It's Elementary #15 - Video in the Classroom

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We welcomed Mathew Needleman who discussed Video in the Classroom. Maria was unable to join us due to her mother's birthday (happy birthday to you!), Alice discussed attending Mathew's presentation at CUE last week. Her blog post is here it includes links to his presentation. We touched on...

  • Why to use video in the classroom
  • How to structure projects for success
  • Resources to help you with projects
  • Problems we had, and how to deal with them


Mathew's video work:
Digital Storytelling by Room36 Jose:

Royalty Free Images for projects

Content Links/Tutorials, Marco Torres's site for monthly digital storytelling carnival for AFI's training films
Microsoft MovieMaker
Microsoft PhotoStory

Visit our blog at

Chat Below

18:57:59 AliceMercer : HI Brian
18:58:03 Durff : brian how does audio sound?
18:58:13 Durff : ustream?
18:58:48 bcrosby : OK, just got sound to work ... sounds good.
18:59:25 bcrosby : I hear OK
19:00:13 bcrosby : Hi guys! I'm just on Skype ... well ... is that Skype?
19:00:28 AliceMercer : No, click on teh USTREAM to > right
19:00:30 AliceMercer : Play
19:00:59 AliceMercer : If you're hearing it, you're playing
19:02:13 guest478 : monday?
19:02:31 Janice S : Yeah Mathew!
19:02:48 AliceMercer : Is Jose clear on Ustream
19:02:50 Janice S : Hi All
19:02:52 dougsymington : yes
19:02:53 Janice S : Yes
19:02:55 dougsymington : sounds good
19:03:06 Durff : it does?
19:03:09 Janice S : It sounds great
19:03:14 adinasullivan : yes Jose is clear
19:03:19 guest478 : :)
19:04:01 guest478 : i love this!
19:04:16 Durff : thanks
19:04:24 Janice S : Hi Lisa
19:04:36 Durff : hi
19:04:59 guest478 : they are very cute.
19:05:20 Durff : they are
19:05:40 AliceMercer :
19:06:10 Janice S : Hi Alice and all. Great that you have Mathew on your show.
19:06:11 Durff : hi kyle
19:06:30 thekyleguy : Hey Durff. Saw the tweet, where is it streaming from
19:06:41 Durff : hi nt
19:06:50 Durff : ustream kyle
19:06:51 dougsymington : @thekyleguy
19:06:51 Dogtrax : Greetings
19:06:57 dougsymington : ustream for audio
19:07:22 thekyleguy : Thanks Durff and Doug.
19:07:38 AliceMercer : My Blog post on his preso at CUE:
19:07:45 AliceMercer : Howdy Kevin
19:07:45 Dogtrax : It's nice to hear Matt.
19:07:48 adinasullivan : Thanks Alice
19:07:48 Dogtrax : Hi
19:07:55 AliceMercer : Hi Adina
19:08:28 thekyleguy : Seems early tonight
19:08:40 Durff : tis not
19:08:43 Dogtrax : I like the idea of starting simple. I think most teachers are worried about the complexity of video in the classroom.
19:08:45 Durff : DST
19:09:20 thekyleguy : The time must of shifted over the weekend
19:09:24 Janice S : ? for later...What does Mathew think of the FLip Video cameras?
19:09:27 thekyleguy : It doesnt change here
19:09:31 adinasullivan : Some people forget about instructional objectives and standards
19:09:48 Dogtrax : I like the Flip cameras. Easy to use. Batteries. USB connector.
19:10:03 AliceMercer : I wish I had a flip
19:10:11 Dogtrax : But flip is for web or computer only not DVD quality (I don't think)
19:10:14 AliceMercer : I'll ask Janice in a little bit, stick with me
19:10:14 Durff : me too
19:10:24 Durff : dogtrax will buy me one
19:10:29 Dogtrax : Haaa
19:11:34 Durff :
19:11:39 Dogtrax : I think video engages learners in interesting ways they need to think about composition and voice and audience. And, as Matt says, video can connect to any curriculum area.
19:11:49 dougsymington : have to run gang look forward to catching up on archive
19:12:11 Durff : alice does sound effects
19:12:16 adinasullivan : haha
19:13:10 Durff : video projects bringing classes together
19:13:19 Durff : building/connecting
19:13:26 adinasullivan : I did one a couple of years ago re: fairy tale character interviews took real work, but great results
19:13:26 AliceMercer :
19:13:40 AliceMercer : Is audio still okay guys?
19:13:48 AliceMercer : Janice, I'll get to your question next
19:14:02 Dogtrax : Yeah good points. But teacher needs to set a collaborative structure, too, so that everyone gets involved. Some kids seek to take over the projects and others want to fade. Our role is really as a mentor to them.
19:14:05 Durff : dave is audio still ok?
19:14:14 adinasullivan : a couple of audio gaps from time to time
19:14:17 Dogtrax : I can hear audio a bit crackly but OK
19:14:18 Janice S : Hi Folks, Hopefully will be back. Still at work. Boss calling. :)
19:14:19 AliceMercer : Good point
19:15:25 Dogtrax : Do kids help Matt write scripts?
19:15:39 Durff : good qt
19:16:14 Durff : any noise on ustream?
19:16:25 AliceMercer : Kevin, he is with 2nd grade
19:16:31 adinasullivan : a little ticking noise
19:16:41 Dogtrax : Yep got it. Thanks Alice
19:17:44 AliceMercer : How is audio quality now
19:17:54 adinasullivan : Ustream good
19:18:06 Dogtrax : Audio seems Ok still kicking in and out at times
19:18:08 Durff : thanks
19:19:29 Durff : hi kbaldwion
19:19:38 kbaldwin : hello
19:19:42 AliceMercer : Hi!
19:19:46 AliceMercer : Welcome
19:19:48 Dogtrax : Good question one computer classrooms access to technology is such a huge issue. Matt is right you can still do this kind of project with limited computers just takes more planning, I think. Certainly, it has the possibility for more classwide projects.
19:19:54 kbaldwin : I'm just logging into for the first timesorry if I'm interrupting
19:20:01 AliceMercer : Not at ALL!
19:20:07 Dogtrax : Welcome
19:20:11 AliceMercer : We love an audience, that's what we are here for
19:20:16 AliceMercer : Welcome Dkenney
19:20:19 Durff : kbaldwin you're not
19:20:32 Durff : hi Dkenney
19:21:32 Dogtrax : Did folks see the mail from VoiceThread today? They are moving towards downloading VTs as a video format for archiving. I think that is a huge development for that platform. What do you think?
19:21:42 adinasullivan : Good point. Streamlining directions is key to saving time
19:21:48 Durff : nope
19:22:43 AliceMercer : DT: I'm still wondering about pay at ed.voicethread vs. voicethread for educators?
19:22:58 Durff : isn't it free?
19:23:12 kdumont : Difficult with stills
19:23:25 kdumont : iMovie08 that is.
19:23:29 Dogtrax : There is a free Pro for Educators but there is also now an alternative educator platform, I think. Costs money.
19:23:30 dkenney : Hello everyone
19:23:48 AliceMercer :
19:24:07 megormi : kevin jarrett had a post on twitter today about VT talking about teh ed account and downloading
19:24:18 adinasullivan : I love PhotoStory easy to learn and teach kids to start
19:24:23 Dogtrax : I love Photostory. Showing teachers how to use PhotoStory is a great intro for them.
19:24:36 Durff : i use movie maker with kids
19:24:39 dkenney : Photostory 3 is easy to use and makes wonderful projects
19:24:51 AliceMercer :
19:25:03 Durff : IT won't download it for me
19:25:05 Dogtrax : BUT is Photostory quality for DVD? I can't figure that out. It seems like the files are not high enough quality with Photostory.
19:25:15 megormi : photostory is great, I make the chapters or segments and move them to movie maker for teh full show. Doesn't run on Vista though
19:25:29 guest478 : yay! crashing!
19:25:33 Dogtrax : Hmmm I never had it crash on me
19:25:45 megormi : I have great luck going from Photostory to DVD
19:25:49 adinasullivan : Haven't had the crash problem. Hope not to
19:25:52 Durff : don't you still post to video sharing site with Photostory?
19:26:05 Dogtrax : Yes I post to web with Photostory. Looks good.
19:26:09 dkenney : @ Durff sounds like your IT people need to see what Photostory can do. It is a microsoft software after all
19:26:16 Durff : hi linda!
19:26:22 adinasullivan : Audacity has been a lifesaver. Easier to edit and put it in in segments
19:26:33 megormi : In Photostory I don't "remove the black borders" that seems to cause a problem.
19:26:39 Dogtrax : Yes I also use Audacity for audio and then move into PhotoStory.
19:26:43 lindanitsche : Hi everyone!
19:27:08 Dogtrax : Hi
19:27:18 dkenney : My daughter just used Audacity to record Romeo and Julliet speech she is studying for test tomorrow...Uploaded right to her iPod in seconds
19:27:26 guest478 : THIS IS GREAT
19:27:30 lindanitsche : I try to remember to take photos in landscape view to eliminate the black border problem
19:28:35 dkenney : Wideospin looks fun.
19:28:45 megormi : Hope to be back soon, my kids need my attention for a little while. Bye for now
19:29:03 Dogtrax : This is a blog that some of us set up last year to explore digital storytelling (video, stills, etc)
19:29:09 dkenney : Try it's awesome...made with artificial intelligence!
19:29:21 adinasullivan : Thanks for the VideoSpin tip. Looks like a possibility
19:29:23 dkenney : Love my Flip!
19:29:31 Durff : buy me one
19:29:52 dkenney : Flip is great for close up recording...not great for far away images.
19:29:53 Dogtrax : Durff needs a flip!
19:30:01 Durff : you buying?
19:30:10 Dogtrax : Sorry :(
19:30:17 Durff : pooh
19:30:19 Dogtrax : They cost less than $100
19:30:21 AliceMercer : Okay, someone with flip experience, will have to volunteer to skype
19:30:28 lindanitsche : What is the cost?
19:30:48 dkenney : I bought the Flip Ultra for $169.00 for 60minutes recording time
19:31:21 Dogtrax : is the website for Flip
19:31:37 dkenney : The Flip quality is wonderful. I got my teachers to buy them for classroom use
19:32:01 lindanitsche : What is the maximum distance for still maintaining quality?
19:32:08 Dogtrax : I'd skype, Alice, but family is calling and kids won't be quelled. Gotta go but I will check in on the podcast
19:32:22 adinasullivan : 1st grade is a horror to some!*)
19:32:30 Durff : never
19:32:41 dkenney : I filmed my daughter playing soccer with the Flip. You could tell it was her but turned out fuzzy
19:33:00 AliceMercer : Dkenney, can you join us in SKype?
19:33:09 dkenney : Yes,
19:33:53 dkenney : How do I skype in?
19:33:53 lindanitsche : @dkennet Thanks! That's what I was wondering
19:34:15 Durff : wait a minute
19:35:38 dkenney : my skype name is diana.kenney
19:36:18 AliceMercer : Modeling
19:36:39 adinasullivan : Alice, thanks for being willing to admit it doesn't always go well
19:36:44 Durff : welcome back linda
19:36:46 lindanitsche : Oops lost you there!
19:37:06 lindanitsche : Great site for storytelling, storyboards:
19:38:31 dkenney : Great blog with lots of digital storytelling resources
19:39:13 adinasullivan : Yes, Jakes' site is really helpful
19:39:25 lindanitsche : @dkenney Absolutely!
19:40:12 dkenney : wonderful for students to create cartoon stories
19:40:19 rstrome : Power Point works for story boarding slides are easly movable
19:40:37 Durff : my kids love that one toondoo
19:41:06 lindanitsche : Can you post that link?
19:41:28 Durff :
19:41:54 AliceMercer :
19:42:02 AliceMercer :
19:43:02 dkenney : New this spring from AFI student portal
19:43:46 adinasullivan : Thanks all!
19:47:17 dkenney : I've lost my sound completely sorry
19:48:20 dkenney : I can hear you
19:48:30 AliceMercer : Are you muted on skype?
19:49:04 dkenney : I'm muted
19:50:30 dkenney : I can't get out of mute mode..Next time :( Sorry
19:51:51 Durff : wonderful!
19:55:07 Durff : Dianne come to edtechbrainstorm on thurs at 6pm
19:55:27 dkenney : Will do!
19:55:42 Durff : :D
19:55:51 dkenney : Thank you very much!
19:55:58 lindanitsche : Night everyone!
19:56:04 lindanitsche : Thank you!
19:58:00 Durff : thank you every one
19:58:11 Durff : see you all march 24




I felt like I didn't a good answer in response to the problem of hosting videos online when the district blocks sites. Now that I'm out of the hot seat here are a couple of solutions...I've always hosted my own videos on my site. Google and lunar pages offer free web space to teachers. Your own site is less likely to be blocked than a site that has the potential for inappropriate content on it. In California we have option of K12 High Speed Network (free for teachers ) Elsewhere I'd also try or to see if either is unblocked. -Mathew Needleman