2009-01-08 Seedlings with Wicked Decent Learning!

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we host Wicked Decent Learning hosts Dan Ryder and Jeff Bailey. The show turns into a real Maine Edition complete with Maine vocabulary. Buried beneath the laughs and guffaws are some great pedagogical discussions. Join us.The audience chat is  very rich with links and suggestions. The audience is our greatest asset.

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The Chat:

 19:23:12  cheryloakes~seedlings  Happy New Year. getting ready
 19:23:13  guest478  hey folks
 19:23:30  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hi, I just tried streaming with Sharon 45 min. ago,
 19:23:36  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hi Tim,
 19:23:42  cheryloakes~seedlings   I will start again, now.
 19:23:47  guest478  excellent
 19:23:48  TimLevesque  I can finally participate!
 19:23:52  TimLevesque  :) hi all
 19:23:54  guest478  I'll feel better when i see it live
 19:24:13  guest478  I'll check the server
 19:24:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  okay, going on in 20 sec.
 19:25:04  guest478  the back end is running as if i knew what i was doing
 19:25:26  bobsprankle  evening all!
 19:25:31  bobsprankle  just setting up
 19:25:32  cheryloakes~seedlings  very funny all live now
 19:25:34  guest478  hey bob... long time no talk
 19:25:40  Lisa Parisi  Sound is good
 19:25:49  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks Lisa for sound check
 19:25:57  guest478  you are up... and all is well
 19:25:59  Lisa Parisi  Lost sound..who stopped
 19:26:02  guest478  hooray!
 19:26:10  Lisa Parisi  There we go.
 19:26:10  cheryloakes~seedlings  we are streaming
 19:26:23  bobsprankle  hey guest 478/jeff or dave?
 19:26:27  guest478  dave
 19:26:41  guest478  it's my alterego :)
 19:26:50  Lisa Parisi  Dave, you really need to come in with a name. ;)
 19:26:57  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello, and thanks guest 478
 19:27:09  TimLevesque  What is the delay like between the stream and the chatroom usually?
 19:27:27  bobsprankle  oooh.... keep losing skype connection...
 19:27:30  cheryloakes~seedlings  about 20 sec maybe
 19:27:39  TimLevesque  okay, ill keep that in mind
 19:27:41  cheryloakes~seedlings  bob can you restart
 19:27:52  cheryloakes~seedlings  we are still getting ready in the chat
 19:27:53  Lisa Parisi  I hear everyone
 19:28:01  cheryloakes~seedlings  talk amongst yourselves
 19:28:17  Lisa Parisi  Cheryl and Tim(?) are clear.
 19:28:21  Lisa Parisi  Alice is clear
 19:28:23  Lisa Parisi  No Bob
 19:28:33  cheryloakes~seedlings  Lisa, It is Alice, Dan, Jeff, Cheryl and Bob will return
 19:29:17  cheryloakes~seedlings  bob you failed in skype
 19:29:31  guest478  ah... starting a couple minutes late... our oldest Edtechtalk tradition!
 19:29:57  bobsprankle  the gremlins are out tonight
 19:30:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes, gremlins are here.
 19:30:28  Lisa Parisi  Cheryl is very low now
 19:31:01  guest478  sounds like a love song "everytime i say hello i lose you"
 19:31:24  cheryloakes~seedlings  how is cheryl's sound?
 19:31:28  JeffWickedDecent  Hello Mrs. Durff
 19:31:29  mrsdurff  low
 19:31:44  TimLevesque  Are you all using skype?
 19:31:54  mrsdurff  they are
 19:31:57  guest478  @durff 'sup?
 19:32:03  alicebarr  @tim Yes we are'
 19:32:05  mrsdurff  hi dave
 19:32:06  TimLevesque  Automatic Gain Control can cause those mic problems
 19:32:13  TimLevesque  in Skype
 19:32:13  Lisa Parisi  Hello Peggy...Hello durff
 19:32:14  PeggyG  Hi everybody! Hope you're keeping warm!
 19:32:20  mrsdurff  hi parisi
 19:32:29  Lisa Parisi  Alice, I spoke to Michael earlier.
 19:32:29  alicebarr  No so cold tonight peggy! Brrrrrr
 19:32:31  PeggyG  sound is coming through fine
 19:32:32  mrsdurff  need to refill the coffee...
 19:32:33  DanWickedDecent  Hey all  -- my first time being here fro the live chat
 19:32:35  cheryloakes~seedlings  give us sound feedback
 19:32:39  alicebarr  Oh How was he???
 19:32:51  lorenchuk  How do we access this from Skype too?
 19:32:55  Lisa Parisi  Feeling better...seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, he says
 19:33:01  PeggyG  Welcome DanWickedDecent!!! :-)
 19:33:25  alicebarr  @Lisa Oh That's so good!
 19:33:29  DanWickedDecent  thankee PeggyG
 19:33:30  PeggyG  We just listen--don't need to be on skype
 19:33:32  cheryloakes~seedlings  you access on the edtechtalk eTTA
 19:33:37  alicebarr  I'll bet he loved hearing from you!
 19:33:50  lorenchuk  OK, gut I don't hear anything yet?
 19:33:55  lorenchuk  but
 19:33:59  Lisa Parisi  He is incredibly grateful for what everyone did.
 19:34:06  guest478  i notice the lack of a tweet... shall I tweet on ETT?
 19:34:16  Lisa Parisi  I sent out a message
 19:34:21  Lisa Parisi  on twitter and plurk
 19:34:34  Lisa Parisi  Loren there is sound.
 19:34:41  alicebarr  Yes please guest
 19:34:47  Lisa Parisi  Click on one of the icons under EdTechTalk A
 19:35:29  Lisa Parisi  Hello Derrall!
 19:35:33  lorenchuk  @ Lisa Parisi OK, I am not getting it.  I have listened in before with no prob thanks
 19:35:35  Lisa Parisi  How's married life.
 19:35:40  derrallg  hi LisaP
 19:36:07  derrallg  I'm still adjusting:)
 19:36:18  Lisa Parisi  Took me at least a year. ;)
 19:36:22  mrsdurff  she cook
 19:36:27  mrsdurff  she cook's
 19:36:29  bobsprankle  my typing not even showing up in edtech chat
 19:36:29  bobsprankle  oh boy... fasten your seatbelts... it's going to be a bumpy ride
 19:36:34  derrallg  @durff anyzing food
 19:36:38  mrsdurff  to what is there to adjust?
 19:36:58  mrsdurff  anyzing?
 19:37:01  alicebarr  Sorry gang the gremlins be with us tonight!
 19:37:08  derrallg  she doesn't understand my devotion to virtual friends
 19:37:24  lorenchuk  brought up my itunes, I hear one person
 19:37:31  Lisa Parisi  Yeah, my hubby doesn't get it either.  But deals with it.
 19:37:32  TimLevesque  @alicebarr they hit twitter a little while ago too;)
 19:37:39  derrallg  @durff that's food with enzymes
 19:37:47  cheryloakes~seedlings  now you should hear all in about 20 seconds
 19:37:49  PeggyG  I'm only hearing Cheryl now
 19:37:54  Lisa Parisi  Cheryl is the only one talking now.
 19:38:00  alicebarr  @Tim I saw that :(
 19:38:06  derrallg  just Cherly and the volume dropped
 19:38:11  derrallg  Cheryl
 19:38:32  PeggyG  all right!!! success! hearing everyone
 19:38:39  Lisa Parisi  I am so so glad to see Maria and I aren't the only ones with streaming/skyping issues...thanks for making me feel so good tonight.
 19:38:40  cheryloakes~seedlings  Now you should hear all of us in a couple second
 19:38:54  Lisa Parisi  Cheryl's volume is low
 19:38:54  cheryloakes~seedlings  we are sorry about the delays, but now finally here.
 19:39:07  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks  lisa
 19:39:21  Lisa Parisi  Hi Nedra
 19:39:32  Nedra  hi Lisa
 19:39:42  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks for the sound checks, I boosted all the sound levels
 19:40:06  mrsdurff  ouch - all that throwing
 19:40:13  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks durff
 19:40:23  derrallg  Sounds good
 19:40:24  Lisa Parisi  Much better
 19:40:33  lorenchuk  I  hear everyone fine
 19:40:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks for hanging in.
 19:40:41  alicebarr  Wicked Decent Learning!
 19:40:43  mrsdurff  hi jan
 19:41:10  jan smith  Hiya Durff! Which Durff are you? :)
 19:41:18  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hi Nedrea, mhall1, Jan, derrallg, /Tim and PeggyG
 19:41:19  lorenchuk  Is there a way to tell who is talking by the window?
 19:41:29  alicebarr  There's more than 1 Durff???
 19:41:31  derrallg  Hi Cheryl
 19:41:32  Lisa Parisi  No...sorry, Loren
 19:41:36  cheryloakes~seedlings  Derrallg, congratulations on your recent wedding.
 19:41:39  mrsdurff  not yet alice
 19:41:46  jan smith  @Alice there were several on WOW
 19:41:48  mrsdurff  but i am pretty cold
 19:41:49  alicebarr  :)
 19:42:02  lorenchuk  thanks @lisa Parisi
 19:42:05  mrsdurff  may have to retreat to the other room
 19:42:13  jan smith  Hi all, nice to be with you.
 19:42:20  Lisa Parisi  Hi Jan
 19:42:21  cheryloakes~seedlings  sorry loren, there isn't , I will try and help but there is a delay so right now Dan and Jeff are explaining what Wicked Decent Learning is.
 19:42:25  TimLevesque  man..i just went to wickeddecentlearning.blogspot.com and got hit with hardcord irish punk music ...ow
 19:42:27  alicebarr  @Jan Ah OK
 19:42:31  derrallg  @cheryl thanks brb teacher having problems
 19:42:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Adina! so nice to have you here.
 19:43:04  adinasullivan  Hi!  Sorry I'm late
 19:43:07  Lisa Parisi  Hi Adina
 19:43:18  cheryloakes~seedlings  Adina, you get a late pass! from me.
 19:43:21  PeggyG  I can tell this is going to be a fun show!! :-)
 19:43:32  adinasullivan  @Lisa just got your response and responsed back :)
 19:43:33  lorenchuk  thanks @cheryloakes
 19:43:42  adinasullivan  @Thanks Cheryl!
 19:43:47  Lisa Parisi  Great...I need ideas...would love some collaboration
 19:43:58  DanWickedDecent  oh yeah, I added that music player to support our media integration
 19:44:13  DanWickedDecent  I'm trying to find a version that doesn't autoplay
 19:44:27  jan smith  It sort of blows you off your chair if you aren't ready for it
 19:44:54  bobsprankle  glad to hear that dan! yeah... it keeps scaring the dog
 19:44:57  jan smith  (my 13 yr old just got an electirc guitar, so your site may be quieter
 19:45:01  TimLevesque  @DanWickedDecent good music..just surprised me :)
 19:45:09  lorenchuk  support, power, inspiration, and courage
 19:45:20  PeggyG  I never knew what SEED stood for. Thanks.
 19:45:28  cheryloakes~seedlings  check out wickeddecentlearning.blogspot.com    check them out.
 19:46:45  mrsdurff  hi mhall
 19:46:48  JeffWickedDecent  Any WDL listeners out there?
 19:46:59  mrsdurff  hi peggy
 19:47:12  jan smith  Ok, can you wicked decent guys pronounce "Ayuh!" for us--is it a Maine thing? Or am I just too old?
 19:47:41  mrsdurff  translation?
 19:47:54  Lisa Parisi  This is new to be Jeff.  Will be checking it out after the show. 
 19:47:58  cheryloakes~seedlings  it is an affirmation
 19:48:02  jan smith  I don't know durff, it's on the blog
 19:48:05  Lisa Parisi  new to me...not new to be
 19:48:18  PeggyGeorge  had to log in again and now there's two of me --oh dear!
 19:48:50  jan smith  It's like yut yut yut.
 19:48:51  TimLevesque  I feel a little out of place here..anyone else from "The County" here?
 19:48:53  cheryloakes~seedlings  Peggy, you have cloned yourself
 19:48:55  alicebarr  @Peggy the more the merrier
 19:49:01  Lisa Parisi  Now I get to learn about a whole new Maine language
 19:49:09  PeggyGeorge  that's scary!!
 19:49:09  jan smith  The scoopy breath is very eastern canada too.
 19:49:20  mrsdurff  oh my...we have fallen in our level of conversation
 19:49:31  jan smith  (Sorry , I got you off topic...:)
 19:49:37  mrsdurff  hi crista
 19:49:38  cheryloakes~seedlings  it is a Maine thingy
 19:49:54  mrsdurff  you Maine people
 19:50:19  DanWickedDecent  we're a rare breed up here
 19:50:30  TimLevesque  We get understand "the language"  here...we just don't condone it.
 19:50:32  mrsdurff  I can see that
 19:50:41  DanWickedDecent  if you've ever heard WDL, you know the danger of getting Dan & Jeff off topic
 19:50:56  mrsdurff  I need to listen
 19:51:25  cheryloakes~seedlings  we really did start out with education purpose and teaching and learning.
 19:51:39  bobsprankle  it really was amazing
 19:52:30  cheryloakes~seedlings  hello just saw crista stopped by, hello,
 19:53:36  Crista  Hi there!
 19:54:00  PeggyGeorge  http://wickeddecentlearning.blogspot.com/  is this the right link for the podcast blog?
 19:54:11  mrsdurff  I remember dialup
 19:54:12  DanWickedDecent  yup!
 19:54:20  alicebarr  Those packets are still available at http://www.actem.org/pages/Actem_Seed/index
 19:54:46  jan smith  Ok, I am still teaching some to make folders & use tabs on a browser :)
 19:54:50  TimLevesque  remember the term..baud
 19:54:59  mrsdurff  I have to be polite when faculty at my school are so proud about creating webquests
 19:55:02  cheryloakes~seedlings  yes peggy, you will get music
 19:55:06  jan smith  As in nice baud?
 19:55:16  PeggyGeorge  sure did :-)
 19:55:19  TimLevesque  lol
 19:55:26  derrallg  ok, back a teacher deleted her entrourage acct throught the district server
 19:55:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  Durff, absolutely, I am encouraging a new teacher to try webquests, it is a good solid place for folks to start.
 19:55:44  lorenchuk  @mrsdurff - me too, that and powerpoint, still
 19:55:49  DanWickedDecent  webquests still have the potential to be very exhilibarting and effective learnign experiences -- but there are just so many bad ones and misapplied theory
 19:56:23  mrsdurff  but they are a start
 19:56:32  mrsdurff  hi sheila
 19:56:33  cheryloakes~seedlings  they are a good start, I believe.
 19:56:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  Welcome Shelia!!
 19:56:39  derrallg  I haven't really used webquests in a long time
 19:56:50  sheila  Hi all! Multiple crashes but finally here!
 19:56:58  derrallg  Hi Sheila
 19:57:04  alicebarr  Hi Sheila
 19:57:09  mrsdurff  not car crashes i hope
 19:57:12  sheila  Hey everyone!  :)
 19:57:14  cheryloakes~seedlings  I was looking at the whole webquest and it not only is good for technology but it is a good thing for teachers who need to differentiate and teach to small gropus
 19:57:17  cheryloakes~seedlings  groups.
 19:57:25  PeggyGeorge  there is definitely a need for mentoring and support in learning new things
 19:57:31  lorenchuk  the best learning occurs when the students can create quality webquests or hypermedia projects on their own
 19:57:32  sheila  Just computer crashes  :)
 19:57:33  cheryloakes~seedlings  Shelia, we had many snafus at the beginning
 19:58:11  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, Lorenchuk, that is the perfect point!!! When teachers use them then kids create, it is the best.
 19:58:14  Lisa Parisi  Hello Sheila
 19:58:16  DanWickedDecent  powerpoints aren't inherently bad either -- just misseused
 19:58:20  jan smith  oops
 19:58:24  sheila  Hey Lisa!
 19:58:27  mrsdurff  welcome back jan
 19:58:32  cheryloakes~seedlings  glad you came back Jan
 19:58:39  PeggyGeorge  so glad you made it Sheila--perseverance!!
 19:58:45  jan smith  Sorry finger trouble
 19:59:02  lorenchuk  @chreryloakes yes, the time is the issue
 19:59:21  TimLevesque  I remember having to program out bad sectors on new hard drives..
 19:59:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  Tim, whew! I still don't know what that is.
 19:59:40  jan smith  I just wish there was a way to show teachers how much they have grown, even with little steps.
 19:59:51  PeggyGeorge  the technology is winning this afternoon/evening. My first login just disappeared all on it's own :-)
 19:59:53  lorenchuk  @DanWicked Decent, now all the tools can adapt but they so quickly descend
 20:00:11  cheryloakes~seedlings  Peggy, maybe your clone has gone t o another show?
 20:00:23  lorenchuk  :-)
 20:00:48  TimLevesque  Speaking of voice recognition...has anyone found anything better than Naturally Speaking?
 20:00:48  PeggyGeorge  funny Cheryl!!
 20:00:55  Lisa Parisi  Have to head out.  Thanks for the learning.  Can't wait to check out the show.  bye all.
 20:01:07  alicebarr  BYe Lisa! Thanks for coming!
 20:01:12  derrallg  bye Lisa
 20:01:19  bobsprankle  by e lisa!
 20:01:29  PeggyGeorge  I use the text-to-speech built into my Mac. It works pretty well!
 20:01:43  PeggyGeorge  bye Lisa
 20:01:46  cheryloakes~seedlings  Peggy, yes, I like to show kids how to use that.
 20:02:06  jan smith  I guess there needs to be consolidation time
 20:02:18  bobsprankle  @peggy it's gotten much better since the early days!
 20:02:27  PeggyGeorge  I think it has too
 20:02:44  mrsdurff  We don't have inspiration
 20:02:55  derrallg  If I just go by teachers around me I don't think I'd be motivated to continue to stretch my use of the tools in the classroom
 20:02:59  alicebarr  @durff Inspiration is now online free
 20:03:02  mrsdurff  some machines don't have Word
 20:03:05  alicebarr  wespiration.com
 20:03:08  jan smith  there is CMAP (free)
 20:03:11  PeggyGeorge  have you tried the free online version of Inspiration-mywebspiration.com
 20:03:14  alicebarr  webspiration.com
 20:03:16  mrsdurff  we can't download anything
 20:03:20  mrsdurff  hi kern
 20:03:20  TimLevesque  wait ..it's free now?
 20:03:26  lorenchuk  We stay with what is safe, large scale use with advanced thinking and problem solving is harder to advance
 20:03:31  Kern  Hey Druff
 20:03:32  alicebarr  @Tim for now
 20:03:32  derrallg  @alice someone said its only free until March, not sure though
 20:03:37  cheryloakes~seedlings  Durff, you can't download, that is absurd
 20:03:40  PeggyGeorge  think it's http://www.mywebspiration.com ??
 20:03:41  mrsdurff  our IT is a piece of work
 20:03:46  Kern  Is that Jeff and Dan!
 20:03:49  mrsdurff  power hungry
 20:03:50  alicebarr  @derrallg Ah I wondered for how long! Thanks
 20:03:56  cheryloakes~seedlings  hey Kern,welcome
 20:04:02  Kern  Hi Cheryl
 20:04:10  bobsprankle  hey kern!
 20:04:11  alicebarr  HI Kern
 20:04:14  mrsdurff  yes cheryl it is absurd
 20:04:14  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, Kern.
 20:04:24  mrsdurff  my job is absurd
 20:04:24  cheryloakes~seedlings  Dan and Jeff Wicked decent
 20:04:28  Kern  Hi there Alice, Bob
 20:04:39  mrsdurff  i need a new job
 20:04:39  JeffWickedDecent  Hey Kern
 20:04:47  cheryloakes~seedlings  Durff, you are such a leader and your kids must love you.
 20:04:54  TimLevesque  I built a jeopardy game in power point once
 20:04:57  DanWickedDecent  Dan is hyper audiotorially distractable -- so forgive me if I'm not as active in the chat
 20:04:59  mrsdurff  don't tell anyone
 20:05:02  adinasullivan  @Durff I can't download anything anymore either.  ALl rights removed from everyone but IT over the summer
 20:05:12  mrsdurff  i teach them how to go around the filters
 20:05:19  cheryloakes~seedlings  Oh, adina, that is just terrible.
 20:05:33  lorenchuk  cmap is really simple, there is bubble.com (or org) free, not as many pictures and symbols but free
 20:05:37  derrallg  what did DAvid Byrne do?
 20:05:38  mrsdurff  flash drives do wonders adina
 20:05:47  TimLevesque  It annoys me how powerpoint is overused and misused..such a powerful tool and people dont even realize the potential :( 
 20:05:54  alicebarr  @Derrallg Talking Heads
 20:05:55  adinasullivan  @durff yes ma'am the do
 20:06:02  mrsdurff  shhhh!
 20:06:06  JeffWickedDecent  http://cdx-thegame.com/ is the game I was talking about
 20:06:10  lorenchuk  @Tim Me too
 20:06:12  Kern  Speaking of 'Choose your own adventures' anyone else seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8rJ1WML60Y
 20:06:27  TimLevesque  haha
 20:06:29  TimLevesque  ghostbusters
 20:06:29  derrallg  I was addicted to music blogs last month and I've been breaking laws downloading :(
 20:06:33  mrsdurff  talk to a kid with a cellphone
 20:06:40  mrsdurff  = no filter
 20:06:52  mrsdurff  they do facebook all day long
 20:06:56  PeggyGeorge  I got it in the Seedlings chat :-) very helpful!
 20:07:06  alicebarr  @Kern Yes! Amazing
 20:07:17  TimLevesque  @mrsdurff surround your school in aluminum foil..block all frequencies lol
 20:07:43  mrsdurff  i think not
 20:07:49  lorenchuk  in Maine that must be cold
 20:07:50  cheryloakes~seedlings  oh Tim, very funny
 20:08:00  Kern  @alice it inspired a couple of my kids to make something similar (but more appropriate ;)
 20:08:05  derrallg  @TimLevesque recreate Andy Warhols Factory
 20:08:13  mrsdurff  i want to teach learners how to exploit the technology not block it
 20:08:18  alicebarr  @Kern :)
 20:08:42  alicebarr  @lorenchuk it's getting colder tonight
 20:08:51  Kern  I listen!
 20:08:55  mrsdurff  ok everyone - listen to WDL
 20:09:04  PeggyGeorge  great question Cheryl!
 20:09:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  you got it durff.
 20:09:06  mrsdurff  raise their stats
 20:09:15  cheryloakes~seedlings  thanks PeggyG
 20:09:20  cheryloakes~seedlings  anyone in the chat with questions.
 20:09:42  mrsdurff  i have parents listening multiple times to the K & 1st graders
 20:09:48  cheryloakes~seedlings  These guys are teachers like all of us. Look what they've done.
 20:09:48  TimLevesque  @derrallg I had to look up the factory...that's exactly what her school would like afterward though :)
 20:09:59  mrsdurff  the stats show me and parents tell me
 20:10:15  cheryloakes~seedlings  Durff, that is satisfying
 20:10:29  mrsdurff  teachers who are possibly touched in the head?
 20:10:36  JeffWickedDecent  http://blubrry.com/ is our new podcast hosting service
 20:10:44  cheryloakes~seedlings  like the rest of us:-)
 20:10:56  Crista  People like me (Montana...)
 20:10:57  mrsdurff  it means i should give up planning periods for it
 20:11:06  lorenchuk  I haven't opened the website yet because of the music warning
 20:11:17  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yeah Crista, like us in Maine
 20:11:34  derrallg  @lorenchuk the player is towards the top so you can pause it quickly :)
 20:11:53  PeggyGeorge  @lorenchuk--wise!! but you can pause it pretty quickly :-)
 20:12:02  TimLevesque  @lorenchuk yeh the warning helps..I didn't know music was coming so it confused me..i was looking for where it was coming from
 20:12:12  sheila  What resources do they use to remain current?
 20:12:17  Crista  Hope that made sense...forgot I had paused "me in Montana" was about distant listeners ;)
 20:12:27  derrallg  @Sheila that's a good question
 20:12:29  lorenchuk  ok, here goes, It always worries me when live that my sound will invade yours
 20:13:03  cheryloakes~seedlings  it doesn't lorenchuk, don't worry, but it is startling
 20:13:21  PeggyGeorge  I think you SHOULD promote yourselves! How could they resist your enthusiasm?
 20:13:25  adinasullivan  He posts great stuff
 20:13:30  cheryloakes~seedlings  you are right Peggy
 20:14:01  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Mark Spahr, welcom
 20:14:05  mrsdurff  hi mark
 20:14:06  cheryloakes~seedlings  welcome
 20:14:13  JeffWickedDecent  Mark!
 20:14:24  Kern  Yeah GeekEd!
 20:14:27  Mark Spahr  are Jeff and Dan behaving themselves?
 20:14:38  derrallg  Links please
 20:14:40  alicebarr  HI Jim
 20:14:42  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hey Jimburke!
 20:14:51  Mark Spahr  Hi jim
 20:14:54  JeffWickedDecent  Mark is a frequently guest host at WDL
 20:14:57  PeggyGeorge  Hilarious! Highlights for Children!!
 20:15:00  JeffWickedDecent  Hey Jim!
 20:15:01  sheila  Oh Highlights!  lol
 20:15:02  mrsdurff  Yeah Teacherslifepodcast by Bobby Norman!~
 20:15:09  adinasullivan  Most people here I know from Twitter :)
 20:15:20  alicebarr  Thanks durff
 20:15:25  mrsdurff  Twitter lame? I think not
 20:15:25  jimburkemaine  Greetings all. . . .
 20:15:31  Kern  Hi Jim
 20:15:37  alicebarr  teachakidd follow her!
 20:15:40  mrsdurff  hi kim
 20:15:47  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, adina, we should plug twitter. If you want please add your twitter name for others.  cheryloakes50
 20:15:49  lorenchuk  Yes, that's how we found this
 20:15:54  jan smith  I am picturing these two, sitting in my grade 6, classroom, causing chaos.
 20:15:57  alicebarr  alicebarr
 20:16:07  adinasullivan  Twitter and Plurk = adinasullivan
 20:16:07  lorenchuk  lorenchuk
 20:16:10  cheryloakes~seedlings  Great compliment Jan.
 20:16:12  PeggyGeorge  pgeorge
 20:16:15  alicebarr  they are a bit like 6th graders  ;)
 20:16:20  sheila  Twitter = sheila_a
 20:16:21  JeffWickedDecent  http://learninginmaine.blogspot.com/ Jim burke's site
 20:16:41  JeffWickedDecent  http://learninginmaineresources.wikispaces.com/ Jim's AMAZING wiki!
 20:16:48  cheryloakes~seedlings  Welcome Kimberley! thanks for showing up
 20:16:53  Mark Spahr  Jim has a fantstic wiki
 20:17:12  lorenchuk  Jim's English Teacher Companion Ning is also awesome
 20:17:20  jimburkemaine  Okay. this is working better. .
 20:17:24  Mark Spahr  Twitter- mspahr
 20:17:24  jimburkemaine  Greetings all. .
 20:17:37  jimburkemaine  My Firefox is having issues . . .arghhhh. . . now on safari. .
 20:17:49  TimLevesque  In my opinion..you can NOT work in technology without being a part of some social network..it would be impossible to keep up.
 20:17:49  jimburkemaine  Too darn many plugins, I guess. .
 20:18:01  lorenchuk  I don't  know who  is talking but  I teach 9th and 12th grade too. Strange dichotomy
 20:18:08  jan smith  @Tim, agreed
 20:18:19  TimLevesque  Twitter - timmahlevesque
 20:18:22  JeffWickedDecent  http://playauditorium.com/ Dan's Geek of the week
 20:18:26  cheryloakes~seedlings  Here come the Geek of the Week stuff
 20:18:35  jimburkemaine  Twitter . . . silly little app. . . who would have thought?
 20:18:49  TimLevesque  that's what I thought too
 20:19:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  Hello Leewin!!
 20:19:07  sheila  I thought that too
 20:19:21  TimLevesque  and now I'm running an entire PD day based on web apps recommended through twitter :)
 20:19:28  cheryloakes~seedlings  But twitter is my bookend to my day, every day
 20:19:32  mrsdurff  hi lee
 20:19:35  JeffWickedDecent  http://museumbox.e2bn.org/ Jeff's Geek of the week
 20:19:52  sheila  School gets in the way of my connectedness!
 20:19:54  jimburkemaine  Not that three finger thing?  :)
 20:19:55  PeggyGeorge  last person to the party--I thought that was me! Very funny!
 20:19:57  jimburkemaine  ;)
 20:20:12  Kern  addictive!!
 20:20:15  jimburkemaine  OH yes. . .
 20:20:19  derrallg  I wish there was a way to have new tabs in Firefox be muted
 20:20:21  jimburkemaine  Very strange place. .
 20:20:24  jimburkemaine  but fascinating. .
 20:20:58  Kern  waiting for the iPhone version ;)
 20:21:38  TimLevesque  anyone know the name of that online digital museum ..europ..something..
 20:21:38  lorenchuk  thanks
 20:21:52  Kern  and the iphone version of FreeRice!
 20:22:01  PeggyGeorge  how do you stop the music on playauditorium :-)
 20:22:03  mrsdurff  is it multiplayer?
 20:22:24  derrallg  @peggyG I just saved it to the toolbar and closed it :)
 20:23:26  jimburkemaine  Love this  . . .
 20:23:41  Mark Spahr  Just looking in for a minute.  I am off to go shovel.  My snowblower is down (sigh)
 20:23:42  sheila  Loving the Read it later addon but not keeping up with it too well.
 20:23:58  lorenchuk  My world studies team is looking at art in diff societies now, this is awesome for them
 20:24:19  TimLevesque  wow museumbox is great..
 20:24:20  cheryloakes~seedlings  http://www.inacol.org/  Internation Association for K-12online learning, good stuff, just revamped.
 20:24:21  Nedra  Sheila-I'm the same way with Read it Later!
 20:24:24  derrallg  @sheila what's that?
 20:24:45  Kimberley  we are exploring
 20:24:48  leewin  just tried playauditorium its amazing
 20:24:54  sheila  FF addon. Instead of bookmarking or having so many tabs open.
 20:24:57  TimLevesque  ive got my fiancee on playauditorium and im on museumbox haha
 20:25:10  derrallg  @sheila I'll have to check it out
 20:25:24  JeffWickedDecent  Tim's showing that Aroostok ingenuity!
 20:25:27  alicebarr  http://www.smartteaching.org/blog/2008/08/100-best-youtube-videos-for-te...
 20:25:50  jimburkemaine  Hmmmmm. ..
 20:25:50  TimLevesque  lol thanks?
 20:26:28  cheryloakes~seedlings  If you can't get youtube at your school, view at home, don't shut browser, then play at home.
 20:26:30  TimLevesque  Teachertube is a good alternative to youtube
 20:26:39  alicebarr  http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2008/11/catch-youtube-view-youtube-offl...
 20:26:43  cheryloakes~seedlings  Yes, teacher tube is a great alternative.
 20:26:51  cheryloakes~seedlings  ikeepvid.com
 20:26:54  JeffWickedDecent  http://www.freetech4teachers.com/
 20:26:56  alicebarr  ikeepvid.com
 20:26:59  derrallg  thats a good suggestion
 20:27:00  Kern  zamar.com
 20:27:09  Kern  oops zamzar.com
 20:27:23  TimLevesque  downloadhelper firefox addon is good to capture youtube vids too
 20:27:55  alicebarr  @Tim Thanks
 20:27:59  mrsdurff  mindreading
 20:28:01  Kern  reading your minddddd :)
 20:28:11  PeggyGeorge  Yes I use downloadhelper on Flock-works great
 20:28:19  cheryloakes~seedlings  http://blog.zamzar.com/2007/04/10/convert-docx-files-to-doc-pdf-odt-and-...   convert documents
 20:28:29  bobsprankle  http://www.confusingwords.com/index.php
 20:28:32  jimburkemaine  slick
 20:28:35  JeffWickedDecent  http://www.downthemall.net/ FF addon that lets you download multiple files on apage
 20:28:44  leewin  thnks for the youtube list! :)
 20:28:52  jimburkemaine  <--getting confused . . 
 20:28:58  Kern  manycam.com ??
 20:29:04  mrsdurff  c'mon Kern
 20:29:05  cheryloakes~seedlings  you are welcome thanks for sharing links with us.
 20:29:10  jimburkemaine  Old age setting in rather rapidly. .
 20:29:22  mrsdurff  that
 20:29:25  Kern  grammar girl?
 20:29:37  mrsdurff  that's ,y excuse
 20:29:43  mrsdurff  see?
 20:29:57  mrsdurff  typing goes first
 20:30:08  jimburkemaine  Okay. . . . who of the speakers as the strongest Maine accent?  Vote.
 20:30:18  mrsdurff  Jeff
 20:30:27  cheryloakes~seedlings  I think you are right Durff
 20:30:33  Kern  Jeff does the best 'heavy' accent I think
 20:30:45  jimburkemaine  You think?
 20:30:50  mrsdurff  I lived in Wellesley for a bit
 20:30:51  Kern  ayah
 20:30:52  leewin  recommendations for other educational web games?
 20:31:06  PeggyGeorge  that's interesting--never heard of that--kickyoutube.com ??
 20:31:10  mrsdurff  talked like i was from Boston
 20:31:11  cheryloakes~seedlings  check out delicious links leewin
 20:31:26  TimLevesque  I wanna put in my geek of the week...getdropbox.com!  I'm in a relationship with that application
 20:31:29  lorenchuk  Where will the  text be archived? I can't seem to copy and paste the links
 20:31:33  mrsdurff  and it shows
 20:31:39  cheryloakes~seedlings  you can see all thse links on bobsprankle.com and edtechtalk.com/seedlings
 20:32:03  lorenchuk  thanks
 20:32:04  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks to all our chat audience, you make our show!!
 20:32:14  mrsdurff  we have fun
 20:32:17  sheila  Show has been educational [u]and[/u] entertaining!  :)
 20:32:19  cheryloakes~seedlings  You can see the chat, hear the podcasts at bobsprankle and edtechtalk
 20:32:27  TimLevesque  I've been trying to make it to this show for months..always had classes at the same time :(
 20:32:28  jan smith  Improv is what teaching is all about
 20:32:45  cheryloakes~seedlings  Tim, we are glad you made it.
 20:32:51  jimburkemaine  In Farmington?
 20:33:06  TimLevesque  thanks
 20:33:08  lorenchuk  I usually have a class too
 20:33:12  sheila  Loving this time slot for the show! Speaking as an eastcoaster!
 20:33:19  cheryloakes~seedlings  Well, this was great we have new listeners.
 20:33:21  JeffWickedDecent  In Farmington right now, but we could take it on the road
 20:33:27  derrallg  better go, thanks for a great show looking forward to hearing the podcasts
 20:33:34  cheryloakes~seedlings  by derrallg
 20:33:46  JeffWickedDecent  Thanks Derrallg
 20:34:30  Kern  Star Wars kids gets an A?
 20:34:34  lorenchuk  what grade level? 12?
 20:34:36  mrsdurff  what was that about youtube?
 20:34:36  jan smith  Have you showed them Where the H*ll is Matt? Complete with hoax?
 20:34:48  PeggyGeorge  very creative thinking!!
 20:34:52  TimLevesque  I want some vasselboro coffee
 20:34:59  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks to all who stopped by.
 20:35:06  jan smith  That is pop culture of the kind that disappoints.
 20:35:07  lorenchuk  Thanks guyes, see you again
 20:35:09  bobsprankle  thanks to all!
 20:35:13  cheryloakes~seedlings  Thanks to Dan and Jeff Wicked Decent Learning, Yahoo!
 20:35:22  lorenchuk  see you on twitter
 20:35:29  cheryloakes~seedlings  see ya all on twitter.
 20:35:32  TimLevesque  Thanks guys
 20:35:37  Kern  Great fun guys, thanks to all!
 20:35:47  JeffWickedDecent  Thanks to all , take a listen
 20:35:47  Crista  Thanks! This was great!
 20:35:47  sheila  Great show!  Thanks so much Dan and Jeff and Seedlings!
 20:35:52  cheryloakes~seedlings  Kern, the kids must be in bed.
 20:35:56  PeggyGeorge  This has been very entertaining AND informative! What a fun way to learn!
 20:36:01  Kern  you got it ;)
 20:36:02  adinasullivan  Thanks all.  You made my classroom cleaning/prep for tomorrow much more enjoyable :)
 20:36:17  cheryloakes~seedlings  yeah adinasullivan
 20:36:20  jimburkemaine  See 'yall . . .
 20:36:25  alicebarr  @adina Thanks!
 20:36:37  jimburkemaine  This is a wonderful example of online community. . .. .
 20:36:55  jimburkemaine  MLTI was asking what was out there today. . ..
 20:36:58  mrsdurff  SEEDLINGS Rocks!!
 20:37:09  jan smith  Bye, and thanks all!
 20:37:11  alicebarr  Thanks Durff!
 20:37:14  jimburkemaine  Seedlings was on my list.
 20:37:20  TimLevesque  bye all
 20:37:27  bobsprankle  gnight all
 20:37:29  Crista  Bye everyone
 20:37:36  cheryloakes~seedlings   thanks all,
 20:37:45  cheryloakes~seedlings  bye, thanks for hanging with us.
 20:37:53  Kern  hey Alice, I'm going to send you and Sheryl an email soon
 20:37:53  mrsdurff  ciao!
 20:37:55  sheila  bye all!
 20:37:59  jimburkemaine  bye
 20:38:04  PeggyGeorge  Thanks everyone!
 20:38:06  alicebarr  OK ! I ;ll be lloking!
 20:38:11  alicebarr  looking!
 20:38:18  Kern  If not tonight, tomorrow
 20:38:24  alicebarr  No prob!
 20:38:35  Kern  great, night!
 20:38:44  alicebarr  Thanks for coming!

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