Jo McLeay

Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, October 2, 2008

This is the real show SEEDLINGS! Please check out the MP3 for Sheryl Nussbaum Beach.

After which, you will want to listen to the SEEDLINGS show for October 2, 2008. Many of our Aussie friends were on break and joined in the conversation. We are hoping that soon there will be a webcast from Australia!

It really was an international show!

Join us on Thursdays at 19:30 GMT, we will be looking for you.

Alice, Bob and Cheryl

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we chat with Jo McLeay about how her network has been creating a path for sustainability before and after the conference. A little while into the show Sue Tapp hopped into the chat room and then she joined the conversation. It was great to hear about how our friends in Australia are creating virtual spaces for conversations can happen before, during and after conferences. Jo gives some great advice for anyone attending NECC.

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