SEEDLINGS 2010-09-16 Show # 91

Post-Show description: 

Seedlings returns for season 3!!! Show 91. We are delighted to be back. Our show tonight is a catch up show! Catchup and see what we have been up to and what we have planned for the near future!

 The Links:

We talk about Facebook Seedlings, the ACTEM Leader and Educator of the Year, TEDX Redmond-run by students! Wow, we fit a lot in our show.

The chat will be here as soon as it is posted tomorrow.


 19:21:05  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  HI everyone!
 19:22:30  bobsprankle  hi all!
 19:26:42  seedlings~cheryloakes  WELCOME we think we are b ack
 19:29:02  susanacanelo  Hi
 19:29:43  seedlings~cheryloakes  Hello Susan!
 19:29:45  bobsprankle  hi susan!
 19:29:48  seedlings~cheryloakes   Do you hear sound?
 19:30:02  susanacanelo  no sound here
 19:31:09  seedlings~cheryloakes  ok
 19:32:14  seedlings~cheryloakes  hello to all
 19:32:21  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hi Dennis!
 19:32:28  bobsprankle  Hi Dennis!!!
 19:32:30  seedlings~cheryloakes  now we are streaming on real play
 19:32:42  dennisar  Hi Alice et al
 19:32:44  susanacanelo  OK, but no sound yet
 19:32:55  seedlings~cheryloakes  the stream will not launch in itunes please try real player
 19:33:21  bobsprankle  hello andrea!
 19:33:30  seedlings~cheryloakes  now can you hear in real player?
 19:33:51  seedlings~cheryloakes  please try real player
 19:33:56  Andrea Hildreth  Hey Bob, Yikes my password would not work!!
 19:34:07  dennisar  RealPlayer working
 19:34:10  bobsprankle  what password?
 19:34:15  seedlings~cheryloakes  thanks Dennis
 19:34:23  dennisar  Yes on RP
 19:34:26  seedlings~cheryloakes  You don't need a password to get to the chat
 19:34:33  Andrea Hildreth  now I don't have sound, ick
 19:34:51  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Andrea Can you click on the REal Player icon
 19:34:54  seedlings~cheryloakes  please try real player for sound
 19:34:54  dennisar  Welcome
 19:35:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  EdTEchA and click on the Blue icon
 19:35:46  seedlings~cheryloakes  Dennis please let us know if you lose sound
 19:35:56  seedlings~cheryloakes  Hello Shelia!!
 19:35:56  Sheila  Hi all!
 19:36:00  Sheila  Can hear fine!
 19:36:14  Sheila  Seedlings is back!  :)
 19:36:19  seedlings~cheryloakes  Shelia, itunes won't work on my mac
 19:36:26  Sheila  Working on mine.
 19:36:40  dennisar  Me!
 19:36:40  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Andrea can you hear?
 19:36:51  Sheila  But I haven't upgraded to the new version. Working on an antique machine.
 19:37:19  seedlings~cheryloakes  good thing shelia
 19:37:29  Sheila  hmmm . . .
 19:37:45  Sheila  Hi PeggyG!
 19:37:58  bobsprankle  PEGGY!
 19:38:02  PeggyG  whew!! I've been excitedly waiting all week for this and then lost track of the time and got here late!
 19:38:05  seedlings~cheryloakes  Peggy, so glad to see you here.
 19:38:11  PeggyG  Hi everyone! Great to see all of you!
 19:38:15  Andrea Hildreth  No, no audio for me
 19:38:26  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  YOu're not late, we had a late start!
 19:38:37  PeggyG  I'm hearing you fine in iTunes
 19:38:41  seedlings~cheryloakes  Andrea, please try the blue real player button
 19:38:56  seedlings~cheryloakes  on the edtech talk page
 19:39:03  PeggyG  this virtual world really IS amazing!!
 19:39:09  seedlings~cheryloakes  isn't it!
 19:39:15  Sheila  Ustream!!!  ;)
 19:39:20  PeggyG  oh yes :-) great idea!! video :-)
 19:39:23  bobsprankle  no way sheila!
 19:39:25  bobsprankle  :)
 19:39:27  PeggyG  you could wear paper bags :-)
 19:39:36  seedlings~cheryloakes  ok, we may not have enough umph in my mac
 19:39:37  bobsprankle  LOL, peggy
 19:40:16  PeggyG  all good people are busy people :-)
 19:40:17  seedlings~cheryloakes  andrea how is it working?
 19:40:25  seedlings~cheryloakes  yes Peggy, so true
 19:40:45  PeggyG  it is so hard to let them go!!
 19:41:16  Andrea Hildreth  I'm going to cry
 19:41:29  seedlings~cheryloakes  Andrea, try a different browser, do not give up
 19:41:47  Andrea Hildreth  Ok, I will try Safari, be right back
 19:41:49  PeggyG  Ben N Ben both need to get a trainee to work alongside them throughout the year
 19:41:56  Sheila  Eric L - NHSTE person sent this today - The education industry certainly doesn't leave the impassioned person idle.   
 19:42:04  seedlings~cheryloakes  right, Peggy, they are mentors
 19:42:31  PeggyG  a "webcaster in training" :-)
 19:42:40  seedlings~cheryloakes  Shelia, what a great quote!
 19:43:08  seedlings~cheryloakes  Shelia, I wish I was free to go to the NHSTE meeting at the Mills Landing
 19:44:04  PeggyG  that was a perfect quote Sheila
 19:44:31  seedlings~cheryloakes  Andrea, is back! I am holding my breath, let us know
 19:44:44  PeggyG  good luck Andrea!
 19:44:50  Sheila  @Cheryl - We'll miss you. :( Will you be able to go to McAuliffe?
 19:45:03  seedlings~cheryloakes  Alice and I are presenting, so happy about that.
 19:45:10  Sheila  Great!
 19:45:11  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Yea!!!
 19:45:15  PeggyG  Adora turned 12 last year and I think her birthday is Oct??
 19:45:23  PeggyG  she is incredible!!
 19:45:26  seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh, that is good to know.
 19:45:26  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  There is a TEd x Dirigo in Maine on 10.10.10
 19:45:41  seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh, Alice I love that date!
 19:45:56  PeggyG  I can't believe she is organizing the entire TEDx Redmond conference!!
 19:46:02  seedlings~cheryloakes  Student Tri-fecta!
 19:46:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
 19:46:13  PeggyG  That is going to be an amazing conference for the student voice!
 19:46:26  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @Peggy Yes it will! How cool!
 19:46:30  PeggyG  yes! by students for students!!!
 19:47:08  seedlings~cheryloakes  Hello Susan,
 19:47:15  andreahildreth  Oh, my - I can hear, hear, hear, hear, here
 19:47:16  susanacanelo  herew again
 19:47:17  seedlings~cheryloakes  Andrea are you listening yet?
 19:47:19  Sheila  Wow! no parents.
 19:47:20  seedlings~cheryloakes  YEAH
 19:47:21  PeggyG
 19:47:24  susanacanelo  trying to listen
 19:47:32  PeggyG  hooray Andrea!!! Thanks for persevering!
 19:47:47  seedlings~cheryloakes  Susan please click on the stream, and the itunes or real player do you see those?
 19:47:55  andreahildreth  Thank you, Peggy, and All!
 19:47:58  PeggyG  what an exciting day!
 19:48:06  susanacanelo  I did it and lost this page
 19:48:11  susanacanelo  I'll try again
 19:48:27  PeggyG
 19:48:28  seedlings~cheryloakes  Susan, there is audio
 19:48:38  susanacanelo  Great !!! You're there !!!
 19:49:05  susanacanelo  I clicked on the first icon and it worked
 19:49:13  PeggyG  This is where to watch the stream live :-)
 19:49:19  susanacanelo  you sound perfect
 19:50:22  Sheila  Big change!
 19:50:26  PeggyG  that is such exciting news Cheryl!!!
 19:50:33  PeggyG  what a change :-)
 19:50:34  andreahildreth  Oh my
 19:50:38  seedlings~cheryloakes  It has been fun!
 19:51:03  PeggyG  now you can be part of Youth Voices with Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim :-)
 19:51:04  Sheila  Who took your place?
 19:51:06  andreahildreth  Who says unemployment is high?! - ha ha (I don't mean to joke about unemployment
 19:51:34  seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh, Michael Richards is the new Collaborative Content Coach in Wells,
 19:51:36  PeggyG  I'm so glad to be getting caught up with all of you!!
 19:51:48  seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh Peggy, that might be a possiblity!
 19:51:58  Sheila  That's what I thought. Wanted to make sure. Nice!
 19:52:30  seedlings~cheryloakes  We are so lucky to have him, Bob and I love working with him.
 19:52:35  dennisar  Best week on Bailey Island ever!
 19:52:47  seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh, Dennis, that is great!
 19:52:59  dennisar  Sunny the whole week.
 19:53:15  seedlings~cheryloakes  Oh, yes! how were the temps when you were there?
 19:53:25  dennisar  70-80
 19:53:39  bobsprankle
 19:53:41  seedlings~cheryloakes  Perfect for an Island
 19:54:04  PeggyG  no new book for me :-)
 19:54:07  bobsprankle  Teacher Leadership That Strengthens Professional Practice
 19:54:35  Sheila  Ahh, by Charlotte Danielson.
 19:54:41  PeggyG  so funny that the link was posted before she finished talking about it--big lag between chat and voice :-)
 19:55:01  seedlings~cheryloakes  Hello elawso, Eric?
 19:55:11  elawso  Ya, hey Cheryl, sorry I'm late
 19:55:19  seedlings~cheryloakes  glad you could make it
 19:55:22  elawso  me too
 19:55:32  PeggyG  yes principals always have to sit alone at the front of the room during meetings :-)
 19:55:37  bobsprankle  Hi Eric!
 19:55:40  PeggyG  I remember those days well!
 19:55:42  elawso  Hi Bob!
 19:55:54  seedlings~cheryloakes  sure you remember PeggyG :-)
 19:55:54  Sheila  @Alice - Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing the title.
 19:56:08  PeggyG  what a great activity Alice!
 19:56:38  Sheila  No way - backchanneling!!!! 
 19:56:46  PeggyG  what great questions!! did you blog about it Alice? where is the backchannel link :-)
 19:56:47  seedlings~cheryloakes  yes, shelia!
 19:56:50  Sheila  Nice! Did it go well?
 19:56:52  andreahildreth  sounds good because sometimes we hesitate to be leaders because we know might be singled-out
 19:57:04  PeggyG  woo hoo!!!
 19:57:05  seedlings~cheryloakes  absolutely, we all need to be risk takers.
 19:57:16  PeggyG  that's what happens when leaders model using technology
 19:57:17  andreahildreth  MORE Leaders!
 19:57:18  Sheila  True Andrea!
 19:57:41  dennisar  Improvingg Schools from Within by Roland Barth is about teacher leadership -
 19:57:56  seedlings~cheryloakes  thanks dennis, it helps when everyone shares!
 19:58:10  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Dennis I saw you post those on Twitter today,mwant to read them Thanks for sharing
 19:58:13  PeggyG  Thanks Dennis! Roland Barth has been one of my gurus for a long time!
 19:58:48  andreahildreth  Sunshine has amazing power
 19:58:56  PeggyG  it was written in 1991 :-) and still valuable
 19:58:58  dennisar  I spent a year learning with Roland. Life changing!
 19:59:00  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @andrea, it sure does
 19:59:14  seedlings~cheryloakes  Dennis and Peggy, thanks for sharing
 19:59:40  andreahildreth  I am soooo ready to Tip, I welcome the tipping point!
 20:00:11  Sheila  I can remember meeting you all at McAuliffe and talking about podcasting in the classroom. It was all new to me!
 20:00:33  PeggyG  Roland founded the Harvard Principals' Center
 20:00:36  dennisar  A bubble that's growing, I think.
 20:00:36  andreahildreth  Moving beyond the shiney-ness of the tools is crucial
 20:00:45  Sheila  I think there's more awareness of technology tools but not embracing just yet.
 20:01:24  PeggyG  I got to rub elbows with Roland Barth back when I lived in MA and worked on my doctorate and became a principal :-)
 20:01:26  Sheila  Still don't have the teachers in the next grade continuing student blogs. Just kind of stops .. .
 20:01:57  dennisar  Still lots of fear and hesitation out there over technology.
 20:01:59  bobsprankle  i hear you, sheila
 20:02:18  PeggyG  There is a tech leader in AZ who developed a fantastic walk-through tool for recognizing various stages of tech use in classrooms
 20:02:44  susanacanelo  Most of teachers resist changes , here in Argentina
 20:02:55  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  From the Teacher Leadership Book " as more teachers are engaged in the pursuit of improved practice the school itself becomes increasingly defined as an organization that learns.
 20:03:07  andreahildreth  Yes, it is hard to talk about learning being carried beyone the classroom, when students don't see it being carried into their new class level
 20:03:39  Sheila  Ok, need to do budget that's due tomorrow. Need to look away from teh chat window. Will be listening . . .
 20:03:54  seedlings~cheryloakes  ok shelia
 20:04:09  PeggyG  you can see the tool they created for their walkthroughs here (Laurie King):
 20:04:11  andreahildreth  Huge shoes to fill
 20:04:19  PeggyG  that's very exciting about Mike!
 20:04:23  elawso  Our middle school in York required web pages from all teachers as well, but content was not monitored. It actually made things worse for some people. It does go to show that you have to be careful though.
 20:04:30  seedlings~cheryloakes  Thanks Susan, good to know it is allaround
 20:04:44  dennisar   David Warlick on tools vs purpose blog posts (Part 1 & 2)
 20:05:11  seedlings~cheryloakes  Thanks everyone, Michael is just the right fit, he is doing a super job! love working with he and Bob.
 20:05:14  PeggyG  those are great blog posts by David! really glad you shared the link here
 20:06:56  andreahildreth  Posterious??
 20:07:14  PeggyG  posterous
 20:07:16  seedlings~cheryloakes  posterous
 20:07:22  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
 20:07:30  andreahildreth  Thank you
 20:07:32  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Cool eay blogging/posting
 20:07:35  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  easy
 20:07:42  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Also firefox plug in
 20:08:13  andreahildreth  So, Yale is a good place, hmmm
 20:08:52  dennisar  Access Denied post from Angela Meiers presents a letter from a teacher on how teachers were told not to use Twitter. The reality in two many schools.
 20:08:54  andreahildreth  Bob, you are now a Yale-man
 20:09:10  andreahildreth  Name dropper!
 20:09:14  PeggyG This is a great posterous person to follow-Karen McMillan (McTeach)
 20:09:27  bobsprankle
 20:09:54  PeggyG  I love your excitment Bob!!!
 20:09:54  andreahildreth  We do love "open"!
 20:09:58  PeggyG  very contagious!
 20:10:29  dennisar  Bob, do you have a link to the course?
 20:10:55  bobsprankle  yes... one sec
 20:11:20  bobsprankle
 20:11:28  PeggyG  I've been enjoying Learning Cafe :-)
 20:11:33  bobsprankle  woops... wrong copy... hang on
 20:11:40  bobsprankle
 20:11:43  bobsprankle  there
 20:11:47  bobsprankle  in show notes as well
 20:12:04  PeggyG  I think it's the facebook posts I've been seeing
 20:12:24  seedlings~cheryloakes  thanks, here come the links
 20:12:48  PeggyG!/pages/Wells-ME/Learning-Cafe-Door-to...
 20:12:57  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
 20:12:58  PeggyG  that's the facebook link for Learning Cafe
 20:13:02  seedlings~cheryloakes
 20:13:06  seedlings~cheryloakes  thanks Peggy
 20:13:14  seedlings~cheryloakes  Twitter name   Doo2future
 20:13:17  andreahildreth  @ Peggy you live in a flat world!
 20:13:34  seedlings~cheryloakes  door2future
 20:13:41  PeggyG  we need to click on the links right now because once they go into the chat log archive they are no longer clickable
 20:13:48  PeggyG  I really do andrea :-)
 20:13:49  bobsprankle
 20:14:05  seedlings~cheryloakes  oh, right peggy, but they are hyper links at
 20:14:30  seedlings~cheryloakes  ShoutOUT!!! time ACTEM technology Leader and Teacher of the Year
 20:14:40  PeggyG  that's good to know! that's very frustrating for our ETT shows
 20:15:06  dennisar  I really like being able to check off unread when I bookmark a link in Diigo that I want to visit later.
 20:15:16  PeggyG  drum roll!!
 20:15:33  PeggyG  yeah Sharon!!
 20:15:37  Sheila  Congrats!!!
 20:15:49  seedlings~cheryloakes  Leader of the Year Bob Asselin, Windham Raymond Schools, Runner up Leader of teh Year Sharon Betts
 20:15:58  PeggyG  I've gotten to work with Sharon recently on a couple of Moodle Meets! She's wonderful!
 20:16:04  andreahildreth  It's like the Academy Awards
 20:16:21  seedlings~cheryloakes  Teacher of the Year Karen Abbott, Cape Elizabeth Schools, and Richard Byrnes, Oak Hill Schools
 20:16:27  Sheila  He's going to our sci teachers conference!
 20:16:29  PeggyG  fantastic!! freetechnology4teachers :-) the most amazing site every!!
 20:16:46  PeggyG  I share his links every single week!!
 20:16:49  seedlings~cheryloakes  Yah, this is great!
 20:16:49  susanacanelo  Yes !!!
 20:17:22  Sheila  Nice! We like streaming!
 20:17:22  PeggyG  that would be fabulous is you could stream it!
 20:17:26  seedlings~cheryloakes  Long GEEK of the WEEK ACTEM members start getting your GEEK of the WEEK.
 20:17:40  seedlings~cheryloakes  You got it we will stream.
 20:17:59  PeggyG  fantastic!!
 20:18:20  PeggyG  what a powerful team!!!
 20:18:30  dennisar  Where is the conference?
 20:18:34  Sheila  Thinking of it . . .
 20:18:38  seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes, Vicki and Angela will be creating something UNIQUE
 20:18:41  PeggyG  Vicki Davis and Angela Maiers in the same presentation :-)
 20:18:50  seedlings~cheryloakes  isn't that cool!
 20:18:51  andreahildreth  I feel silly, but what does ACTEM stand for?
 20:18:55  PeggyG  tired dogs don't bark :-)
 20:18:56  Sheila  I was going to say . . . about dog time.
 20:18:59  elawso  Stop by Digital Storytelling at ACTEM too
 20:19:06  seedlings~cheryloakes  Association of Computer Teacher Educators of Maine
 20:19:11  bobsprankle
 20:19:21  seedlings~cheryloakes  Yes, Eric will be presenting!! right?
 20:19:26  elawso  You got it
 20:19:36  elawso  I'm making a digital story about digital storytelling
 20:19:42  andreahildreth  You Maine-ers rock the world!
 20:19:46  seedlings~cheryloakes  excellent Eric, can't wait??
 20:20:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)
 20:20:07  PeggyG  what a wonderful idea! I'm going to share that in our next Mini-geekfest :-)
 20:20:29  PeggyG  never heard of that wiki before
 20:20:44  susanacanelo  I agree Andrea !!!
 20:20:45  andreahildreth  cross-commenting pollination
 20:21:23  bobsprankle
 20:21:24  seedlings~cheryloakes
 20:21:46  PeggyG  so there are things pre-loaded in the timeline? didn't quite understand that
 20:21:54  bobsprankle  hi jim!
 20:22:01  dennisar  Check out more class blogs looking for comments - Huzzah! > Blog Challenge Competition:
 20:22:03  elawso  Hi Jim
 20:22:10  jimburke  :)
 20:23:05  seedlings~cheryloakes
 20:23:13  seedlings~cheryloakes  Karen Janowski guest next week.
 20:23:13  PeggyG  Karen is an incredible presenter/expert on UDL!!
 20:23:20  susanacanelo  Reading for real readers, not just their teachers.
 20:23:25  dennisar  Karen is wonderful.
 20:23:37  susanacanelo  Writing, sorry
 20:23:42  PeggyG  Can't wait to hear her next week :-)
 20:24:00  andreahildreth  So nice to hear you all!!
 20:24:24  PeggyG  Seedlings on Facebook :-)
 20:24:25  dennisar  @jimburke - do you organize a Ning for English teachers?
 20:24:32  andreahildreth  How's it going on FB?
 20:24:47  jimburke  Wrong Jim Burke, dennisar. . I'm the evil one.
 20:24:54  jimburke  ;)
 20:25:06  PeggyG!/group.php?gid=108176305898183&ref=ts  SEEDLINGS on Facebook :-)
 20:25:18  dennisar  :) :) :)
 20:25:54  andreahildreth  @peggy, sorry, I meant - how is it to work on FB instead of Ning?
 20:26:03  PeggyG  I think Facebook was a great choice :-)
 20:26:07  jimburke  But I love his English Companion ning, dennisar. .
 20:26:39  PeggyG  I think I've been following Bit by Bit almost since the beginning :-)
 20:26:42  andreahildreth  You are purpose-ful
 20:26:47  Sheila  I'm just not a FB fan . . . old fogey I guess.
 20:26:48  dennisar  @jimburke I am working with English teacher this year through a series of workshops.
 20:27:03  jimburke  Ahhhh
 20:27:13  PeggyG  I like getting more frequent updates on FB and seeing comments and being able to add comments throughout the week
 20:27:26  seedlings~cheryloakes  Hello Jen,
 20:27:29  andreahildreth  I'm not a big FB fan myself, are there any options?
 20:27:47  andreahildreth  I love distraction!
 20:27:49  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hi Jen!
 20:27:54  jen  Sorry to be so late in arriving! I'll have to go to the archive
 20:27:59  seedlings~cheryloakes  yes andrea, we looked a
 20:28:04  seedlings~cheryloakes   or grouply
 20:28:26  PeggyG  there are pros/cons to all social networks :-)
 20:28:40  seedlings~cheryloakes  yes, you are right, but we always go  back to purpose.
 20:28:43  PeggyG  I'm really glad you chose FB
 20:28:56  andreahildreth  FB is easy, and popular
 20:29:47  PeggyG  it has been so great to hear your bubbly, cheery, enthusiastic voices tonight!!! Welcome back Seedlings!!! :-)
 20:29:59  seedlings~cheryloakes  Thanks and as you know the chat room makes our show.
 20:30:13  dennisar  Night Peggy.
 20:30:15  PeggyG  and things you post on twitter magically appear on FB
 20:30:21  jimburke  Here's a question:  Does Facebook work better than Twitter in avoiding the echo chamber of association?
 20:30:22  PeggyG  good night everyone
 20:30:24  Sheila  So glad you're back!
 20:30:27  bobsprankle  Thanks so much to all!!!!
 20:30:31  Sheila  Great to hear you all!
 20:30:50  seedlings~cheryloakes  good night, see ya next week!
 20:30:59  andreahildreth  Very interested to hear your report when you get back - Bob
 20:31:11  jimburke  Night . . . Thank you.
 20:31:37  bobsprankle  good night all!
 20:31:42  andreahildreth  Bye Bye - I was really bugged - sorry
 20:31:54  dennisar  Thanks Seedlings! and everyonee :D