ETT21 #164: COPPA: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

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EdTechTalk21 #164: COPPA: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
February 8, 2012

Curt LieneckBill Stites Curt Lieneck, Director of Information Technology, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and Bill Stites, Director of Technology and Montclair Kimberly Academy join us to discuss how their schools are dealing with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.  

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(14:17:40) fbartels (guest-2298): Hi folks

(14:18:01) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Howdy
(14:19:04) fbartels (guest-2298): Hey Bill. Good to see you, if briefly, at Educon.
(14:19:48) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Always good to get together... I think it's why I like conferences as it gives me the chance to see those that I communicate with virtually at least once in a while
(14:21:43) arvind (guest-0): hi folks!
(14:21:55) fbartels (guest-2298): Hey Arvind
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(14:22:02) arvind (guest-0): Hey Fred
(14:22:07) arvind (guest-0): nice to "see" you
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(14:22:43) fbartels (guest-2298): Hey Alex
(14:27:52) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Hey all...
(14:28:54) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Are you all having audio problems?
(14:29:02) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Hey Jason...
(14:29:07) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Curt is
(14:29:13) Bill Stites (guest-2264): we are about to get on and going
(14:29:28) fbartels (guest-2298): Hey Jason
(14:31:32) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Hi Fred
(14:31:55) alex.ragone: Bill's COPPA Posts:
(14:33:29) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Hey guys... not getting any audio from anyone. Is it me or the setup?
(14:34:11) alex.ragone: Jason -- Hmmm. my monitors are all showing they are working. Anyone else having audio issues?
(14:36:01) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Fred... can you hear everything OK?
(14:36:17) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Never mind... I did not have the new link
(14:36:28) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Gotcha...
(14:36:31) Bill Stites (guest-2264): good to have you
(14:38:37) alex.ragone:
(14:39:03) alex.ragone: Bill's EdSocialMedia post:
(14:40:11) arvind (guest-0): The FTC has a small section addressing schools being agents for parents in meeting COPPA standards:
(14:43:27) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Bill - Do you have any forms that parents/students fill out or are you just incorporating into your AUP?
(14:43:58) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Jason - We have seperate document that they will sign
(14:44:15) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Do you have a link to that separate form you can shrae?
(14:45:51) fbartels (guest-2298): Curious about item 55 here?
(14:47:21) Bill Stites (guest-2264): I will post it at soon...
(14:48:37) arvind (guest-0): Fred, what are you curious about?
(14:49:35) fbartels (guest-2298): It says COPPA does not apply to web services that have contracts with schools.
(14:49:54) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): So how does it work for students under 13? If the TOS is 13+ even with parent consent for the school to disclose information it's still a violation, correct?
(14:50:26) fbartels (guest-2298): Item 54 says a school's AUP can't be used to inform what online services are provided to students...
(14:50:48) fbartels (guest-2298): Oops. It says AUP CAN be used...
(14:50:51) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Fred... it's one of the reasons we have a different form
(14:52:23) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Or is it strictly for sites that are free? If we pay for a contracted service COPPA does not that correct?
(14:53:13) Bill Stites (guest-2264): I don't think so Jason, which is why I was working with Evernote.
(14:54:39) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Google Apps for Ed does not have a TOS age requirement. Put you have to be careful with any marketplace.
(14:55:10) fbartels (guest-2298): CAN
(14:55:23) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): No, it says it CAN be used.
(14:55:34) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): "Many schools have implemented Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) or other measures to educate parents and students about in-school Internet use. For example, a school may use the AUP to inform parents of what online services are provided to students, and the school’s policies regarding students’ use of the Internet."
(14:55:48) Bill Stites (guest-2264): Thanks
(14:55:56) arvind (guest-0): The State of Oregon has a Google Form to collect digital permission from parents to allow their students to use Google Apps. Example here:
(14:57:45) fbartels (guest-2298): I'm so glad I'm not an IT director anymore :-)
(14:58:07) alex.ragone: We miss you, Fred.
(14:59:05) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Send it over to Debra Wilson at NAIS, she's legal counsel for them.
(14:59:48) alex.ragone: Thanks, Jason. Do you have an email?
(14:59:57) fbartels (guest-2298): Thanks guys!
(15:00:21) alex.ragone: Thank you, Fred.
(15:01:20) Jason Ramsden (guest-2301): Alex - here it is: [email protected]