21st Century Learning - Jeff Ritter on Technology Integration Institute

Technology Integration Institute: A Fast Track to the 21^st Century Classroom

As St. John's School made the transition from skills-based technology
training to curriculum integration, it became apparent that traditional
teacher training was based upon large-scale sessions.  Our goal,
however, was to focus on needs of individual teachers while allowing
them to apply knowledge gained in the sessions to their own curriculum.  
This led to the creation of the SJS Technology Integration Institute.

In its 4th year, the Integration Institute is a small group of
cross-divisional, cross-departmental teachers who meet monthly to share
experiences, explore new technologies, and ultimately design activities
that bring to life a 21st Century learning environment.  Institute
topics have included Internet scavenger hunts, digital storytelling,
design principles of multimedia and print production, and managing the
interactive classroom.

A participant will learn effective professional development practices
and one model for sustainable technology curriculum integration.