I'm joined by Jeff Lebow and Jennifer Maddrell who help me trouble-shoot my audio "issues" and experiment with ustream and operator11 video.

We were also joined by Arthus and Durff in the chat room.


I'm joined by Alex Ragone, Cheryl Oakes, Cathy Evanoff, Lisa Durff, Susan Ettenheim and Alice Mercer as we consider some questions that Alex has for edtechtalk webcasters ahead of a k12onlineconference presentation he has coming up.


Another in a series of our "virtual staff lounges"

This week we listen to more tunes from Derek K. Miller of Penmachine.com

We also talk about plans for webcasting of New Media Literacies in Learning Landscapes conference.

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EdTechBrainstorm: July 19, 2007

Thanks to Cheryl Oakes, Cathy Evanoff, and Alice Barr for joining me for last week's show. Thanks too to Mrs. Durff and Jason Hando for their contributions from the chat room.

Here are some of the links mentioned during the show:


ETBS July 12, 2007 - an EdTechTalk Educationbridges Development Planning Session

EdTechTalk Educationbridges Development Planning Session
Towards Registraion, New Server,  Moodle Hosting
July 12, 2007

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