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Teachers Teaching Teachers #41

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Teachers Teaching Teachers
February 21, 2007 ­
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show notes from February 21, 2007

Ken Stein, Alex Ragone, Susan Ettenheim, Lee Baber

Ken and Alex lead a discussion­ about Flickr in the classroom, digital photography and developing conversation around images.

Some links discussed in the show:

International Center for Photography
Curriculum Guide
Tufts Observer
Same World, New Lens
by Erin Baldassari
Eugene Richards
"Richards explained this simple truth in a way I had never conceived it before. Here was Eugene Richards, the one voice I wanted to hear at the conference, telling me that photojournalism doesn’t present fact but rather a catalyst for conversation about what the facts are. A picture is not worth a thousand words; it is worth a thousand conversations."
Digital Photography Foundation Course (Paperback)

self portraits done with photo booth:
Gallery-your photos on your website


Ken's Satellite Photography Class

Collegiate Digital Photography

Darren Kuropatwa's blog with Math and Image Projects

Bananas and Math??

more Flickr at school:

Comic Life - use your photos


The conversation continues! What's on your mind regarding digital images at school? What do you need? What can you offer to share? What do you want to learn?

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