meggie C ->   hi tish!
 Andreas ->   Hi Edward!
 mrsdurff ->   Edward - click on blue icon
 alicebarr ->   THey don't need sound if they are here/. WE are broadcasting in a lecture hall :)
 Nicole H ->   Colby! Hi everyone :)
 Andreas ->   Podcasting?¬ø
 mrsdurff ->   under ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   ah
 Sophia E ->   hey everyone
 jackiegerstein ->   Are you live at the conference?
 mrsdurff ->   true are they all there?
 Meggie C ->   :D
 alicebarr ->   CAn anyone give an explanation of a podcast?
 mrsdurff ->   hi cyndid
 Edward G ->   What do you teach Andreas???????
 mrsdurff ->   ETT A
 ColbyK ->   Sure!
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   Hey, thats for the call out on the megachat
 mrsdurff ->   podcast is an mp3
 alicebarr ->   Yes there is a student audience becasue we are at a Student TEch  conference
 TishK ->   isnt a podcast like a radio station? you can edit it, add sound effects, etc.
 Meggie C ->   yeah, an online radio station
 Edward G ->   ;9
 mrsdurff ->   you can make one for free with audacity + llame
 Edward G ->   oops
 Chris S ->   Hello
 Andreas ->   @alice: serie of mp3 files provided over the rss feed! #podcast definition
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   is there sound?
 Edward G ->   :(
 Caroline M ->   Isn't a podcast used to express opinions on a popular topic and organize mixed ideas?
 TishK ->   whats llame
 mrsdurff ->   ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 Caroline M ->   What's ETT A
 Edward G ->   hey chris
 alicebarr ->   @Tisk K Yes, it's usually a radiolike program. Cool think is it can be distributed to lots of people.
 TishK ->   very.
 mrsdurff ->   Caroline you are there, yes?
 alicebarr ->   Students at MLTI Please don't use ETT A
 Caroline M ->   Yes.
 alicebarr ->   It is the sound
 ColbyK ->   Ben and Ben, how do you find the different guests you have on your show?
 TishK ->   our school mostly uses garageband for podcasts
 jackiegerstein ->   Is Matt talking?
 mrsdurff ->   it is how we listen
 Caroline M ->   OH.
 mrsdurff ->   yes
 mrsdurff ->   this is matt
 alicebarr ->   YEs Matt is talking
 Caroline M ->   Thank you. I was confused.
 jackiegerstein ->   Smart man
 mrsdurff ->   Tish - I use Audacity
 alicebarr ->   Very :)
 Chris S ->   Is MLTI the biggest compter confrence in Manie?????????
 mrsdurff ->   same thing
 TishK ->   audacity? i saw that online. Dont you have to download it?
 mrsdurff ->   yes
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   Does presentation have sound? I am getting nothing but the chat room?
 mrsdurff ->   free
 mrsdurff ->   yes Dr. Juhn - ETT A
 alicebarr ->   @ChrisS I'm not sure. I think it must be one of the largest STUDENT conference
 Edward G ->    Is MLTI the biggest compter confrence in Maine?????????
 mrsdurff ->   Kuhn
 TishK ->   thats cool. Is it any different from garageband though? what are the advantages of audacity?
 jackiegerstein ->   To Students - I just got a job as the technology instructor at a K-8 Charter school - What is the best project you did?  What should I do with my students next year?
 mrsdurff ->   I think it is easier
 mrsdurff ->   Jackie no fair
 jackiegerstein ->   why is that no fair ;)
 mrsdurff ->   I have been trying and nothing
 Andreas ->   @Edward: Well i have a uni contract to explore "podcasting" with HE students
 Chris S ->   Do the student computers have skype on them like us???????
 TishK ->   ooooh... make iMovies. They are fun and you can express yourself through schoolwork. it is one of my favorite programs
 mrsdurff ->   bad economy
 Meggie C ->   @jackiegerstein there is this website for loading your voice and comments online on a website called voicethread
 alicebarr ->   Audacityis very similar to GarageBand but Garage band has alot more tools to add music and soundtracks
 Edward G ->   thank you Andreas
 TishK ->   nice.
 jackiegerstein ->   Voicethread rocks - good suggestion
 Meggie C ->   @jackiegerstein iMovies are awesome too, they take a long time but they are really interesting
 mrsdurff ->   @Jackie did you see my class photo
 Meggie C ->   thanks
 alicebarr ->   THis is webcasting, so we are actually broadcasting LIVE so that other people can listen
 Chris S ->   their was a wildfire?????
 mrsdurff ->   Dr. DannerKuhn - sound on ETT A
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   NO sound, trying to listen, but getting no sound, any suggestions?
 alicebarr ->   Then, we push it out to iTunes so people who can't ttend the live show can download it.
 ColbyK ->   @jackiegerstein using imovie to do a project on the topic of your choice is one of the projects that I think gives students a lot of creative freedom as well as helping students learna lot!
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   I am on ETTTA
 jackiegerstein ->   The school-prinicipal didn't know about all of these technologies and is very open - has a goal of infusing technology throughout the curriculum - Skype will be installed!
 TishK ->   that cool with the wholeitunes thing
 mrsdurff ->   @cyndidi try the blue icon
 jackiegerstein ->   we'll have to use moviemaker as they have PCs (although my preference is mac)
 Chris S ->   On matt's screen I saw someone not him??????
 Edward G ->   mrsduff what do you teach
 mrsdurff ->   Moviemaker is intuitive
 Edward G ->   ?
 jackiegerstein ->   @Durff - just moved here - BAD internet - your photo won't load for me - Note to self: change internet provided
 TishK ->   jackiegerstein- i have been pushing the schooll to allow skype for school projects and to go to class when I am sick. It is a useful tool to me. Now, the school allows it and realizes it is and extreemly useful application
 jackiegerstein ->   provider
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   yeah finally some sound
 mrsdurff ->   I am a teacher librarian - computer, studyskills, library
 Chris S ->   Edward >>?????
 Edward G ->   what
 Edward G ->   >
 Edward G ->   ?
 Andreas ->   Edward - what's your subject?
 Edward G ->   i am not teacher
 jackiegerstein ->   @TishK - the principal-teachers got very excited when I said we could use skype for global collaborations
 Edward G ->   i am a student
 Chris S ->   with this worldwide webchat can we talk with somone Japan????????
 alicebarr ->   DO any of you have questions for Matt or Ronald? We just have a few more minutes
 mrsdurff ->   @jackie the primary teachers will live Skype
 Andreas ->   OK - So what is your favourite topic in the social media use?
 jackiegerstein ->   yes - they will live it, Durff
 Edward G ->   srry Andreas
 TishK ->   @jackiegerstein- that would be fun. our school talks to students in crime-fille cities in mexico. it made student really appreciate what they had
 alicebarr ->   @CHrisS If you know someone in JApan, you could webcast with them
 jackiegerstein ->   cool Tish
 Meggie C ->   you could do that with Skype too
 mrsdurff ->   QT: What do you all aim to accomplish through this conference?
 TishK ->   yeah
 Chris S ->   Ronald , How did you come up the idea for googledocs
 Andreas ->   Ronald: When will google apps think about
 jackiegerstein ->   oops - no more time
 TishK ->   awwww...
 Meggie C ->   uh-oh
 Edward G ->   bye everyone :)
 Chris S ->   what is going on
 Meggie C ->   thank you!
 Andreas ->   : alowwing student groups to get organized via google apps?
 jackiegerstein ->   too quick
 Edward G ->   thank you for your time
 ColbyK ->   Bye everyone! Thanks!
 mrsdurff ->   how many in chat room?
 TishK ->   thank you for being on the show!\
 TishK ->   goodbye!
 Chris S ->   Edward turn your head to the left
 Andreas ->   Thanx! Handclaps's
 Suzanne ->   Good work Ben & Ben!
 sharonbetts ->   Another fabulous show - these two are leaders.. can't wait to see where they go in the future..
 mrsdurff ->   backchannel? yeah that's me
 Andreas ->   Should i c'n'Paste the chat?¬ø
 jackiegerstein ->   applause
 Chris S ->   Edward??????
 jackiegerstein ->   Go Mrs. Barr!
 Edward G ->   applause
 mrsdurff ->   it is saved Andreas
 Andreas ->   OK!
 Edward G ->   bye bye
 mrsdurff ->   stream ended
 mrsdurff ->   thanks all for coming
 alicebarr ->   THank you all!
 Chris S ->   is a lot of the stuff here being giving away free?????
 Andreas ->   Thanx Mrsdurff! Was a pleasure t listen
 jackiegerstein ->   thanks Durff for the twitter spam about this - adios!
 mrsdurff ->   ty, andreas
 mrsdurff ->   ty jackie
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   Alice, wll there be any more stream sessions?

ben N ben broadcast live from the 7th Annual MLTI Student Conference. Their guests are Former Maine Governor Angus King, Ronald Ho from Google in New York, and Matt Montagne, from Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA.

Chat room:

Seedlings 2010-05-20 Show 89 with MEMoves!

Join SEEDLINGS in a passionate discussion with the producers of MeMOVES, musical body puzzles for all. This interactive, movement program is just the thing for increasing the learning that happens in your classroom, before a staff meeting and witwh the app, it can happen anywhere, anytime.

Join us as we talk with the creaters and producers of MeMoves a musical-body puzzle, interactive program. Listen as Roberta shares the history behind MeMoves and then Chris jumps in a explains how their beliefs turned into a crusade!

 Another White Paper, just published, about MeMoves: International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia.


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