Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, November 6, 2008 an interview with Liz Davis

Post-Show description: 

You will love this show. Liz Davis was such a treat to interview. We talked about all kinds of reasons to belong to a larger personal learning network. Break out of your classroom and find someone to talk and listen to.

Here is the delicious link!Geek of the Week” Links for 2008-11-06

Here is the chatlog:

19:21:17 Lisa Parisi Hello
19:21:17 cheryloakes~Seedlings Getting Ready folks.
19:22:44 Lisa Parisi Let me know when you start streaming.
19:23:02 cheryloakes~Seedlings okay, I will ask for a sound check in 5 min.
19:24:40 Lisa Parisi Hi Lisa
19:24:47 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hi Lisa and Lisa
19:24:47 Lisa Thumann Hello!
19:25:18 Lisa Thumann No audio yet, right?
19:25:32 cheryloakes~Seedlings sound is coming at you.
19:26:06 Lisa Parisi Hearing the wrong show
19:26:19 Lisa Parisi I think
19:26:23 cheryloakes~Seedlings We are edtech talk A
19:26:37 Lisa Parisi How many men are there talking?
19:26:41 Lisa Parisi I hear three
19:26:45 bobsprankle hi all
19:26:53 LisaThumann Man, still no audio
19:26:57 Lisa Parisi Now quiet
19:27:25 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hijacked success
19:27:44 cheryloakes~Seedlings It is cheryl and liz and bob
19:27:45 Lisa Parisi Now I hear Cheryl
19:28:03 LisaThumann I hear Bob and Cheryl now
19:28:04 Lisa Parisi Now I hear Bob
19:28:14 Lisa Parisi Wow, Lisa, bright color.
19:28:19 LisaThumann I switched
19:28:23 LisaThumann Better?
19:28:24 Lisa Parisi Better
19:28:26 LisaThumann Hi Bob
19:28:35 LisaThumann Hi Liz
19:28:38 Lisa Parisi Hello Liz
19:28:51 LisaThumann Yay Liz!!!!
19:29:07 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hello to all, we will need help in the chat room until Alice gets here.
19:29:29 Lisa Parisi We'll be here for you. :)
19:29:40 Lisa Parisi Hi Liz
19:29:41 LisaThumann Hellllllllllo!
19:30:05 LisaThumann I just Tweeted it again
19:30:10 Lisa Parisi I did too
19:30:18 Lisa Parisi And plurked it
19:30:30 LisaThumann @LisaP - Show off!
19:30:33 LisaThumann :)
19:31:00 Lisa Parisi Hello Adina!
19:31:01 LisaThumann Hi Adina!
19:31:08 adinasullivan Hello! Hello!
19:31:12 LisaThumann Thanks for the Wii tip! I'm so psyched.
19:31:23 adinasullivan yeah! me too!
19:33:11 cheryloakes~Seedlings welcome to you all, we are so excited to have Liz Davis with us.
19:33:47 adinasullivan Wow, a wohoo! Thanks!
19:34:22 cheryloakes~Seedlings Alice is coming from North Carolina yippee
19:34:28 Lisa Parisi Hello Alice
19:34:43 alicebarr Hi Lisa
19:34:56 Lisa Parisi How's the weather down there?
19:35:13 LisaThumann Too much geography.
19:35:18 Lisa Parisi LOL
19:35:18 cheryloakes~Seedlings Whew! Crazy begining.
19:35:19 angelamaiers Hello all! How is everyone tonight?
19:35:21 alicebarr It's gorgeous! 75 degrees!
19:35:25 alicebarr Need shorts!
19:35:26 Lisa Parisi Hi Angela
19:35:26 LisaThumann Hi Angela!
19:35:37 Lisa Parisi I'm jealous, Alice.
19:35:58 LisaThumann I'm very excited that Cheryl and Alice are coming to NYC later this month
19:36:16 Lisa Parisi You'll all be so close to me.
19:36:20 LisaThumann Yay! BLC - But it began at Educon
19:36:28 alicebarr @lisathumann Hi there! We are excited too!
19:36:31 cheryloakes~Seedlings Yeah, going to Google Teacher Academy in NYC, Alice Barr, Sarah Sutter, Cheryl Oakes,way cool.
19:36:35 angelamaiers I am going for the first time this year-I hope I get to meet you all!
19:36:42 Lisa Parisi Hi Lorna
19:36:49 Lorna Hi Lisa
19:36:54 cheryloakes~Seedlings Yeah angelamaiers!! See you then.
19:37:04 alicebarr @lisa Wish it wasn't 1 day so we could do a tweetup
19:37:11 LisaThumann Great to hear you are going to be there Angela - it will be nice to meet you F2F
19:37:33 LisaThumann @Alice - 11 1/2 hours long - we could do a Tweetup the night before
19:37:35 Lisa Parisi wish I had applied...evening conferences that evening
19:37:41 LisaThumann When are you coming in to NY?
19:37:50 Lisa Parisi Hi Nicole
19:38:12 alicebarr @Lisaparisi Let's think about that...
19:38:14 Lisa Parisi Liz, I am going to look for your name in my TERC books.
19:38:15 nhill Hi Lisa
19:38:23 Lisa Parisi Alice, I would love to.
19:38:31 Lisa Parisi Count me in.
19:39:25 Lisa Parisi Cheryl your voice is too low.
19:39:33 nhill Hello again!
19:39:42 cheryloakes~Seedlings thanks LisaP
19:39:44 Lisa Parisi Love TERC math
19:39:49 alicebarr Hey DaveC!
19:39:57 DaveC Hello Alice and everyone
19:40:45 Lisa Parisi Wow...great question
19:40:47 cheryloakes~Seedlings How is my voice volume?
19:40:53 angelamaiers Great question! WOW!
19:40:53 cheryloakes~Seedlings Thanks LisaP
19:40:57 nhill wow...that is a great question.
19:40:59 Lisa Parisi Still lower than everyone else.
19:41:02 LisaThumann How has your digital footprint changed?
19:41:12 stevesoko Liz? Same sunglasses different hat!
19:41:21 Lisa Parisi 2 years ago I didn't even have a footprint
19:41:24 LisaThumann @Steve - good one!
19:41:35 alicebarr HA Steve!
19:42:22 LisaThumann Liz talks about how she wants to be famous frequently
19:42:27 adinasullivan I think CR 2.0 was a big jumping off point for a lot of us
19:42:39 LisaThumann But she is modest about it
19:42:45 LisaThumann She has a lot to offer
19:43:09 Lisa Parisi It was for me.
19:43:14 Lisa Parisi Met Lisa Durff there.
19:43:17 angelamaiers That's why we love you Liz-transparency!
19:43:22 Lisa Parisi She brought me here.
19:44:10 LisaThumann Educon was a blast
19:44:29 angelamaiers Twitter is amazing-I can not imagine life BT-Before Twitter!
19:44:30 stevesoko Actually that is what Liz taught me - don't be afraid, take the step, icrease your circle
19:45:31 Lisa Parisi Hi Nedra
19:45:37 Lisa Parisi Big times
19:46:03 Nedra Hi Lisa, thanks for the link on Plurk.
19:46:08 LisaThumann Building an online presence takes time
19:46:14 Lisa Parisi Glad you found your way here, Nedra.
19:46:21 LisaThumann I think Liz is an excellent example of that
19:46:59 cheryloakes~Seedlings Liz's book link at LULU
19:47:01 angelamaiers Lisa-you are right! I remember asking for months-will anyone every read this thing? I have been blogging a year, and I am more amazed everyday!
19:47:13 angelamaiers Thanks for the link!
19:47:38 LisaThumann @Angela - that's nice to hear from you since you have such a large following
19:47:50 angelamaiers Liz- will you do a Squiddo Lens for the book?
19:47:54 LisaThumann Yahoo bought Delicious?!?
19:48:03 cheryloakes~Seedlings sure and remember that the podcast and links will all be available tomorrow at bobsprankle and edtechtalk
19:48:08 Lisa Parisi How did that change delicious?
19:48:28 LisaThumann @LisaP Visually Delicious has changed along with the address
19:48:43 Lisa Parisi I saw the visual but my address is still
19:48:50 Lisa Parisi Just showed it today to my faculty
19:49:32 adinasullivan @ Lisa Parisi but before it was
19:49:35 LisaThumann I think when it went from to delicious
19:49:42 Lisa Parisi Well, that's easier.
19:49:49 adinasullivan yep
19:50:06 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hello to adina! DaveC, just saw you here, Lorna, welcome, Nedra-Hello, nhill-hi there, and Steve, how is CT these days?
19:50:10 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hi Scott
19:50:29 nhill Hello!
19:50:54 Lorna hello Cheryl
19:50:57 angelamaiers Liz-that is great!
19:50:59 cheryloakes~Seedlings Trying to keep an eye on the chat room, talk and watch the stream.:-) Better than TV
19:51:01 stevesoko Cheryl - CT is wet tonight and school is VERY busy
19:51:06 cheryloakes~Seedlings welcome Gail.
19:51:14 Nedra Hi Cheryl
19:51:28 gail Hi Cheryl
19:51:48 Scott Shelhart Hi folks
19:52:01 stevesoko Liz - how does the F2F change the nature & experience of the online network?
19:52:02 Lisa Parisi Hello Scott
19:52:05 adinasullivan Hi Scott
19:52:30 Lisa Parisi So Lucky
19:52:37 cheryloakes~Seedlings hey there Matt
19:52:46 stevesoko That is - we all can connect to folks online when we do F2F what does that do for us?
19:52:48 matt montagne hey y'all
19:52:50 cheryloakes~Seedlings Steve, the question is queued up
19:53:16 matt montagne TIIIIIMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!
19:53:23 nhill yes I agree!
19:53:25 matt montagne I hear that one every day!!!!
19:53:30 Lisa Parisi Great explanation of your vision.
19:53:37 nhill Have been fighting for time....
19:53:50 matt montagne WE need to start giving things up that we've traditionally done...
19:54:07 angelamaiers Those minutes add up!
19:54:08 cheryloakes~Seedlings good point Matt,
19:54:14 matt montagne Like, feeling the need to grade every last piece of work that a student does for u
19:54:15 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hey Peggy, you are late!
19:54:28 nhill we are building in substitues twice a week for teachers to have time to learn tech
19:54:29 cheryloakes~Seedlings we have missed you!
19:54:42 PeggyG I am so sorry!! Yes I'm very late. Computer issues...
19:54:44 angelamaiers Think about what five minutes of reading feeds, sharing links, posting and responding could do for professional development...and it's FREE!
19:54:59 cheryloakes~Seedlings Peggy, glad you are here.
19:55:04 nhill time to learn, plan and incorporate tech into classroom
19:55:08 alicebarr Hi PeggyG
19:55:10 Lisa Parisi Hello Peggy
19:55:16 LisaThumann I get so much negative feedback when I make this suggestion
19:55:22 Lisa Parisi But how did we all find the time?
19:55:23 DaveC The never-ending question!!!!
19:55:23 PeggyG Hi all--I'll lurk and try to catch up :-)
19:55:29 LisaThumann I get the whole "union" response
19:55:44 nhill That's what I think Lisa.
19:55:47 matt montagne Instead of an admin saying I'll give u more time, I think they should say cut out the things that don't matter
19:56:08 LisaThumann I think more people have to do what we all do - use your own time
19:56:12 LisaThumann Have a passion for what you do
19:56:16 angelamaiers I was with 150 administrators today and presented this!
19:56:18 nhill Lisa ...most think that I don't have a life because I spend time learning.
19:56:32 adinasullivan @nhill I get the same response
19:56:35 LisaThumann This is my life - I even share it with my kids and husband
19:56:38 cheryloakes~Seedlings Angela, good point a bet ago about this online stuff that is FREE.
19:56:45 nhill me too Lisa
19:56:46 DaveC I got a couple teachers addicted to wordle. They're putting everything through it and can't believe they weren't using it before. Convert them one teacher at a time.
19:56:59 matt montagne so if I were admin, I would chang the school to a trmester instead of a quarterly reporting system...1 less reporting period per year that teachers don't have to stress about
19:57:02 Lisa Parisi Me too, Lisa and Nicole
19:57:07 LisaThumann @DaveC- You got a good idea there
19:57:09 LisaThumann Baby steps
19:57:28 nhill awesome liz..would love to connect sometime...doing scratch with 7th grade
19:57:31 angelamaiers Wordle has so many educational uses!
19:57:34 DaveC Scratch, Alice and GameMaker
19:57:41 stevesoko I often make myself "do" a project because it makes me make time to learn it. Scratch is one example for me.
19:57:42 cheryloakes~Seedlings yes wordle is just a great tool.
19:57:48 matt montagne we can cr8 more time for people with better systems...and this won't cost us a dime which is BIG in this economy
19:57:54 nhill I laugh when students ask questions and I say ...I don't know...can we figure it out.
19:58:04 cheryloakes~Seedlings hello literatemusician
19:58:09 LisaThumann @nhill - Many teachers fear saying they don't know
19:58:13 DaveC IF they ask for help and you can't. Let those that can learn it lead it!
19:58:17 literatemusician hello
19:58:35 angelamaiers Do you have this link to that
19:58:35 cheryloakes~Seedlings dave do you have info on gamemaker, a link/
19:58:38 matt montagne also, schools should stop spending money on prioprietyry software and use open source instread...they can then plow all the savings into teacher ehnacement and professional development...the things that really matter!!
19:59:04 stevesoko Link/Resources fro Star Logo?
19:59:04 PeggyG @Matt-you're making so much sense!! I completely agree with you!
19:59:11 DaveC Looking for the info now...
19:59:14 angelamaiers Matt-I needed you with me today! Administrators do not get that most of what will make a difference is FREE!
19:59:23 LisaThumann @Matt - Why are we paying for software at all?
19:59:27 alicebarr @matt montagne. Great point about Open source
19:59:28 bobsprankle agree, matt!
19:59:28 Lorna Many parebts fear saying they don't know as well
19:59:33 Lorna parents
19:59:46 cheryloakes~Seedlings Matt, we are pushing open source and using the savings for hardware.Only the ADMIN haven't budged.
20:00:11 matt montagne @cheryl...excellent strategy!
20:00:11 LisaThumann The admin and sometimes the network folks
20:00:20 LisaThumann Hi Liz :)
20:00:33 LisaThumann I couldn't do a lot of what I do without Liz
20:00:36 cheryloakes~Seedlings we pushed open source to all student machines so far.
20:01:06 cheryloakes~Seedlings Matt, we also said we will not upgrade Microsoft Office, so when this 2003 version doesn't work, it doesn't work.
20:01:09 LisaThumann We have fun
20:01:10 PeggyG I think administrators/curriculum leaders and IT folks have to collaborate on the same team. It can't be us vs them.
20:01:28 LisaThumann @Cheryl - We shouldn't need Office
20:01:40 LisaThumann We can use Google Docs or shall I say Zoho?
20:01:55 matt montagne @angela...BINGO...all this stuff is Free, doesn't cost a dime! Which tells me that the system is totally broken...when the system doesn't reconginzie that the savings can be HUGE, something is wrong
20:02:05 adinasullivan @sujokat in Australia just found out she can't get into this show because it's blocked at school. Ugh!
20:02:21 cheryloakes~Seedlings LisaT, I always say that ,but when I went to upload student names, I needed tab delimited and the only program I could do it with was Microsoft Office, made me mad to admit.
20:02:26 angelamaiers That's the bigger issue-BLOCKING!
20:02:35 DaveC is by yo-yo games. It is a free download, but there is a pay version too.
20:02:41 LisaThumann @adina - So frustrating. I jsut had a room of 25 tech teachers that can't do stuff cause it's all blocked
20:02:42 PeggyG What do you say to someone who invites you to present web 2.0 tools to teach leaders in a district and most of the things you want to highlight are blocked in their district?
20:02:54 cheryloakes~Seedlings Oh, Adina, poor sue, maybe I s hould skype her.
20:02:56 Lisa Parisi Hi Paul
20:02:57 LisaThumann @PeggyG - This happens to me all the time
20:03:05 Lisa Parisi Screenshots
20:03:09 paulbogush Hey Lisa--Thanks for Plurking this
20:03:11 LisaThumann I give them a list ahead of time and ask them to unblock it.
20:03:17 matt montagne Moodle = Free, Blogging Platfroms = Free, Wikis = Free, Wideo Hosting = Free, Screencasting Software= Free, Open Oppice = Free, Google Docs = Free...what is the matter with us!!!??
20:03:19 angelamaiers Screenshots and my EVDO card!
20:03:20 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hello Paul, welcome.
20:03:31 Lisa Parisi See folks..plurk works. :)
20:03:34 cheryloakes~Seedlings Wow is the chat ever busy!!! I can't keep up.
20:03:41 matt montagne Yikes, I can't type!!! :)
20:03:56 Scott Shelhart ...Im here tonight because of a tweet
20:03:57 angelamaiers Matt-just fly to Iowa now-I have another 100 administrators tomorrow!
20:04:00 nhill I like the idea of that introduction Liz.
20:04:02 LisaThumann @Matt - I only pay for Flickr Pro
20:04:02 adinasullivan @Lisa Parisi he he
20:04:12 stevesoko For Grade 3 -4 I just dumped Scratch on all lab machines, waiting to see who, and what finds it, and where it goes
20:04:18 angelamaiers Lisa-what is FlickrPro?
20:04:21 cheryloakes~Seedlings Lisa, I pay flickr, screencast
20:04:22 matt montagne LOL Angela!!! Good luch!!
20:04:27 nhill what project do you assign?
20:04:35 LisaThumann @Angela - more storage
20:04:41 matt montagne Actually, there are a few things I pay for and flickr is one of them
20:04:52 matt montagne OH, I forget...Scratch=Free
20:04:56 Lisa Parisi I asked for scratch to be loaded on laptops...was told it takes a lot of memory and can't be done. Sigh
20:05:09 Lisa Parisi Wanted Google SketchUp too
20:05:12 stevesoko If I asked to work out a new unit in this thing called scratch I would have gotten the time, I don't know this, etc.
20:05:15 cheryloakes~Seedlings @LisaP booha
20:05:21 bobsprankle i'm not sure it does use that much, lisa...
20:05:23 matt montagne the only thing more powerful than the scratch platform is the community that the kids can participate in...they can work with other students around the world to build software together!!
20:05:36 matt montagne The scratch community ROCKS!
20:05:46 Lisa Parisi Let me explain, Bob...saying it takes too much memory is easier than spending time loading it.
20:05:54 cheryloakes~Seedlings right Matt, the kids love the community.
20:06:11 nhill Lisa do you have not access to load it yourself?
20:06:14 angelamaiers Is anyone using Edmodo?
20:06:18 cheryloakes~Seedlings Good, now I get it LisaP, jsust an excuse.
20:06:20 nhill Hi Sheila
20:06:23 DaveC Java, C++, C# "express" versions are also now available for free. And Game Maker Studio (that lets you build games for XBOX is free too). Although above the level of my middle schoolers
20:06:27 Lisa Parisi Nope...locked down...used to have the admin code but not any more
20:06:31 nhill I am going to start Edmodo next rotation of students
20:06:38 sheila Hi all! :)
20:06:44 angelamaiers Hi Sheila!
20:06:44 Lisa Parisi Hello Sheila
20:06:51 adinasullivan @Lisa I lost my admin rights this year also
20:06:52 matt montagne
20:07:03 Lisa Parisi Safety...never know what we might load.
20:07:14 Lisa Parisi Teachers never had the access code..but I did.
20:07:15 nhill :( Lisa!
20:07:23 cheryloakes~Seedlings Oh Adina, and Lisa, how do you lose admin rights?
20:07:26 Lisa Parisi I am too dangerous now.
20:07:26 nhill I have access code.
20:07:39 LisaThumann @Lisa - Yeah, you might load something that would help the students learn
20:07:40 matt montagne that is a link to a scratch project that one of my students created last project...and he got feedback on it and contributed it to the community
20:07:43 sheila Same thing happened to me . .
20:07:43 Lisa Parisi New system...only computer teachers have access to download
20:07:47 nhill I also logon for my students that lifts filters.
20:07:59 nhill Only in my room with my supervision...can try new things.
20:08:01 Lisa Parisi I do have that override Nicole
20:08:14 Lisa Parisi I use it to read blogs
20:08:43 PeggyG There was a great article on Edutopia today about strategies for working with admins to get sites unblocked. Definitely worth reading!
20:08:45 Nedra We all have the same filter.
20:08:50 LisaThumann I just blogged about how we have to teach our students to use their own internal filters.
20:09:00 LisaThumann Not blopck everything.
20:09:02 DaveC At the NHSTE conf in Dec, one of the presos is to bring your laptop so you can download a series of open-s programs. Not sure how many will show up and find out they can't. :(
20:09:04 Scott Shelhart ...@ whoever is running the controls.....Nice audio quality tonight
20:09:06 LisaThumann BLOCK
20:09:11 matt montagne well, I gotta get crackin'...gr8 talk and gr8 show...sorry I'm so grumpy 2nite
20:09:18 bobsprankle yay for the audio!
20:09:25 adinasullivan @Cheryl IT went changed the rights so that they are only ones with admin rights. Admin passwords changed over the summer
20:09:26 cheryloakes~Seedlings Thanks Scott, a lot better than last week.
20:09:28 Lisa Parisi My district blocks very little, Lisa.
20:09:44 LisaThumann @Lisa - that's great to know - I may be moving north :)
20:09:53 Lorna matt you did gr8 last night - grumpy deserved
20:10:17 Lisa Parisi Would love to have you join us. Need a kindred spirit.
20:10:28 matt montagne @lorna thanx :)
20:10:38 LisaThumann @Lisa I'll have to work on my accent
20:10:43 Nedra I asked to have my ning unblocked and edublogs but was told it is district policy not to unblock sites.
20:10:52 angelamaiers Liz-I totally agree-it is all about Big Ideas! We need to start that conversation early!
20:10:52 PeggyG The Edutopia article strongly supported "not blocking" and ways to work around the blocks.
20:10:54 Lisa Parisi Drink cawfee...
20:10:55 sheila @Matt - missed the show; was sick. Looking forward to the next one.
20:11:09 cheryloakes~Seedlings hey shelia, good to see you
20:11:20 alicebarr
20:11:26 adinasullivan @Nedra That makes no sense! Sorry to hear it
20:11:27 DaveC They put in new blocking software at my school. Now EVERYTHING is blocked.
20:11:27 sheila Hey Cheryl
20:11:42 LisaThumann @DaveC What is it?
20:11:45 Lisa Parisi Dave, can you apply for unblocks?
20:11:54 Lorna ahh time to gather the parents to get rid of those blocks
20:12:03 DaveC I can ask for unblocks, but they are now all done by hand, and he will only do it by exact URL
20:12:11 Lisa Parisi Lorna..parents want the blocks.
20:12:17 Lisa Parisi REally time to educate parents
20:12:22 Lorna so we have to teach them why not
20:12:32 nhill I love plurk!
20:12:35 adinasullivan You can edit your original plurk posting!
20:12:39 Lisa Parisi Me too Nicole
20:12:40 DaveC So he unblocked my blog, but still hasn't unblcoked my dashboard or ability to post. We have a couple videos and posts ready to go!!! drving me nuts.
20:12:47 Nedra I love plurk too!
20:12:50 Lorna the question still remains who will educate the parents
20:12:50 nhill That's what I like about Plurk.
20:13:05 Lisa Parisi I think about that all the time.
20:13:12 Lisa Parisi Haven't provided much lately.
20:13:13 LisaThumann @Lorna some districts are starting to offer evening workshops for parents
20:13:19 Lisa Parisi Feel guilty about it
20:13:24 adinasullivan We all give and take in phases. Depends on what is happening at the time
20:13:27 LisaThumann I try to share as much as I can
20:13:30 angelamaiers Twitter has never let me down! It is such a giving community!
20:13:32 Lorna any links to these workshops?
20:13:45 Lisa Parisi I share anything I can but not feeling so creative lately.
20:13:53 LisaThumann @Lorna - No, I have only seen the fliers
20:13:58 Lisa Parisi Hi Cathy
20:14:03 LisaThumann Maine educators are FAMOUS
20:14:08 cheryloakes~Seedlings hey cathyE
20:14:12 nhill I feel like I'm taking more than I'm giving.
20:14:13 Scott Shelhart I'm still shocked that Twitter and Plurk kept working during the election results
20:14:24 nhill I'm sponging these days!
20:14:29 Lisa Parisi nicole, I always feel that way.
20:14:32 gail @lizbdavis I usually check the links my twitter friends give and have saved a few of them
20:14:37 sheila I used to take students to Ocean Park.
20:14:49 nhill don't feel that way Lisa..I get a lot from you! =)
20:14:59 Lisa Parisi Pressure
20:15:12 cheryloakes~Seedlings Hello MikeSansone!1
20:15:34 angelamaiers YEAH!!!
20:15:41 cheryloakes~Seedlings Yeah to Alan November for thinking about another edubloggercon
20:15:46 angelamaiers I met Alan last week-he is amazing!
20:15:49 MikeSansone Hi CherylOakes:-) It's been a great show (I've been listening over someone's shoulder)
20:15:51 PeggyG That is great news!!! Stream :-)
20:15:52 adinasullivan Well kids...gotta pick up some dinner and head home. Thanks for the convo and have a great night
20:16:02 Lisa Parisi Bye Adina
20:16:07 LisaThumann Bye Adina
20:16:10 cheryloakes~Seedlings good MikeSansone thanks
20:16:16 Lisa Parisi Dinner with Alan November is cool, Liz.
20:16:20 Scott Shelhart bye Adina
20:16:25 cheryloakes~Seedlings bye adina
20:16:43 LisaThumann Oh Liz....
20:16:53 LisaThumann Yes, I am
20:16:56 LisaThumann :)
20:17:14 angelamaiers When is BLC?
20:17:30 alicebarr @angela Last week of July
20:17:46 LisaThumann BLC July 29 - 31, 2009
20:17:51 PeggyG drum roll please!
20:17:53 angelamaiers Thanks!
20:18:07 Scott Shelhart I give.....WHAT is BLC?
20:18:15 alicebarr
20:18:20 LisaThumann Building Learning Communities
20:18:27 alicebarr THANKS LISA
20:18:28 Scott Shelhart thanks
20:18:46 LisaThumann
20:18:47 MikeSansone other inbox....nice share....very nice!
20:19:30 Lisa Parisi Are you all going to BLC again?
20:19:43 PeggyG Then each of you can share your invites with the rest of us :-)
20:19:45 Lisa Parisi And NECC?
20:19:48 LisaThumann I would love to go to BLC - but, we'll see.
20:19:56 LisaThumann I just registered for NECC.
20:20:03 LisaThumann What about you @LisaP?
20:20:04 stevesoko I am so torn NECC & BLC = $$$$
20:20:11 DaveC I wish I could go, but $700 is a bit much. Maybe they'll be a free day....
20:20:16 Lisa Parisi I can't afford both. Wrote two NECC proposals.
20:20:18 Nedra I plan on going to NECC again.
20:20:22 alicebarr
20:20:30 MikeSansone night night all as far as I'm concerned, tonight we're talking to THE Liz Davis
20:20:48 nhill jennifer dorman
20:20:50 stevesoko I think I need to do NECC while it is on eeast coast - no fly $$
20:21:19 angelamaiers This is great Alice!
20:21:24 nhill I am doing Pete&C and NECC...just filled out the travel app for district to pay! -)
20:21:31 PeggyG Jennifer does such an awesome job of sharing all of her resources!
20:21:39 nhill I agree Peggy!
20:22:20 alicebarr
20:22:30 PeggyG That is an excellent document from Jennifer!
20:23:33 Lisa Parisi My district is cutting conference money big time. I am paying for most of Educon
20:24:29 LisaThumann That's the problem with BLC - too pricey
20:24:58 Nedra Our district froze all conference travel/conference $ over the weekend. Luckily they had just signed me up for NYSCATE on Thursday.
20:25:06 Lisa Parisi Educon is costing big money.
20:25:08 paulbogush I am one tiny step away from having the district pay for NECC for me
20:25:21 Lisa Parisi Skipped NYSCATE because of cost.
20:25:21 DaveC Mine will pay UP TO $250 for the year. But I don't need a sub too, so I think I should get a little extra. Although, they don't see it that way.
20:25:23 PeggyG Wonderful tool--quizlet! It could even help future teachers prepare for the state content proficiency exams. :-)
20:25:46 LisaThumann I've cut costs by rooming with ppl from my pln - more fun anyway :)
20:26:05 angelamaiers Is it free?
20:27:06 bobsprankle quizlet is free
20:27:16 cheryloakes~Seedlings Steve Dembo, 30 days to be a better blogger, just great! + http:/ Kelly Tenkely
20:27:28 Lisa Parisi I am rooming with friends...Colleen K for Educon and four of us for NECC
20:27:36 LisaThumann I'm working on the 30 days project
20:27:51 nhill trying to do the blogging thing too...a few days behind though. =)
20:28:47 LisaThumann Search for Tag 30D2BBB for anyone involved in @Teach42's project
20:28:57 cheryloakes~Seedlings good point thanks for the tag lisa!
20:29:23 Lisa Parisi Gotta head out. Thanks for a great show.
20:29:28 Lisa Parisi Good night all.
20:29:31 LisaThumann Bye @LisaP
20:29:34 cheryloakes~Seedlings thanks for all for stopping by.
20:29:41 LisaThumann Thanks for a great show!
20:30:12 cheryloakes~Seedlings The show will be a podcast!! The links will be a great resource tomorrow.!
20:30:33 angelamaiers Lisa-it was great to meet you! I am creating a digital literacy class formy university-those working on media literacy-could be skype?
20:30:37 PeggyG What a great conversation!! I'm so sorry I missed the beginning! Can't wait to hear the audio :-)
20:30:49 nhill Thank you!
20:30:50 angelamaiers What a GREAT conversation tonight!
20:30:51 cheryloakes~Seedlings Peggy, we are so glad you got here!
20:30:56 Nedra great show, thanks
20:30:57 LisaThumann Would love to @Angela I'm lisa.thumann on Skype
20:31:01 PeggyG me too!!!!
20:31:08 cheryloakes~Seedlings Angela, can't wait to meet you!
20:31:27 angelamaiers Cheryl-Me, too! I can hardly wait!
20:31:41 LisaThumann Yay Liz!!!!
20:31:53 lizbdavis Thanks Lisa
20:31:57 LisaThumann Now Alice can go out dancing
20:32:02 lizbdavis Thanks to everyone in the chat.
20:32:09 alicebarr Heading now :)
20:32:10 lizbdavis All my tweeps
20:32:17 angelamaiers Night Alice!
20:32:18 alicebarr Dancing that is :)
20:32:24 alicebarr NIght All!
20:32:56 DaveC ETT calendar still shows you on 11/13
20:33:07 LisaThumann Bye all.
20:33:08 sheila Teachers are Talking is on the 13th
20:33:17 PeggyG looks like both shows are scheduled for next week :-)
20:33:23 stevesoko nite all
20:33:23 alicebarr Thanks DaVe C I think we are off
20:33:28 sheila Thanks!
20:33:32 lizbdavis Good night everyone.
20:33:35 bobsprankle thanks all!
20:33:39 DaveC Oh, the calendar has both shows at 7:30 ET :)
20:33:45 Lorna nite all
20:33:54 DaveC night.
20:34:02 angelamaiers Night All!
20:35:28 cheryloakes~Seedlings Lisa Thumann is coming on 11/20 for our show!! Be sure to come back. Thanks for the great show.
20:36:04 cheryloakes~Seedlings Lisa P is really having t he show 11/13/08
20:36:19 cheryloakes~Seedlings goodnight!!
20:36:29 bobsprankle goodnight all!