Teachers Teaching Teachers #269 Asking Frank Questions with Fred Mindlin, Cynthia Shidner, Valerie Burton, Gail Desler -10.26.11

Post-Show description: 
TTT 269


We asked important questions about reading, censorship, teaching with prescribed curriculums, freedom, and more on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers .

Chris Sloan

Gail Desler

Fred Mindlin

Monika Hardy
Barry Floyd,
and Christian)

Cynthia Shidner

Paul Allison

Valerie Burton


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20:55:08 JoseRodriguez: Hey Paul..
20:55:32 JoseRodriguez: Will check in a bit later.. just getting ready for dinner.
20:55:58 JoseRodriguez: I signed up for youthvoices this week..
20:56:03 Paul Allison: Love to have you in the hangout.
20:56:15 Paul Allison: Yes, I saw, I made you a teacher/administrator.
20:56:22 JoseRodriguez: very cool...
20:56:50 JoseRodriguez: I will be available after you guys start. In about 20min or so.
20:56:57 Paul Allison: Working with Bill Fitzgerald to re-activate mp3 RSS to enable podcasts. See you soon.
20:57:04 JoseRodriguez: great..
21:08:26 Paul Allison: Welcome!
21:08:36 PeggyG: Hi Paul
21:09:17 Paul Allison: Hey Peggy
21:09:25 Paul Allison: People are gathering slowly.
21:09:36 PeggyG: are those actual grade levels or ability levels?
21:10:38 Chris Sloan: Hi Peggy
21:11:02 PeggyG: Hi Chris
21:12:36 PeggyG: so the students are all in the same grade level but very different ability levels
21:12:54 Chris Sloan: different grade levels in the same room
21:16:37 PeggyG: all sophomores...
21:22:50 PeggyG: hearing everyone great
21:28:47 JoseRodriguez: Hey There..
21:29:05 PeggyG: Hi Jose! Welcome back to TTT
21:29:15 JoseRodriguez: :)
21:29:55 Chris Sloan: Hi Jose
21:30:23 JoseRodriguez: Hi.. trying to load livestream..
21:30:24 PeggyG: sounds like fun!!
21:33:54 JoseRodriguez: Had to change browser..
21:34:14 JoseRodriguez: no coming in loud and clear..
21:34:20 JoseRodriguez: now...
21:34:53 JoseRodriguez: darn.. those furlough days..
21:37:41 Paul Allison: Jose, feel free to join us in the Hangout if you would like.
21:38:24 JoseRodriguez: sure.. in a bit. Also cool to hangout in chat ;)
21:39:50 Chris: terrible hotel connect ... sorry to miss you all! will catch the archive.
21:40:08 PeggyG: sorry Chris!!! bye
21:41:15 PeggyG: what a GREAT idea Paul!!
21:42:12 JoseRodriguez: We visited our school library today.... We had a discussion about the whole purpose of reading.
21:42:29 JoseRodriguez: Can't force me Mr...
21:42:54 JoseRodriguez: Reading logs ... as in forced reading is NOT cool
21:43:42 JoseRodriguez: more recreational.. I shared what I was reading.
21:44:18 JoseRodriguez: Get into the flow.. like it.
21:44:38 Chris Sloan: How did the discussion about the purpose of reading go?
21:45:15 JoseRodriguez: well.. we came to a consensus.. As long as it is interesting .. then you don't feel like it's work.
21:45:24 PeggyG: tried to add a link and got kicked out!
21:45:31 Chris Sloan: that's a good rationale
21:46:25 JoseRodriguez: We are able to explore.. learn... and pursue our own interests.
21:47:18 JoseRodriguez: And sharing out with others would be cool.. The kids are willing to blog about it.
21:48:46 JoseRodriguez: It is funny how kids come and ask me.. if books are ok to check out.
21:48:59 JoseRodriguez: they want to know if they are interesting to me.. :)
21:49:49 JoseRodriguez: a lot of series.. childrens books.. I challenge them to get into a book.. and try to finish them and read some more.
21:50:49 PeggyG: good advice Jose-they can really get hooked if they find a series they love!
21:55:01 JoseRodriguez: We do a lot more reading that we think..
21:55:16 JoseRodriguez: Text.. and our interaction is all around us
21:55:29 JoseRodriguez: NOT all reading is a nove..
21:55:32 JoseRodriguez: novel
21:55:41 PeggyG: doesn't it depend on goal/objective for the reading?
21:55:47 JoseRodriguez: yep...
21:56:10 JoseRodriguez: We all have to pass English class, might as well enjoy
21:56:42 PeggyG: if it's all about the content in the story it doesn't matter who is doing the reading
21:56:47 JoseRodriguez: story sounds familiar.. :D
21:57:10 PeggyG: very!!!
21:57:31 PeggyG: love that comment!!!
21:57:41 JoseRodriguez: A whole lot... My students are into comics...
21:58:09 JoseRodriguez: My daudghter in 11th grade is into tumblr...
21:58:23 PeggyG: what a telling example!!!
21:58:38 PeggyG: lots of reading going on there
21:58:40 JoseRodriguez: just getting into twitter.. and now part of the new media journalism in her school
21:59:21 PeggyG: those were great questions!!
21:59:23 JoseRodriguez: Her class is in a competition to get attention of traditional school newspaper..
21:59:31 JoseRodriguez: as in.. replace
21:59:53 PeggyG: oral surveys or written surveys?
22:00:19 JoseRodriguez: very... cool. AP.. that is open? interesting.
22:01:28 JoseRodriguez: My daughter shared a poem with me today... she found it online.. Legal Alien..
22:01:32 PeggyG: the goal isn't really reading books--the goal is reading to acquire specific reading/literacy skills
22:01:54 JoseRodriguez: from Pat Mora on Chicano.. Mexican American Identity
22:02:22 JoseRodriguez: and not necessarily on a test.
22:02:59 JoseRodriguez: Well.. there is a lot to say to shared experiences.
22:03:07 JoseRodriguez: And books can do this for us.
22:03:29 JoseRodriguez: Whole Western Culture is built on this premis.
22:03:51 JoseRodriguez: being instructed in the classics.. etc.
22:06:06 PeggyG: thesse are really great points!
22:06:16 JoseRodriguez: true.
22:07:06 PeggyG: Paul are the people in Hangout seeing Jose's points in the chat? They are really good! :-)
22:08:04 Chris Sloan: Jose's comments are great, but unfortunately, I can't copy them into the chat
22:08:04 JoseRodriguez: *)
22:08:10 Paul Allison: Not really... we'll have to work on that.
22:08:43 JoseRodriguez: no worries here.. just enjoying the experience..
22:09:12 PeggyG: definitely!!
22:09:39 PeggyG: they need to log into the ETT chat
22:10:14 JoseRodriguez: there is a separate... google hangout chat? or is it on livestream?
22:10:39 PeggyG: yes
22:10:52 PeggyG: but it all needs to be here
22:10:59 JoseRodriguez: ah.. was thinking google hougout was video only
22:11:05 JoseRodriguez: yep...
22:11:39 PeggyG: at least so they can see comments from people who aren't in Hangout
22:12:12 JoseRodriguez: totally missed that last week.. I didn't see a chat in the hangout. :D
22:12:19 PeggyG: Jeff always keeps reminding people in CoolCast to post in ETT chat
22:12:30 JoseRodriguez: yep.. he's the man
22:13:37 PeggyG: for sure!!!
22:15:58 PeggyG: that is such a vibrant, authentic learning environment for Monika
22:16:17 PeggyG: shared reading is great for everyone!
22:16:45 JoseRodriguez: Well cool hanging out! Take care all.
22:17:15 PeggyG: you too Jose!!!
22:17:33 PeggyG: good night all
22:17:50 Paul Allison: Thanks!