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EdTechWeekly#200 - Google+ Update, Orchestrating Tech Meetings & E-Books

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September 25, 2011

Participants Jeff Lebow,  dave cormierJohn Schinker
Topics:  Google+'s latest features (including Hangout 'with extras'), John asks how to make school tech committee meetings more efficient/on-topic, and Dave contemplates how to orchestrate the efforts of those writing the Change11 E-Book

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EdTechWeekly #196

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EdTechWeekly #196

May 29, 2011

Regular hosts: Dave, John

Guest host: Daniel Lynds

This week, John and Dave are joined by Daniel Lynds, the University of Prince Edward Island's new Instructional Designer. The discussion centers around tips for someone in a new position who is providing support for teachers and professors using technology in their classes.

EdTechWeekly #195

50:44 minutes (23.23 MB)

EdTechWeekly #195

May 15, 2011

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

Guest host: Eric Curts

This week's links:

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EdTechWeekly #194

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EdTechWeekly #194

May 8, 2011

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John
Guest hosts: iJohn Pederson, mayor of the Internet

This week's Links:

iJohn's Links:

  • Seth Odell's "Higher Ed Live" - Higher Ed communications, student affairs, etc. A community of higher ed web professionals.
  • Dan Benjamin's "Back to Work" w/ Merlin Mann - Dan Benjamin is, IMO, the biggest thing in podcasting since Leo Laporte's TWiT Network.
  • Related: Merlin Mann's "Cranking" -  Not quite "edtech" related, but "Back to Work" is heavily focused on creativity, particularly writing, and how to scratch that itch of balancing work and creativity.
  • Radio. What is it? "It is a free form live streaming station that has been setup for this course, and it is being used as a platform to broadcast the work being created in the class, and a space for live broadcasts as well as for programming shows."
  • Julia Fallon would kill me if I didn't mention Shifted Learning. Focus: ? :)
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EdTechWeekly #193

52:27 minutes (24.02 MB)
EdTechWeekly #193
May 1, 2011

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

This week's topics of discussion:
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