EdTechTalk #77 w/ Vance Stevens & Leigh Blackall - Webhead Convergence Ahoy!

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EdTechTalk #77 with Vance Stevens & Leigh Blackall
Webhead Convergence Ahoy!
May 13, 2007

Webheads in Action founder, Vance Stevens & WiAOC2007 Keynote speaker, Leigh Blackall discuss this  amazing 'online convergence' (May 18~20) and then get in to some issues related to open education and copyright.  The convergence will also include keynote presentations by  Stephen DownesGeorge SiemensEtienne Wenger, Robin Good, Barbara Ganley, & Teemu Leinonenp pluss dozens of other presentaions by all sorts of pioneering practictioners. Complete Schedule Below

For more convergence info, check out:
http://wiaoc.org/   http://webheads.info/   http://webheadsinaction.org/

EdTechTalk#76 - Community Forum @ Edublogosphere Issues, Options, & Norms

Community Forum @ Edublogosphere Issues, Options, & Norms
April 27, 2007

There have been some heated Edublog postings recently (links below) concerning the virtues and pitfalls of different methods for facilitating community development and discussion within the Edublogospere.  This is a 'community forum' discussion that addressed some of these questions:

- How can the edublogging community best help educators keep up with the steady torrent of new educational tools, methods, and resources?
- What are the relative merits of blogging independently vs. being affiliated with a particular social network?
- How do we balance self-promotion and commercial interests with our participation in projects for the common good?  
- What, if any, expectations are there for 'professional decorum' in edublogging? 

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The 2006 Edublog Awards Show - EdTechTalk # 75

Edublog Awards 2006
December 17, 2006
Download mp3

EdTechTalk once again webcast the Annual Edublog Awards Ceremony. Josie Frasier guided  us through the ceremony and Dave presented his 'Top 10 News Events of the Edublog Year' .   More info about the Edublog Awards and a list of 2006 Winners is at http://incsub.org/awards/

Last year's Awards Ceremony and Top 10 list

2006 Edublogs Award Winners

Best Audio and/or Visual Blog:
absolutely intercultural!
Anne Fox (Denmark), Laurent Borgmann (Germany)

Best Group Blog:
Polar Science 2006

YES I Can! Science team, McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Diane Hammond, Susan Stiff, and Dr. Tom Stiff (Canada)

Best Individual Blog:
Christopher D. Sessums :: Blog

Christopher D. Sessums (USA)

Most Influential Post, Resource or Presentation:
K12 Online Conference 2006

Darren Kuropatwa (Canada), Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (USA), Wes Fryer (USA)

Best Research Paper:
Nancy White: Blogs and Community
Nancy White (USA)

Best Teacher Blog:
Have Fun with English! 2
Teresa Almeida d’Eça (Portugal)

Best Library/ Librarian Blog:
Hey Jude
Judy O’Connell (Australia)

Best Newcomer: (joint winners)
Ed Tech Journeys
Pete Reilly (USA)

Paz Peña (Chile)

Best Wiki
Flat Classroom Project

The Flat Classroom project is a genuine assessment project between Julie Lindsay'sgrade 11 ITGS class at International School Dhaka(ISD) in Bangladesh and Vicki Davis' 10th grade Computer Science class at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia

Best Undergraduate Blog:
CILASS Student Blog
University of Sheffield Student Ambassadors of the Centre for Inquiry-based Learning In the Arts and Social Sciences (England)

Edublog Star Award (Convenors choice):
Duck Diaries
Barbara Cohen (USA)


The Edublog Awards 2006 - Best, Bright, Beautiful from edublogs in 2006

Edublog Awards (EdTechTalk#75) 
Sunday, 9amEST/1400GMT
(global times)
EdTechTalk will once again be webcasting the Annual Edublog Awards Ceremony. Josie Frasier will be guiding us through the ceremony and Dave will be  presenting his 'Top 10 News Events of the Edublog Year' again.   We'll be using a Skypecast to speak with nominees during the ceremony and simulcasting on TalkShoe for those who would rather 'phone it in'.  More info about the Edublog Awards at http://incsub.org/awards/

EdTechTalk#72 - Discussion with Stephen Downes and Mike King of IBM

November 27, 2006
Download mp3

A conversation between Stephen Downes and Michael King.
Topics discussed included:
  •  IBM as a consulting company - what that means
  •  IBM's attitude toward open source - how does it view other players - Sun, Novell
  •  The IBM patent portfolio - does IBM risk being a patent troll - the SCO lawsuit - progress
  •  IBM in e-learning specifically - Lotus, Domino - still in the game?
  •  IBM and the Blackboard patent - company position - message?
  •  Toward the development of open educational resources? Tools - services - product?


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