Conversations Show #13 - 2008 10 19

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Homework was the topic of Conversation this week. Maria and Lisa were joined by Linda Nitsche and Lee Kolbert and lots of folks in the chatroom. Many opinions were expressed about the purpose and reasons for giving homework. We looked at this topic from a teacher's and as well as a parent's point of view. The chat room was rockin' so don't forget to check out the chat log from today's show.
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Homework was the topic of Conversation this week. Maria and Lisa were joined by Linda Nitsche and Lee Kolbert and lots of folks in the chatroom. Many opinions were expressed about the purpose and reasons for giving homework. We looked at this topic from a teacher's and as well as a parent's point of view. The chat room was rockin' so don't forget to check out the chat log from today's show.

Chat Log

11:34:03mariak: we are streaming
11:34:05loonyhiker: i had to refresh and i can hear now
11:34:11mariak: ettt a
11:34:16lparisi: edtechtalk a
11:34:17minhaaj: did you get the link for the pictures i uploaded from abu dhabi ?
11:34:23minhaaj: Hey maria
11:34:26jsmith: back
11:34:33Sarah S: Heard you there for a second . . . but not anymore?
11:34:38sheila: Yes, thanks so much!
11:34:41lparisi: Can you hear us now?
11:34:42minhaaj: :)
11:34:46DaveC: I'm hearing it fine in windows media, open url
11:34:48Maureen/bcdtech: no
11:34:56jsmith: yes, you are back, bit of an echo
11:34:56wsigele: ok now I have it
11:34:58DaveC: If you click on the icon, it will log you out and not open it up.
11:35:00Sarah S: Yep. Got you back - with the vac noise!
11:35:00jsmith: yes
11:35:01minhaaj: meeting the same family in 20 mins again. This time a Pakistani restaurant
11:35:03JackieB: Hmm. Nothing for me.
11:35:12sheila: Nice!
11:35:13loonyhiker: i can hear it in windows media too
11:35:18Lesley E: Still getting 'currently not streaming' message
11:35:18wsigele: have her turn down her volume
11:35:20BarbInNebraska: I can hear you now!
11:35:20sheila: What kind of food will you get?
11:35:24minhaaj: hmm i can't.
11:35:25wsigele: on her speakers
11:35:27Maureen/bcdtech: back again
11:35:28minhaaj: spicy food.
11:35:32sheila: :)
11:35:39minhaaj: pretty unusual for westerners
11:35:41Beth Holmes: Stream available in Media Player! Sounds great!
11:35:43BarbInNebraska: I'm listening through iTunes
11:35:49sheila: snowflake sounds good!
11:35:50wsigele: yes, itunes is working
11:35:52Sarah S: Hooray! Sounds good.
11:35:55Maureen/bcdtech: yes sound is fine
11:36:51Lesley E: Coming through loud and clear
11:36:57loonyhiker: i can hear u
11:36:59BarbInNebraska: Hi!
11:37:04jsmith: you are in
11:37:06minhaaj: i can't see the voice box
11:37:09nancykeane: I can hear you!
11:37:19loonyhiker: hi from south carolina :)
11:37:20wsigele: rebuffering argh!
11:37:23sheila: Yeah NH!
11:37:26Lesley E: I came through from a Twitter post. Thanks Lisa
11:37:27BarbInNebraska: Hi from Nebraska!
11:37:35mike.t123: Hi Mike Temple from the UK can hear you ok
11:37:36cyndidannerkuhn: have the chat room but that is it,
11:37:42Lesley E: Hi from Vancouver Canada
11:37:48JackieB: There we go.
11:37:49Beth Holmes: Hi from Georgia!
11:37:51jsmith: For folks who keep getting bounced out, try channel a
11:37:53minhaaj: Hey Peggy
11:38:08PeggyG: Good morning all
11:38:19Maureen/bcdtech: Hi Peggy
11:38:24BarbInNebraska: PeggyG, are you my principal, PeggyG?
11:38:27jsmith: Lesliey, I'm in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Is
11:38:28PeggyG: I'm hearing the stream fine on ETT-A-iTunes
11:38:58Lesley E: jsmith - yay. I did a workshop there last year.
11:39:06BarbInNebraska: I encouraged her to do it!
11:39:08jsmith: Very cool!
11:39:11PeggyG: Hi Barb-you mean principal on your wiki? Think so :-)
11:39:31BarbInNebraska: PeggyG, no, my real life principal in Nebraska
11:39:52PeggyG: Nope-I'm a retired principal in Phoenix AZ
11:39:55minhaaj: hmm now i see the box but its off air
11:39:59carbru: Hi All Carolynn Bruton from Cape Town, Sout Africa
11:40:07wsigele: if lee stays on her laptop but lowers the volume on her speakers the buzzing should go away
11:40:10sheila: try ETT A
11:40:32PeggyG: Minhaaj-click on sound icon for ETT-A
11:40:35sheila: Wow! Welcome carbu!
11:40:37loonyhiker: hi lee!!
11:40:43minhaaj: i have
11:41:09Maureen/bcdtech: All those sideways scrolling plurkers- hello!
11:41:10minhaaj: the ustream box is offline
11:41:16sheila: Maybe refresh page?
11:41:20minhaaj: ok
11:41:33minhaaj: nah doesn't work
11:41:35PeggyG: yes, Minhaaj-you can't use the ustream
11:41:42loonyhiker: i'm usually not home from church yet when this is going on but came home early today
11:41:44sheila: They are not using ustream they are using ETT - A
11:41:57minhaaj: yea but i can't get it to work either
11:42:29sheila: hmmm? because of the linux setup?
11:42:30loonyhiker: i had to refresh the page and reopen for it to work
11:42:40minhaaj: i have used linux before that for ETT
11:43:23BarbInNebraska: I also keep that in mind too, now that I have kids.
11:43:42lparisi: Hi Colleen!
11:43:51colleenk: Hi Lisa! Hi Everyone!
11:44:33mariak: Hello everyone - thanks for joining us and supporting each other.
11:44:36loonyhiker: i did TET - Teacher Effectiveness Training
11:44:49PeggyG: Maria is a little soft for me--not as loud as others.
11:45:10mariak: @loonyhiker - me too !
11:45:15sheila: I still use some of TET in the classroom.
11:45:20loonyhiker: just remember Lisa that you will live thru the teenage yrs. no matter what u think or feel at the time
11:45:48Maureen/bcdtech: Do you think that the homework load has increased since NCLB? It feels like it.
11:46:42PeggyG: @Sheila-I love the strategies and advice in TET and Parent Effectiveness Training--still have the original books. :-) Great communication strategies!
11:47:11sheila: @PeggyG - I lend my copies out to newer teachers.
11:47:16minhaaj: ok working now
11:47:20Maureen/bcdtech: As some teachers also begin to move toward PBL the number of projects increase as well. Also the number of collaborative projects- offline and needing parents to help the kids get together on weekends has gone up.
11:47:21sheila: Yeah!
11:47:23lparisi: Yay!
11:47:53lparisi: Maureen...should that be homework?
11:47:55BarbInNebraska: Can we also talk about what type of homework? Are we talking Math drills or projects?
11:48:09minhaaj: Do we really need homeworks anyways ?
11:48:11sheila: switching colors.
11:48:11minhaaj: :)
11:48:38Maureen/bcdtech: I think the whole topic of "getting kids ready for the next grade vs teaching them here and now- may be a topic for another show.
11:48:39loonyhiker: i have some parents who think u aren't doing yr job if u don't send home homework
11:48:59DaveC: We give very little homework. Counts for only 10% of the overall grade.
11:49:00jsmith: I try hard to give kids time to work on assignments in class--where I can see how they doing and help in the moment
11:49:05Maureen/bcdtech: @lisap the projects end up being homework.
11:49:21minhaaj: in here. homeworks doesn't effect grades but they get loads of em
11:49:22Lee Kolbert: So is that homework really? to @jsmith
11:49:22Sarah S: I find that my college kids have trouble with the open ended projects that I give to work on outside of class - which might reflect their experience with drill or review type homework in the past.
11:49:25loonyhiker: i think hw teaches responsibility too
11:49:36LindaN: @loonyhiker Many parents see homework as communication
11:50:20loonyhiker: @LindaN u r right, this is the way parents know what their child is working on in school
11:50:27JackieB: @BarbInNebraska - what grade level are you referring to with Math drills? What skills/concepts?
11:50:40jsmith: in general kids who do well in class do their homework, those who don't do well in class don't do their homework, so there is a problem
11:50:45BarbInNebraska: I'm 3rd grade and I just don't have time for a lot of math drills
11:51:12minhaaj: Barb you read in 3rd grade ?
11:51:16BarbInNebraska: We work hard in class, but it's frustrating not to have time for that.
11:51:20LindaN: Doesn't it matter that there are different ways to learn and paper pencil math drills in only one way
11:51:23Maureen/bcdtech: @jsmith I agree- the kids who have trouble in class don't magically get it by trying to do it at home.
11:51:46cyndidannerkuhn: Hi from Manhattan Ks, had to open iTunes to get Audio, hmmm
11:51:49BarbInNebraska: @Minhaaj, I do require at least 20 minutes of reading a night. That's my usual homework.
11:51:51jsmith: @maureen, so we have to do it differently
11:52:11lparisi: Glad you are here Cyndi.
11:52:11minhaaj: hmm. Thats nice to have 3rd graders here :)
11:52:26sharon_elin: If learning is best when it is self-directed & engaged/interactive, then homework can allow for that personalized processing time. Teachers have to be creative in giving assignments that allow this, though.
11:52:27Maureen/bcdtech: If our classroom work was more transparent- would that alleviate the communication gap between parents and school?
11:52:55wsigele: as a parent I think one of the worst jobs is 'fighting' with your child to do homework when the REAL issue is that the child doesn't understand the content in the first place
11:53:01BarbInNebraska: a lot of time, for 3rd grade, the parent's may end up taking on that responsibility
11:53:39BarbInNebraska: I posted on Plurk if teachers post their lesson plans, many said not to do that.
11:53:39loonyhiker: for my students, responsibility is a job skill, we do stuff outside of the workplace but have to bring it to work at a later time
11:53:42jsmith: @wsigele yes, I try hard to be aware of this, because tohose fits are counter-productive
11:53:56Lee Kolbert: @barb absolutely and thats not being addressed in schools other than to blame the parents for not being involved enough
11:54:02cyndidannerkuhn: Alfie Rocks!!
11:54:09JackieB: Re: content or responsibility/work skills -- I teach high school. I think I have to go for both. My students who are seniors won't have anyone checking HW in college. Should what happen in college dictate my practice? I don't know, but it does.
11:54:37jsmith: Alfie says it so well
11:54:50sharon_elin: Again, I think homework allows independent & personalized learning, if it's not assigned as rote drill work
11:55:13jsmith: it is a real paradigm shift for us. We have to look at learning differently and hw is part of it
11:55:14Beth Holmes: I love thinking about homework as something that cannot be done in school. Creating projects, doing surveys, viewing YouTube videos that are blocked in school, participating in blogs that are blocked. If students can self-direct a bit, they love homework.
11:55:34sharon_elin: @Beth Holmes, that's what I'm talking about
11:56:04Maureen/bcdtech: I don't give homework but sometimes would like to have the opportunity to- when teaching Alice, I don't even buy the book for the kids since they don't have time to read it.
11:56:08loonyhiker: someone somewhere in time mentioned taping lectures for kids to listen for hw and using class time to discuss, clarify, interacting
11:56:15BarbInNebraska: DS #3 is taking 3 AP classes, he has many pages of reading to do each night. He has to have homework.
11:56:23JackieB: The things I assign for HW are problem solving type problems. What they do for HW drives what we do in class the next day.
11:56:42Beth Holmes: I can see why kids don't want to do rows of math problems at home. I do think, however, that they like finding math problems in their real life!
11:56:45LindaN: My son is taking 4 AP classes and spends the weekend catching up on his homework- too much
11:57:00sharon_elin: In 3rd gr., my daughter's science homework involved drawing the moon at diff. stages; math was making a chart about number of windows in the home, etc. Always creative work that she enjoyed and tied in with class
11:57:04DaveC: My issue with homework is that there is no control as to who does it and is it really the student's work or the parent's...and there is no control as to whether it will be done, the elementary student doesn't make their afterschool plans, the parent does.
11:57:05Maureen/bcdtech: Has anyone tried the "reverse" homework? Watch the lecture at home and do the homework- the practice, in school.
11:57:06Sarah S: @loonyhiker I saw that - great idea, but how can a teacher find time for that in terms of recording all their lectures?
11:57:34cyndidannerkuhn: NCLB is killing schools and families, everything is too much
11:57:37BarbInNebraska: @sharon that's the kind of homework I like and give too.
11:58:05BarbInNebraska: @sharon, many times I say, "At the supper table tonight, ask your family...."
11:58:37Maureen/bcdtech: How about having class scribes- by scribing the kids really learn the content of the lesson. Wouldn't work for younger- or maybe it could.
11:58:38loonyhiker: @Sarah S I don't know but I thought it was a cool idea
11:58:39wsigele: I only get a few hours a day with my own son
11:58:42Beth Holmes: @Maureen Reverse HW has real potential, doesn't it?
11:58:45PeggyG: @Maureen-I love that concept of the reverse teaching--students watch the lecture/content as homework and then class time is spent with the teacher helping with understanding, class discussion, etc.
11:58:57jsmith: ( help do I do addresses @comments without typing everything?)
11:59:02Maureen/bcdtech: @Beth Holmes- lots of work for teacher
11:59:04sharon_elin: Yes, Barb, and when I taught civics, family discussions drove many of our class discussions -- students were much more excited about the content when they had discussed at home
11:59:45BarbInNebraska: @sharon, absolutely! I like to save paper and less paper for me to shuffle too.
11:59:45sharon_elin: I've never thought homework should have as much weight in a grade as classwork!
11:59:47wsigele: of course they are excited, they have 'something to bring to the discussion' (reverse homework)
11:59:53Maureen/bcdtech: @PeggyG I saw it somewhere ...out west, maybe CO??
11:59:54loonyhiker: reverse tching would be great for sick students, homebound students
11:59:54Beth Holmes: OR - in school, teachers prepare students for a "real world" application of the concepts being taught. Then students apply the new skill in a real life situation as homework.
12:00:12Cathy E: We are not allowed to give zero for anything
12:00:30Maureen/bcdtech: @lisap :-)
12:00:31DaveC: @Cathy, same here. No grades lower than 50
12:00:43cyndidannerkuhn: if we could just teach[u]:D
12:00:45Cathy E: Ours is 60
12:01:07Marta -> -Puentes al Mundo: Hola, buenas tardes
12:01:42jsmith: if kids are getting less than C- we give I for in progress if this relates to incomplete work: then have a plan to get work done & in
12:01:44Maureen/bcdtech: We have kids who are out sick, then come back to mountains of work- not doing it is not an option... it's awful.
12:01:53Beth Holmes: Can we start looking at HW as a way of moving the knowledge and skills learned in school into the real world?
12:01:56Cathy E: Some kids just don't have ANY support at home -so how do you fairly grade homework
12:02:21DaveC: With things like math, I would rather see that the work was done and understood even if it wasn't that very moment that it was assigned. I don't take off points for late, just for never turning it in.
12:02:24Maureen/bcdtech: Does all hw have to be done? Just because you gave it? Isn't there a better way?
12:03:10Beth Holmes: @Maureen There are better ways. We have to find them.
12:03:21Maureen/bcdtech: Encouraging the practice! But that ups the stakes on the test or whatever you use to assess.
12:03:26sharon_elin: Cathy E, yes, some students don't have support at home, but should we adjust all policies to that group? We can think of ways to encourage that support by engaging parents in the school community, perhaps
12:03:51DaveC: @Sharon, but do we punish the child who is put in th emiddle?
12:04:12sharon_elin: no, of course not! We allow other ways to get the practice & the grades
12:04:14PeggyG: My undergrad students did a fascinating action research project on homework in their district--surveyed parents, teachers and students.-perceptions from each group were very different!
12:04:17Cathy E: @Sharon Yes, I agree, but it is very hard if the family does not speak English and doesn't want to learn
12:04:41Maureen/bcdtech: So kids who can pass the end of the year assessment don't have to come to class?
12:05:10sharon_elin: You make a good point!
12:05:17Beth Holmes: Have to run to Sunday dinner. Loved this conversation!
12:05:19sharon_elin: I mean, about ESL
12:05:25Maureen/bcdtech: Practice is good, but some use of skills, in a real project, process can give practice
12:05:57LindaN: But parents like the easy, narrow view of a worksheet type HW assignment
12:06:07sharon_elin: PeggyG, what were the breakdowns of the survey responses?
12:06:13wsigele: I HATE the worksheets (as a parent)
12:06:19DaveC: @Maureen. There is pratice and application. I use reallife projects in application of the information, not for practice (which is often 'drill' types of things)
12:06:21LindaN: I do also
12:06:43LindaN: But parents also hate projects
12:06:52jsmith: Ok, what would happen, really, if we didn't give any homework? What would change?
12:06:57PeggyG: @sharon-too complicated to put in chat. I can share links to the surveys and data in the Conversations wiki after the show.
12:07:36sharon_elin: I do need to support parents' complaints that often in MS & HS, multiple teachers don't coordinate their assignments and kids are often overloaded at times
12:07:44wsigele: but by time stupid worksheets are finished who has time to read?
12:07:58Katie: I'm working on a project modeled after the iREAD program in Escondido (presented at CUE 08)
12:08:19wsigele: @katie please share more info or links
12:08:20jsmith: what would happen in families? what would change in kides attidues toschool? what would change in the way we teach?
12:08:46Maureen/bcdtech: @maria I know what you mean, but are you just trying to level the playing field by asking kids to be read to, when some parents don't realize that it is critical to hear the language, use the language.
12:09:20wsigele: Teacher sends home reading log, I don't fill it in or send it back. My kid reads on the bus and in the car and whenever he can
12:09:28Katie: Using iPods with recordings of native speakers with paragraphs or whole books
12:09:33Katie: getting web site
12:10:28PeggyG: the literature review we did for our action research project has some great resources on the homework "debate"-I'll try to share that also.
12:10:52mariak: @maureen - maybe level the playing field - but also those children who are further ahead usually are read to at home inspite of my request
12:11:11Katie: The iREAD website is
12:11:22cyndidannerkuhn: Students should participate in their learning
12:11:25wsigele: THANKS @katie
12:12:04Maureen/bcdtech: @mariak I was an early reader and read constantly. My kids never read for enjoyment until they got older ( and had less homework)
12:12:21BarbInNebraska: less paper!
12:12:26DaveC: OT but I'm afraid I'll forget later: I'm putting on a workshop on PD online (web2.0), going to use flashmeeting at 1:00pm EDT at
12:12:27PeggyG: if homework assignments aren't appropriate for students they can spend a lot of time "practicing" something wrong and have to "unlearn" it.
12:12:42Katie: I am a voracious reader. Neither my kids or hubby reads. My grandchildren always have a book in their hands - yay!
12:12:58DaveC: My workshop is Friday 10/24 sorry, forgot that...not today...
12:13:14Maureen/bcdtech: @PeggyG that's a good point.
12:14:01PeggyG: Thanks for the link to your Flashmeeting, Dave. I would love to join you. :-)
12:14:26Maureen/bcdtech: Do your students call you at home if they have questions about their homework? Our teachers get lots of phone calls at home. It helps to be accessible. Web 2.0 tools can really help with that.
12:15:22jsmith: @Maureen/bcdtech do that maninly as a support for student blogging they also email me
12:15:42Sarah S: Kids don't call, but they do email me pretty consistently if they have questions or problems.
12:15:45DaveC: @Maureen: I am available and will communicate with parents over the web, but not "live" with students, only through email.
12:15:54Katie: accessibility - meebo widget allows teachers to set up a chat room that can be placed in a Discovery Streaming assignment. chat room limited to teacher and students only
12:15:57jsmith: @Maureen/bcdtech I would like to explore edmondo for this too
12:16:11sharon_elin: Jsmith, your question about what would happen if HW didn't exist has given me much to think about. Thanks but curses to you! :D One drawback to having no homework is that academic subjects get pushed back in importance & relegated only to the school day.
12:16:59Maureen/bcdtech: @jsmith I haven't checked out edmodo yet. I set up a ning for grades 7-9 that I had hoped would help, but isn't yet.
12:17:12wsigele: @sharon_elin not if there is project based homework or reverse homework
12:17:29wsigele: then the students become more engaged
12:17:36jsmith: some woiuld argue a major damage has been done to learning through homework, and that we are deminishing the importance of the arts, tech (ie woodworking)
12:17:59jsmith: hi alec!
12:18:13lparisi: HI Alec
12:18:27Maureen/bcdtech: I would like HW to be a continuation of the conversations in class, a more reflective time. I would love to have kids have more time to reflect- me too.
12:18:28courosa: hi all!
12:19:18jsmith: @Maureen/bcdtech I am also going to explore the chat in moodle, don't yet know how
12:19:43Maureen/bcdtech: I use moodle for teachers- they don't chat :0)
12:19:44DaveC: [b]practice makes permanent
12:19:52sharon_elin: Here is a middle school powerpoint about homework -- it's dated but it offers some reasons FOR homework. I think the reasons against homework are valid, too, so this is a hot issue!
12:20:24PeggyG: sometimes I think it is the parents who are learning "responsibility" from homework assignments--not the kids. It becomes a nightly nightmare...
12:20:38jsmith: @Maureen/bcdtech i don't call blogging homework--I just love their reflective voices, and I can tell what they got out their learning
12:21:10courosa: i like to see when teachers flip the model on homework, record everything the students normally see in the classroom and assign that for homework, then in class do the things that you would normally do as homework, or get right into the 'real' work ... that's where the relationship w/ the teacher is most needed. Flip the model.
12:21:23Cathy E: I have to run - Great topic- will listen later :0
12:21:34mariak: thanks for joining us cathy
12:21:39JoseRodriguez -> -Puentes al Mundo: muy buena pregunta eduardo... para mi seria conocer mis alumnos ir trabajando sobre areas especificas
12:21:40jsmith: @PeggyG this screws up our relationship with families--becomes a war zone
12:21:41Katie: @courosa here's a news video on reverse homework? news of two teachers'
12:21:43derrallg: hi everyone, slept in sounds like I missed a good topic
12:21:44loonyhiker: thanx for the conversation - gotta run
12:21:53mariak: @coursa- wouldn't that be great
12:22:05courosa: @katie link doesnt work for me
12:22:33PeggyG: Yes, Alec! we commented on the "reverse" homework earlier and I think it makes so much sense!!
12:22:35sheila: Hey derrallg! Any pics of the big day?
12:22:43courosa: @mariak ... agreed, it's certainly a start ... teachers need to and will reinvent approaches.
12:22:45wsigele: @katie link doesn't work for me either
12:22:48Maureen/bcdtech: @lisap At my school the "extra" stuff usually comes from parents... they do some fine work. ;-)
12:22:59Katie: bah ... must have to do the long one ... one sec
12:23:16courosa: @peggy we have some local teachers doing it, and the students love it.
12:23:32Katie: lol ... sorry ...
12:23:54courosa: have we gotten to the conversations on the lives of kids, where homework is simply impossible, such as our inner-city youth?
12:23:58wsigele: @katie that didn't work either
12:24:10PeggyG: one thing about the reverse homework model is that parents can't do their kids homework :-)
12:24:11jsmith: with the flip model, we are assuminhg equallity of access to tech--what is the work around, Alec?
12:24:12Katie: ack
12:24:48derrallg: @sheila Hi, here's some
12:24:53wsigele: good question @jsmith
12:24:54jsmith: @courosa only tangentialy
12:24:57sheila: tx!
12:25:09PeggyG: some teachers burn cds for kids if they don't have internet access--some have access to computers after school in labs, library, etc.
12:25:28jsmith: @PeggyG I WANT ANSWERS! :D
12:25:33courosa: @jsmith good point, access is integral to the model working, and se above comment ... we assume that students aren't working, don't have issues with family at home, HAVE a family, note dealing with dysfunctional contexts, etc.
12:25:38Maureen/bcdtech: Our kids have required sports, then many have lessons or town sports, most are involved in community service projects.... time is a critical issue for them.
12:25:43Katie: try this one:
12:25:56Katie: nvm
12:25:59sheila: I like the CD idea! Or flashdrives . .
12:26:02PeggyG: @jsmith--big grin--we all want answers!! :-)
12:27:31Maureen/bcdtech: @mariaK do you get good participation or are you preachng to the choir?
12:27:38courosa: so, back to the other point people are discussing ... a) what is the point of education, and b) in this context, is homework necessary, c) if so, does the model of homework need to be reinvented
12:27:41PeggyG: I think the literature/research is pretty conclusive about the value of homework and there isn't much value in elementary schools.
12:28:00Katie: 3rd time's the charm - I tested this one
12:28:18courosa: @katie Thanks!
12:28:19wsigele: YEA! @katie!
12:29:04Katie: whew! :D
12:29:05jsmith: @ courosa re a) Alan November says "to add value to the world". Most hw does not add value of any kind
12:30:21Lee Kolbert: @jsmith I agree with A November on that, but it doesn't have to be that way. How do we reach the teachers to change this model?
12:30:28courosa: @jsmith hmmmmm ... I'd like to find out more what he means, seems a bit vague. IMHO, an additive model doesn't reduce the injustices we already have.
12:30:40PeggyG: I'll share our literature review document on the blog if you are interested in compiling information to make changes in your school policies and practices.
12:30:45BarbInNebraska: again, when I tweeted and plurked, asking if I should put my lesson plans online, they all said 'no'. If I had my plans online, then parents would know what I'm doing.
12:31:02Maureen/bcdtech: @Barb- why not?
12:31:03sharon_elin: I'll check back later to see the whole chat; need to go now - thanks, all, for making me think!
12:31:14Lee Kolbert: @barb I think that's a great idea unless you get a parent who starts a checklist on you.
12:31:14lparisi: Bye Sharon
12:31:27BarbInNebraska: @maureen, all said not to post my lessons
12:31:37Lee Kolbert: That would kill a great idea. :(
12:31:42Maureen/bcdtech: @barb- but why?
12:31:46BarbInNebraska: @lee, that's what my partner teacher is afraid of
12:31:52jsmith: @courosa i think it is vague on purpose (don't know for sure) but it means I have to be more reflective about what I am doing with kids
12:32:04BarbInNebraska: When I do give my plans out, I tell parents that my plans may change.
12:32:18Katie: @barb teachers in my district post homework online but not their lesson plans
12:32:25BarbInNebraska: I have 5 parents who currently get my plans
12:32:43courosa: @jsmith Fair enough, and important if it causes reflection. I'd step up the model though, something like "teaching for a better world", also vague, but more directed.
12:32:49BarbInNebraska: @katie, my assignments/homework changes too
12:33:16BarbInNebraska: so posting just assignments wouldn't work
12:33:22jsmith: @courosa I also like "improving the life-chances of every child"
12:33:37Maureen/bcdtech: I've sent my lesson plans with links home to parents whose kids were having trouble in my class- sent it a month ahead of time so if they wanted to know, to prep, they could do it.
12:33:51courosa: @jsmith, that's very nice.
12:34:00PeggyG: some teachers give homework nightly because parents demand it and schools require it, without giving any thought to the "purpose", value of the homework.
12:34:19Lee Kolbert: @peggy thats very true and sad
12:34:35PeggyG: very sad!!!
12:34:37jsmith: @courosa it is part of the mission statement of the Vancouver Island superintedents association
12:34:52Maureen/bcdtech: I think we sometimes get confused between what we teach and what the kids learn. Not the same always.
12:35:13jsmith: @
12:35:16courosa: Teachers often fear sharing their stuff online for a couple of bad reasons, 1) their work may be substandard, or 2) poor models of citations and copyright ... of course there are more legitimate reasons for NOT sharing, but these are the more negative and real ones i have witnessed.
12:35:22PeggyG: we shouldn't expect parents to be the teachers with homework assignments.
12:35:47BarbInNebraska: I would hate to have a parent run a checklist on me!
12:35:49courosa: @jsmith another reason for me to leave to the coast. :-)
12:36:24jsmith: @courosa we would love to have you! Come visit!
12:37:01courosa: @jsmith Northern Voice 2009, probably the next time I am out there.
12:37:08jsmith: @courosa just my observation, but tech is cooking on the prairies, not so much here
12:37:34PeggyG: @Lisa P-you're describing some great authentic examples of "homework" :-)
12:37:42jsmith: @courosa i will look for that, also considering your courses for later
12:37:45Maureen/bcdtech: @MariaK it's easier to do this with K- you could do a theme on just about anything- it's the learning, not usually the specific content that matters. It changes in the older grades when content rules.
12:38:36wsigele: Goals for the week
12:38:41mariak: @maureen - i'm not sure i agree with that...doesn't have to be that way.
12:38:43courosa: @jsmith We have some prominent voices @shareski @kuropatwa @cfisher @kathycassidy etc., but we have as many problems as any other district. But these people are doing wonderful things, as most of you know.
12:39:11LindaN: We didn't abolish homework??
12:39:19courosa: @jsmith I'm teaching an open undergrad and graduate course in Winter, all are free to join.
12:39:33lparisi: Our blog site..
12:39:41lparisi: Thank you all for coming this week.
12:39:50jsmith: @courosa you rock
12:39:52courosa: Thanks Lisa.
12:40:14sheila: Multi tasking so missing most of the chat. Will have to go back and read it all. This has been thought-provoking and good source of reflection for me! Thanks!
12:40:14jsmith: let's change the world!
12:40:48courosa: have to go carve pumpkins with my little princess, thanks all for this conversation!
12:40:55Maureen/bcdtech: @mariak when I taught K I had some basic skills I wanted to help kids learn- but how we got there- whether it was pumpkins or spiders, didn't really matter. I think that content matters in K only as a means to get the kids excited. Altho I spent a lot of time on content and the kids learned it- it wasn't the underlying structure of what I did.
12:40:55jsmith: Thanks all, great to listen to you.
12:40:57BarbInNebraska: great ideas!
12:41:10Sarah S: You are always in good company Maria!
12:41:15PeggyG: Have fun Alec!!
12:41:19Sarah S: Congrats DerrallG!
12:41:28BarbInNebraska: aww, congratulations!
12:41:31derrallg: thanks Maria just a little sleepy still ?
12:41:40sheila: Best wishes to all!
12:41:54wsigele: Thanks Lisa, Maria, Lee and Linda! Glad you are part of my PLN!
12:41:55Maureen/bcdtech: Thank you- nice to see Lee!
12:42:17Lee Kolbert: Loved this! Thanks to everyone for including me.
12:42:19Sarah S: Wonderful conversation - great topic.
12:42:28PeggyG: Another great conversation! You always get the juices flowing and provide so much food for thought!
12:43:00BarbInNebraska: lol, would it be politics?
12:43:21LindaN: Thanks you all!
12:43:24PeggyG: Politics could definitely influence next week's conversation. :-)
12:44:08PeggyG: I want one of those magic wands!
12:44:25PeggyG: Bye all!
12:44:27BarbInNebraska: thanks guys!
12:44:31derrallg: great show thanks bye


Thanks for facilitating this conversation. It was great to hear everyobody's ideas on homework and I found it quite encouraging. I teach in Australia and find that our approach to homework is more laid-back than that of the US. I mentioned this conversation on my blog and outlined how we 'do homework' in my year 1 class. I look forward to hearing more discussions through your podcast.