TTT#345 Detroit Future Schools & Boston w/Ammerah Saidi, Danielle Filipiak, Christina Cantrill, Fred Haas, Chris Tsang 4.17.13

On this episode of TTT we learn more about connected learning, city as school, using media in justice-based education and more!

Educators from the Detroit Future Schools (DFS) program share their experiences of attempting to re-invent the practice and purpose of education. They discuss the transformative processes that they use in classrooms along with student-generated media projects. Furthermore, theyshare how the DFS network is growing and refining its vision. 

Enjoy this conversation with +Ammerah Saidi and +ms filipiak from Detroit Future Schools and +Christina Cantrill From the National Writing Project (NWP) in Philadelphia and leave with replicable teaching practices, ideas for school-community interactions, and links to further resources, like this post by Danielle Filipiak on the NWP's Digital Is: "My Homeland:" A Connected Learning Media exchange project between South Korean and Detroit HS Students

In addition we connected with +Fred Haas and +Chris Tsang from the Boston Writing Project, just after the bombing at the Marathon. 

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Here's more about Ammerah Saidi and Danielle Filipiak:

Ammerah Saidi graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a B.A. in English and Psychology certified as a secondary teacher. For four years, Ammerah taught in Detroit, Michigan and for one year in Al Hada, Saudi Arabia at an international school. She graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a Masters in School Leadership and is a coordinator for the Detroit Future Schools Program.

Danielle Filipiak is currently a doctoral student in English Education at Teachers College-Columbia University. She is interested in the multiple ways that students use literacy to navigate the hybrid and evolving contexts/landscapes around them. She has a decade of teaching experience and have also served in roles such as: teacher organizer, consultant, NWP Urban Sites leadership team member, school board member, co-founder of the Detroit Educator Network, and member of the Detroit Future Media program, a digital justice initiative in Detroit looking to reinvent the practice and purpose of educaiton.

Here are some of the resources Danielle describes on this episode of TTT: 


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21:15Peggy George: Hi Karen. Just starting to get into the topic of the night (after Boston conversation)
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21:22Peggy George: what an exciting experience for Danielle!
21:24Christina: Here is Danielle's resource where she describes ths project work:
21:24Danielle Filipiak: Using Media to Reclaim the Hood: Essential Questions and Powerful English Pedagogy I Love My City: Youth as Problem Solvers and Creators in 21st Century Classrooms Western International High School Walkout
21:24Peggy George: thanks Christina. I was looking at her link for My Homeland.
21:26Peggy George: those are great links! can't wait to watch the videos!
21:34Peggy George: seeing the screenshare fine in the stream
21:38Peggy George: the fishbowl strategy is a great idea!
21:40Peggy George: really powerful image!!
21:46Danielle Filipiak: 11 essential traits: optimism/hope, grit, curiosity, observation, foresight, innovation, metacognition, empathy-solidarity, critical consciousness, purposefulness, collaboration
21:49Peggy George: thanks Danielle! You're reading my mind :-)
21:49Peggy George: is that rubric on the website?
21:52Peggy George: I can see it by going to her web page
21:56Christina: Student work examples are here:
21:57Christina: the video is here:
21:58Peggy George: watching it in my browser :-)
21:59Peggy George: I'm curious if student behavior changes in real life as a result of these experiences?
22:10Peggy George: I've added all of the links from the chat into the Titanpad on the left (for future reference :-)
22:11karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks for sharing tonight, everyone. See you again soon.
22:11Peggy George: fantastic presentation/conversation! Thank you all!! The program is amazing and seems to be life-changing for people!
22:11Peggy George: good night all!