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Part One of a what proved to be a lively night o' brainstorming.

I'm joined by Art Gelwicks and Jennifer Wagner as we discuss Twitter.

The show begins with me reading an excerpt from a recent post by Chris Lott, Donning the Twitter Condom.


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This week we had some "audio issues" and I wasn't able to add other voices to the conversation.Thanks to all the "usual suspects" in the chatroom for the back channel for the show.

Thanks, again, to Derek K. Miller of Penmachine for the use of his tunes during the 'cast.

This week, we again talk about Twitter and Facebook as well as Pageflakes and NetVibes.


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I'm joined by Brad Hicks, Jeff Lebow, Maria Knee of It's Elementary and Cheryl Oakes of Women of Web 2.0 for an ol' time "virtual staff lounge."


This week I'm joined by Paul from Vancouver Island, and again by Jennifer Wagner, of Women of Web 2.0 and Alice Mercer of It's Elementary, and others in the chat room, as we discuss a range of topics in the "virtual staff lounge" including interactive whiteboards, online "netiquette" and what constitutes, "acceptable" and "appropriate" behaviour in online environments.


Arthus visits again and we pick up the conversation from the week before.

Here's the YouTube version of Arthus' Keynote presentation. We are also joined by Jennifer Wagner of Women of Web 2.0 and Alice Mercer of It's Elementary. We talk a bit about "netiquette" in online spaces, Second Life.


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