EdTechWeekly #143

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EdTechWeekly #143
November 15, 2009

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[17:51] Gary_> ...
[17:52] ScottShelhart> Is there a place to vote on the new chat room? (its really awful)
[17:52] Gary__> How does one identify yourself?
[17:54] CathyE> Yes, we missed you!
[17:55] Gary_> Ok - still strange.
[17:56] CathyE> Jen I bet they sell you a new one each time
[17:57] Gary__> So why do you have to identify yourself?
[18:01] CathyE> I am not ready
[18:01] CathyE> I would have to relocate - cause of the football game
[18:01] Sharon> do I hear Jeff Lebow's voice???
[18:01] ScottShelhart> is there video?
[18:01] Gary__> But you can fake being ready much better than the rest of us.
[18:02] Sharon> Uh oh
[18:02] PeggyG> great to hear all of your voices!! :-)
[18:03] ScottShelhart> no video on ustrem
[18:03] CathyE> I don't see video
[18:03] PeggyG> sorry!! I'll miss Dave but I'm happy to hear Jen and Jeff and John!!
[18:04] PeggyG> boo hoo Jeff!!!! I've missed you!!
[18:04] PeggyG> Jeff is good at that!! Being invisible :-)
[18:04] JenM> http://www.smartpenguin.org/eLog/2009/11/12/webinar-perspectives-on-open...
[18:04] kchichester> No video on UStream
[18:05] ScottShelhart> no video.  just ETT logo
[18:05] ScottShelhart> lost sound
[18:05] Sharon> hmmm did we lose them?
[18:05] Gary__> Did the sound disappear for others?
[18:05] PeggyG> Hi Sheila and Jackie
[18:05] timslim> i have audio stream
[18:05] PeggyG> yes lost the sound
[18:05] jackiegerstein> Does sound disappear?
[18:05] @JohnSchinker> Jeff's adding video.
[18:06] JenM> technical difficulties :)
[18:06] jackiegerstein> Hi Peggy
[18:06] ScottShelhart> video, no audio
[18:06] JenM> one sec
[18:06] @JohnSchinker> He lost audio for a second.
[18:06] timslim> not watching the video
[18:06] ScottShelhart> all good
[18:06] @JohnSchinker> It's just Jen talking. You're not missing anything.
[18:06] PeggyG> now it's back--refresh the ustream window
[18:06] jackiegerstein> Choppy
[18:06] jackiegerstein> Yes
[18:06] @JohnSchinker> or maybe stop the ustream and play it.
[18:06] ScottShelhart> Jeff a bit broken up
[18:06] sheila> Hi! So where is the ustream window? it's gone for me anyone else? (I know they are not using it, but where is it?)
[18:07] jackiegerstein> Nothing but the chat on the ustream
[18:07] JenW> you sound fine
[18:07] cyndidannerkuhn> can hear fine
[18:07] Gary__> Sound ok
[18:07] PeggyG> the ustream window is on the right of this chat for me
[18:07] JenW> yes, I can hear Jen
[18:07] timslim> you have your own internet?
[18:07] cyndidannerkuhn> but chat window is different, I assume that is a change
[18:07] ScottShelhart> jen ok, Jeff breaking up at times
[18:07] jackiegerstein> Is there lag with this tool too?
[18:07] sheila> Ustream window is blank.
[18:07] timslim> I can hear all well
[18:07] JL> http://gomockingbird.com/
[18:08] CathyE> iin and out
[18:08] JenW> intrigued by what Doug twittered out
[18:09] JenW> hmmm the new chat room is a little emmmm -- htmlish
[18:09] PeggyG> how fun! now we can see the 3 of you :-)
[18:09] @JohnSchinker> Flip for Good. Camcorders for Educators and Charities: http://www.theflip.com/en-us/buy/Educators.aspx
[18:09] Lorna> I love the Flip camera
[18:10] PeggyG> that's a fantastic offer--buy one get one free!!
[18:10] sheila> Digital wish is doing some great work.
[18:10] cyndidannerkuhn> that is cool
[18:10] JenW> You will explain what Doug meant by EdTechWeekly bids a sad farewell to Worldbridges Studio Alpha later right -- or did he just mean the chatroom
[18:11] JenM> e-reader Update: http://ireaderreview.com/2009/11/04/ereader-release-dates-upcoming-eread... ... and ... http://ireaderreview.com/2009/10/25/dual-screen-ereaders-alex-asus-edge-...
[18:11] JL> I'm moving, so last webcast from Bow, NH
[18:11] JenW> REALLY??  I thought you were doing that in 2010 ---- suddenly sad here
[18:11] timslim> jumpchart.com is similar to gomockingbird.com
[18:12] JenW> but happy that you are moving   :)
[18:12] cyndidannerkuhn> and even one to work on your Mac or PC
[18:12] sheila> @JL Last time from the cave. Will be nice to get into the sunshine! ;)
[18:12] cyndidannerkuhn> I have one of each, got with a grant, but still love reading a read book when for pleasure
[18:12] JL> indeed - studio in the air - 16th floor
[18:13] cyndidannerkuhn> me too, like the old one better
[18:13] JL> http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/11/13/google-chrome-os-to-launch-within-a...
[18:13] PeggyG> I love being a "chat peep" :-)
[18:13] ScottShelhart> i miss the old chat.  This one is UGLY
[18:13] JenW> I miss the OLD chat room look too -- can't change my color and be unique
[18:13] JL> http://www.301works.org/
[18:13] cyndidannerkuhn> why the change in the chat room format?
[18:14] PeggyG> it is very basic but it is much easier to add links and copy/paste things in it
[18:14] JenW> but it's (ummmm) --- icky   :)
[18:14] sheila> Just wish it could float . . .
[18:14] Lorna> @ JW click the icon to the left of "status" use the options
[18:14] @JohnSchinker> TurnKey Linux: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/
[18:14] cyndidannerkuhn> Where is Mrs. Durff, miss here when she isn't here!!
[18:15] CathyE> Are you broadcasting on ETT A?
[18:15] JenW> smiles, now my background is red --- LOL -- playing with options
[18:15] timslim> i'm using colloquy irc for getting onto the chat channel - much tidier than the web version
[18:15] timslim> for me at any rate
[18:16] JenW> distracted by Chat room options   :)
[18:16] sheila> @timslim - good to know.
[18:16] cyndidannerkuhn> my chat room has NO options?  hmmm
[18:16] cyndidannerkuhn> YES, absolutely!!!
[18:16] JenW> Top Left Cyndi
[18:16] JenW> next to status
[18:16] cyndidannerkuhn> ewhy the change
[18:16] Sharon> But I can have it on my FF
[18:16] jackiegerstein> That's because it looks like a downgrade
[18:17] JenW> yes   it looks web 1.0
[18:17] ScottShelhart> I dont attend as many live shows as I did before because of the new chat.....
[18:17] JenW> actually it looks DOS
[18:17] cyndidannerkuhn> kinda hard to read
[18:17] Lorna> You have to be on taks to copy and paste
[18:17] timslim> I'm fine with it - but i'm an irc slapper -simple tex is good
[18:17] Sharon> yes, we changed to this bec of how the other was crashing on so many people
[18:17] JenW> I was able to color code all names but MINE   :)   laughing
[18:17] timslim> the irc experience depends on your client - on mac colloquy is best imo
[18:17] cyndidannerkuhn> I see
[18:17] PeggyG> all of the chat remains once you log in so you can copy/paste at the end of the show and get it all
[18:18] cyndidannerkuhn> nothing is perfect
[18:18] Gary__> Mac compatibilty was fine
[18:18] sr_> It looks so last year
[18:18] Sharon> not with me
[18:18] JenW> we just need to admit it -- we have problems with CHANGE   :)
[18:18] ScottShelhart> YES
[18:18] Sharon> and yes, it looks about 15 yrs old
[18:18] Sharon> : smiles
[18:18] timslim> i want the font to be defaulted to comic san MS please....
[18:18] Sharon> had to try
[18:18] JenM> Stephen Downes OER: http://www.downes.ca/cgi-bin/page.cgi?presentation=231
[18:18] JenW> someone leaves the room and it takes 2 lines to announce it   :)
[18:18] Gary__> And now I have __ behind my name for no apparentl reason.
[18:19] JenW> and YES, comic sans please
[18:19] Sharon> peeps just can't get it over this new chat room
[18:20] JL> http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/
[18:20] Lorna> Tom Barrett rocks
[18:21] JL> http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/
[18:21] JL> http://glovely09.wetpaint.com/page/TopTen+for+Young+Learners
[18:22] JenW> Yeah GAIL LOVELY!!!!
[18:22] @JohnSchinker> Windows 7 vs XP Performance Shoot-Out: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2355729,00.asp
[18:22] jackiegerstein> Like Vocaroo to embed - nice little click - play button
[18:22] cyndidannerkuhn> Hello Druff,
[18:22] Lorna> It is all designed to separate us from our $$
[18:23] durff> hey cyndi
[18:23] JenW> I played with 7 --- but staying with XP Pro still
[18:23] cyndidannerkuhn> Your ears have probably neen burning Durff, I have talked about you and showed your sites in my classes lately
[18:23] sr_> I attended glovely's top ten at NECC
[18:23] not_a_guest> this is fun
[18:24] JenM> Online Learning in Higher Education: http://www.campuscomputing.net/survey/online-education-2009
[18:24] Lorna> yes to picasa
[18:24] not_a_guest> me? ah you were the culprit!
[18:24] JenW> hey -- not_a_guest -- congrats on your EduCon session
[18:24] not_a_guest> you better show up wagner!
[18:24] JenW> sorry--- cannot
[18:25] not_a_guest> is Dr. Danner-Kuhn coming to Educon2.2?
[18:25] cyndidannerkuhn> maybe, hoping
[18:25] JenW> is that who the picture you dropped is on twitter?
[18:25] not_a_guest> b oo-hoo i may have to cancel then if jen is not there
[18:26] JenW> LOL -- Durff - -you need to ustream yourself out for me -- and the world
[18:26] not_a_guest> no jen - that is someone who was there last year4
[18:26] not_a_guest> recognize him?
[18:26] JenW> nope
[18:26] not_a_guest> mmm TED Talks....
[18:26] JenW> Ted Talks ???    (lol, just kidding)
[18:27] not_a_guest> he was
[18:27] not_a_guest> rather famous
[18:27] cyndidannerkuhn> Having taught online for years, it is a challenge and needs to be interactive and the instructort better be creative and cutting edge and a risk taker if the course is gonna be good
[18:27] not_a_guest> while i am infamous
[18:28] not_a_guest> my chat room doesn't advance all the time
[18:28] JL> http://www.kubbu.com/
[18:28] cyndidannerkuhn> A big issue is the technology the student has on the other end!!
[18:28] JenW> I am enjoy the classes I am NOT enrolled in (online learning) more than the classes I am paying for   :)
[18:28] not_a_guest> a combination of asynchronous and synchronous elements are best in any course
[18:28] PeggyG> I think Alec Couros does a fantastic job with his open, online instruction!
[18:28] JenM> @cyndi: yep!
[18:29] JL> http://www.livestream.com/blog/?p=3901
[18:29] PeggyG> I'm really excited about the livestream streaming on iphone!!! doesn't require flash :-)
[18:29] JenW> why don't we use livestream?
[18:29] PeggyG> Livestream now has procaster for Macs too :-)
[18:29] JenW> I want my ipod touch to be able to use FLASH!!!!
[18:30] Lorna> nice to see macs included
[18:30] @JohnSchinker> Google poised to become your phone company: http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/11/13/google.phone.service/index.html?eref=...
[18:30] JenW> Ohhh -- excellent.......now perhaps i might use my google voice
[18:30] not_a_guest> i am open to anyone gifting me an ipod
[18:31] cyndidannerkuhn> who is NOT A Guest?
[18:31] not_a_guest> i don't want to be that accessible
[18:31] JenW> Lisa Durff
[18:31] cyndidannerkuhn> thnaks
[18:31] timslim> when does google get so big that it can't comply with its "Do No Evil" mantra?
[18:31] not_a_guest> i don't want to be that accessible
[18:31] cyndidannerkuhn> lol Durff
[18:32] Lorna> thinking Google voice is just in the US
[18:32] Am_I_really_Durf> no
[18:32] Am_I_really_Durf> it's jenw
[18:32] JenW> lol --
[18:32] Am_I_really_Durf> i hear you
[18:32] JenW> yeah -- I am on my mac as JenW and on my PC as Am_I_Really_Durff
[18:32] JenW> yeah right
[18:33] JL_said_so> did he?
[18:33] JenW> he said you have issues
[18:33] JenM> Why faculty struggle with online learning: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2009/11/09/capture#Comments
[18:33] cyndidannerkuhn> I appreciate you trying this stuff first , save me tons of time!! thanks
[18:33] JL_said_so> i have trouble doing EVERYTHING
[18:33] Durff> yup
[18:34] JenW> so a professor's #1 reason is I might forget???   LOLOL
[18:34] JenW> sounds like people are worried about job security
[18:34] cyndidannerkuhn> and those lectures are so darn interesting, .........I deal with this stuf all the time trying t help College of Ed faculty using technology
[18:34] Lorna> many profs don't want their content & teaching styles public
[18:34] andreablanco> I was just going to mention the online learning platflorm
[18:34] Durff> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[18:35] JenW> they are afraid of being called wrong ---- ????
[18:35] Durff> oh sorry
[18:35] andreablanco> They are afraid of Big Brother
[18:35] JenW> truly??  so sad
[18:35] cyndidannerkuhn> Jen you are right they don't wnat too many records!!!
[18:35] Durff> i am always wrong - what else is new?
[18:35] JenW> and then record them???? 
[18:35] jackiegerstein> It seems to be a fear of those who are sage on the stage -
[18:35] Gary__> Many teacheer unions/associations are not pleased about a camera in the classroom.
[18:35] JenW> people are just comfy being comfortable
[18:35] ScottShelhart> Students should live stream the lectures
[18:36] andreablanco> Good point JenW
[18:36] timslim> i really enjoy the content that's available on iTunes U - gives me a chance to listen/learn to so many areas of learning
[18:36] JenW> Ohhhh -- competition??
[18:36] JL> http://www.free-reading.net/index.php?title=Main_Page
[18:36] Lorna> it is too bad because Parents want to see what is going on in the classroom
[18:36] JL> http://www.copyright-watch.org/
[18:36] timslim> do parents need to see what's going on in the classroom via a stream tho?
[18:36] JenW> would I stay home if I knew the professor was streaming the lesson -- honest, it would depend on the professor
[18:36] JL> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYO7Fj5BORM&feature=player_embedded
[18:37] Durff> does this chat room look the same in different browsers?
[18:37] Lorna> @timslim why not?
[18:37] JL> http://www.legaltorrents.com/
[18:37] JenW> finally???   NO -- not FINALLY???
[18:37] @JohnSchinker> 20 Essential Tricks and Skills Every BitTorrent User Should Know: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/20_essential_tricks_and_skills...
[18:38] Durff> torrent crazy....
[18:38] JenW> I don't want there to be a finally -- with JL
[18:38] Durff> :)
[18:38] timslim> @lorna - i do 15 min of silent reading every day - if parents are seeing that, without knowing context - i can imagine grief
[18:38] dawn> I did this on audacity today,,,it was cool, prepared the music for my daughters musical audition
[18:39] @JohnSchinker> inSSIDer: http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider
[18:39] timslim> @lorna - I don't have a problem with a camera in my room - it would open up an interesting level of discussion
[18:40] JL> Thanks JenW (if you're not being sarcastic)
[18:40] Lorna> @timslim everything in context - but it sure gives parents a good perspective of your day
[18:40] Durff> i do like the old chat room better - like esp detact feature and admin features
[18:40] timslim> http://quietube.com/ - if you use a lot of youtube
[18:40] timslim> in the classroom
[18:40] Durff> 14?
[18:40] JenM> 100 Open Access Journals for Education: http://www.onlinecollege.org/2009/11/11/100-excellent-open-access-journa...
[18:40] JenW> YEAH -- not FINALLY
[18:41] CathyE> gonna try that wireless thing tomorrow
[18:41] JenW> @JL   have you ever heard me be sarcastic -- honestly, have you??
[18:41] @JohnSchinker> Also try Netstubler and Ekahau heatmapper, Cathy.
[18:41] JL> http://www.maggwire.com/
[18:42] JL> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/8341886.stm
[18:42] andreablanco> Trust?  No way.
[18:42] JenW> I believe TRUST works
[18:42] andreablanco> I love this idea!
[18:42] @JohnSchinker> LenMus Phonascus: http://www.lenmus.org/sw/page.php?pid=noticias&lang=en&ignore=yes
[18:42] cyndidannerkuhn> wow, trust, what a novel concept.  YEAH for them!!!
[18:43] JenM> Google Dashboard:  http://mashttps://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginAuth?service=datas... ... and ... hable.com/2009/11/05/google-privacy-dashboard/
[18:43] andreablanco> Can you save the recording in any other file type?
[18:44] JenW> we have not
[18:44] JenW> tell us again Jen
[18:44] Gary__> Server not found?
[18:44] ScottShelhart> dead link
[18:44] JenW> hmmm try the link again JEN
[18:44] JenW> please
[18:44] andreablanco> funky link
[18:44] jackiegerstein> bad linl
[18:45] @JohnSchinker> Try this one: https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginAuth?service=datasummary
[18:45] ScottShelhart> better. thanks
[18:45] cyndidannerkuhn> Wow, that is amazing
[18:45] JenW> uhoh
[18:46] JL> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/06/funniest-venn-diagrams-th_n_347...
[18:46] jackiegerstein> Me too - I want enter a sabbatical to study google
[18:46] andreablanco> yikes.  That's too much information out there!  Shows what i ordered for take-out!
[18:46] JenW> I think that that google link needs to include ALL GMAILS created by Jen Wagner
[18:46] JenW> :)
[18:46] JL> http://www.uky.edu/Projects/Chemcomics/index.html
[18:47] JenW> Where are the periodic table links, please
[18:47] sheila> Oh, I like that one!
[18:47] jackiegerstein> I did it just for you
[18:47] dawn> oooh I forgot I had a you tube account! Thanks
[18:47] @JohnSchinker> Microsoft to schools: Share a PC: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10396488-56.html?part=rss&subj=news&ta...
[18:47] another_durff> my room was not updating
[18:48] another_durff> anyone else ever have that?
[18:48] jackiegerstein> Google Docs isn’t quite ready to replace Microsoft Office. But, he added, that within a year it will be reach a “point of capability” sufficient to fulfill the “vast majority’s needs.”   http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/google_exec_google_docs_not_ready_...
[18:48] cyndidannerkuhn> there is alwasy a catch!!
[18:48] PeggyG> @durff-- mine seems to update in spurts but not much of a lag
[18:48] another_durff> this one shows I am not in here from the other time
[18:49] another_durff> oh my, time for coffee
[18:49] andreablanco> so this is the same company that runs the incomputer, but is just revamped?
[18:49] @JohnSchinker> 50 Free Movie Themed Fonts You Can Download: http://ae.tutsplus.com/articles/roundup/50-free-movie-themed-fonts-you-c...
[18:49] JenW> @Jackie -- really???   I would think for the average Office user -- Google Docs would more than be adequate
[18:49] timslim> fonts! suhweet!
[18:49] jackiegerstein> It is for my students (graduate-level) - many are loving it
[18:49] JenW> ------Loves FONTS
[18:49] another_durff> this chat room was dave's idea, wasn't it?
[18:50] timslim> -- school's official font is comic sans.....
[18:50] PeggyG> We are having an awesome show on WOW3 tonight-8:30pmEST with Jeff Utecht, wife Daneah, and class of middle school students from Thailand talking about Operation Smile! We'll be ustreaming it too. Please join us in a half hour!
[18:50] JenW> oh -- chat room wars
[18:50] another_durff> i love comic sans
[18:50] timslim> -- hates schools official font
[18:50] another_durff> who?
[18:50] JenW> so wait -- is JL just leaving for a short bit
[18:50] JenW> or is this goodbye???
[18:50] another_durff> 8:20pm?
[18:51] Lorna> a new cave coming?
[18:51] PeggyG> 8:30pm Eastern
[18:51] JenW> ahhh he is just moving -- but not leaving
[18:51] another_durff> WOW3.0
[18:51] JenW> POST SHOW??
[18:51] cyndidannerkuhn> yes, thanks to all of you!
[18:51] another_durff> and a new chat room?
[18:51] PeggyG> I'm so excited about WOW3 tonight!! Great to have the students joining us!!!
[18:52] timslim> cheers.
[18:52] timslim> thanks
[18:52] Lorna> lookinf forward to it Peggy
[18:52] JenW> so explain JL --- you are just moving but not leaving
[18:52] CathyE> Who has bought an Android?
[18:52] sheila> sqeaky chair going too?
[18:53] JenW> ohhhh I am grabbing that sound byte
[18:53] cyndidannerkuhn> You three are just so darn amazing!!!
[18:53] JenW> you will be in TOMORROW
[18:53] JenW> so you are moving to ????   
[18:53] sheila> Ok everyone smile and I'll take a screen shot!
[18:53] JenW> Korea -- wow -- blessings to you
[18:54] JenW> that is a very bid move --- wow,
[18:54] JenW> and a big move too
[18:54] jutecht> Good Morning everyone!
[18:54] JenW> Hey Jeff
[18:54] JenW> how is tomorrow
[18:54] another_durff>  hi heff
[18:54] another_durff> jeff
[18:54] jutecht> Korea? Best bandwidth in the world....lucky you!
[18:54] another_durff> i can't type
[18:54] JenW> when are you flying??
[18:55] JenW> Jeff L -- when are you flying??
[18:55] jutecht> Tomorrow is looking good...hot and muggy.....as usual in Bangkok. :)
[18:55] PeggyG> Hi Jeff--they're just wrapping up the ET Weekly post-show. Everyone's going to join us for WOW3 in about a half hour :-) Can't wait!!
[18:55] jutecht> Me either.....looking forward to it.
[18:55] JenW> Yep you have to test again
[18:55] jutecht> True....technically American's can't be dual citzens.
[18:56] JenW> when I moved to Hawaii -- I had to retest
[18:56] JL> skype 'worldbridges' to join in
[18:56] jutecht> One of the only countries that still have that rule. :(
[18:56] cyndidannerkuhn> Moving is hard, I moved last year after 20 years in same place, make it sucked, new place, new doctor, changing everything, it is hard
[18:56] jutecht> Yet, when you move to Thailand you don' thave to retest...an American driver license works...just have to do an eye exam.
[18:56] JenW> Cyndi -- I moved 20 miles 2 years ago -- and totally changed my stuff too
[18:57] jutecht> Hi Guys!!!!
[18:57] timslim> might move back to the UK in a few years - been in NZ since 2003
[18:57] jutecht> Students are in class :)
[18:57] JenW> we are time fillers until then
[18:57] JenW> :)
[18:57] PeggyG> we'll be ready soon :-) Sheila is going to ustream it too :-)
[18:57] timslim> sawasdee ajaarn jeff!
[18:57] jutecht> I like this chat room.....
[18:57] timslim> man, romanised thai is awful
[18:57] another_durff> better chat room at http://edtechtalk.com/studio
[18:58] cyndidannerkuhn> would only help a little
[18:58] JL> I agree - I was about to type kab kuhn krup