EdTechTalk#53 - LibraryFest with Joyce Valenza

EdTechTalk#53 - LibraryFest
July 9, 2006
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We had a very entertaining conversation with School Librarian Extraordinaire Joyce Valenza this week. We talked about the place of librarians and libraries in 2006, about all the great work that librarians are doing and about how libraries may evolve in the future. It's a great introduction to what's happening in the world of Libraries 2.0.


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EdTechTalk#52 - EdTech News & Vacation Possibilities

July 2, 2006
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A roundup of weekly EdTech news and a discussion of possibilities for EdTech fun and learning during summer (or winter) vacation.
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EdTechNews, Moodle 1.6 , Mindspace, & more
June 25, 2006

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An 'old fashioned' roundup of EdTech news & resources, followed by our first impressions of the newly released Moodle 1.6 (with blogging and Elgg integration), and chatting with folks in the skypecast.


EdTechTalk #50 - The User Appreciation Show


EdTechTalk#49, part2 - with guests Wesley Fryer & Miguel Guhlin

EdTechTalk#49, Part 2
June 11, 2006
Guests: Miguel Guhlin & Wesley Fryer

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Chat Transcript

In part#2 of our discussion with Miguel Guhlin and Wesley Fryer we get our guests thoughts on webcasting itself as well as practical steps edtech practitioners can take to effect positive change. In a record setting post-show, the EdTeechTalk gang gives rapid birth to yet another member of the family - NewMediaTeaching.Net


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