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IHAQ#16 - More questions about set up of a course or project website

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I Have A Question#16
September 14, 2014 

Featured Question:
Jen has more questions surrounding the set up of a course or project website. While there is likely no "perfect" platform or solution, we contemplate important needs and key decisions.


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ETBS: 2010.06.17

35:47 minutes (16.38 MB)

I'm joined by Matt Montagne for a free-form discussion that touches on public transit and iPhones. Thanks, once again, to Derek K Miller of for the use of his tunes, and to Sheila Adams and Peggy George for joining us in the chat room.

Edtechtalk 84

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EdTechTalk #84

June 5, 2010

ETBS: 2010.05.20

35:48 minutes (16.39 MB)

the laughing buddha by Jason Gulledge



The Buddha's Birthday edition of ETBS in which we catch-up with Jeff Lebow, Sheila Adams and Lisa Durff for a good old-fashioned brainstorm/virtual staff lounge get-together with some tunes from Penmachine and # Psy Brazil # thrown in for good measure.



 the laughing buddha by Jason Gulledge

Not Edtechweekly 4 - Five years of news stories... in review

55:58 minutes (25.62 MB)

Dave has a fun conversation with Doug Symington and the chat room about the last five years in education and technology.

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