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EdTechWeekly #167

46:52 minutes (42.92 MB)

EdTechWeekly #167 

September 12, 2010

Learning Networks: PLEs, Free vs Owned, Google Apps

Ending their summer hiatus, Dave, John, and Jen kick off a new format for EdTechWeekly that offers a deeper look into a smaller number of topics each week. This week, the focus is on learning environments. Dave shares links and insight into the new PLENK2010 MOOC (beginning this week) considering personal learning environments and networks. As a postmortem to the demise of most free Ning accounts, Jen asks the group to consider the implications of teachers using free vs owned online environments. John shares his perspective on using Google Apps in a school setting. 

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Edtechtalk 84

46:18 minutes (21.19 MB)


EdTechTalk #84

June 5, 2010

EdTechWeekly #166

39:10 minutes (35.86 MB)

EdTechWeekly #166

May 30, 2010

Facebook, Privacy, and Social Networking


Dave and John are joined by Alvin Trusty and his 18-year-old daughter Kara Trusty to discuss Facebooks' newly revamped privacy settings, the expectations of privacy when posting things online, and best practices for managing your online identity. We also talked about how schools approach social networking, and whether they're adequately preparing students to make intelligent decisions regarding their own online privacy and identities.


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EdTechWeekly #165

26:34 minutes (24.32 MB)

EdTechWeekly #165

May 23, 2010
The Death of the Open Web
Dave and John are joined by Ryan Collins to discuss The Death of the Open Web, starting with the recent New York Times article and moving into a discussion of closed distribution systems like Apple's and whether the limitations of closed systems are outweighed by the reliability gained from a system where the variables are controlled.

Several factors combined to contribute to the sub-par quality of the audio this week. We'll try to do better with that next time.

EdTechWeekly #164

57:01 minutes (52.2 MB)

EdTechWeekly #164

May 16, 2010


In which John and Dave eschew the normal show format and spend an hour talking about whether it's really about the technology, and if technology really has had a substantial impact on technology.


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