Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, November 6, 2008 an interview with Liz Davis

We had a great conversation in the Audio with Liz Davis. There was a tremendous chat going on with all the people in the chat room. Liz talked about her journey from Liz Davis in a classroom to Liz Davis in the blogosphere. It was great fun! Thanks to the SKYPE software, the sound was crystal clear for this show!

You will love this show. Liz Davis was such a treat to interview. We talked about all kinds of reasons to belong to a larger personal learning network. Break out of your classroom and find someone to talk and listen to.

Here is the delicious link!Geek of the Week” Links for 2008-11-06

Here is the chatlog:

19:21:17 Lisa Parisi Hello
19:21:17 cheryloakes~Seedlings Getting Ready folks.
19:22:44 Lisa Parisi Let me know when you start streaming.

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