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Jeff Lebow


48:51 minutes (22.36 MB)

The pre-Earthcast09 #EC09 edtion of the annual Earth Day event from -- yet another of the good works growing out of the Worldbridges rhizome. Welcome to @carolteach4 and apologies to her for the tardy posting of her on-air debut.



Chat Transcript:


EdTechWeekly125 - April 26, 2009

35:53 minutes (16.44 MB)

EdTechWeekly #125
April 26, 2009


  Chat Log Below


EdTechWeekly #124

42:46 minutes (19.58 MB)

EdTechWeekly #124
April 19, 2009



 Chat Log Below


EdTechWeekly #123

49:39 minutes (22.73 MB)
EdTechWeekly #123
April 12, 2009




48:14 minutes (22.08 MB)

A "berry" good brainstorm.
Thanks to Jeff for hosting the call, and all who joined us in the chatroom. This week we check in with Vance Stevens, Jose Rodriguez, and Dave Cormier about plans for Webheads in Action: Online Convergence, 2009 (WIAOC09).

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