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EdTechBrainstorm#26a Chat Transcript

21:08:34 Art_Gelwicks: The world of intellectual dilemmas.
21:10:13 conrad: there are only challenges with streaming and broadcasting
21:10:18 conrad: :)
21:12:53 DougSymington: hey Art
21:13:05 Art_Gelwicks: Hey Doug.
21:13:19 DougSymington:
21:13:30 DougSymington: Hey everybody
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EdTech BarnRaising (EdTechTalk#37) Chat Transcript

EdTech BarnRaising (EdTechTalk#37)
Building a New Media Curriculum
March 12, 2005

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to create transcripts for the separate chat rooms that were used for specific module desciptions. The rooms were the chats took place are noted below - no notation indicates the main chat room.

12:55:00 Bee: this where I am supposed to be?
12:55:58 Bee: Merci
12:57:06 dave-on-air:
12:57:20 Bee: I have just enrolled in the wiki...confirmed mail...just got to know about it 15 minutes ago
12:58:11 dave-on-air:
12:59:40 Bud: excellent theater of the mind occuring right now in the audio
13:01:07 Bee: I am linking andragogy to a good link I have
13:01:37 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi guys
13:01:44 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: It was a lot of fun
13:01:55 Bud: hi, jeff from AA
13:02:03 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi Bud
13:02:08 Bud: and hello to everyone else, too!
13:02:30 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Ooh this is so exciting - like something is really going to happen
13:02:45 DougSymington: hey Bud and all--Jeff sounds like you had a lot of fun at the conference this week
13:02:56 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: oh yea
13:03:15 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I took a few more steps toward becoming a web 2.0 kind of teacher
13:03:22 DougSymington: excellent
13:03:31 dave-on-air: hi
13:03:32 Bud: how'd the conference react to your steps, Jeff?
13:03:46 wholeeuh: are you asking about Macul?
13:04:07 Bud: I guess I am, if I'm the "you" being referred to
13:04:16 wholeeuh: y bud sorry-i was at macul
13:04:27 Bee: hello Barbara
13:04:34 barbaraganley: Hi Bee
13:04:34 wholeeuh: the reaction was positive for certain
13:04:37 Bud: excellent
13:04:42 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: wholeluh - do I know you?
13:04:42 JeffLebow:
13:04:44 Bud: hello, barbara
13:04:52 barbaraganley: Hey Bud!
13:05:00 Bud: nice to "see" you
13:05:05 wholeeuh: jeff-i am friends with Monique from AAPS
13:05:31 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: well nice to meet you - I am very glad to have another macul person here
13:05:43 wholeeuh: you too Jeff
13:05:54 wholeeuh: I am still a little confused about this barn-raising stuff
13:05:59 wholeeuh: but would like to participate
13:06:10 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: are you listening to the stream?
13:06:19 wholeeuh: I tried to add my name but didn't see an "edit" button even after loggin in
13:06:27 wholeeuh: No how do I listen to the stream?
13:06:41 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: do you have links below that say listen
13:06:49 DougSymington: go here to listen
13:07:29 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: sounds great dave
13:07:39 Bee: good question
13:08:53 andy: should I here something (at the moment)?
13:09:06 wholeeuh: ok streaming now
13:09:12 wholeeuh: listening
13:10:43 hala: Hello
13:10:49 dave-on-air: hala
13:10:50 Bee: How do I add my name to the wiki hallway?
13:10:52 dave-on-air: how goes it
13:11:10 Bud: lots of cool folks here today -- looking forward to getting my hands dirty with y'all
13:11:10 dave-on-air: Bee can you give me your full name
13:11:21 hala: I wonder if this is the conference of Edtech?
13:11:26 dave-on-air: it is
13:11:45 Bee: Barbara Dieu
13:12:13 hala: I didnt get that.What should I do?
13:12:20 dave-on-air: hala what is your last name
13:12:20 JeffLebow: Hala, what is you last name?
13:12:22 hala: Hi Jeff
13:12:26 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: wholeeuh - have you got you page at the wiki at
13:12:26 hala: Fawzi
13:12:29 Cheryl_Oakes: Hi Dave,
13:12:38 Cheryl_Oakes: Can you add me to the hallway please?
13:12:40 Bee: do we arrange this in alphabetical order?
13:13:00 hala: I have just read the notice,sorry if I am little confused
13:13:03 JeffLebow: Hala, go to
13:13:09 JoM: No Dave. It's 5 am. I've had plenty of sleep
13:13:10 JeffLebow: click your name and start editing
13:13:17 dave-on-air: ha!
13:13:19 dave-on-air: well done
13:13:33 Cheryl_Oakes: thanks, I thought I added it too.
13:13:37 hala: I cant
13:13:41 hala: Fawzi
13:13:45 hala: Hala Fawzi
13:13:47 qdsouza: hello :)
13:13:53 JeffLebow: Hala, you'll need to register
13:14:17 JeffLebow:
13:14:34 hala: The link doesnt work
13:14:36 hala: ????
13:14:36 Bud: 5am seems pretty early, Jo
13:14:37 dave-on-air: [[Category: Participant]]
13:14:43 hala: in where?
13:14:46 Bud: glad you're here, though!
13:14:49 hala: the halfway?
13:15:25 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: [[Category: Participant]]
13:16:31 Cheryl_Oakes: I am there in blue
13:16:31 bob_s: hey i'm there! :-)
13:16:41 Bud: The category system is handy because it'll create a directory for future reference --
13:16:47 Bud: hi, Bob
13:17:53 bob_s: hi Bud
13:17:58 Cheryl_Oakes: Dave this is much slower paced than Wed. I don't have my goggles on.
13:17:59 JoM: Hi Bud
13:18:49 dave-on-air: oh. i think podcasting would be a good module
13:19:07 DougSymington: that's funny Cheryl--no bordercross today :)
13:19:09 Cheryl_Oakes: Online tools for web 2.0
13:19:13 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: the organizational experience is showing
13:19:15 Bee: blogging would be another but would have to be linked somehow to podcasting as well
13:19:20 bob_s: podcasting
13:19:23 Cheryl_Oakes: You are right Doug, no wiki-cross
13:19:36 Bud: Online tools seems a bit broad
13:19:43 barbaraganley: How about vidcasting?
13:19:46 Bud: should we be breaking into individual tools?
13:19:48 Cheryl_Oakes: OH, yeah, that is true
13:19:54 Bud: maybe working with photos in one module,
13:19:57 Bud: video in another?
13:20:12 JoM: working with wikis
13:20:22 qdsouza: I like the idea of breaking it down Bud
13:20:24 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: social networking module?
13:20:24 barbaraganley: Yes, but one could really also be multimedia
13:20:25 Bee: blogging, podcasting and video-blogging
13:20:33 Bud: could we build the blog module and the podcast module separately and then link them later?
13:20:33 Bee: linked
13:20:36 bob_s: different
13:20:39 bob_s: yes
13:20:55 JoM: But you can blog withot podcasting
13:20:56 Bud: I'm thinking that perhaps the best way to proceed would be thinking about end products
13:21:04 Bud: and building modules around them
13:21:11 Bee: Web-publishing!
13:21:17 Bud: I'm guessing that we'll link the heck out of these modules later
13:21:35 Bee: General Category Web Publishing
13:21:47 barbaraganley: How about pedagogy itself--coming it from building educational community, one on writing, one on building knowledge?
13:21:57 Bee: sub categories blogging podcasting photoblogging and videoblogging interlinked
13:22:20 qdsouza: Can we think of a curriculum endpoint where we want to see the students end up and then look at how tools can be used to get us there?
13:23:05 Bud: so publishing writing might be one
13:23:09 Bud: publishing audio might be another
13:23:17 Bud: publishing stills might be a third?
13:23:32 Bud: won't teachers, too, want to find a "handy how to" for a blog?
13:23:58 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: might modules be problem/subject based and using tools in the process?
13:24:26 Bee: webpublishing can be sound, photos, video or it would be a more general category
13:24:40 barbaraganley: I like that, Bee
13:24:47 qdsouza: Jeff I agree - curriculum and then tools
13:25:02 Bee: and then we break it into sub- interlinked categories
13:25:12 barbaraganley: Yes--
13:26:02 Bee: and then inside each sub category you can have the whole different range of subjects - how to (tech, writing, etc)
13:26:55 Bee: there is already a lot on the wiki we can link to...we do not have to re-invent the wheel
13:28:44 bob_s: i think it's bud
13:28:49 dave-on-air: great
13:29:19 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I think this is a good level for us to work on as a foundation and then we can build more global prespectives
13:29:32 buthaina: could you please repost Bud's link to this chat window, thanks.
13:30:44 Bud: which link?
13:30:46 JoM: what about social bookmarking?
13:30:53 Bud: right -- tagging is important, too
13:31:37 dave-on-air: hi bob
13:31:37 Bee: hi Bob
13:31:48 Bud: where do social bookmarking and tagging go?
13:31:52 buthaina: I heard someone metioned a link posted by Bud..Sorry I joined the session a bit late.
13:32:05 Bud: that's fine -- here's a link to our wiki
13:32:06 qdsouza: Social Networking - tagging
13:32:12 Bud:
13:32:19 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I think the big 3 is a good place to start
13:32:19 buthaina: Thanks :0
13:32:32 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: social bookmarking andmany others will fall into place
13:32:37 andy: we should agree for a tag so we can contribute and can follow via rss
13:32:44 Bud: thanks, jeff -- I think I agree with you
13:32:48 Bud: andy -- name the tag
13:33:21 Cheryl_Oakes: I am good with the big 3
13:33:26 dave-on-air: k cheryl
13:33:28 dave-on-air: anyone else
13:33:33 dave-on-air: we can always break it down later
13:33:54 champ: Big 3 is OK with me.
13:34:02 qdsouza: ok with me too
13:34:13 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I think we need recognize that we are breaking ground with process of onlilne collaboration as much as cutting edge content
13:34:20 JoM: I'm ok with the big 3
13:34:21 andy: edtech_wiki
13:34:58 Bee: Hi Sergei
13:35:08 sergeiG: Hello there!
13:35:18 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: As we work out this process we will be able to dive deeper and broader into content
13:35:22 champ: As a new user to this technology I need steps as a teacher that are easy to follow what ever the module
13:35:25 buthaina: I like that too, July..
13:36:43 bob_zwick: hi bee
13:36:51 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: eportfolio would be also a process as well as product
13:36:52 Bee: you do not do an e-portfolio in 2 days
13:37:07 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: eportfolio is ongoing or a foundation
13:37:11 qdsouza: Are there any module leader volunteers yet?
13:37:11 Bee: an e-portfolio is a collection of the big 3
13:37:18 Bee: and more
13:37:52 Bud: bee's right about e-portfolios
13:37:57 JoM: great idea Jeff
13:38:05 champ: Lets try it.
13:38:21 andy: 5 is good start
13:38:42 dave-on-air: edtech_barn
13:38:54 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I would like to work on the eportfolios
13:38:58 andy: just take a different tag
13:39:14 Bee: social tagging encompasses it all - you tag blogs, podcasts and all the rest - but it is linking...not really production of content
13:39:25 Cheryl_Oakes: go edtech_barn
13:39:26 andy: edtechbarn sounds good
13:39:48 dave-on-air: [[Category: Module - Wiki Module]]
13:39:57 andy: edtech_barn or edtechbarn???
13:40:12 dave-on-air: edtechbarn
13:40:15 DougSymington: all one word
13:40:25 Bud: edtechbarn it is
13:40:58 Cheryl_Oakes: all one
13:41:05 Bud: volunteers for module leader?
13:41:06 andy: so it is edtechbarn no underscore
13:41:10 Bud: no underscore
13:41:29 buthaina: yes underscore
13:41:37 Bud: AA Jeff or Bee -- how about the module leader for portfolios?
13:41:51 Bee: I vote for Barbara Ganley for blogging
13:41:57 Bud: Bob -- leader for podcasting?
13:42:00 Bud: i agree, bee
13:42:23 Bee: 2 votes for Barbara Ganley
13:42:25 qdsouza: vote for Barbara as well
13:42:38 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I am willing if noone else
13:42:45 bob_s: hahaha
13:42:50 JoM: vote for Barbara for blogging
13:42:56 barbaraganley: Oh boy--
13:42:59 bob_s: what does the leader do?
13:43:02 bob_s: ha
13:43:05 Bee: :claps wildly
13:43:21 Bee: absolutely
13:43:36 Bud: bob -- the leader for podcasting is the updater of the wiki
13:43:37 bob_s: i'll do podcast... just really confused on what i do *)
13:43:43 barbaraganley: Terrified...
13:43:50 bob_s: update meaning take notes?
13:43:51 Cheryl_Oakes: we are behind you and with you
13:43:53 buthaina: vote for Barbara and Bob for Podcasting
13:43:55 barbaraganley: Who did that!?
13:43:56 wholeeuh: barbara-me too
13:44:00 bob_s: terrified here as well
13:44:12 Bud: a little fear is a good thing, right?
13:44:12 wholeeuh: terrified as well
13:44:17 bob_s: yes
13:44:33 qdsouza: Bob I believe you act as a guide - 1 vote for bob
13:44:35 barbaraganley: okay okay
13:44:45 Bee: fear is an excellent motivator
13:45:15 Bee: either you hide and weep or you zoom ahead
13:45:17 buthaina: Can we have assistant leaders or co-leaders position
13:45:17 bob_s: say that again?
13:45:24 barbaraganley: Indeed!!
13:45:34 Bee: lol
13:46:31 Cheryl_Oakes: Okay, that makes sense to have one person updating
13:46:36 bob_s: sounds good... wish I knew how to do it! :D
13:46:51 JeffLebow:
13:47:41 JeffLebow: [[Category: Module - Blogging Module]]
13:48:00 qdsouza: What about the Wiki leader?
13:48:54 Bud: are you volunteering?
13:49:10 Cheryl_Oakes: now how do we find the different chats?
13:49:17 qdsouza: Yikes - no
13:49:35 barbaraganley: Where's Chatroom 2 for the Bloggers?
13:50:01 barbaraganley: Found it...
13:50:12 dave-on-air:
13:50:13 JeffLebow: Below the list of users in the chat room is a pull down many that currently says MainRoom
13:50:21 JeffLebow: Click on that and it can take you to other Rooms
13:50:54 qdsouza: Bud how about doing the wiki module - love what you have done with your wiki on blogging
13:50:57 Bee: Why am I alone in the blogging module?
13:51:00 [Room2] barbaraganley: Anyone in here to talk blogging?
13:51:47 [Room2] Bee: Hi there
13:51:49 sergeiG: are we supposed to go to diffrerent rooms right now?
13:51:53 [Room2] JoM: Hi all
13:52:08 wholeeuh: can you post module chat rooms again?
13:52:09 [Room2] barbaraganley: Bee, are you here to talk blogging? And Jo?
13:52:13 [Room2] JoM: Is Barbara here?
13:52:16 wholeeuh: which is which?
13:52:20 JeffLebow: see
13:52:21 [Room2] JoM: Yes I see you are
13:52:24 [Room2] barbaraganley: Yes! Let's roll.
13:52:24 [Room3] bob_s: am i in both chats now?
13:52:30 [Room2] Bud: whoops -- wrong room
13:52:34 [Room2] dave-on-air:
13:52:35 [Room2] JoM: I love blogging
13:52:41 [Room5] Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Welcome to the E-Portfolio subroom
13:52:45 [Room1] Bud: howdy
13:52:49 [Room3] bob_s: hello
13:52:53 buthaina: Could anyone please remind me of how to join a moudle!! sorry, my memory's notfunctioning well lately..
13:52:54 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: okay i am here i think
13:52:56 [Room2] barbaraganley: Do you all have the blogging module open to start editing the wiki?
13:53:00 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Hi Adny
13:53:02 [Room1] jschoettle: Is room 1 the place for the wiki discussion?
13:53:05 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: OPPS Andy
13:53:12 [Room1] Bud: yes, it is
13:53:14 buthaina: Please, please, please...
13:53:16 [Room1] Bud: we're in the right place
13:53:25 [Room2] JoM: Yes Barbara
13:53:25 [Room2] Bee: Why aren't I on your blogging page,Barbara?
13:53:26 [Room1] Bud: so what shall we do with wikis?
13:53:28 [Room3] sergeiG: Hi again!
13:53:30 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Hi Sergie are you here for podcasting
13:53:35 [Room3] andy: hi there
13:53:35 [Room3] bob_s: Hello all
13:53:38 [Room3] sergeiG: yea
13:53:41 [Room1] Bud: welcome, ales
13:53:41 [Room2] barbaraganley: I'm not sure--where are you?
13:53:43 [Room1] Bud: oops
13:53:45 [Room1] Bud: alex
13:53:49 JeffLebow: Type something like [[Category:Module - Blogging Module]] at the bottom of your personal page
13:53:50 [Room3] bob_s: bye andy
13:53:53 [Room2] Bee: I have a page all to myself
13:53:54 [Room2] barbaraganley: I'm on the Editin Blogging Module--it's empty
13:54:02 bob_zwick: :)
13:54:07 [Room2] barbaraganley:
13:54:10 [Room1] jschoettle: I hope there are others here, because I'm here to learn about wiki's. I'm interested in exploring the various applications in schools.
13:54:10 [Room2] JoM: yes I think we all have that
13:54:14 DougSymington:
13:54:15 [Room2] Bee: but when I click on your profile I see other people there, but I am not there
13:54:17 [Room1] Bud: can you see me?
13:54:26 buthaina: thanks..:)
13:54:32 [Room1] jschoettle: I can see your comments on the chat.
13:54:41 [Room2] Bee: I see Jo there
13:54:41 [Room1] Bud: excellent
13:54:44 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: are we making a unit, lesson?
13:54:47 [Room2] barbaraganley: Hmmm...Can you get intot the editing blogging module? That seems to be the official one
13:54:49 [Room1] Bud: so have you worked with wikis before?
13:55:01 [Room1] kc: no
13:55:03 [Room3] bob_s: sounds good! lol
13:55:17 [Room1] kc: have read a little about them
13:55:18 [Room1] Bud: okay -- well, that's actually perfect -- what do you want to know?
13:55:22 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I remember Bud suggesting it be a how to
13:55:22 [Room3] sergeiG: great idea
13:55:28 [Room1] jschoettle: No. I've tried blogs at school and been frustrated with the limitations. I think wikis might be more flexible.
13:55:34 [Room1] kc: whatever i can learn
13:55:44 [Room3] bob_s: i still don't know what i'm doing!
13:55:50 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Okay, then do we want to work backwards, end product
13:55:51 [Room3] bob_s: just throw things at me
13:55:59 [Room1] jschoettle: How do I start a wiki? Is it posted on my school server?
13:56:02 [Room1] Bud: okay - well, I think a module on wikis should start with a definition of what a wiki is
13:56:04 wholeeuh: can i not be the leader?
13:56:09 [Room1] Bud: can someone grab a good one from somewhere?
13:56:14 [Room1] Bud: hi, quentin
13:56:15 [Room3] buthaina: What if I want to join two modules
13:56:19 [Room3] bob_s: ... what am i putting on the main pod age?
13:56:22 [Room1] qdsouza: Hi Bed
13:56:22 [Room2] Bee: I have the main page you gave me
13:56:22 [Room2] JoM: So Barbara what would you like us to do?
13:56:24 [Room3] buthaina: am I in room 3 now?
13:56:25 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: okay, suppose the end result is a podcast do we want to make a map of how toget there?
13:56:25 [Room1] Bud: (hope I spelled that right)
13:56:30 [Room3] bob_s: i don't think you can join 2
13:56:30 [Room1] qdsouza: H*Bud
13:56:34 [Room1] jschoettle: Community-constructed on-line content?
13:56:37 [Room1] qdsouza: sorry excited to participate
13:56:38 [Room1] Bud: right
13:56:42 [Room1] Bud: glad to have you
13:56:44 [Room3] buthaina: ok, thanks, bob
13:56:46 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Buth, you are with podcasting, is that what you want?
13:57:00 [Room3] buthaina: yes, Cheryl
13:57:09 [Room2] JoM: There are some resources around on blogging already, aren't there?
13:57:11 [Room2] barbaraganley: Let's all start typing in ideas for using blogging in our classrooms? Or should we each take specific uses? Or do it together?
13:57:18 [Room3] buthaina: Is this room 3 where yu are cheryl
13:57:27 [Room2] Bee: I do not remember how to add the blogging module thingie on my profile page
13:57:29 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Let's figure we start at the end and the result is that you end up with a podcasst
13:57:35 [Room3] bob_s: k
13:57:37 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I am in room 3
13:57:38 [Room1] Bud: good definition, j --
13:57:50 [Room3] bob_s: cool
13:57:51 [Room1] Bud: let's get that on the page -- does everyone have that page?
13:57:57 [Room2] barbaraganley: [[Category: Module -Blogging Module]]
13:57:58 [Room3] bob_s: *)
13:58:04 [Room2] Bee: aha...a dash
13:58:16 [Room3] buthaina: Oh, ok..Thanks, for the clarification, dave
13:58:23 [Room2] JoM: Shouldn't there be a space after the dash?
13:58:24 [Room4] wholeeuh: hey i'm back in here
13:58:24 [Room2] barbaraganley: Yes! And a space on either side
13:58:25 [Room1] qdsouza: for part of def,n
13:58:48 [Room3] bob_s: can dave see each room?
13:58:53 [Room2] barbaraganley: Jo--How do you use blogs? What would you want to tell a new blogging teacher
13:58:55 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I don't think so
13:58:56 [Room1] qdsouza: "A wiki is a class of Web site that lets authorized users create and modify pages (sometimes called articles) as well as search for information. The term also sometimes describes the software that makes the site possible. The most famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia with articles that are written and edited by site visitors. This four-year-old experiment in creating an open-source reference "book" houses more than 1.5 million articles (about 700,000 in English) and is growing daily. In fact, Wikipedia receives 60 million visitors a day and has spawned related projects including Wiktionary, an online multilingual dictionary, and Wikisource, a repository of open-source texts." Quote
13:59:03 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Unless you see him enter.
13:59:12 [Room1] Bud: excellent
13:59:18 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: So Bob you can put end result as podcast in the page.
13:59:21 [Room1] Bud: I'll post the link on the main page
13:59:30 [Room2] JoM: I use blogging to discuss literature mostly and for metacognition
13:59:37 [Room3] buthaina: well, I'm asking because I selected Rom 3 as my chat room to join the podcasting group/module
13:59:47 [Room1] Bud: I'm guessing that we can't post the entire text w/o running into copyright trouble
14:00:03 [Room2] JoM: I think that teachers who want to use blogging in the classroom should start one themselves first
14:00:04 [Room1] qdsouza: give me a chance to reword
14:00:10 [Room1] qdsouza: and I will repost
14:00:14 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: YOu are right Buth.
14:00:18 [Room3] bob_s: got it
14:00:25 [Room3] sergeiG: Hi Buth
14:00:25 [Room3] bob_s: yes, you're in Pod
14:00:35 [Room1] kc: I am curious as to how this can be used with my students
14:00:44 [Room5] dave-on-air: hi jeff
14:00:45 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: We need to discuss the way a teacher could use this module to get going.
14:00:48 [Room5] dave-on-air: how goes the battle
14:00:54 [Room4] DougSymington: Hi Julie
14:00:54 [Room3] sergeiG: right
14:00:55 [Room3] bob_s: right
14:00:58 [Room1] kc: i was thinking of collaborative writing projects
14:01:00 [Room2] barbaraganley: Interesting--and I agree, though I have to admit that I started blogging with my students in class well before I blogged on my own
14:01:03 [Room4] wholeeuh: hi doug
14:01:06 [Room4] DougSymington: is it just you and me in here
14:01:08 [Room2] Bee: I think that it takes about 2 or three classes to get the technology right first...configuring the blog, explaining RSS, etc
14:01:09 [Room2] JoM: wow
14:01:11 [Room4] wholeeuh: any ideas?
14:01:22 [Room3] sergeiG: I know that Buth has startede a project at
14:01:24 [Room2] Bee: Same here Barbarqa
14:01:25 [Room1] jschoettle: Reduce definition to: "Website that lets authorized users create and modify pages"?
14:01:27 [Room1] Bud: yes -- that's one way
14:01:28 [Room2] barbaraganley: Let's talk about blogging in the class & blogging as a teacher
14:01:30 [Room2] JoM: Yes Bee I find it takes 3 lessons for year 8s
14:01:31 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I think it could be 2 steps like using podomatic with a a combined blog/browser based so you need only a mic
14:01:33 [Room3] bob_s: are we talking TECH or PURPOSE?
14:01:46 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: we need both
14:01:56 [Room1] qdsouza: A wiki is a type of web site that allows users to add, modify and update its pages.
14:01:57 [Room1] Bud: to use them
14:02:07 [Room3] sergeiG: agree
14:02:08 [Room1] kc: does it need to be installed on our college server?
14:02:12 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Buth, Sergie and I are on the same starting page, use podomatic to get people hooked on podcasting simply
14:02:17 dave-on-air: hello
14:02:26 dave-on-air: anyone still here?
14:02:28 [Room2] Bee: so they should get the technology taken care of first...but they can already get the content going parallel so when the blog is ready they can start right away
14:02:31 [Room4] wholeeuh: should i be using html to edit the page?
14:02:35 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: We need to state the purpose as well.
14:02:36 [Room2] barbaraganley: I use blogs to create community, as a course management tool, and to create links to the world. L
14:02:38 [Room4] DougSymington: not really, I have a tendancy to start with "getting connected" but I'm not sure, what do you thinking
14:02:42 [Room3] sergeiG: is sipmle to use I think
14:02:47 [Room2] JoM: I have started on learnerblogs with the students
14:02:50 [Room3] andy: maybe odeo as an alternative
14:02:52 [Room4] DougSymington: it's close, but it's "wiki-ese"
14:02:59 [Room3] sergeiG: odeo is a good option too
14:03:01 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Okay, then why would someone use a podcast?
14:03:04 [Room1] qdsouza: KC we could like out to PBWIKI and other free wiki tools
14:03:04 [Room4] wholeeuh: right-i noticed that difference
14:03:06 [Room2] barbaraganley: How about if we start talking about how do we introduce blogs into the classroom first? How do we explain them?
14:03:12 [Room4] wholeeuh: as in i can type and don't have to use code
14:03:14 [Room3] buthaina: Cheryl, I'm at the module page , i see your names, how can i add my name, pls; i pls
14:03:14 [Room2] JoM: What about setting up the blogs for the students first?
14:03:19 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Does odeo work on a mac? I know podomatic does.
14:03:21 [Room4] wholeeuh: but need code for links right?
14:03:23 [Room1] Bud: yes
14:03:25 [Room4] DougSymington: exactly
14:03:26 [Room1] Bud: that's a great idea
14:03:28 [Room2] JoM: Does anyone do that?
14:03:32 [Room1] Bud: I've posted the first little bit of the wiki page
14:03:35 [Room1] Bud: can y'all see it?
14:03:36 [Room3] buthaina: yes, cheryl, it does
14:03:36 bob_zwick: that's me wiki challenged
14:03:39 [Room2] Bee: I brainstorm with mine first...most of them have a personal blog
14:03:49 [Room1] Bud: I like your definition and will update it
14:03:49 [Room4] wholeeuh: ok good...SO what do you think about vodcasting??
14:03:51 [Room1] kc: qd can u explain a little?
14:03:53 [Room4] DougSymington: code for links is [http://url name of link]
14:03:55 [Room2] Bee: or some sort of personal space
14:04:01 [Room2] barbaraganley: I set up blogs with my students the first day of class and give them a discussion task.
14:04:04 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I think my name is only in the hallway?
14:04:09 [Room2] JoM: I generally show them some student blogs. Most of mine do not have personal blogs
14:04:09 [Room3] buthaina: oh, ok, got you, Cheryl, thanks
14:04:10 [Room3] bob_s: ok... got unfocused... many multi
14:04:11 [Room4] wholeeuh: thnx
14:04:13 [Room1] Bud: One can't copy text from this chatroom --
14:04:21 [Room1] Bud: could you e-mail me the definition that you've got?
14:04:24 [Room2] barbaraganley: I use a MOtherblog and individual blogs.
14:04:28 [Room2] Bee: yes...this is what I usually do next
14:04:36 [Room3] bob_s: tasking
14:04:36 [Room3] buthaina: no, it's in there with Bob under category, Podcasting
14:04:41 [Room2] JoM: Is a motherblo the same as a classblog?
14:04:43 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Okay, then we could use odeo or podomatic to let people get started.DOes ODeo have a blog with it?
14:04:45 [Room1] Bud: [email protected]
14:04:51 [Room4] DougSymington: It's something that I think is "perfect hook" for reaching out to students
14:04:52 champ: I have tried to go to room 3 but can't figure it out ???
14:04:54 [Room3] buthaina: never mind i'll figure it out later
14:05:05 [Room2] JoM: It would have the names of the participants doen the side
14:05:11 [Room2] barbaraganley: I have them post their own work on their individual blogs and post to the classblog group discussions and discussions with experts in the field
14:05:22 [Room3] andy: why podcasting: bringing sound in the classroom, giving extra options for the students, linking to the outer world, up to date for the students
14:05:23 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: can we decide on the mission statement or purpose?
14:05:28 [Room1] jschoettle: (Re: how-to, I'm following the Techlearning link, and it looks like Wikipedia has a link to the software we'd need to download.)
14:05:31 [Room2] barbaraganley: And yes, the individual blogs are linked off the classblog.
14:05:43 [Room2] JoM: Barbara your students are older aren't they?
14:05:49 [Room2] barbaraganley: I also have my own side blog
14:05:49 [Room3] buthaina: i prefer Odeo; podomatic is kind of moody; it works on days and doesn't on others..
14:05:50 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Andy, I like that
14:05:58 [Room2] Bee: I ask them all to give me the address of their blogs so I can add them to bloglines
14:05:58 [Room1] kc: thanks
14:06:01 [Room3] sergeiG: andy, i like it!
14:06:05 [Room1] Bud: there are tons of ways build a wiki
14:06:08 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: THen let's go with Odeo first.
14:06:12 [Room2] JoM: That's a good idea Barbara
14:06:14 [Room2] Bee: and then I make an opml file they can add to their own bloglines
14:06:18 [Room1] Bud: you can host it on a server or you can use someone else's software
14:06:19 [Room3] bob_s: are we going to make a podcast NOW?
14:06:20 [Room2] barbaraganley: Yes, my students are in college--I think that brings up a good point_ we should each perhaps take our own age group?
14:06:20 [Room3] buthaina: K
14:06:25 [Room3] andy: i would prefer odeo as well... had problems with podomatic in Europe
14:06:25 [Room2] JoM: what is an opml?
14:06:32 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: No, we are making the recipe for someone else to follow.
14:06:40 [Room1] qdsouza: Bud - email sent
14:06:45 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Okay, let's decide Odeo.
14:06:49 [Room1] Bud: thanks, qu
14:06:53 [Room4] wholeeuh: how so?
14:06:54 [Room3] buthaina: good idea, Bob
14:06:54 [Room2] JoM: My students are 13 and 14 years old
14:06:56 [Room3] buthaina: Jeff
14:07:02 [Room5] dave-on-air: hi jeff... can we get a quick link to elgg in rthee
14:07:06 [Room2] JoM: what about you Bee?
14:07:12 [Room2] barbaraganley: What if Bee you write up something about uising blogs for distance ed and lnagauige learning? And Jo you add middle schoolers?
14:07:15 [Room2] Bee: Mine are from 14 to 19
14:07:18 [Room3] bob_s: how would we do that?
14:07:21 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: We could make an Odeo and post the link right?
14:07:24 [Room1] jschoettle: What's the next step after definition? Is it a list of possible uses/applications?
14:07:26 [Room3] bob_s: other skype call?
14:07:28 champ: I need help to go room 3.
14:07:30 [Room2] barbaraganley: Sorry about the typing!
14:07:36 [Room2] JoM: Yes, Barbara that good with me
14:07:41 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Sure we could skype and BOb could record.
14:07:42 [Room4] dave-on-air: hi guys
14:07:50 [Room2] barbaraganley: I think we can cover more ground this way?
14:07:50 [Room4] dave-on-air: is this chatroom still working?
14:07:55 [Room3] bob_s: i'd prob. have to leave the stream
14:07:59 [Room2] Bee: I teach English as a foreign language
14:07:59 [Room2] JoM: Don't apologise about the typing otherwise I'll have to as well
14:08:01 [Room4] wholeeuh: y
14:08:07 [Room3] bob_s: we could pod the whole thing or end result?
14:08:07 [Room3] andy: we can use odeo and take the html player to postinto a blog e.g blogger it works qithout problems
14:08:09 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Andy, can you put your statement in a statement bob can publish on the page?
14:08:11 [Room2] Bee: for Franco-Brazilian students in Brazil
14:08:19 conrad: under the list of chat members, you have written Main Room and there is a black arrow on blue background, click it
14:08:43 [Room4] wholeeuh: i am still here
14:08:44 [Room2] barbaraganley: Bee--woulod you be willing to write up a section on our wiki page on using blogs to teach EFL?
14:08:59 [Room1] Bud: i think that's one way to go
14:09:02 [Room2] JoM: So Barbara will you add the pages you have mentioned to the main blogging ppage?
14:09:08 [Room1] Bud: take a look at the wiki page --
14:09:11 [Room4] wholeeuh: alex, dave, jeff, what do you guys think?
14:09:11 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Buth do you have a statement that we could have?
14:09:16 [Room2] barbaraganley: Let's each get started? Yes, I'll add pages right now
14:09:20 [Room1] Bud: I've put a few questions up -- what should I add/delete?
14:09:20 [Room2] Bee: not have much time...but could do this together with some more people
14:09:23 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: teachers get into podcasting.
14:09:27 [Room1] Bud:
14:09:30 [Room4] dave-on-air: where is julie?
14:09:36 [Room4] dave-on-air: i wonder
14:09:39 bob_zwick: cool
14:09:40 [Room3] bob_s: uh oh... i got out of the page and can't remember how to get there
14:09:48 [Room4] dave-on-air: i just dropped in here
14:09:53 [Room3] bob_s: \oh figured it ou
14:09:56 [Room3] andy: like why podcasting:???
14:09:56 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: the module on the left of the page
14:09:57 [Room1] qdsouza: I have a framework I started on another wiki but never really used it yet
14:10:05 [Room3] bob_s: Authentic audience
14:10:14 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: yes, a littel while ago, you said why in classroom
14:10:27 [Room4] dave-on-air: who is wholeeuh
14:10:30 [Room4] dave-on-air: ?
14:10:33 [Room3] bob_s: Meaningful product
14:10:35 [Room4] wholeeuh: Julie is wholeeuh
14:10:38 [Room4] dave-on-air: ha!
14:10:40 [Room4] wholeeuh: sorry for the comnfusion
14:10:41 [Room4] dave-on-air: understood
14:10:53 [Room1] Bud: Quentin -- can we borrow that code -- it looks like a great place to start
14:11:08 [Room1] kc: Bud these are all good questions for me
14:11:09 [Room4] dave-on-air: k
14:11:09 [Room1] qdsouza: No problem - my code is your code
14:11:13 [Room4] dave-on-air: video
14:11:15 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: How can we write on the page if Bob has to write?
14:11:23 [Room2] barbaraganley: I've set up three pages--one for each of us to get started. Then we could build these
14:11:28 [Room3] andy: Shouldent we use: Why podcasting?? And let than everyone contibute to the list???
14:11:31 [Room2] JeffLebow: Would someone from this team, like to skype in?
14:11:33 [Room4] dave-on-air: i just adapted your personal profile
14:11:37 [Room3] bob_s: yes. like that
14:11:45 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: OKY good andy
14:11:52 [Room2] Bee: I must leave...need to correct my stds
14:11:56 [Room2] barbaraganley: I'm having some trouble getting headphones--Bee, Jo? WOUld you want to skype in?
14:12:03 [Room4] wholeeuh: thanks
14:12:04 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: bob can you put why podcastin?
14:12:04 [Room1] qdsouza: emailed you the code bud
14:12:07 [Room3] andy: I suppose everyone can edit the page
14:12:09 [Room1] Bud: what do you think about Quentin's? Should we mirror his wiki?
14:12:15 [Room3] bob_s: Just did
14:12:15 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: lets do it
14:12:49 [Room2] barbaraganley: Jeff, We're starting three pages within the blog module, grouping by our own specialty: Middle School/ EFL./ Higher Ed and then we can add more of these as we go
14:12:51 [Room1] Bud: thanks, q
14:12:54 [Room2] JeffLebow: sorry to interupt the flow of conversation
14:12:55 [Room2] JoM: Barbara I can't find the three pages. Where are they?
14:13:05 [Room1] Bud: now we need to fill in some of the blanks, I think
14:13:07 [Room4] wholeeuh: i could steal some of the wikipedia info?
14:13:09 [Room2] barbaraganley:
14:13:12 [Room4] wholeeuh: what ideas do you guys have?
14:13:13 [Room1] Bud: who's taking what?
14:13:13 [Room1] qdsouza: It needs some poliching it is a braistorming starting point
14:13:14 [Room2] barbaraganley: See them?
14:13:18 [Room1] qdsouza: *polishing
14:13:33 [Room3] bob_s: Ok...
14:13:35 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: can you see what I wrote?
14:13:38 [Room1] jschoettle: Quentin's list looks pretty good. Is the practical suggestions the one that would cover "Why would you use it"?
14:13:38 [Room4] dave-on-air: sure
14:13:42 [Room2] Bee: yes
14:13:43 [Room4] dave-on-air: grab some of that
14:13:45 [Room3] bob_s: yes
14:13:47 [Room2] JeffLebow: They were link to in the category page
14:13:49 [Room2] barbaraganley: No problem, Jeff--blogging might take us more time than we have. I have to go in another ten minutes but will add as much as I can to the HIgher Ed page
14:13:50 [Room2] Bee: so I post in there?
14:13:51 [Room4] dave-on-air: whait s the advantageof video casting
14:14:00 [Room2] JeffLebow: I copied them into the Blogging Module page
14:14:01 [Room4] dave-on-air: being able to understand tv media
14:14:02 [Room3] bob_s: yes yes yes... let's all edit... just have to be careful with all doing it at once
14:14:05 [Room2] Bee: what is each one going to to do?
14:14:06 [Room1] qdsouza: I was thinking more like classroom integration tips
14:14:13 [Room2] JeffLebow: I think here -
14:14:21 [Room2] barbaraganley: Thanks--Bee, how about if you build the EFL page?
14:14:26 [Room2] JoM: yes Barbara I see them now
14:14:29 [Room3] andy: yes, just got an edit conflict
14:14:45 [Room1] qdsouza: but I think the why would make a good section to itself
14:14:55 [Room2] barbaraganley: Jo--You do the middle schoolers, and I'll take the Higher Ed? Or is there a better way?
14:14:55 [Room2] Bee: but there must be a common page for the tech how to
14:14:58 [Room1] Bud: That's the "don't do what I did" or the "this works well practically" section?
14:14:59 [Room3] sergeiG: yes
14:15:02 [Room3] andy: sorry about that hopefully noone got kicked out
14:15:02 [Room4] dave-on-air: i've always found being able to make media helps them understand, for instance, the commercials that are meant to create desires in them
14:15:03 [Room3] bob_s: alright then send them here in the chat, and I'll put them on
14:15:05 [Room2] Bee: so we do not repeat ourselves
14:15:06 [Room2] JoM: Can we use stuff that we have found helpful from other sources iff we give credit
14:15:16 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I am hitting show changes, then save after, try that
14:15:17 [Room2] Bee: we can always link
14:15:19 [Room1] Bud: I've added it and moved a couple of things based on the overlap between the two sets
14:15:20 [Room1] jschoettle: OK. Thinking of our teachers, of beginners, it might be good to have a section that addresses ideal uses of the wiki.
14:15:26 [Room3] andy: cheers
14:15:27 [Room1] Bud: refrsch and take a look
14:15:31 [Room1] Bud: you're right, j
14:15:33 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I see Bob's comment
14:15:51 [Room2] barbaraganley: Yes--I agree--let's not spend time on things covered elsewhere, i.e. Will's blog
14:15:58 [Room1] kc: being a beginner i would agree j
14:15:59 [Room4] dave-on-air: HI SCOTT
14:16:05 [Room1] jschoettle: Looks good.
14:16:06 [Room4] DougSymington: hey Scott, and all
14:16:11 [Room2] barbaraganley: Do either of you want to list how-to links on the main page?
14:16:15 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: andy were you able to write yet and save?
14:16:19 [Room2] Bee: The trouble I find here is that a blogging project is not a one time, just in time's a whole project for a year...not something you just jump into
14:16:21 [Room1] Bud: okat
14:16:22 [Room1] Bud: oops
14:16:24 [Room3] andy: Up to date tool... students like to use
14:16:26 [Room3] bob_s: Share school day with parents
14:16:27 [Room1] Bud: ok
14:16:28 [Room4] DougSymington: Julie, sorry had to restart my computer
14:16:28 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Buth and Sergie are you still here?
14:16:31 [Room1] Bud: so let's start writing
14:16:31 champ: Here is my situation. The Wiki and barnraisng look interesting and is pretty exciting.However, I am pretty good with technology and this is difficult to navigate for a novice. I can go no where but to this main chat easily. I can here the conversation but have never used Skype and I hesitate to talk. Now there are many teachers that know much less about technology than me and they would have been gone and hour ago. I like the ideas but navigation is diffcult.
14:16:36 [Room1] Bud: who wants which sections?
14:16:36 [Room4] wholeeuh: no problem
14:16:37 [Room2] barbaraganley: I'm more interested in the pedagogy than the how-to, so I'm not that good at that
14:16:40 [Room4] wholeeuh: nice to have you back
14:16:43 [Room3] andy: Bringing authentic material into the classroom
14:16:51 JeffLebow: Hey Scott
14:17:02 [Room3] sergeiG: yes, I am with you
14:17:06 [Room2] Bee: so am I...but the technology is what gets teachers nervous
14:17:07 [Room3] andy: Easy to use and produce
14:17:20 [Room1] Bud: can we each "write" one?
14:17:22 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Do you want to add to the Why podcast?
14:17:23 [Room3] sergeiG: Buth must be somewhere around
14:17:25 [Room1] jschoettle: Are we expected to contribute from our own experience, or from research?
14:17:32 [Room2] barbaraganley: OK--let's build a how-to page that would include a place for pedagogy and key questions?
14:17:36 [Room1] Bud: your call
14:17:42 [Room2] Bee: right
14:17:44 [Room1] Bud: how'd you like to proceed?
14:17:59 [Room2] Bee: FAQ also
14:18:09 [Room1] Bud: if you don't have much working knowledge, I think your questions would be great content to add
14:18:13 [Room2] barbaraganley: Right
14:18:14 [Room4] wholeeuh: hey alex what do you think?
14:18:14 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Bob do you have to save?
14:18:15 [Room1] Bud: them we can go back and fill them in later
14:18:18 [Room4] dave-on-air: sorry
14:18:21 [Room4] dave-on-air: julie
14:18:23 [Room3] bob_s: yes
14:18:26 [Room3] sergeiG: I've just read it.... fine with that
14:18:28 [Room4] dave-on-air: still trying to do 85 things
14:18:39 [Room3] bob_s: for you to see it, right/
14:18:45 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: okay
14:18:51 [Room3] bob_s: don't I?
14:19:02 [Room4] wholeeuh: yeah, i begt
14:19:10 [Room1] qdsouza: We could also look at examples of where wiki's are being used and describe it's use
14:19:16 [Room1] Bud: I think we can each edit a different section at the same time
14:19:17 [Room4] wholeeuh: i'm going nuts just with chat, listening and typing
14:19:19 [Room1] qdsouza: Currciulum specific
14:19:21 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I guess I ahve to save too in order to see changes
14:19:24 [Room4] DougSymington: hi all, sorry I'm having a real time with my computer today
14:19:28 [Room1] Bud: yes -- case studies are a great idea
14:19:32 [Room1] jschoettle: All that I could contribute would be second-hand info, and questions. No previous experience. Not sure if that's valuable input.
14:19:33 [Room3] bob_s: or... just refresh the page
14:19:46 [Room1] Bud: I think your questions are just why we're writing this
14:19:47 [Room2] barbaraganley: I'll organize the page (and you should, too!!) when I have some time
14:19:49 [Room1] Bud: they're invaluable
14:19:50 [Room3] andy: one more: well accepted by students
14:19:58 [Room3] bob_s: Motivate students
14:20:00 [Room1] kc: I am with j
14:20:00 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Share your culture with others.
14:20:06 [Room1] Bud: and that's good
14:20:07 champ: Maybe Wikis are highly advanced tech users or college professors .
14:20:08 [Room2] barbaraganley: Let's keep adding to the page subpages and content
14:20:12 [Room1] Bud: take a section and ask away
14:20:12 [Room1] kc: i really have very little experience
14:20:22 [Room2] barbaraganley: I need to think a bit and write at more leisure
14:20:23 [Room1] kc: sorry, no experience
14:20:30 [Room2] Bee: I have already a wiki I started during a workshop
14:20:35 [Room3] sergeiG: good point Cheryl <clap>
14:20:39 [Room4] DougSymington: in this case, do we forsee curriculum related to producing video casts?
14:20:43 [Room2] Bee: I think I will link from there
14:20:50 [Room2] barbaraganley: Great--
14:20:53 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I meant to write it on wiki, but put it here first. just a little confuisng.
14:20:55 [Room3] bob_s: dfe!
14:20:57 [Room3] bob_s: def!
14:21:03 [Room1] Bud: quentin -- i think your idea is really important because a teacher wanting to get involved with wikis might not necessarily need to create their own
14:21:11 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: How many lines of stuff do we have?
14:21:12 [Room3] bob_s: put it all here and I'll get it over there\
14:21:17 [Room2] Bee: check it out
14:21:19 [Room2] Bee:
14:21:20 [Room1] Bud: if we have lists of wikis that are open, teachers can involve their teachers in those ongoing projects
14:21:27 [Room1] Bud: no wheel reinvention
14:21:29 [Room4] DougSymington: or is more of collecting and collating existing video materials
14:21:42 bob_zwick: champ - I totally understand what you are saying. Wiki's are complex. I always refer people to the wikipedia to see how usefull they are.
14:21:49 [Room1] qdsouza: Create one use many times ;-)
14:21:55 [Room1] kc: i think that is a excellent idea. I know this would be helpful to me
14:22:04 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Now Andy and Buth, can you explain how to use Odeo?
14:22:14 [Room3] andy: sorry I am off for 15 mniutes... kids need to go to bed
14:22:17 [Room2] barbaraganley: This is terrific--should we link to it on our Homepage?
14:22:23 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Andy whre are you?
14:22:35 champ: So they are more of a tools for very advanced users?
14:22:39 [Room3] andy: yes, it's dead easy... in Germany
14:22:41 [Room4] wholeeuh: I think curriculum uses are much more intriguing
14:22:42 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Buth, can you explain how to do Odeo
14:22:47 [Room2] Bee: there is a lot of stuff that does not apply anymore
14:22:48 [Room4] DougSymington: yes
14:22:51 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Go put the little ones to bed.
14:22:59 [Room3] andy:
14:23:01 [Room1] qdsouza: Ok here is my delisicous links on WIKI's
14:23:08 [Room2] Bee: I will prune it and add some more recent stuff
14:23:10 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Okay thanks Andy
14:23:15 [Room2] barbaraganley: Perfect!
14:23:17 [Room2] Bee: the good link is the one to commented links
14:23:27 [Room4] DougSymington: tell me more about the ideas you were mentioning when speaking via skype
14:23:29 [Room3] andy: C.U in a jiffy
14:23:30 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I think Buth is multi tasking. I'll check out Odeo
14:23:43 [Room2] barbaraganley: I've got a paper on higher ed blogging I will link to on the higher ed page.
14:23:45 [Room1] Bud: okay
14:23:48 [Room2] dave-on-air: hi guys i'm going to reorganize your page a little
14:23:48 [Room1] Bud: now a technical question
14:23:55 [Room2] dave-on-air: barbara... are you ediiting?
14:23:57 [Room3] bob_s: How to link that in the wiki?
14:24:01 [Room1] Bud: can we import an updatable list into the wiki code?
14:24:03 [Room2] barbaraganley: I need to sign off--do one of you want to take over for me?
14:24:03 [Room4] wholeeuh: newscasting-it would be a cheap way to create an actual news show
14:24:17 [Room4] wholeeuh: broadcast it through in internet or an intranet
14:24:19 bob_zwick: actually with search they are a simple tool for anyone
14:24:23 [Room1] qdsouza: Like an rss feed?
14:24:36 [Room2] Bee: you could make a link to it directly from the main page
14:24:39 [Room2] Bee:
14:24:44 [Room1] qdsouza: with feed2js
14:24:46 [Room1] Bud: yeah -- delicious has one for your wiki stuff, right?
14:24:47 [Room2] barbaraganley: Dave, we've created subpages that we will come back to and fill in when we have more time
14:24:54 [Room2] barbaraganley: Ok, Bee--I'll do that
14:25:02 [Room4] wholeeuh: i like the idea of analysis of the media and creation of commercials that could be used to actually "sell" school events...
14:25:06 [Room1] Bud: I don't know how to do that -- but could we stick that on the wiki??
14:25:12 [Room4] wholeeuh: what else?
14:25:15 [Room4] DougSymington: Should we define a target group-- i.e., Grade 6, Social Studies students,
14:25:21 [Room4] DougSymington: that's a great ideas
14:25:31 [Room2] Bee: then people can add to that one
14:25:34 champ: I guess need to go to a class or two. I would like to see the finished product from todays efforts. Is that possible?
14:25:38 [Room4] DougSymington: maybe reporting on sports events and assemblies at the school too
14:25:38 [Room2] Bee: if they read interesting things
14:25:50 [Room4] wholeeuh: y-that is good
14:25:54 [Room1] Bud: if you know how, q, go for it
14:25:58 [Room1] qdsouza: hold on I will test
14:26:02 [Room1] Bud: cool
14:26:09 [Room3] bob_s: got it
14:26:13 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I just typed it
14:26:18 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: I am going to log in to Odeo
14:26:22 [Room3] bob_s: in the wiki...
14:26:26 JeffLebow: Not sure it will ever be 'finished'
14:26:32 JeffLebow: an ongoing work in progress
14:26:33 [Room1] Bud: hmm . . what to do in the meantime?
14:26:45 JeffLebow: hopefully we'll have something coherent though
14:27:03 [Room2] barbaraganley: I've added it to the pedagogy page--perhaps we need to rethink our categories
14:27:07 bob_zwick: I follow the podcasts of edtech. that what brought me here today
14:27:08 [Room1] qdsouza: lol
14:27:10 [Room3] sergeiG: checked it out... great!
14:27:11 champ: So how to I revisit the edits then?
14:27:15 [Room1] Bud: good news, huh?
14:27:22 [Room1] kc: I am curious about how wiki can be used in the classroom
14:27:41 [Room2] Bee: I think that there are blogging how to's that are common to all of us
14:27:53 [Room2] Bee: in tech, pedagogy and reading
14:27:53 [Room1] Bud: here's a wiki that I used:
14:27:59 [Room4] DougSymington: What type of media do we see being used?
14:28:04 [Room1] Bud: here's one that others are using:
14:28:06 [Room2] barbaraganley: OKay--I think that should be the main page, perhaps
14:28:07 [Room2] Bee: and then we branch into our own area
14:28:20 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: bob I set more on the page, can you save
14:28:24 [Room4] wholeeuh: could be a combination of audio, pics, video
14:28:26 [Room3] sergeiG: I think,Cheryl is going to give us the right link
14:28:33 [Room1] Bud:
14:28:33 [Room2] dave-on-air: please notice that i've changed your page around a little
14:28:42 [Room3] bob_s: oh i get what you asked... you can save too
14:28:49 [Room4] DougSymington: how will video be recorded?
14:28:49 Bee: There is a review on Elgg you may want to add
14:28:50 JeffLebow: you can click history
14:28:50 [Room2] barbaraganley: Exactly. I need to rush out. Will you edit the page? I'll return to it tonight or tomorrow
14:28:56 [Room1] qdsouza: nope will not work with mediawiki as easy to do with PBWIKI
14:29:04 bob_zwick: do you use rss subscriptions ?
14:29:07 [Room2] dave-on-air: sounds great
14:29:09 [Room1] Bud: okay
14:29:11 [Room3] bob_s: in fact.. you HAVE to save
14:29:15 Bee:
14:29:24 [Room1] Bud: so do you have a PBwiki page that you could spare and we could link to?
14:29:38 bob_zwick: i have added edtech to myYahoo page
14:29:38 [Room3] sergeiG: we have only the link right now
14:29:42 Bee: there is also an e-portfolio group at Tappedin
14:29:47 [Room3] bob_s: Should these be separate pages?
14:29:50 [Room1] kc: what is PBWIKI?
14:29:54 [Room4] DougSymington: I've made some small movies on my digital camera
14:30:10 [Room4] DougSymington: much more viable than it was even a short time ago
14:30:16 [Room4] wholeeuh: good though
14:30:18 [Room4] wholeeuh: thought
14:30:24 [Room4] DougSymington: to make and post videos
14:30:36 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Nnot nowjust keep gong
14:30:37 [Room1] Bud: pbwiki is a free wiki service that you can use to create and maintain a wiki site
14:30:38 [Room1] qdsouza:
14:30:45 [Room3] bob_s: k
14:30:49 [Room3] sergeiG: don't think so. we need the link to our hub
14:30:52 [Room1] Bud: you don't need to host files on your own server
14:30:53 [Room3] bob_s: i'll do that later maybe
14:30:59 [Room3] sergeiG: no prob
14:31:08 [Room1] kc: PB=public?
14:31:11 [Room3] bob_s: don't i have that link alreay?
14:31:15 [Room3] sergeiG: that would be fine
14:31:28 champ: RSS and all this is new to me. Thanks for the information and I appreciate all the efforts of everyone for kids and education. This was a learning experience for me. I am one of the "advanced" users in my district. There is so much to learn.
14:31:47 [Room2] barbaraganley: Thank you thank you all--Bee and Jo. now you all see that I am a quiet, reflective blogger rather than an on-my-feet blogger!!
14:32:04 [Room2] barbaraganley: Rope in all your favorite blogger-teachers to add to these pages
14:32:08 [Room2] Bee: yes...I wish I could have some time to reflect...I seem to be acting all the time
14:32:12 [Room2] dave-on-air: that's a great idea
14:32:32 [Room4] wholeeuh: y
14:32:51 [Room4] wholeeuh: how do i make something bold?
14:32:58 [Room2] barbaraganley: Well, we have gotten a little bit of a start--I'll be back later to add as much as I can to the page. Good luck!
14:33:00 [Room3] bob_s: now what
14:33:03 [Room1] qdsouza: You should see it now
14:33:06 [Room3] buthaina: Yes, I'll join your Module, Jeff..sounds great
14:33:09 [Room2] Bee: I will be leaving you as well and will add some there
14:33:21 [Room2] Bee: see you have a great week
14:33:23 [Room2] JoM: I'll come back during the week as well.
14:34:11 [Room1] Bud: actually, peanut butter
14:34:17 [Room1] JoM: Hi Bud and all
14:34:18 bob_zwick: it would be nice to see the skype link somewhere on the page
14:34:21 champ: Thank you for all the information. I have to go.
14:34:22 [Room1] Bud: here's a link for how we could change mediawiki to make it work
14:34:23 [Room3] buthaina: Cheryl, Bob should I create a new Odeo channel or just use the one I already have?
14:34:23 [Room1] Bud:
14:34:47 [Room1] Bud: hmm . . .
14:34:53 [Room1] Bud: doesn't seem to work
14:35:00 [Room1] Bud: jo -- welcome to wikis
14:35:02 [Room3] bob_s: do you mean put this on a separate page?
14:35:04 [Room3] sergeiG: I think that Cheryl has created a new one
14:35:10 [Room1] Bud: got any suggestions or content to add?
14:35:19 [Room1] Bud: we've got some headings -- can you help us fill them?
14:35:20 [Room1] JoM: Hi, I'm trying to use wikis in my class
14:35:24 [Room1] jschoettle: Re: uses -- I see a couple of distinct uses. Some are similar to discussion board, such a department wikis or a classroom wiki. Another is assignments for students to create an informational wiki.
14:35:35 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: You can just make a message on your Odeo channel then whenwe link to it people will see how the whole thing can be used, is that okay>?
14:35:55 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: That gives good modeling.
14:35:58 [Room1] JoM: I wanted to set up a wiki to help bond my homegroup
14:36:14 [Room1] Bud: got a link? Stick it on the wiki
14:36:30 [Room1] Bud: q -- can't see it
14:36:37 [Room1] Bud: see a line of text
14:36:47 [Room3] buthaina: sound sgood, Cheryl
14:36:53 scott-n-tokyo: what can a person who has joined late do? For now, I'm only able to listen to the great webcast.
14:37:08 JeffLebow: here we come Scott
14:37:23 [Room3] buthaina: I can't record now, I'll do when the live webcast ends
14:37:33 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Oh, sure that makes sense.
14:37:38 [Room3] buthaina: :)
14:37:40 [Room3] bob_s: ah
14:37:41 [Room1] Bud: j -- go ahead and add that text to the wiki
14:37:46 JoM: hi scott
14:37:48 [Room1] Bud: do you know how to do the editing?
14:37:54 [Room3] buthaina: la la lalala
14:38:00 [Room3] sergeiG: agree... yes good idea
14:38:01 [Room1] jschoettle: I'll give it a try.
14:38:05 [Room1] Bud: cool
14:38:06 [Room3] bob_s: jeff and dave are talking about CLOSURE/WRAP UP
14:38:10 [Room1] Bud: kc -- you're kind of quiet
14:38:17 [Room1] Bud: still with us?
14:38:32 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Is our group ready to wrap up?
14:38:39 [Room3] bob_s: !
14:38:49 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: we can come back and workon this again, right?
14:38:53 [Room3] sergeiG: I think so. shall we go to the main room?
14:38:56 [Room3] bob_s: yes!
14:39:01 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: let's storm the main room
14:39:04 [Room3] buthaina: Yes, we can, cheryl
14:39:08 [Room3] bob_s: I think it would work great with skype talking
14:39:31 [Room1] jschoettle: I'll post something under why would you use it. Then I might have to go out in the sunshine. We don't see too much of it in Michigan.
14:39:32 [Room3] bob_s: and one person typing into the wiki
14:39:55 [Room3] buthaina: Yes, Cheryl, I think we've agreed on: 1. record a new message and podcast to yourOdeo.
14:40:03 [Room3] buthaina: 2. Link to our Module.
14:40:10 scott-n-tokyo: Hi Jo
14:40:14 [Room3] buthaina: 3. What else?
14:40:17 [Room1] Bud: no problem, j
14:40:18 [Room1] kc: had to leave the room for a minute
14:40:19 dave-on-air: hi scott
14:40:21 [Room1] Bud: thanks for being here
14:40:25 [Room1] kc: needed some coffee
14:40:25 scott-n-tokyo: looks like the system is crashing at my end
14:40:28 dave-on-air: btw. the
14:40:30 [Room3] buthaina: 4. whree to go from there?
14:40:34 [Room3] buthaina: or here
14:40:35 dave-on-air: podcasting module is room three
14:40:48 [Room1] as_Bud: oops
14:40:50 [Room3] andy: hi I am back
14:40:53 [Room3] buthaina: Cheryl, bob, what do you think?
14:41:08 [Room3] buthaina: Seirgi?
14:41:21 [Room3] bob_s: put that on the page?
14:41:31 [Room3] sergeiG: Yes, Buth?
14:41:51 [Room1] Bud: still there
14:41:52 [Room1] Bud: ?
14:41:53 [Room3] buthaina: What do you think of what I poted above: the 1, 2, 3, 4, items
14:42:03 Cheryl_Oakes: Hi andy, we moved for a wrap up
14:42:04 scott-n-tokyo: sorry to be so obtuse - left side menu of what?
14:42:16 [Room3] bob_s: yes sounds good... do you want that on the wiki, is that what you mean?
14:42:21 andy: to where??
14:42:28 [Room3] buthaina: ok, bob..But where? Should I create a new page, bob, and call it: Activities?
14:42:29 andy: sorry here
14:42:36 [Room1] qdsouza: I'll be back in 15 min
14:43:01 [Room3] sergeiG: Yes, we need that page!!!
14:43:03 Cheryl_Oakes: I am ready for a break for today. This was much calmer and I still think wiki cross is a good name similar to bordercross.
14:43:08 [Room1] Bud: okay
14:43:19 [Room4] wholeeuh: any more ideas?
14:43:24 [Room3] buthaina: Yes,bob, as our wrap up or temporary clsure, till we figure out more stuff to does this sound, bob, Cheryl, Seirgi?
14:43:28 [Room4] DougSymington: Hey there, back once again--had to restart once again--I LOVE COMPUTERS--hahahaha
14:43:35 scott-n-tokyo: wow, it's Bobby Bucket.
14:43:37 [Room3] bob_s: yes create a new page
14:43:39 [Room3] sergeiG: agree
14:43:45 andy: when will we meet again?
14:43:50 Cheryl_Oakes: Scott both Bob and I are on at the same time.
14:43:52 [Room3] buthaina: 5.Can be Creating Tasks for our Students
14:44:01 scott-n-tokyo: hi Cheryl
14:44:01 [Room3] buthaina: Ok, bob
14:44:07 Cheryl_Oakes: But we are 200 miles apart
14:44:09 [Room3] bob_s: yes
14:44:11 [Room1] Bud: are we getting stuck or making progress?
14:44:14 Cheryl_Oakes: Hi Scott how are the girls
14:44:23 [Room1] Bud: I hope everyone will return to the wiki and add to it as you can
14:44:28 [Room4] wholeeuh: i see all sorts of people leaving...
14:44:29 [Room1] Bud: I'm going to start some editing
14:44:34 [Room4] wholeeuh: anyone here have ideas?
14:44:45 [Room1] Bud: i'll check back here every few minutes or so
14:45:04 [Room3] sergeiG: Yes we need that 2
14:45:14 [Room4] DougSymington: I like what you have on the page so far
14:45:20 [Room4] wholeeuh: thanks!
14:45:43 [Room4] DougSymington: 30-day trials for many of the software applications are available for those looking to "get started"
14:46:03 [Room4] DougSymington: as you mention, Windows and Mac have "free" apps that ship with each
14:46:29 [Room4] DougSymington: YouTube and Google Video are also great for posting videos
14:46:35 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Bob are you still working?
14:46:35 [Room3] sergeiG: shall we go to the main room?
14:46:51 [Room3] Cheryl_Oakes: Go to the main room. Scott just mentioned bobby bucket
14:46:51 [Room4] wholeeuh: URLs?
14:47:02 [Room3] sergeiG: Ok
14:47:04 GrahamStanley: hi everyone
14:47:07 [Room4] wholeeuh: YouTube and Google Video are like itunes then?
14:47:12 scott-n-tokyo: Hi Graham
14:47:16 [Room4] DougSymington: here's a link to a page that I put together with some videos from an event I volunteer at each year
14:47:19 [Room3] bob_s: go back to main chat room all
14:47:24 GrahamStanley: hi Scott how are things going?
14:47:41 Cheryl_Oakes: Just remember we are coming to the finish line of a Wiki Cross today.
14:47:49 bob_s: <pant, pant>
14:47:57 JoM: This is like a plenary
14:48:00 Cheryl_Oakes: Hi bob,
14:48:02 GrahamStanley: I seemed to have missed all the fun
14:48:05 [Room4] DougSymington:
14:48:38 [Room4] DougSymington: heading back to main chat now, but Julie, send me an email at [email protected] I'd like to talk more with you about this....
14:48:44 Bud: wow
14:48:48 Cheryl_Oakes: I want new goggles for the Wiki cross
14:48:56 Bud: i think maybe we built the frame -- but not necessarily raised the barn
14:48:57 Cheryl_Oakes: can that be a door prize
14:49:27 Bud: here's my big concern -- that we've started a wiki that will be neglected
14:49:29 JoM: Hi Bud about the homegroup wiki that I mentioned it is not really ready to be viewed publicly yet but soon
14:49:42 Bud: will future time be devoted to putting more work in together?
14:49:51 Bud: jo -- when it is, please share it!
14:49:56 JoM: ok
14:50:46 Cheryl_Oakes: I think two things are happening simultaneosly. We are learning the collaborative wiki process and creating content. But the framework needs the rest of the structure. Thanks to Dave and Jeff for showing us the potential for this.
14:50:56 bob_s: yes!
14:51:12 sergeiG: Yes, thanks a lot
14:51:17 wholeeuh: this was really interesting and exciting-thank you!
14:51:20 Bud: I agree. THis is an amazing model
14:51:24 Bud: very cool.
14:51:29 Bud: thanks, y'all.
14:51:33 JoM: Yes Dav it will be refined in time
14:51:36 sergeiG: and easy to use
14:52:02 bob_s: great potential
14:52:15 JoM: it's been really great
14:52:23 Bud: let's not forget to finish what we've started, though
14:52:25 Cheryl_Oakes: The learning curve is steep and exciting.
14:52:34 sergeiG: Thanks Bob, Cheryl and Buth. I enjoyed working with you today
14:52:47 bob_s: same here all!
14:52:48 Cheryl_Oakes: Hope to see you Sergie, Buth,Andy and Bob to continue
14:52:54 bob_s: same here
14:53:09 andy: will do skype: bigfellow68
14:53:52 Cheryl_Oakes: can we make a skype time?
14:54:01 bob_s: skype: bobsprankle
14:54:13 Cheryl_Oakes: skype:cheryloakes
14:55:06 andy: dont't forget to use social bookmarking e.g. please use the tag edtechbarn so we all can follow via rss
14:55:20 Cheryl_Oakes: good point andy
14:56:31 sergeiG: can't find my Skype ID
14:57:04 sergeiG: send you later
14:57:19 andy: just take ours and contact us later
14:57:50 andy: what about a skype time... sunday sounds good to mee 18.00GMT???
14:57:51 Cheryl_Oakes: is the discussion saved?
14:57:53 sergeiG: how can we save the chat room messages?
14:57:56 bob_s: not sure why my module time isn't working
14:58:16 bob_s: whoops... module link in my page
14:58:18 Cheryl_Oakes: 18:00 GMT next Sunday?
14:58:37 sergeiG: 1800GMT is fine with me
14:58:48 andy: sounds cool for me
14:59:18 Cheryl_Oakes: what about the discussion wiki pages?
14:59:23 bob_s: dunno if I'll be around
14:59:25 Bud: i understand so much better how to write in wiki-mode
14:59:51 [Room3] buthaina: ok, done. Could you check pleae, Bob
14:59:56 sergeiG: does anybody know how to save today's chat session?
15:00:03 andy: could you put me on the mail list
15:00:20 JoM: bye everyone gtg
15:00:23 Cheryl_Oakes: who should keep the mail list?
15:00:25 andy: more than one green beer
15:00:26 [Room3] buthaina: oh, bob, has left. Cheryl, Sergie?
15:00:33 JeffLebow:
15:00:43 Bud: discussion pages are really for the people who are afraid to make changes --
15:00:53 [Room3] buthaina: oh, ok..thanks , bob
15:00:55 Bud: or for arguments
15:01:15 bob_s: hahaha
15:01:42 buthaina: :D
15:01:54 Cheryl_Oakes: fune
15:02:03 sergeiG: Ok, let's get out of the edtechbarn and have a couple of beers
15:02:14 Cheryl_Oakes: I am all for some beers.
15:02:24 Bud: beer, here
15:02:25 bob_s: :D
15:02:34 bob_s: and stretch the legs!
15:02:38 sergeiG: Cheers!
15:02:42 buthaina: heheh, bud??
15:02:51 bob_s: fun
15:02:57 bob_s: hahaha
15:03:02 Cheryl_Oakes: funny, just spelled differntly
15:03:03 Bud: interesting after-show
15:03:09 sergeiG: good choice, Buth!!!
15:03:14 bob_s: hothead
15:03:20 Cheryl_Oakes: Okay I'll have a beer now.
15:03:22 Bud: pretty much like the conference I found myself at yesterday
15:03:25 dave-on-air: fun-e
15:03:26 dave-on-air: got it
15:03:32 buthaina: No, not my's Bud's
15:03:38 buthaina: heheh
15:03:59 scott-n-tokyo: Make it a Bud-Wiser
15:04:05 Bud: and it's often the right choice, buth
15:04:16 Cheryl_Oakes: Today I did not need my goggles, for the Wiki Border Cross run. It was easier to go back and forth with all the pages.
15:04:22 Bud: let the name games begin . . .
15:04:42 buthaina: Don't let the German hear ya, bud
15:04:55 Bud: for 27 years, I've gotten than
15:05:06 Bud: God-willing, I'll probably get it for 75 years more
15:05:07 bob_s: ok all. I'm outta here... must go finish my week's plans. Thanks to all for a 'fune' time!
15:05:13 Bud: take care, bob
15:05:19 scott-n-tokyo: later Bob
15:05:20 Cheryl_Oakes: I think you need to stress that the process is as important as the content we are creating.Bye
15:05:22 andy: bye bob
15:05:23 Cheryl_Oakes: Bye bob
15:05:31 Bud: thanks for stepping up, bob
15:05:31 buthaina: I do recall it's commercial when I lived in upstate; was a cool, funny one
15:05:31 dave-on-air: very fune
15:05:33 dave-on-air: bye bob
15:05:38 Cheryl_Oakes: I was out of breath on Wed.
15:05:48 bob_s: i'm out of breath today!
15:05:58 Cheryl_Oakes: It will be better next time.
15:06:03 Bud: my brain hurts, but I want to get more work done
15:06:07 bob_s: same here
15:06:15 Bud: always hate leaving a wiki unfinished -
15:06:15 buthaina: ok, gtg guys, lost of other things to prepare for tomorrow's classes..
15:06:25 Cheryl_Oakes: bye buth
15:06:26 Bud: but I guess all wikis are unfinished
15:06:31 sergeiG: OK, folks. Have to go too. it was nice meeting you all.
15:06:35 Cheryl_Oakes: wikis are the process
15:06:39 sergeiG: Bye
15:06:50 Bud: good idea, Dave
15:06:55 Bud: to return in a couple of weeks
15:07:09 dave-on-air: tah tah
15:07:44 Cheryl_Oakes: the tag is edtechbarn correct?
15:07:44 buthaina: it's 11:00 pm here my time in kuwait..Thank you all; Jeff and Dave you are the Angels sent to us..
15:07:51 buthaina: Bye,cheryl and all
15:07:55 dave-on-air: bye
15:07:59 Cheryl_Oakes: bye
15:08:15 buthaina: oops, When are we to meet next time
15:08:21 buthaina: cheryl?
15:08:31 buthaina: Bob, Seirgi?
15:08:32 Cheryl_Oakes: It looks like in a couple weeks,
15:08:49 buthaina: thoguth, our group will meet soon
15:08:49 Cheryl_Oakes: We may look for each other on skype, do you have a skype id?
15:08:58 buthaina: I mean a private meeting
15:09:10 Cheryl_Oakes: I dont think we were able to agree on a time.
15:09:17 buthaina: Great idea, Cheryl
15:09:23 buthaina: ok..
15:09:44 Cheryl_Oakes: two weeks, look on your worldbriges page?
15:09:46 buthaina: Sowe have to work on our module for 2 weeks
15:10:08 Bud: the wiki page will be the coolest. Hands down.
15:10:26 Cheryl_Oakes: Bye guys you are the best.
15:10:31 Bud: don't sell yourself short, dave --
15:10:41 Bud: you built an awful lot of the framework that made this successful
15:10:55 dave-on-air: thanks bud
15:10:58 buthaina: Can we save our chat-log, Jeff?
15:11:03 dave-on-air: chat logs are saved
15:11:06 Cheryl_Oakes: Dave I have to disagree with you, it was very well laid out,you did a great job.
15:11:06 Bud: no, thank YOU dave and jeff
15:11:09 buthaina: I mean of our sub-rooms?
15:11:17 dave-on-air: well... they are saved
15:11:26 buthaina: ok, thanks, dav
15:11:31 andy: have a good one
15:11:31 dave-on-air: we'll just need to sort them out
15:11:36 dave-on-air: you guys too!
15:11:39 buthaina: k, thanks, dave
15:11:45 dave-on-air: bye guys
15:27:28 qdsouza: Bud you still here
15:29:09 qdsouza: I went offline for a few minutes and everybody left- lol
15:29:35 Alex.Ragone: I can't seem to find anyone either
15:30:00 qdsouza: i'm working on the wiki section if you are interested
15:34:32 Alex.Ragone: Thanks -- I'm tring to watch, but I'm taking care of my kids also... The problem with Sunday afternoon.
15:34:39 Alex.Ragone: Content looks great so far.

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EdTechTalk#11 Chat Transcript - August 14, 2005

EdTechTalk#11 Chat Transcript
August 14, 2005

[elderbob] Looks like Im the first.
[WorldbridgesHQ] Hello Elderbob
[WorldbridgesHQ] Show will get going shortly
dennis has joined the chat.
[dennis] Thanks to Rita.
[dennis] The project sounds really exciting.
[dennis] Thanks to you also, Jeff.
[dennis] You do it through system preferences, Jeff.
[WorldbridgesHQ] Is that what they're called in Mac also
[dennis] Yep.
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EdTechTalk31 - Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#31 - Chat Transcript
January 8, 2005

[Doug_Symington] hi guys
[JeffLebow] Hey Guys
[Doug_Symington] lol
[dave-on-air] hello
Leanne has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] hi leanne
[Leanne] Hi Dave, are you Dave Cormier?
[dave-on-air] oh yes.
[Leanne] I thought as much - I have a question for you and Jeff (but not an on-air kind of question)
Obtuse_Angle has left the chat.
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EdTechTalk#36 Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#36 Chat Transcript
March 5, 2006


12:35:52 JeffLebow: Hey Scott
12:36:28 scott: good morning, sunshine.
12:39:26 JeffLebow: up late again, are you?
12:39:28 JeffLebow: or up early?
12:40:09 scott: early, sadly. Luckily there's worldbridges/edtechtalk for we insomniacs in the Far East
12:40:29 JeffLebow: And lucky for us, there are insomniaces in East Asia to listen to us
12:41:59 scott: :D
12:45:51 scott: are either of the streams up yet?
12:47:06 JeffLebow: Playing a recording of etbrainstorm
12:47:34 JeffLebow: will go live momentarily
12:48:01 dave-on-air: hi scott
12:48:13 scott: Hi Dave
12:48:20 dave-on-air: lala
12:48:34 JeffLebow: are you able to listen to the streams Scott?
12:50:41 scott: That's a nega-tori, good buddy.
12:50:48 JeffLebow: hmmm
12:50:55 dave-on-air: hmmm...
12:50:56 scott: and I've got my ears on, come back.
12:51:00 JeffLebow: where are you and what are you clicking on?
12:51:27 scott: safari browser, iTunes- Channel 1 and 2 both tried
12:51:31 scott:
12:51:39 scott:
12:51:39 JeffLebow: Ah, links have changed
12:51:53 JeffLebow: Go to
12:52:15 scott: I got those from the bottom of the chat window, will make the switch in iTunes. Thanks
12:52:22 JeffLebow: roger that
12:52:34 dave-on-air: I'll get the chat thingy
12:52:40 dave-on-air: unless you're already there jeff
12:53:16 dave-on-air: mmm...
12:53:22 scott: Okay, got it. Thanks
12:54:02 dave-on-air:
12:55:35 scott: huh, huh he said my name
12:56:13 JeffLebow: Scott were you on the ETT chat page or WB chat page?
12:56:26 scott: WB chat page
12:57:56 conrad: hi guys
12:57:59 conrad: what's up?
12:58:20 scott: hey conrad, they are just tuning up their instruments - the show should begin soon
12:58:34 conrad: o
12:58:36 conrad: ok
12:59:19 scott: hi Doug
12:59:33 DougSymington: hey Scott, and all
13:00:01 dave-on-air: hi doug
13:00:33 conrad: ohhh poor Jeff :D
13:01:30 dave-on-air: hi sus
13:02:05 sus_denmark: congrats with your salvation of server
13:02:10 scott: hi Sus
13:03:23 sus_denmark: listening now
13:03:28 dave-on-air: how is the sound?
13:03:33 sus_denmark: fine fine
13:03:33 dave-on-air: seems alittle weird in my ears.
13:03:35 DougSymington: sounds good
13:03:37 dave-on-air: k
13:03:39 conrad: good
13:03:47 dave-on-air: my headphones then
13:04:15 sus_denmark: how did these suspicious hacking activity looklike Jeff?
13:04:46 sus_denmark: :(
13:07:22 dave-on-air:
13:07:24 sus_denmark: yes, I read your show notes
13:08:43 scott: have you consulted any security experts?
13:11:18 JeffLebow: yes
13:11:19 sus_denmark: I had a hacker attack when I started using Windows some years ago and I tried everything I could to find out what was going on.It was such a great learning activity and apparently I managed to reinstall and then set up a stronger firewall before the PC was totally erased
13:11:41 JeffLebow: server is now very well protected
13:11:46 JeffLebow: i hope
13:12:04 sus_denmark: I was used to work on mac, so I was quite fearless when starting working on windoze
13:12:14 conrad: the best things for home pc's is to NOT to use IE, use firewall like Sygate Personal Firewall and antivirus - a very good freeware antivirus is Avast
13:13:01 conrad: i have these on my pc and I'm really happy with this set up
13:13:04 sus_denmark: I'm using Zone Alarm software firewall
13:13:09 sus_denmark: the free version
13:13:39 sus_denmark: and my virus protection is AVG
13:13:53 sus_denmark: right
13:13:58 conrad: sorry Jeff but Norton really sucks :D
13:14:00 conrad: haha
13:14:13 sus_denmark: hiya Graham
13:14:23 dave-on-air: hey graham
13:14:25 scott: hey Graham
13:14:28 conrad: hi Graham
13:14:30 GrahamStanley: Hi everyone!
13:14:45 DougSymington: Hey Graham
13:15:17 DougSymington: heard this week about a keytrap virus for stealing pwds
13:15:41 sus_denmark: tell us something more Doug
13:16:29 DougSymington: looking for more info now
13:16:40 scott: keytrap is also an issue in computer labs
13:16:48 scott: has been for years
13:17:43 scott: a text file is generated which records every keystroke that the bad guy/gal gets later
13:18:22 sus_denmark: do you know how to reveal a keytrapper?
13:19:34 DougSymington: here's a link to an article
13:20:16 conrad: and don't click on links from people you don't know :D
13:23:07 sus_denmark: yes, that's a very good advice
13:23:53 sus_denmark: Don't forget your toothbrush!
13:24:56 sus_denmark: you could always swallow the paper list with pw
13:25:14 scott: lol
13:27:00 conrad: gmail has implemented antivirus, but i don't know how good it is
13:27:20 sus_denmark: I had a nasty Paypal alike message telling me that my new Omega watch was on its way, and would I just confirm something by ***CLICKING HERE*** - so I reported this to Paypal who confirmed this was fraud
13:27:47 conrad: my co-host Anna had the same thing
13:29:37 sus_denmark: I did hire aguy but I found out he knew even less than I do
13:30:12 dave-on-air: site:
13:31:00 scott: as Dr. Ruth always said, "Always use two back-ups!"
13:31:07 sus_denmark: so that was your rescue plan!
13:31:43 dave-on-air:
13:32:07 scott: The Wayback Machine
13:32:23 sus_denmark: you can find interesting old stuff there
13:34:58 scott: new media guys? new media guides? new media gods?
13:35:37 dave-on-air:
13:35:44 scott: thx
13:36:38 sus_denmark: I've done that once,I needede a temp backupand a friend let me use his iPod for backup
13:37:24 sus_denmark: I wish I were at home for that barnraising - but I'm travelling and will probably not want to get online
13:37:24 GrahamStanley: go scott!
13:37:43 GrahamStanley: I won't be at home either I'm afraid
13:38:00 scott: we used to have barn-burners in college. ;)
13:38:29 scott: probably not the model Dave has in mind here. :p
13:39:20 JeffLebow:
13:41:47 sus_denmark: I can hear you both
13:42:06 scott: cool
13:42:27 JeffLebow: BTW, Graham and Scott, would you be interested in resurrecting ELTPodcasting stuff under its own domain - perhaps something like or something?
13:42:55 sus_denmark: there is a Danish Podhead site
13:42:56 GrahamStanley: I think that would be great Jeff
13:43:08 GrahamStanley: what's the URL Sus?
13:43:18 sus_denmark: the Danish podhead site collects all sorts of info on Danish podcasts
13:43:21 sus_denmark: wait...
13:43:35 GrahamStanley: :)
13:43:43 scott: and in Holland it's the potheads
13:44:13 conrad: potheads spread like a disease :)
13:44:36 GrahamStanley: Are there many potcasters Scott?
13:45:31 conrad: haha POT Graham??
13:45:50 sus_denmark: the Danish$.startup
13:46:00 sus_denmark: this site is more bizniz related
13:46:18 sus_denmark: they're talking about having an adminostrative director
13:46:20 GrahamStanley: I'd be happy to join in later, when I come back from my weekend away
13:46:38 GrahamStanley: we're going to visit our adopted monkey (I'm serious)
13:46:47 conrad: :D
13:46:48 sus_denmark: this is a non smoker server Conrad
13:47:04 DougSymington:
13:47:14 conrad: thnx Sus :)
13:47:46 scott: Graham, could you give a recap of the podagogy session from yesterday?
13:48:43 GrahamStanley: sure
13:50:19 JeffLebow: skype us, if you like
13:50:31 GrahamStanley: ok
13:54:24 sus_denmark: I will need to run away soon, thanks for being back and alive
13:54:25 JeffLebow: anyone else want to join in ?
13:54:38 sus_denmark: there
13:55:16 sus_denmark: I'll just say goodbye now! Good luck with your barn raising!
13:55:42 JeffLebow: thanks sus
13:55:49 JeffLebow: happy travels
13:56:20 scott: Love on the Rocks - ain't no surprise - buy me a drink - and I'll tell you some lies!!
13:56:21 conrad: bye sus
13:56:44 sus_denmark: going to Spain for a course on intercultural understanding with Anne Fox and her project colleagues as our teachers
13:56:51 scott: yeah, lots of folks want to pirate Neil Diamond
13:57:15 sus_denmark: :waves goodbye and vanishes in cyberspace
13:57:24 scott: later Sus
13:58:56 GrahamStanley: where in Spain Sus?
13:59:03 GrahamStanley: oops..too late
13:59:27 conrad: i read it wrong and i thought that you type: Where is Spain Sus?
13:59:28 conrad: :)
14:00:33 lee: Well, Thanks for getting my course up on line again!!
14:01:01 scott:
14:02:45 conrad: let's hack potheads then Graham :)
14:02:53 scott: belongs to Bill Pellowe from the session
14:03:36 scott: Have fun Graham
14:03:56 GrahamStanley: thanks Scott
14:04:02 GrahamStanley: bye everyone
14:04:03 DougSymington: enjoy the concert Graham--I have to run too
14:04:10 DougSymington: have a great week all
14:04:12 scott: later Doug
14:04:21 scott: bye guys
14:04:59 JeffLebow: Thanks everybody
14:05:38 lee: Hello Jeff,, Sorry I did not answer..
14:05:48 lee: I was trying to hook up the headphones in hurry
14:05:56 lee: I did in fact get the course up and running
14:06:13 conrad: good to hear that worldbridges are alive again :)
14:06:50 lee: I just had to start at that day and continue on...
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