Seedlings 2010-05-20 Show 89 with MEMoves!

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Join us as we talk with the creaters and producers of MeMoves a musical-body puzzle, interactive program. Listen as Roberta shares the history behind MeMoves and then Chris jumps in a explains how their beliefs turned into a crusade!

 Another White Paper, just published, about MeMoves: International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia.


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Quotes from Karen Abbott and her first grade learners!:

Kid Quotes about MeMoves: (from Mrs. Abbott’s, Mrs. Nickerson’s, and Ms. Kieran’s 1st grade classes)

How does MeMoves help you at school?

It helps me with reading and relaxing before gym! (Bella)

It’s relaxing. (Ella)

It helps me concentrate before writing. (Tom)

It helps me to be quiet. (Burke)

It helps me because it’s quiet after and I can concentrate. (Emma)

It calms us down. (Luke)

It helps me to relax and I’m so comfortable. (Katherine and Caroline)

To calm down (Riley, Cammie, Helen, Ben, Maya, Marco, Joey)

It helps keep people’s hands off! (Sean)

It helps you have self-control. (Brooke)

You work harder and harder and settle down. (Kyla)

It helps you not be wild and scream. (Abby)

So you can get into work. (Dana)

To calm down and be quiet. (Wes)

You get out your energy. (Julia)

It helps your engine slow down. (Nora)

It helps you with your control. (Jack)

I think it helps me learn better, it helps me get things done quicker.

Some of the moves are tricky, I have to concentrate really hard.

I think it gets me ready for learning after lunch.

I think it calms me down.

When is your favorite time to do MeMoves?

I like doing it before reading. (Sasha)

My favorite time to do MeMoves is before meeting. (Aidan)

I like it at the end of the day. (Daniel)

I like to do MeMoves after recess. (Lucy)

My favorite time to doMeMove s is after we come in from recess. (Ethan)

I like to do it before reading. (Nick)

My favorite time to do MeMoves is before reading. (Graham)

What do you like about MeMoves?

I like the bump because it’s fun. (Egan)

My favorite is the bump one. (Laura)

I like to move my hands in different ways.

I like the challenge of following the pattern.

Chat from the Chatroom:

 19:23:30  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Hello all,
 19:25:10  MeMoves -Chris and Roberta  Chris and Roberta are in the room!
 19:28:09  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Hello Peggy, her comes the sound in 1 min.
 19:28:19  PeggyG  thanks! Hi everyone!
 19:28:40  cheryloakes50~seedlings  sound check
 19:29:12  PeggyG  hearing you now :-)
 19:29:21  PeggyG  love it!!
 19:29:23  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Thanks, thanks!!
 19:29:48  PeggyG  it blasted at me because I had my volume turned way up from the last ETT show :-)
 19:30:00  cheryloakes50~seedlings  OK, thanks for the feedback!
 19:30:22  PeggyG  I love research :-)
 19:30:55  PeggyG  what a team!
 19:31:08  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Hello Jim, so glad  you are here.
 19:31:32  PeggyG  pre and post shows are always fun!! :-)
 19:31:38  Jim Burke  Glad to drop in. . .
 19:31:51  bobsprankle  hi all!
 19:31:59  PeggyG  greetings from a very warm Phoenix AZ where it is now 96 degrees at 4:30pm
 19:32:11  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Our guests,Chris Bye and Roberta Scherf, from MeMoves
 19:32:23  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Oh, peggy, warm.
 19:32:25  PeggyG  very excited to hear from them!
 19:32:28  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Hello DS!!!
 19:32:42  ds  hi Cheryl, and all
 19:32:44  alicebarr
 19:32:48  PeggyG  hi there ds!! great to see you
 19:33:04  Jim Burke  Promoting MLTI Summer Institute 2010
 19:33:09  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Check out MeMoves at
 19:33:10  PeggyG  a disclaimer already ?? :-)
 19:33:14  ds  thx Peggy, u 2
 19:35:43  bobsprankle  body puzzles... like it!
 19:35:49  PeggyG  this sounds like so much fun!!
 19:35:49  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Oh, I like body puzzles as the explanation.
 19:36:35  cheryloakes50~seedlings  I love the CD the music especially when I am filling out federal forms at school!
 19:37:36  PeggyG  could you use these as icebreakers for faculty meetings?? :-)
 19:37:48  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Absolutely!! Peggy, great idea.
 19:37:54  bobsprankle  def!
 19:38:15  PeggyG  I think it could jumpstart a lot of great conversation and make teachers leave the troubles of the day behind :-)
 19:38:26  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Yes, you got it.
 19:38:55  alicebarr  Great idea Peggy!
 19:39:11  MeMoves -Chris and Roberta  We are getting interesting feedback that MeMoves has as much of an effect on the teachers as the kids..All for the better.
 19:39:24  PeggyG  I'll bet!!
 19:39:38  PeggyG  funny!! kicked out of Montessori??
 19:39:59  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Can you believe that kicked out of Montessori?
 19:40:11  PeggyG  no! but their loss!
 19:40:28  PeggyG  what a breakthrough!
 19:40:28  cheryloakes50~seedlings  As always for most schools and children with challenges.
 19:40:42  alicebarr  Wow! What a story!
 19:40:51  PeggyG  that gives me goosebumps!
 19:40:57  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Hey Jim, back again.
 19:42:38  PeggyG  thats a very interesting observation!!
 19:43:01  PeggyG  I haven't heard that description before related to Aspbergers
 19:43:47  cheryloakes50~seedlings  I will embed some comments from Karen Abbott , grade 1 teacher, I think it helps me learn better, it helps me get things done quicker.
 19:44:02  PeggyG  sensory integration!! wow!
 19:44:18  cheryloakes50~seedlings  It helps you not be wild and scream. Abby
 19:44:31  PeggyG  great Cheryl-thanks for sharing those
 19:44:48  cheryloakes50~seedlings  I think it helps me learn better, it helps me get things done quicker.  I think it gets me ready for learning after lunch.
 19:45:09  cheryloakes50~seedlings  I like to move my hands in different ways.
 19:45:47  PeggyG  inclusion classrooms :-) perfect for everyone in the room
 19:45:47  cheryloakes50~seedlings  There is an app for ME MOVES!!
 19:46:03  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Joy Focus and Calm are the 3 categories
 19:46:36  cheryloakes50~seedlings  It helps you with your control.
 19:47:21  cheryloakes50~seedlings  It helps me because it's quiet atfer and I can concentrate.
 19:47:54  cheryloakes50~seedlings  My favorite time to do MEMOVES is after we come in from recess.
 19:48:12  PeggyG  the iphone app reminds me a bit of the effect a person might get from doodling during a lecture :-)
 19:48:37  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Peggy, that is just it! and the feel on the itouch helps too.
 19:49:39  PeggyG  I'm downloading it right now on my iphone--very eager to try it!
 19:50:19  alicebarr  @PeggyG Me too!
 19:51:51  Connie Sitterley  Good evening everyone
 19:51:51  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Welcome Connie we are talking with Chris and Roberta about MeMoves!
 19:51:52  PeggyG  Hi Connie
 19:52:49  PeggyG  I think the beauty of it is that you don't have to understand why it works, what parts of the brain are affected, etc--just works!
 19:52:52  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Evening Shelia!!! Welcome
 19:52:56  PeggyG  Hi Sheila
 19:53:02  Sheila  Hi all!
 19:53:16  ds  hey Sheila
 19:53:31  cheryloakes50~seedlings  DS are you having a show tonight?
 19:53:33  Sheila  Wow! DS! Nice to 'see' you!
 19:53:33  PeggyG  the iphone app has 5 stars :-)
 19:53:35  MeMoves -Chris and Roberta  Thanks for joining in..
 19:54:01  ds  Thanks for asking Cheryl--going to try--if I remember how :)
 19:54:11  cheryloakes50~seedlings  YEAH, will promote
 19:54:11  Sheila  Yeah!
 19:54:15  PeggyG  a bedtime routine :-) awesome
 19:54:19  ds  ty much
 19:55:00  PeggyG
 19:55:08  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Thanks for helping Peggy!
 19:55:27  alicebarr  Hey Deb!
 19:55:30  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Deb, you are late!!:-)
 19:55:43  MeMoves -Chris and Roberta  Hi Deb...You are late.  :)
 19:55:44  alicebarr  We are all downloading MeMoves!
 19:55:45  Deb Barrows  Yep I am - sorry
 19:55:52  cheryloakes50~seedlings  You are forgiven
 19:56:04  MeMoves -Chris and Roberta  I will let it go this time..
 19:56:22  PeggyG  you didn't get to hear us talk about you Deb Barrows :-)
 19:56:31  bobsprankle  hi deb!
 19:56:39  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Deb, you will have to listen to the beginning of the show.
 19:57:00  PeggyG  is it subliminal??
 19:57:47  Deb Barrows  Gezz, I finally have sound.
 19:57:59  cheryloakes50~seedlings  That is good.
 19:58:18  PeggyG  maybe this can be the new miracle for boosting test scores! forget the peppermint and have kids do memoves at the beginning of each testing experience!
 19:58:48  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Yes, brain gym promotes the same thing better receptivity for learning
 19:59:01  alicebarr  @PeggyG Hear hear!  love that!
 20:00:39  PeggyG  I have heard that research many times about the academic success of kids taking band, chorus and orchestra!
 20:04:03  Deb Barrows  Yes, I love this info.
 20:04:59  Sheila  Authentic users!
 20:05:24  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Right Shelia, authenticity, validates the program.
 20:05:37  PeggyG  someone who accepts them unconditionally! :-)
 20:06:28  Sheila  Missed the beginning so I may have missed it. Where do they have most of their market?
 20:06:37  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Hello jvanhouten, welcome
 20:06:49  jvanhouten  Hello! Cheryloak50
 20:07:09  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Mostly, it started with OT and physical therapist and austistic
 20:07:15  Deb Barrows  JV - Thanks for stopping by- can you hear them?
 20:07:30  jvanhouten  Nope
 20:07:58  jvanhouten  It can be because I am using Chrome
 20:07:59  Deb Barrows  Click on the speaker under EdTechTalkA and then open iTunes
 20:08:25  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Yes jvanhouten chrome did n't work for me.
 20:08:36  PeggyG  Have you seen this site by Phil Tulga--all based on music, rhythm and learning across the curriculum? reinforces the things being said about memoves!
 20:08:44  jvanhouten  Let me go to IE
 20:08:53  cheryloakes50~seedlings  thanks for sharing this site Peggy
 20:08:55  PeggyG  this chat doesn't show up in Chrome :-(
 20:09:06  jvanhouten  It is now working
 20:09:35  PeggyG  I have never been able to get the chat window/log in window to show up in Chrome
 20:10:30  PeggyG  that's a perfect place to begin!
 20:11:24  PeggyG  funny! fight over the yoga mat!
 20:12:30  Deb Barrows  Glad you can hear JV.
 20:13:17  Deb Barrows  Oh my gosh - his video was amazing!!!
 20:13:33  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Right Deb, it was amazing.
 20:14:56  PeggyG  very interesting observation!
 20:15:20  cheryloakes50~seedlings  allows for kids attention to turn inward
 20:17:07  Deb Barrows  Yep I am.
 20:17:25  bobsprankle  we're calling you, deb
 20:17:55  Deb Barrows  Skype is on now
 20:18:19  cheryloakes50~seedlings  got it deb
 20:27:21  cheryloakes50~seedlings
 20:27:35  cheryloakes50~seedlings
 20:28:10  cheryloakes50~seedlings
 20:29:03  Deb Barrows  June 29, 2023
 20:29:06  Deb Barrows  2028
 20:30:48  alicebarr
 20:31:33  bobsprankle
 20:31:35  Deb Barrows!/pages/MeMoves
 20:31:36  cheryloakes50~seedlings    Cheryloakes50 October 2, 2047
 20:31:50  jvanhouten  Been listening
 20:32:17  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Great!!
 20:32:46  jvanhouten  Where do you get the notes or links they are sharing?
 20:32:54  Connie Sitterley  Those posters are wonderful-such great quotes
 20:32:59  MeMoves -Chris and Roberta  Thanks everyone...It has been a pleasure!
 20:33:00  Deb Barrows
 20:33:05  alicebarr  check for notes
 20:33:11  Deb Barrows  Thanks all
 20:33:33  bobsprankle
 20:33:54  Sheila  Downloaded app! thanks!
 20:33:58  Connie Sitterley  Good night everyone
 20:34:05  cheryloakes50~seedlings  Thanks for joining us and making the chat great.
 20:34:48  bobsprankle  bye all!