SLN SOL Summit 2008

SUNY Learning Network SOL Summit Webcast
February 28, 2008
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Cecilia d’Oliveira, Technology Director, OpenCourseware at MIT

ChrisWise - Lead Designer, WGBH Teacher’s DomainWGBH Interactive West, Boston, MA

Laura McGrath?Assistant Professor of English and English Department Tech Coordinator, Kennesaw State University,

Larry Johnson Chief Executive Officer The New Media Consortium (NMC)
Alice McNeely & Carine Surdey: Broome

Jon Rubin - Film Professor and Director of the SUNY COIL Center, SUNY Purchase

Barbara E. McMullen Dean of Online Learning Monroe College, Bronx, NY. Web:

Jennifer Maddrell & Jeff Lebow

EdTechTalk - Expand the Conversation within your Networks

successful WiAOC!

Hello group!

May I introduce myself?  This is my first time here...I am an Webhead and fresh from the super WiAOCC weekend.  Many of you were there!   Have a look at

I live in Florence, Italy and teach CALL English...have just finished my masters in e.learning at the University of Florence where I teach.

looking forward to this


21st Century Learning #34: South by Southwest (sxsw) Conference Preview

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #34
What is the South by Southwest Festival?
Alex interviews arvind about his upcoming trip to the South by Southwest conference.
February 28, 2007

21st Century Learning #20: Bill Fitzgerald on DrupalEd

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #20
A Conversation with Bill Fitzgerald on Drupal in Education
October 31, 2006
Download mp3 (1:00:08, 28.1 MB)

We had an excellent conversation with Bill Fitzgerald, from, and the brand spankin new DrupalEd Distribution on how Drupal fits into education. The goal of the show was to create a cookbook for a conference site with Drupal -- we got to it in the last 10 minutes! Thanks to Bill for his time and the excellent conversation.

If you're interested in getting involved in the Drupal Education movement, join the Drupal Documentation Listserv,comment on the DrupalEd Distribution page, and join DrupalEd Drupal.

Past Shows on Drupal, Elgg, and Open Source:

# 11 - Open Source Show
# 17 - The Read/Write Web Conference

Other Drupal Resources:

About Drupal
Drupal Wikipedia Entry
CMS Academy Drupal
Drupal Page at the School Computing Wiki


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