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21st Century Learning #33: Designing a Professional Development Day

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EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #33
Desiging a Professional Development Day
arvind interviews Alex about designing a professional development day
February 27, 2007

A discussion of the collaborative design and implementation of a professional development day at Collegiate School.

Check out the Chat Transcript for the show notes


Welcome to the Worldbridges Chat Room
Administrative privileges granted.
[arvind] hey vinnie
[vinnie] hey arvind. I just got your audio feed.
[arvind] excellent, do we sound ok?
[vinnie] You guys sound great
[arvind] My post on should we teach skills:
[arvind] mostly taken from other people's posts
[arvind] national educational technology standards:
[vinnie] How are you going to roll the new proposed standards into your program?
Alex Ragone: IP Address
[Alex Ragone]
[Alex Ragone]
[vinnie] Got to go. See you next week.
[arvind] see u vinnie
[arvind] thanks
[arvind] Screencast-based training - great resource
[arvind] not too expensive
[arvind] Karl Fisch's presentation, Dangerously Irrelevant:
Alex Ragone: IP Address
[Alex Ragone]
[Alex Ragone]
[arvind] Nancy White:
[Alex Ragone]
[arvind] free and paid survey web pages:
[arvind] another free/paid survey tool:
[Alex Ragone]
[Alex Ragone] People figuring things oug.
[Alex Ragone] out.
[arvind] NYCIST meeting on professional development:


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