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EdTechWeekly #195

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EdTechWeekly #195

May 15, 2011

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

Guest host: Eric Curts

This week's links:

Chat Log:


19:10:43 JenM -> here is the list of topics ...

19:10:43 PeggyG -> hi sr

19:11:18 PeggyG -> what happened with the chat that we can no longer copy/drag it to save it? doesn't seem to be any way to copy it now

19:12:21 sr -> Hi Peggy

19:12:43 JohnS -> could be java settings.

19:13:04 JohnS -> Current version of java doesn't allow access to the clipboard on some platforms.

19:13:05 PeggyG -> java settings on the server?

19:14:28 PeggyG -> districts have a way of doing that--merging jobs and doubling the work for one person and same pay 

19:14:54 JenM -> Chromebook:     Overview of offering:     Business and Schools:     ... and why some say it will fail ...     Chromebooks in Schools - Part 1: The Good - (article written by Eric Curts)     Chromebooks in Schools - Part 2: The Bad - (article written by Eric Curts)     Microsoft's alternative online applications for schools:     Microsoft's Live@EDU pricing: -

19:17:00 JenM ->

19:17:05 JenM ->

19:17:18 JohnS -> Apps User Group:

19:18:12 PeggyG -> very helpful articles--the good/bad. Thanks Eric!

19:20:51 Cathy E -> How do you feel about running Chrome OS on computers you already have?  Possible?

19:21:02 JohnS -> not possible.

19:21:15 JohnS -> Google only makes it available preinstalled on computers.

19:21:22 Cathy E -> ahh

19:27:07 JenM -> and more reasons it may fail ...

19:37:53 JenM -> Microsoft's alternative online applications for schools: Microsoft's Live@EDU pricing: -

19:41:54 PeggyG -> this review is really interesting and informative!! 

19:42:05 JenM -> Khan Academy:     Website:     Charlie Rose Interview with founder Sal Khan:     On YouTube:     Sal Khan TED 2011:     Jen's take: Age old instructional "model" of (1) Presentation, (2) Practice with both online exercises and hope to flip classroom model with time in class for practice not lecture, (3) guidance / feedback with focus on mastery with integrated analytic and "badges" based on gaming concepts. No current focus on credentials. Hope for global classroom. A lot of tried instructional concepts on self-paced learning, but sparkle here is each of the three elements (presentation, practice, guidance / feedback) are done by a really smart dude. Can it scale? Is there "enough" content beyond bites of important concepts? Heavy focus on learner-content interaction (and to some extent learner-teacher interaction in terms of designed instruction), but what else is required (learner-teacher interaction or learner-learner interaction) for practice / guidance beyond online experience?

19:42:31 PeggyG -> hear both pros/cons of Khan Academy...

19:42:54 PeggyG -> Sylvia Martinez kind of bashed it in her blog--not constructivist enough

19:43:53 PeggyG -> Sylvia has a number of blog posts about the Khan Academy

19:44:23 PeggyG ->

19:53:54 JohnS ->

20:00:26 Cathy E -> I knew his voice sounded familiar - 

20:00:30 JohnS ->

20:02:02 PeggyG -> excellent conversation!!! thanks Eric and all

20:03:19 JenM -> Nite all!

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