Seedlings 2010-06-03 Show #90 with Cherrie MacInnes

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 02:27:04  chingo -> Room 3: hi

 14:21:48  Lilik  and?

 19:26:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello to all 

 19:26:36  alicebarr  Hi andrea can you hear us?

 19:26:42  cheryloakes~seedlings  Getting sound check going!!

 19:26:54  andreahildreth  No, I cannot hear - hmmm

 19:27:01  alicebarr  Ok hang on

 19:27:10  cheryloakes~seedlings  me either, I can't hear yet, we are working on it. hang in for a few minutes

 19:29:21  cheryloakes~seedlings  anyone hear anythingi

 19:29:28  bobsprankle  hi andrea!

 19:29:31  andreahildreth  No

 19:29:32  bobsprankle  can you hear us?

 19:29:43  andreahildreth  Hello Bob!  

 19:29:55  andreahildreth  no sound - yet

 19:30:55  cheryloakes~seedlings  In 30 seconds let us know

 19:30:58  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hi COnnie

 19:31:01  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hi andrea

 19:31:08  Connie Sitterley  Hello everyone

 19:31:10  andreahildreth  hello cheryl

 19:31:24  cheryloakes~seedlings  Let me know when you have sound.

 19:31:43  andreahildreth  ok, nothing yet

 19:32:13  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Maureen

 19:32:31  Maureen  Hi Cheryl

 19:32:42  cheryloakes~seedlings  any sound yet?

 19:32:57  cheryloakes~seedlings  it looks like we are not broadcasting

 19:33:07  Maureen  no

 19:33:12  Connie Sitterley  No sound yet

 19:33:22  bobsprankle  hi all!

 19:33:25  andreahildreth  Sorry, no sound here

 19:33:27  bobsprankle  sorry for the tech bugs

 19:38:03  Maureen  I hear typing sounds and Alice- yea

 19:38:22  alicebarr  Yea!!!

 19:38:27  cheryloakes~seedlings  whew!

 19:38:37  andreahildreth  oh dear, I'm still deaf, should I log out and in?

 19:38:50  alicebarr  andrea

 19:39:08  alicebarr  Try clicking ETT a on the upper right hand corner

 19:39:28  alicebarr  Ok can you hear??

 19:39:29  cheryloakes~seedlings  We are here

 19:39:52  Connie Sitterley  Hearing you well now

 19:39:55  cheryloakes~seedlings  Starting fresh

 19:39:59  Connie Sitterley  Hearing Cheryl

 19:40:04  andreahildreth  I hear -

 19:40:30  andreahildreth  I don't hear bob ????

 19:41:00  Connie Sitterley  Only hear Cheryl

 19:41:00  cheryloakes~seedlings  ok, now I am archiving, Bob and Cheryl have done the intros

 19:41:15  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Connie, Maureen, Andrea

 19:41:21  Connie Sitterley  Bob and Alice are here now

 19:41:22  andreahildreth  I hear everyone!

 19:41:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks andrea!!!

 19:41:54  andreahildreth  So happy to have you here!

 19:43:08  alicebarr  Cherrie's article The Ed Week article

 19:43:38  andreahildreth  thank you for tweeting the url to this story

 19:44:50  cheryloakes~seedlings  This is such a great story!!About Cherrie

 19:45:03  alicebarr Cherrie's school webpage

 19:46:27  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks Alice,

 19:46:50  alicebarr  This si agreat story!

 19:47:25  andreahildreth  Those in-my-pajama ideas are always the best!

 19:47:33  cheryloakes~seedlings  Isn't this great????

 19:47:48  andreahildreth  OMG

 19:48:02  cheryloakes~seedlings  She is a pioneer

 19:48:41  andreahildreth  Did you give them a detailed plan?

 19:49:09  cheryloakes~seedlings  Cherrie's IT people love her!

 19:49:44  alicebarr

 19:49:59  andreahildreth  What grade levels?

 19:50:00  Connie Sitterley  It is great to hear about good relatioinship between tech and classrooms

 19:50:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  Class is all grade levels

 19:51:41  andreahildreth  How did you evaluate the student's learning achievement?

 19:52:12  cheryloakes~seedlings  we will ask this really good question

 19:53:11  cheryloakes~seedlings  All new learners!! to 21st Century Skills

 19:53:56  andreahildreth  gosh, you are my new best friend

 19:54:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  Isn't she amazing!

 19:56:04  Connie Sitterley  Such passion and excitement-I can't listen fast enough-glad it is archived

 19:56:24  alicebarr  I know me too Connie... So fun to hear the passion!

 19:56:48  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks Connie

 19:58:05  Connie Sitterley  What a wonderful way to help teachers (and students) begin with a positive experience

 19:58:18  alicebarr  Woo hoo Bob'ss Sister Debbie is listening

 19:59:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Debbie!

 20:00:33  cheryloakes~seedlings  I am so glad to hear there are many ages of teachers in this project

 20:00:57  andreahildreth  And still energetic! and passionate

 20:01:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, Andrea!!!

 20:01:24  cheryloakes~seedlings  You should sign up for

 20:02:16  andreahildreth  I will sign-up to see what folks are doing, what is working, what is interesting to others

 20:02:28  Connie Sitterley  I am looking forward to sharing this during staff development sessions this summer

 20:02:47  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, Connie, what an inspiration!

 20:03:02  cheryloakes~seedlings  Time zones

 20:03:06  andreahildreth  it is a great example of project-based-learning 

 20:03:21  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes andrea!!

 20:03:54  andreahildreth  and automatic translation so we can talk with everyone

 20:03:57  cheryloakes~seedlings  What a great idea staying late at night!! to have chats with all

 20:04:58  cheryloakes~seedlings  Maria Knee rocks!!

 20:05:02  andreahildreth  My daughter is in PC in Ukraine

 20:05:09  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, a contact!

 20:05:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes Andrea, what a great contact

 20:06:20  andreahildreth  PC is Peace Corps (sorry)

 20:06:21  Maureen  Are you hooked in with Around the World with 80 schools at all? It would be a great way to combine the projects

 20:06:33  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, PC peace corps, thanks

 20:07:17  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks for the project Maureen!

 20:07:54  Maureen  Are you coming to ISTE?

 20:08:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  No, she isn't going to ISTE>

 20:08:40  Maureen  You should come to ISTE- make great connections

 20:08:46  cheryloakes~seedlings  her last conference was in Portland ME>

 20:08:55  Connie Sitterley  Cherrie would be such a fun person to brainstorm with

 20:09:19  cheryloakes~seedlings  Maureen, we will get her to ACTEM first, our State conference in Maine, then we will get her to Philly, next year!!!

 20:09:29  cheryloakes~seedlings  Isn't Cherrie amazing????

 20:09:46  Maureen  Her energy level is amazing.  

 20:09:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  I love it!

 20:10:34  alicebarr  cool idea current events

 20:10:44  cheryloakes~seedlings  booktalks too

 20:11:06  Maureen  NIce to hear such energy at the end of the school year- we are so busy/overwhelmed/burnt... Nice to hear such an uplifting voice

 20:11:18  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, isn't it amazing!

 20:12:41  andreahildreth  including parents - what a great idea, sorry it is so novel

 20:12:57  andreahildreth  clapping

 20:13:07  Maureen  We get out next Thursday.... running on empty, but will rejuvenate over the summer

 20:13:13  alicebarr  @andrea, agreed...

 20:13:31  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, Maureen, you need to take care of yourself first, then your students will benefit.

 20:15:21  alicebarr

 20:16:37  Maureen  Another resource for skype in schools

 20:17:30  Connie Sitterley   Library School Journal article about Skype with authors

 20:17:34  Maureen  Skype an author site

 20:17:46  cheryloakes~seedlings  These are such great links

 20:19:24  andreahildreth  blood, hugging - this story has it all!

 20:19:34  cheryloakes~seedlings  OMG, this is such a great show

 20:19:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks Cherrie

 20:19:48  alicebarr  What an amazing story!!!

 20:21:02  andreahildreth  start tweeting NOW

 20:21:35  Maureen  Cherrie- what's your twitter id? You have so much to share...

 20:21:50  Connie Sitterley  OK so Cherrie, tech and admin need to present

 20:22:23  cheryloakes~seedlings  either cjmacinnes3 or macinnes3

 20:22:33  andreahildreth  OK, you have to come back again

 20:22:45  Connie Sitterley  Cherrie would be a great addition to Pennsylvania Tech Conf in February

 20:22:46  cheryloakes~seedlings  I agree!!!

 20:22:54  Maureen

 20:22:59  cheryloakes~seedlings  SHe might be available

 20:23:08  cheryloakes~seedlings  Matt hello

 20:23:25  Connie Sitterley  Matt-you missed a great show-

 20:23:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  It will be a podcast tomorrow.

 20:24:53  cheryloakes~seedlings   is where Cherrie started!

 20:25:42  Maureen  Save the skype recordings and attach them to each placemark

 20:26:08  andreahildreth  yes, capture it as a portfolio that next year's class can build on

 20:26:24  andreahildreth  hee hee

 20:26:41  Maureen  Our 4th grade does a 50 states project- would love to have them do this instead

 20:26:44  cheryloakes~seedlings

 20:27:07  Connie Sitterley  Let us know when she is coming back so we can take some caffeine so we can keep up

 20:27:14  andreahildreth  not sure

 20:27:14  alicebarr  Hi Matt!

 20:27:58  cheryloakes~seedlings  We will make a date for this with lots of advanced notice

 20:28:09  alicebarr

 20:28:19  andreahildreth  sorry got to go, child calling me (and she won't stop)

 20:28:22  alicebarr

 20:28:23  bobsprankle

 20:28:31  cheryloakes~seedlings  by Andrea, thanks for stopping

 20:29:23  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks to our chat room and our guest Cherrie MacInnis!!

 20:29:29  alicebarr 

 20:29:45  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks Alice!

 20:29:51  alicebarr

 20:30:03  cheryloakes~seedlings  5th Birthday to  Yahoo Jeff and Dave!!!

 20:31:38  Connie Sitterley  So amazing that the vision for EdTechTalk happened 5 years ago

 20:32:42  Connie Sitterley  Kinda sad to see summer because I miss so many of the shows-but have a great summer break

 20:32:55  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, a little sad for a summer break!

 20:34:04  cheryloakes~seedlings  Building Learning Communties in Boston, July 14-16, 2010.

 20:34:23  Connie Sitterley  Thanks for doing that Bob

 20:34:24  Maureen  I'll be there for edubloggercon east... no $ for conference... See you in Denver

 20:34:32  Maureen  Thanks

 20:34:49  bobsprankle  thanks all!

 20:34:52  Connie Sitterley  Hope to see many at ISTE in Denver

 20:34:54  cheryloakes~seedlings  This was great!!! See you in the fall.

Seedlings wants to thank our listeners, the folks in the chat room and EdTechTalk for their support this year!


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