Webcast Help Request

Things went fairly smooth on our inaugural EdTechTalk K12 webcast on Thursday. There are a few things I could use: I created a program but that does not transfer into the creating audio upload nor entering an event on the schedule. Is there a standard or process to get the webcast audio into the feed? Thank you

EdTechTalkK12 is starting up at 5 PM EST today, Thursday June 7

EdTechTalk K12 will begin this afternoon. We will be discussing some online resources for the classroom. We will introduce ourselves and vision for the webcast. Come and share if you wish.

NHSTE Presentation - The Past, Present, and Future of Learning Technologies

The Potential of Collaborative Technology
A 25 minute tour of Worldbridges

NHSTE 25th Anniversary Celebration Webcast
Grappone Center - Concord, NH
Wed, Oct. 4, 2006

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