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It's Elementary Show #11 - Tagging to a New Taxonomy

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With our Guest Steve Hargadon. Steve shares his insights about tagging with us.

Our discussion included use of tagging in blogs, pictures, in social bookmarking, at conferences, and with our students.

Steve talked about the purpose and structure of tagging. We use tags on content we produce so that it is useful to others on the net. The use of tags in social bookmarking such as and diggo are examples. We are able to see how others tag content on the web. We can tag our own content using similar taxonomy or create our own. Steve reminded us that there is tension between using standardized tags versus a more independent free flowing tag system. We can use technorati and or Blog search engines like google to make sense of all the content.

At NECC 2007 session specific tags were proposed and adopted by the community. This standardized form of tagging allowed for aggregation session specific content. The same system is also used in classroom 2.0 to standardize the way blog posts and other content is tagged.

Our next show will be on January 14th, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific / 7:00 p.m. Eastern. at Edtechtalk



Chat Log Below

18:45:34 oogie EdTechTalk: hello
18:55:23 JoseR EdTechTalk: Hi there
19:05:54 Durff EdTechTalk: hi meo
19:06:04 Durff EdTechTalk: sound on channel A
19:06:09 JoseR EdTechTalk: Hi Rick
19:06:14 Durff EdTechTalk: click the black icon
19:06:22 Durff EdTechTalk: hi alice
19:06:27 rreo EdTechTalk: hi
19:06:34 alicemercer EdTechTalk: Howdy
19:07:04 Durff EdTechTalk: good to have you here
19:07:23 Durff EdTechTalk: hi john
19:07:30 Durff EdTechTalk: sound on A
19:07:33 Maria EdTechTalk: hey there alice
19:07:34 Durff EdTechTalk: hi susan
19:07:36 Maria EdTechTalk: glad you are here
19:07:39 susant EdTechTalk: hi all
19:07:39 Durff EdTechTalk: sound on A
19:07:48 Maria EdTechTalk: Welcome all
19:08:32 JohnS EdTechTalk: Hi lisa -- Good comments from you on the students 2.0 site.
19:09:00 susant EdTechTalk: hi christine
19:09:09 susant EdTechTalk: sound is not good
19:09:11 csouthard EdTechTalk: Hi Susan!
19:09:23 susant EdTechTalk: better
19:09:31 Durff EdTechTalk: everyone have sound?
19:09:39 Durff EdTechTalk: hi cheryl
19:09:42 csouthard EdTechTalk: When id EdTech Talk going to start streaming?
19:09:48 Durff EdTechTalk: we are
19:09:49 lnitsche EdTechTalk: Nothing here.
19:09:50 cheryloakes EdTechTalk: Hi Durff, thanks for posting on twitter!
19:09:54 Durff EdTechTalk: ETT A
19:10:09 Durff EdTechTalk: the old fashioned way
19:10:14 cheryloakes EdTechTalk: sound okay here, Jose was really underwater poor thing
19:10:18 JoseR EdTechTalk: hi folks
19:10:35 Durff EdTechTalk: christine click on black icon
19:10:48 Durff EdTechTalk: he always is
19:10:58 Durff EdTechTalk: must be school firewall
19:11:00 cheryloakes EdTechTalk: Shout out to Steve the newest blogger at
19:11:13 JoseR EdTechTalk: using school computer it should be ok now
19:11:17 lnitsche EdTechTalk: Ok, now going through iTunes- fooled by the UStream window
19:11:21 Durff EdTechTalk: sure
19:11:34 Durff EdTechTalk: jeff uses that
19:11:49 Durff EdTechTalk: we oldies use the traditional method
19:13:21 susant EdTechTalk: that cr20 tagging worked for me
19:13:51 Durff EdTechTalk: cool
19:14:00 Durff EdTechTalk: what did you use it for?
19:15:19 susant EdTechTalk: it worked for me on cr20 :-( unfortunately eveywhere else I can never remember ssame tag twice
19:15:30 Durff EdTechTalk: :)
19:16:57 Maria EdTechTalk: any questions or comments from the chat room
19:17:37 JoseR EdTechTalk: We can teach standardized tagging for our students.
19:17:44 Durff EdTechTalk: i make 7th grade use 3 tags
19:17:57 susant EdTechTalk: which?
19:17:59 JoseR EdTechTalk: A big part is being able to seaching for other's tags
19:18:07 Durff EdTechTalk: we will do searches after Christmas
19:18:28 Durff EdTechTalk: they make their own tags
19:18:44 Durff EdTechTalk: i tell 'em it is like the library
19:18:45 susant EdTechTalk: realized it after I asked the question
19:18:57 Durff EdTechTalk: where would they file their blog post
19:18:59 Scottmerrick EdTechTalk: Hi ya'll
19:19:02 Durff EdTechTalk: hi scott
19:19:08 JoseR EdTechTalk: Hi Scott
19:19:14 Durff EdTechTalk: sound on ETT A
19:19:41 Scottmerrick EdTechTalk: showing not streaming, late as usual :(
19:19:50 Durff EdTechTalk: it is
19:19:55 Maria EdTechTalk: should be maria knee's broadcast
19:19:57 Durff EdTechTalk: it's on ett a
19:20:00 Maria EdTechTalk: on !
19:20:05 JoseR EdTechTalk: try
19:20:08 Durff EdTechTalk: only see it if logged in
19:20:10 Scottmerrick EdTechTalk: kk
19:20:25 Durff EdTechTalk: try it scott
19:20:27 Scottmerrick EdTechTalk: lol wife calling me to dindin
19:20:35 Scottmerrick EdTechTalk: life isn't fair
19:20:45 Durff EdTechTalk: ok - you're off the hook this time
19:20:48 Scottmerrick EdTechTalk: hahaha
19:20:53 Scottmerrick EdTechTalk: hope next time :)
19:21:01 Durff EdTechTalk: you better
19:21:01 Maria EdTechTalk: are we streaming?
19:21:05 Durff EdTechTalk: yes
19:22:01 Maria EdTechTalk: welcome doug
19:22:10 DS EdTechTalk: thanks Maria -- hi all
19:22:18 Durff EdTechTalk: hi DS
19:22:23 Maria EdTechTalk: we're talking about tagging
19:22:37 DS EdTechTalk: excellent
19:22:41 Durff EdTechTalk: she is
19:22:45 Durff EdTechTalk: Steve is
19:23:01 Durff EdTechTalk: i'm practising being quiet
19:26:13 JoseR EdTechTalk: How do y'all using tagging on your blog posts or with your students
19:26:57 DS EdTechTalk: I've used "obscure" tags to denote artifacts for specific courses
19:27:09 DS EdTechTalk: to distinguish these from other artifacts
19:28:43 alicemercer EdTechTalk: DS ? Doug Symington?
19:29:09 DS EdTechTalk: yes ma'am
19:29:21 DS EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy
19:29:55 alicemercer EdTechTalk: Obscure, nice...
19:30:04 Cathy E EdTechTalk: @ DS- Thought you forgot us
19:30:05 JoseR EdTechTalk: I really like the use of tags with pictures. Especially when teaching conceptual vocabulary. I search tags in flikr.
19:30:52 DS EdTechTalk: never forget -- just consumed by so many other things of late....
19:31:00 JoseR EdTechTalk: our next step is to tag our own pictures based on the vocabulary studied in different curricular areas
19:31:11 Durff EdTechTalk: wow
19:32:25 JoseR EdTechTalk: categories on individual student blogs or is it a group blog?
19:32:29 Maria EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy and Kathy
19:32:34 sendkathy EdTechTalk: Hi!
19:33:37 Durff EdTechTalk: hi
19:33:51 susant EdTechTalk: anyone tried the google image labeler game?
19:34:10 sendkathy EdTechTalk: no, what is it?
19:34:15 Durff EdTechTalk: no where is it?
19:34:16 DS EdTechTalk: haven't seen it
19:34:18 susant EdTechTalk:
19:34:38 DS EdTechTalk: inappropriate associations of tags
19:34:44 Durff EdTechTalk: thank you
19:34:52 DS EdTechTalk: that's why I choose "obscure" ones ;)
19:35:24 Durff EdTechTalk: obscure how?
19:35:34 Durff EdTechTalk: give us an example
19:35:34 JoseR EdTechTalk: How do tag generators work? Does it help to standardize tagging?
19:35:38 DS EdTechTalk: i.e., silcmw101
19:36:07 DS EdTechTalk: not likely to be confused/associated with others--that may be "less than appropriate"
19:36:19 Maria EdTechTalk: Welcome JenW
19:36:27 JenW EdTechTalk: TY Maria
19:36:37 DS EdTechTalk: JDub, in the house!
19:36:38 Durff EdTechTalk: so what is an example?
19:37:14 sendkathy EdTechTalk: I joined late, did you cover the "everything is miscellaneous' book?
19:37:26 JoseR EdTechTalk: Anyone available to come on skype call
19:37:35 DS EdTechTalk: that's the example -- for a South Island Learning Community course called "Media for the Web 101" -- silcmw101
19:37:38 JenW EdTechTalk: who are we listening to --
19:38:35 susant EdTechTalk: me too
19:39:03 susant EdTechTalk: thankyou
19:39:35 Cathy E EdTechTalk: Nice job!
19:40:03 DS EdTechTalk: great show, thanks
19:40:09 susant EdTechTalk: bye :-)
19:40:16 sendkathy EdTechTalk: Can you give a summary?
19:40:40 Durff EdTechTalk: anyone want in the call?
19:40:46 sendkathy EdTechTalk: I was wondering if you talked about David Weinberg?
19:41:24 susant EdTechTalk: that sounds very useful
19:41:51 Durff EdTechTalk: no kathy
19:41:54 Durff EdTechTalk: want in?
19:42:11 sendkathy EdTechTalk: ok
19:42:17 Durff EdTechTalk: k
19:42:38 sendkathy EdTechTalk: Link to a youtube video of his presentation
19:42:43 alicemercer EdTechTalk: Kathy, were you on twitter bemoaning color coding the lexile level of books?
19:42:46 sendkathy EdTechTalk:
19:44:46 Durff EdTechTalk: anyhone else?
19:45:30 susant EdTechTalk: excellent presentation
19:45:39 Durff EdTechTalk: hi arvind
19:45:49 arvind EdTechTalk: hi Lisa
19:46:58 susant EdTechTalk: unfortunately everything is misc for me
19:47:15 Durff EdTechTalk: i think that is the point
19:47:18 alicemercer EdTechTalk: Raise hands, how many have 50% of your blog posts under Misc. or uncategorized?
19:47:22 susant EdTechTalk: can never find anything when I need it
19:47:27 alicemercer EdTechTalk: Or no tag?
19:47:28 Durff EdTechTalk: web 2.0 is not rigid
19:47:35 Durff EdTechTalk: it is misc
19:48:07 alicemercer EdTechTalk: I'm in a sorting project now, Having son get lego bioncle pieces in storage containers
19:48:29 alicemercer EdTechTalk: But durff, you can't make sense of it if it's all misc
19:48:53 Durff EdTechTalk: why force it into sense?
19:48:54 susant EdTechTalk: alice you are right - that's why I can never find my stuff
19:49:18 alicemercer EdTechTalk: This reminds me of an interesting novel that talked about a junk drawer
19:49:38 alicemercer EdTechTalk: Far Afield, by the same lady who wrote girl interrupted
19:50:47 alicemercer EdTechTalk: and this doctorate candidate is on an island in the Faroe's and his of who is a local goes to find something (scissors I think or a screwdriver) and goes to the correct drawer in his rental house because everyone on the Islands keeps their junk drawer in teh same place
19:51:38 alicemercer EdTechTalk: He's like how did you know it was there? She says, we all put it in the same place (with the implication that they are that homogeneous that they put their misc stuff in the same place)
19:51:57 Durff EdTechTalk: new vocation alice? (stand-up comic)
19:52:47 alicemercer EdTechTalk: Is taxonomy/folksonomy different in a homogeneous culture?
19:53:44 alicemercer EdTechTalk: It's the aggregation that is hard to explain
19:54:02 alicemercer EdTechTalk: And Maria, I don't think people get it even when they see, etc.
19:54:16 alicemercer EdTechTalk: The big implications of how it ALL works together
19:54:40 SteveHargadon EdTechTalk: Sorry, I have to go! :( Thanks, everyone.
19:54:48 susant EdTechTalk: bye steve
19:57:40 susant EdTechTalk: thanks bye all
19:59:21 DS EdTechTalk: thanks for a great show all -- good to see all, ttys
20:00:34 Durff EdTechTalk: nite folks - thank you
20:00:59 Durff EdTechTalk: the conversation will be downhill from here
20:01:23 Durff EdTechTalk: anyone else want in the menagerie?

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