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EdTechWeekly#114 - with extra Canadian flavour

Jen was unavailable and John was barely connected, but Sharon Peters and Alec Couros step in and join Dave & Jeff to make this the first ever Canadian heavy episode.


February 8, 2009

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Super EdTechWeekly #113

A Super EdTechWeekly!

EdTechWeekly #113
February 1, 2009

EdTechWeekly #112

After a late start (thanks to Jen's audio issues), John, Dave, Jeff and Jen reviewed the latest news and resources in education and technology, including a recap of Educon held this week.

EdTechWeekly #112
January 25, 2009

18:54:43 JohnS -> Hey, folks. Thanks for joining us.
18:54:52 JohnS -> We'll be right with you as soon as Jen fixes her audio.
18:55:23 PeggyG -> Jen's voice is very clear for me--just a bit of a hiss in background.

EdTechWeekly#111 - EdTech Telepathy

While Jen is away, Sharon Peters sits in for our most attended ETW ever.

January 18, 2009

EdTechWeekly #110

Dave, John, Jeff, and Jen talk about new (and some old and some not yet available) resources and stories in education and technology.

January 11, 2009


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